A reporter is at the Abbott Mansion conducting an interview with Jack concerning internal turf war at Restless Style. She asks Jack if the article is a ploy to sell magazines or is he as heartless as he seems. Jack admits to her that he wants total control of Restless Style and he tells her to watch him get it.

Phyllis fills Sharon in on the latest news from Nick about Victor. Noah comes in and tells Sharon that he had a dream about his grandpa last night and he told him not to worry about him now, he said he was finally at peace. He tells Sharon that he hopes that is not a sign.

Nick hears the news from JT about Adam stepping in at Newman already. They call him a real piece of work. A Mexican officer walks up and hands Nick a picture of the man that washed up on the beach hoping he can identify the man.

Karen goes over to Neil’s to say good bye to Anna. Neil tells her he hasn’t told anyone about him getting fired because he didn’t want to upset anyone there. Tyra announces that she has decided to move to New Hampshire to be close to Anna while she goes to school there. Of course Karen is pleased to hear this news.

Cane answers the door to a man saying he has a delivery for him. Cloe calls out asking if that is her delivery. She says she ordered something. Cane says they aren’t even married for 24 hours and already she is redecorating the house. He mumbles that he should have stayed single. Cloe explains she ordered this before they were married and it is something for the baby, not for her. She shows him the receipt. She says she actually bought some really cute stuff and she asks if he wants to see them. He pulls out a giraffe and asks if this is suppose to replace the one her mom took from her. She tells him no, it is for the baby and it is going in the nursery as she walks out the room.

Neil gets a moment alone with Tyra and asks her when she decided to move with Anna. He points out that Anna would be living in the dorm and he asks how she can afford to move to New Hampshire if she doesn’t have a job. He asks her not to go. Karen notices Neil with Tyra and is pleased when Tyra seems to be ignoring him. .

Phyllis says that the Mexican authorities have issued a death certificate for Victor. Phyllis suggests Sharon tell Noah the truth but Sharon is against it. Phyllis tells her if Noah sees it on the internet he might not ever be able to forgive her for not telling him. Sharon decides she is right and talks to Noah. She tells him that his father is doing everything he can to find his grandfather.

Nick looks at the photo and they tell the policeman that the man in the picture is not his father. Nikki looks at the picture and recognizes it as Walter. She thinks back to when she met Walter at the Club. She doesn’t mention it though, she denies even knowing him. The bartender walks over and tells the officer that this man was on the boat with Victor. He says if this man looks like this now, there is no way Mr. Newman would have survived it out there. Nick refuses to believe that and wants them to keep looking.

Cane tells Cloe he is sorry for jumping to conclusions. He tells her the baby stuff is great. She tells him that is the advantage he has of being married to a stylist. He asks her to wait before she announces to everyone that they got married. He says he has to do something first and then he leaves. Cloe starts rubbing her stomach telling the baby that she wonders if daddy meant 15 minutes or 10.

Jack tells the reporter that his heart goes out to Nick over the ordeal with his father. She asks Jack what his words would be about Victor Newman if he was the subject for his next expose in the magazine. He tells her it would be the man with a black hole for a heart.

Noah goes to Phyllis and asks her for the truth about his grandfather. She tells him that the boat was wrecked and that Nick is supposed to be identifying a body today. Noah runs off upset and Sharon jumps down Phyllis’s throat telling her she makes the decisions concerning her son not her.

Nick and Nikki are outside the bar thinking this was good news that the man in the picture wasn’t Victor. Nick wonders now if they will ever find his body. Nikki wonders the same thing especially considering the condition of the man’s body in the picture. She says even Victor can’t beat that. She tells Nick they need to go home.

Tyra tells Neil she doesn’t want to be a weekend Mom for Anna. She says she never has been and never will be. Neil tells her she is one incredible mother. Lily answers the door and is shocked to see Cane standing there. He thinks Anna and Tyra are going back to Seattle but Lily tells him they are giving Anna and Tyra a going away party. She tells him that his grandmother arranged to get Anna in the school. He says he didn’t know that. She lets him in and Anna is excited to see him. Tyra and Anna thank him for coming and say their good byes. Cane asks Lily if she will walk him out. She asks him what he wanted to talk to her about. He says he wishes that he didn’t have to tell her this. He says he didn’t want her to hear this from someone else. He tells her he married Cloe but it was supposed to be her. She tells him he should go so he leaves. When Lily goes back inside she tells Neil she is ok but he can see she isn’t.

Nick calls and tells Phyllis that the body wasn’t Victor. Sharon is listening to her talking to Nick when Cloe comes in and tells her that she and Cane got married. Sharon tells Cloe that is nice and then walks away from her so she can listen to Phyllis talking to Nick. She asks if she can talk to him and grabs the phone. She tells Nick She tells Nick to come home soon and be safe and then she hangs up. Phyllis jumps on her about that saying she wasn’t done talking to him yet. Phyllis reminds Sharon that she is no longer married to Nick. Sharon says she has to make sure he is ok. Phyllis warns her to stop obsessing about her husband. She says it again that she is no longer married to him.

Jack walks in just in time to overhear their argument. He thinks they found Victor. Phyllis tells Jack to talk to Sharon about this. Sharon tells him they found a body but it wasn’t Victor. Sharon still worries about Nick. Jack admits that he does too.

Phyllis tells Cloe that she got her invitation to her engagement party but she doubts that after Jill reads the newest issue to Restless Style that she will want her there. Cloe wants to know why. Phyllis suggests that Cloe starts reading the magazine that she works for.

Anna and Tyra say their goodbyes to Neil and Lily and Devon with everyone in tears. Anna tells Devon not to cry with tears in her own eyes. As they are about to go out the door Anna turns around for one more hug from Devon and then says good bye and they leave. After they have gone Neil lets Devon know how happy he is when he heard that Devon has decided to stay in school.

Jack tells Sharon his interview will air tomorrow. He says he expressed his opinion that Nick doesn’t have what it takes to be a success in the magazine business. Noah pops in and hears Jack. He fusses saying so that is what he thinks about his dad. He tells Jack he thought he and his Dad were friends. Then he tells Jack that is real nice. Sharon defends Noah saying he just got the news about his grandfather and now he hears this. Jack says he is sorry but the problems can’t go ignored. Sharon says it has to stop because it is tearing this family apart.

Nick and Nikki are on the plane and Nick says there is a delay on the take off. Nikki tells Nick that he looks exhausted and suggests that he closes his eyes and gets some rest. He agrees with her saying that is the plan, there is nothing to do until they get home now anyway. When Nick falls asleep Nikki writes him a note and asks the pilot to give it to her son when he wakes. She grabs her bag and gets off the plane.

Jack has a heart to heart talk with Noah and apologizes to him for what he said about his Dad. He tells him he and his grandfather had their problems but he respected him as a businessman and in a strange way he will miss him. Noah tells him that his Dad is a good man and he’d never talk trash about him. Jack tells him he understands if he can’t forgive him. They hug each other and Noah says good because he didn’t want to be pissed at him.

Lily goes to Crimson Lights and Cane finds her there crying. She tells him that Anna just left. He says he is sorry. Cane tells her that he only married Cloe to establish rights to the baby. He asks her to wait for him, saying that is the only thing that will keep him going. Lily tells Cane she wants to believe that they will be together but she wants to know what if it doesn’t happen. He tells her he loves her and his heart belongs to her. Cloe walks in and interrupts. Lily offers them her congratulations and runs out the door. Cloe apologizes for interrupting. She tries to show Cane the article on David Chow. When he isn’t interested and walks away she says to herself especially the part about your Mom. 

Jan Barrett

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