Gloria and Jeffery go out to the ranch to use the photo they have of Victor and Mary Jane hugging against him. They ask him what he is going to do about this. They ask Victor how he will explain offering a million dollar reward for the woman he was hugging in front of the hotel suite that he paid for. They say they wonder how much the tabloids would pay for the picture. Victor asks if they are threatening him, although he acts like he could care less.

JT stops in to tell Victoria about Paul and Mary Jane disappearing. He tells her she didn’t say two words to him last night. She says she was just tired. He says Reed wonders why his Mommy is mad at his Daddy. JT says this is all his fault but he swears nothing happened with Colleen but he won’t be with her again. Victoria tells him it is more than just about Colleen. JT tells her he will back off Victor too if that will help. He gets a call and he says “blood?” And then he asks if the blood is Paul’s.

Paul and Mary Jane are at the church when she wakes up in a panic and scared. Paul tells her it is going to be ok because they are safe. He tells her this is the only place they can be right now where she will be safe from the police.

Billy tells Mac that he and Chloe are meeting with the mediator later on. He wants to know if she wants to celebrate at Indigo later but she says never mind Indigo, she wants to celebrate at the trailer. They use their coffee mugs to make a toast to a new beginning.

Chloe runs into Chance at the club and he wishes her good luck. She says everything is settled. One the papers are all signed she and Billy will be divorced. She says she is looking forward to her post Billy life. Then she questions who would want an old married woman with a kid. He gets a call saying there has been a break in the case, Heather runs over to him asking for a ride to go with him.

Katherine and Murphy ask Jill to join them for breakfast. Katherine tells her that the property taxes are due on the estate and she needs Jill’s share which is $100,000. Katherine doesn’t understand Jill’s hesitation saying they do this every year and it has never been a problem before this. Jill tells her she will have to write her a check this afternoon because all her cash is tied up in investments. When Chloe walks over to the table and starts talking about Delia, Jill says she has lost her appetite and leaves. Katherine and Murphy ask Chloe to join them. Chloe does so but says she isn’t hungry but she sure could use some words of wisdom.

JT tells Victoria that they found Paul’s car. It was empty but they found blood in it. He says it looks like Mary Jane took him as a hostage. Victoria wonders if she should contact her Mom and then she asks JT if they can’t just wipe the slate clean. JT leaves as he tells her it isn’t that simple.

Victor discusses the photo with Gloria and Jeffery who tell him that they think the photo would be worth a cool million. Victor picks up the phone and says he will dial the police if they do not get out of his home. Gloria and Jeffery both leave.

To try and help calm Patty down Paul reminds her when they used to go to church. He reminds her about how he and Todd use to light the candles when their Mom wasn’t watching. He tells Patty he is on her side. She says she hasn’t had anyone on her side in a long time. She says she sure has made a mess of things starting with shooting Jack. Paul reminds her that they didn’t press charges on her though. He says they were all so worried when she lost the baby. She says she tried to put her life back together but she had to leave because she thought everyone hated her. He asked why she went back to Genoa City. She says someone very powerful made promises to her. She admits it was Victor but she says she obviously came back for Jack.

Chloe tells Katherine and Murphy that it is the big day, she and Billy are signing the divorce papers. Murphy says if Billy forgets about Delia he’ll have to answer to him. Katherine is sure that Chloe will work through this saying she is a remarkable young woman. Chloe asks yeah but how come Billy can’t see that.

Billy orders an iced coffee from Gloria who complains about being poor. She tells Jeffery he needs to get a real job since he mishandled Victor. When he starts playing around with her she tells him he won’t be mishandling her in the back room until he finds a way for them to pay the rent.

Patty is relieved that she can call herself Patty again and she doesn’t have to be Mary Jane anymore. She talks about the plastic surgery. She thinks back to Victor running her out of town but she says she had to come back to Jack, the man who loves her. She says it had to be either Sharon or Phyllis that called the police. Paul suggests that they get his partner that he trusts, JT intervene with the police.

Heather is a wreck when she finds out that the blood found in the car is Paul’s. JT reassures her that Paul has been in tougher jams than this before. As JT talks with Heather, Paul calls. He tells them the blood was only from a cut and he is fine. He says he is with Mary Jane and asks that JT meets them at the church without the cops. When JT starts to leave Chance and Heather both demand to know where JT is going.

Jill is working at the salon trying to get extra work promising to treat even the most difficult clients like angels. She is thankful when the boss tells her she can take the walk-ins today since Helen didn’t show up today.

Gloria complains to Jeffery that her nails are ruined. She says she is going to find a nail salon where no one knows her to get her nails done. On her way out she notices Billy in such a good mood. He asks hasn’t she heard, he is getting his divorce today.

Chloe remembers that it was a year ago that she and Cane got married and a year later she is divorcing Billy. Katherine tells her not to beat herself up for it. She and Murphy promise to be there for her whether it be the good days or the bad ones. Mac comes over to the table and Chloe tells her she is really happy for her and Billy and assures her that she really means it. She tells them now she is off to meet Billy so they can sign the papers. Mac says she is off to work out but promises to catch up with Murphy and Katherine later. Victoria comes running in asking Katherine if she has heard anything from her mother. She says it is urgent that she finds her.

While having his arms around Patty he realizes how she came up with the name Mary Jane, after their Mom and their Aunt Jane. They hear JT calling out for Paul and Paul calms Patty down telling her he is his friend that he called. He says they will find a way to protect her. He thanks JT for coming but isn’t happy to see chance and Heather there with him. Heather tells Paul Mary Jane is dangerous. Paul tells them that Father Hoffman gave them sanctuary from the police. Chance says he has to call this in and see what the chief wants him to do. Paul agrees to let Heather see Mary Jane but tells her not to freak her out. He shocks Heather by telling her this is his sister Patty, her aunt Patty.

JT and Heather are surprised that the woman is Paul’s sister. Patty worries when she finds out that Heather is the Assistant DA thinking they are going to lock her up. Paul agrees to watch her as she lights a candle so she won’t burn herself. JT has to ask what the hell happened to Patty. Heather says she heard stories that she had shot Jack years ago and now she almost killed Summer and Zapato too. She still thinks Patty is dangerous. When they wonder what to do about this, Paul says she needs psychiatric help. Paul isn’t convinced that Victor isn’t responsible here though and neither is JT.

Back at the club Katherine tells Victoria she has no idea where Nikki went saying she was worried because it isn’t like her to disappear like this. Victoria agrees with her saying that this is something her Dad likes to do, not Mom.

Chloe and Billy meet at the courthouse. She tells him that she is actually looking forward to this being over. She says no more poor her, it is time for her to move on. She apologizes for all the manipulative things she did. She thinks back to when Billy picked her up on the streets in New York. She tells him no hard feelings. Then the clerk comes out saying Abbott vs Abbott, next!

Paul tells Patty that he located Todd but wasn’t able to talk to him, but he will call when he can. He tells her she will be safe there. He tells her the DA won’t violate sanctuary if he wants to get reelected. He tells her their Mom doesn’t know anything about any of this. She asks how their Mom is. And then she asks about her Dad. Paul tells her that he is still not there but they are still a family. She tells him God is with them and she is safe. Paul has tears in his eyes when Patty goes to light another candle.

Chance instructs the police outside the church not to make a move and then he goes back to Heather to talk about what to do. Should they violate the sanctuary and if so wouldn’t that be disrespectful. Heather is sure Patty won’t hurt Paul, she is his sister after all. She says Mary Jane was just an alias. She doesn’t know all the details but she says she might not be responsible for her actions. Chance gets a call from the chief and gives him the go ahead. Heather is still waiting on a call so Chance gives her two more minutes.

JT goes to the ranch and tells Victor he knows where Mary Jane is but she is actually Patty Williams, Paul’s sister. Victor says his famous, “I’ll be damned!” Paul tells him she has had extensive plastic surgery and Victor asks why she would do that. JT tells about her history with Jack and then he says surely Victor must know all about this. Victor asks where they are and JT says at St. Jude’s parish. JT asks Victor again about that note he found in his pocket. Victor denies knowing anything when JT accuses him of helping her to get back at Jack. He tells him instead of getting Jack, he unleashed a mentally unstable and violent woman onto his own family. Victor gets mad and tells JT he talks about family after he cheated on his own wife with a woman that he asked him to investigate. He tells JT he is no longer welcome in his home.

Gloria finds a nail salon and walks in. She is told to just take a seat. As she is flipping through the magazine while waiting she looks up and sees Jill. Both are shocked to see each other there. Jill tells her blankly to pick a color. Gloria smiles as she removes her sunglasses.

The clerk tells Chloe and Billy to look over the documents and when they sing the last page they are good to go. Billy looks at the papers and then hesitates. He says you know…umm… I can’t sign this. Chloe asks why not. He says he has some questions about the settlement.

Mac is excited that Billy is signing his divorce papers today. She tells Murphy, Katherine and Victoria that she and Billy both are excited. Katherine has to go but she promises Victoria is she hears from Nikki she will tell her about Paul. Murphy tells Victoria that she has a gumshoe in the family, she should put him to work. She tells him she certainly will. JT arrives and says he certainly will do just that. He tells everyone the latest about Mary Jane and Paul are at St. Jude’s after being given sanctuary there. When Victoria asks why Paul would take her there, JT explains because Mary Jane is actually Paul’s sister, Patty, only with a new look. He tells her that Victor is responsible for it. She asks him why he has to always blame things on her father. She says she thought they were going to wipe the slate clean. He tells her that was her idea not his. He doesn’t think that will work and he walks out.

Chance tells Heather her time is up and even though she hasn’t heard from her superiors she doesn’t have the authority to say when they can make their move. He tells everyone to take their positions as he grabs the walkie talkie. Then he uses the megaphone to tell Paul to bring Ms Benson out in 1 minute or they are coming in to get her. Paul comes out long enough to tell them she is not coming out and they will have to violate the sanctuary in order to get her by coming in themselves.

Jeffery stops counter when Victor comes in telling him that he has decided to play ball after all. He orders a strong coffee and tells Jeffery to listen carefully. He says he has a way for him and his heartthrob to get out of their financial misery IF they bring Mary Jane to him saying she is at St. Jude’s. Victor tells him to bring her to him and he will be a rich man. Jeffery says he has heard that before, and he got screwed. He tells him to take the deal or leave it. Victor turns and walks out leaving his coffee on the counter.

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