Jack says Dr. Jamison will judge for herself about Ashley. He says she is there to do a job. Jack says he feels that his sister needs extensive in-patient help. Victor on the other hand claims that his wife will not be forced into psychiatric treatment if she doesn’t want it. Abby walks in asking Jack if that is why he is there. She wants to know if he wants to put her Mom in a mental hospital.

Ashley and Adam are upstairs discussing how they can hide what a mess she is in from the doctor. Adam tells her he has done some research and he knows what kind of questions they will be asking. He tells her he will go over it with her to prepare it for it. He tells her by no means is she to mention running over Sabrina with her car or she will declare her unstable. She says ok, where are the questions, they are running out of time.

JT talks the manager at the club into letting him into Mary Jane’s room. When he arrives he can see that there was a struggle in the room. He finds her purse still there like she must have left in a hurry. He wonders where she went. He sends the manager down to get him all the information on the woman that stays in this room and asks him to please hurry. He calls to report Paul Williams missing saying he could have been kidnapped or worse.

While driving on a dark road Paul tells Patty she could put the knife away. He says surely she wouldn’t hurt her big brother who is on her side. He reminds her that he is the one that chases the monsters away. She tells him she wishes she could he still could but then tells him to stop talking and drive.

JT calls Nick asking him to come to the club saying he is where Mary Jane has been hiding out. He tells Nick that she got away though and now Paul is missing. JT wants to touch base with all her victims.

Sharon asks Phyllis, doesn’t she have a husband to go home to. Phyllis tells her she isn’t going anywhere until she gets an explanation for why Jack hasn’t been there to see her. She tells Phyllis not that it is any of her business but she is the reason Jack’s not visiting. She is trying not to be the needy victim that always has to depend on her exes. She asks isn’t that what Phyllis always wanted. She tells her to leave it alone already now.

Abby yells at Jack for speaking to her like a kid. The doorbell rings and Jack answers it to let the doctor in. Victor introduces himself and Abby who claims her mother isn’t the crazy one here. The doctor says she will examine Ashley up in her room. She wants to talk with Ashley alone though so Victor won’t be allowed to be there. Victor orders Jack to put aside their differences for his sister’s sake.

Adam prepares Ashley and then tells her to do everything in her power not to lose it with the doctor if she asks her about Sabrina. He tells her to laugh it off but not too much. He says to be straight forward and as natural as she possibly can. He tells her she can do this and he believes in her. Victor comes in and introduces Ashley to the doctor. When he and Adam leave them alone Ashley tells the doctor she is ready when she is.

Ashley tells her, her name, the year they are in and the President’s name. She says she has read a newspaper in the past month. The doctor asks her about her putting her career on hold and about her father passing away. Ashley tells her that she was close to her father and when he died she lost her role model. The doctor starts talking about Victor’s deceased wife. She asks if it feels more than just a memory for her, that maybe Sabrina could be alive still. Ashley tells her she doesn’t believe in ghosts not of her father’s or Sabrina’s.

Victor tells Abby it will be fine. Adam walks in as Jack says now Victor is treating Abby like a child and tells him that Abby is a savvy young woman not swayed by Jack’s fake concern. He tells Jack this is all his revenge against their father doing this. Jack tells him that he wasn’t his greatest fan of his father’s at one time reminding him of the diary. Jack thinks Adam is laying it on a bit thick. Victor says that family bands together in a crisis not lock one another up.

Phyllis can understand why Sharon may be skeptical. Sharon asks her not to go to Jack and make him feel guilty for not going to see her. Phyllis agrees asking what would be the point anyway.

Heather meets with JT and Nick at the club and they are all worried about Paul. JT explains to them that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams. He thinks it is just a matter of time before she spins out of control. Nick worries about Summer being a target so he calls to check on her.

Paul tries to assure Patty that he won’t leave her. He asks her what happened to the little girl that use to help Mom in the pie booth at the church bizarre every year. He tells her he doesn’t think she is a monster but she is just mixed up. He says he knows she didn’t get this way on her own and asks who’s idea was it to change her to make her look this way. He says it doesn’t sound like something she would do. She snaps at him saying no wonder Nikki left him, he just won’t let up. She apologizes and tells him not to give her the silent treatment. She tells him it is none of his business as she starts waving the knife at him. . Suddenly Paul slams on the brakes and then we see that somehow Patty has blood all over her hands and Paul has been stabbed in the hand.

Nick finds that Summer is safe at the ranch with the babysitter. Now he only needs to reach Phyllis. He says she is at some appointment that he didn’t know she had. They say well Nikki is not in any danger here with Mary Jane and they think the only other ones not covered is Sharon and Phyllis.

Paul tells Patty it is just a little cut and he will be fine. He hugs his little sister and then he smiles. He tells her that she sounded like his baby sister when she worried about hurting him. She tells him they have to go when she hears sirens. She asks him if he is going to turn her in. Paul looks undecided on what to do.

Phyllis tells Sharon to call if she needs anything. Sharon wants to try and do this on her own without either of her exes and then says good night. As she is going down the hall leaving she looks confused when she hears Nick refusing to sign in saying he just needs to speak to her doctor.

The doctor talks to Ashley about photos of Sabrina on display there at the ranch. Remembering what Adam told her, Ashley talks to her completely sane. She says she never though Sabrina was haunting her. She says it was disturbing to find the cameras all over the house. She says that would drive anyone insane. The doctor tells her from what she has read about Ms. Benson she sounds like she could use some professional help. Ashley asks her if that is about her or Mary Jane. The doctor doesn’t answer but decides she is done with the questions.

JT hears that Paul’s car has been spotted. Heather worries about not adequately consoling her father or telling him that she loves him. JT says he is sure she will get a chance to do that. He asks if there is someone he can call. She says no there is no one. She calls to see if the police have found anything yet. She says if that bitch lays a hand on her father she will have to deal with her!

The doctor comes downstairs and interrupts Victor arguing with Jack. She says Ashley seems mildly depressed and apparently the stress on her is because of the heinous tricks that were played on her. She says she clearly knows the difference between reality and illusion and she poses no threat to herself or anyone else. She just needs to feel safe and supported. She thinks she would be further traumatized if she were to be taken from her home and the support she has there. Jack can’t believe what he is hearing but Victor is very pleased and agrees with the doctor. Abby says she will bring her Mom a cup of tea. Jack vows this isn’t over yet. Victor tells him this is over as far as he is concerned. After Adam shows the doctor out he teases Jack by saying, Win some, lose some, Jackie boy. Jack is told to leave and he notices Adam seems awfully snug. He asks if he has a stake in this himself. Adam just stands there grinning.

Adam suggests to Abby that she give her parents some privacy. She agrees and is happy to see that Adam is being so supportive towards her mother. He tells her he is all about keeping this family together. She says she never thought she’d hear that from him and seems impressed that people really can change.

Victor assures Ashley that the doctor was convinced that she is OK. Ashley was surprised. She says Jack was so determined to get her out of there. She tells Victor she would rather just stay in her room and sleep than go downstairs right now. He tells her with a quick kiss that it is all over now. When he leaves her alone, she curls up in her bed under the blankets.

Phyllis goes to Jack and wonders how come he isn’t there visiting Sharon but her husband is. Jack doesn’t want to talk about it but then tells her about the court order he had for Ashley only allowed Ashley to stay with Victor. He tells her that she should ask Nick why he was visiting Sharon. Phyllis knew it was impossible for Sharon to turn down the attention of a man. Phyllis asks Jack if he and Sharon are on the outs but he says she is imagining things. She still thinks there is more to this or he would be there to see and check on Sharon. He asks if they can talk about this another time and she tells him no. Suddenly she hangs her head she realizes that Jack can’t be the father of the baby. She looks at Jack and says Nick is, isn’t he.

Nick tells the doctor he needs to know that she is protected. She tells assures him that she is and she asks if he wants to talk to her. Nick says no but he is worried that Mary Jane might break in to get to her. The doctor says he will alert the staff. Nick thanks him and calls Phyllis again starting to panic because she isn’t answering her calls. When he turns around to leave he sees Sharon standing there. She asks him what he is doing there. He explains to her about Mary Jane and that he just wanted to make sure she was OK. He tells her that Summer is safe but he can’t reach Phyllis. Nick seems surprised to hear she was there visiting Sharon but has to wonder why. Sharon answers that she guesses Phyllis wanted to make sure he wasn’t visiting her. Nick says he wanted to come, and then asks if she is really OK? When she assures him she is fine he says he is glad she is. She thanks him for coming and then turns to go back to her room he stops her. He tells her he is so proud of her and then hugs her.

Phyllis can’t believe this is happening again. Jack tells her he didn’t say Nick was the father. She asks if it isn’t true. She tells him to look her in the eye and tell her so. He looks her in the eye and lies telling her that he is the father of Sharon’s baby. She sadly smiles and asks him if he wouldn’t lie to her. He tells her never.

Heather is on the phone telling someone she wants Mary Jane put away for life. JT comes back and reports that it was Paul’s car spotted and Mary Jane is with him. He says they took off though. He knows it isn’t a lot to go on. Heather starts to panic when she realizes Paul is Mary Jane’s hostage which means she probably has a weapon.

Paul bangs on the door at the church and when the priest answers Paul tells him he is Todd’s brother. The priest tells him that Father Williams warned him that they might be coming by. Paul tells him they need sanctuary from the law. He gets Patty inside promising her that he won’t let anything happen to her.

Abby wonders why her mother didn’t come downstairs to join them. She wants to know why her Uncle Jack would try to hurt her like that. Victor thinks family is more important right now. Abby now looks at Adam as family since he has been so supportive of her Mom.

Adam goes up to Ashley’s bedroom to see her. She asks how she can ever thank him as she sits up in her bed. She says it was like he was in her head the whole time the doctor was there. She says she never could have done it without him. Adam says he us just relieved that she is staying where she belongs. He says he would have missed his only friend. She asks about Heather and Rafe. He explains that they must be tired of his limitations. Ashley says well she thinks he is the smartest and an incredible man and she is there for him like he has been for her. He tells her to get some rest. She asks him to lay next to her until she falls asleep so as he does she pulls close up to his chest and snuggles with him.

Jan Barrett

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