Nikki is at the Mexican bar with a huge hangover as she hangs onto Nick telling him how glad she is that he is there. He asks her if she has heard anything more, has anything changed. She tells him he is gone, his father is gone.

Adam walks around in Victor’s office in shock having a hard time believing that Victor is gone. He notices the picture of Victor with Victoria on her wedding day. He flips the picture frame over. Michael comes in and asks him what he is doing there in Victor’s office. Adam tells him that they claim that Victor is not missing, he is dead. He tells Michael that means he is in charge there now and he is going to make a lot of changes at Newman.

Cloe gets to the courthouse dressed in white waiting for Cane for them to get married. She finds a note on the judge’s door saying be back in an hour. She says what a bummer. She says Cane hasn’t said two things to her since they left the house. Cane doesn’t have much to say to her. He just wants to make this quick and painless. When the clerk walks in and asks her where her bouquet is. Cloe says she is pregnant so it isn’t that kind of wedding. Cane grumbles that he can’t believe he is about to marry Cloe. She tells him she is so sick of hearing him say this and that this isn’t exactly her dream wedding either. She asks Cane to at least pretend not to be repulsed by the sight of her.

Devon tells Lily that Anna now wants to live with him. Lily says she has to go back to Tyra. He says they have to convince her to go back with Tyra or better yet music school. Anna walks in saying she doesn’t want to go to music school. She asks him to please don’t send her to that school. He tells her no one is going to force her to go, she is going to have a choice. She wants to know how come things can’t be like they were before. Lily talks to her about Tyra and Anna admits that Tyra was really easy to talk to and Lily points out that none of that has changed though. Lily tells her things will only be different now if she lets it be.

Nikki cries to Nick that she is so ashamed of herself that she is disgusted. She says she has never been this low. She tells him after years of sobriety she fell off the wagon last night. She can’t believe that 30 plus years with his father she just can’t believe it will end like this. Nick wants to bring her home but she insists that she is not leaving without his father.

Michael asks Adam doesn’t he think that he is jumping the gun a bit. Michael says the terms of the will don’t go into effect until he has been declared dead. Adam shows him a death certificate that the Mexican authorities sent to him. Adam starts repeating the terms of the will when Michael yells at him to slow down and take a damn breath. Adam reminds Michael that he now works for him. Michael tells Adam that it is obvious that he is overwhelmed by grief and he storms out of the office.

Cane thinks he should have just disappeared as the judge seems to have done. He says he feels like such a loser. Then he screams at Cloe saying if he didn’t think she’d run off with the baby he’d stick her ass on a plane and never have to see her face again. Cloe just sits there and cries.

Nick tells the police that it is a good chance his father could still be alive. The Mexican police tell him that they have already issued a death certificate.  That says he is dead. Nick orders them to continue looking for his father anyway.

Neil goes into the office and finds Adam there and says he didn’t expect to find Adam there. They argue over who is in charge and Adam just decides that he doesn’t need Neil anymore. He tells him that he is fired.

Cane feels sorry for Cloe and gets her a tissue for her eyes. She thanks him and she starts telling him how her father left before she was born and her Mom never had time for her. She tells Cane she knows he isn’t happy about this arrangement and about what they are about to do but she says she is because she knows that her baby will have two parents.

Lily reminds Tyra about how excited she was when she first heard about this school. Anna remembers but she says now everything has changed. She says she just found out that she and Devon are brother and sister. Devon tells her he wants to be with her but it is because she is his sister that he wants her to go to this school.

Neil runs into Karen and Michael out in the hallway and informs them that Adam fired him. Neil says he is not walking out without a fight. He says he won’t watch Adam ruin Victor’s company. He says fired his ass! He is not going to go anywhere yet.

Victoria calls Nick and he puts Nikki on for her to talk to. Victoria tells her mother to be strong.  Victoria tells her she needs her mother to be home when she gets back home from Dubai.

Michael is about to get on the elevator when Adam stops him. He tells him that since he is the executor of the will, he trusts that he will get things done professionally and quickly. Michael tells him he just might feel compelled to contest the will on grounds that maybe Victor wasn’t of sound mind when he changed his will. Adam tells him if he does this he might risk the chance of losing his settlement fee. Michael tells him that some things are worth more than money. Adam shrugs and says them go ahead and do his little dance. He says all this will be his anyway.

Devon tells Anna he is not trying to get rid of her. He just thinks this would be good for her to develop her talent. He asks her doesn’t she want to be a star.  He tells her she will always have him in her life.

The judge comes out and asks Cloe and Cane if they are waiting for him to be married. He asks Cloe if they have the marriage license. Cane goes back in his memories to when he asked Lily to marry him and he thinks about her telling him yes. Cloe brings him back to reality when she asks him what is wrong.

Karen tells Neil she is so glad he is going to fight this with Adam. She hates that little creep and wants to tell him off but Neil stops her saying she would be jeopardizing her job too if she did. Adam comes in and asks Neil what he is still doing there. Neil tells him he knows he still needs him there. Adam says the only thing he needs from him is to leave the office. Karen steps in and asks Adam where he gets off talking to Neil like that. She calls him a power hungry conniving insidious little punk. She says he is nothing but a laughable wannabe over compensating for having to stand in shoes he can never fill. Adam asks her if she is done. She says not hardly, she quits. He says he sees he was right about her, she is too emotional. He walks to the door and opens it and tells her to pack up her things too.

Nick finds Nikki and tells her the plane is ready for them to leave. She tells him she could stand and look out into the ocean forever. She knows Nick is right, that she must go. She tells him ok let’s go and they start to leave.

Devon tells Anna he was wrong to want to quit school to study his music. He thinks now he will stay in school and just major in music.  She says they will be so far apart. He says he knows but just think of what they can accomplish. Anna finally agrees to go to the music school but says she will have to leave tomorrow.

Karen, Neil, and Michael talk about how good it would be if Victor came back to take boy wonder down a peg or two. They say if Victor came back now that Adam would be the one looking for a new job. Adam shows up with a security guard to escort Neil out. He says Karen should be joining them. When they get into the elevator, Michael tells them to wait for him, he has a sudden need for fresh air.

Cane and Cloe are married now. They get home and she asks if he is hungry but he says no. He says he will be working in the study. He tells her that he heard everything she said to him at the courthouse. He says this child will receive love and know love. He says that is why he married her. She says she wants to thank him for that as she smiles.

The bartender tells Nick that he got them a cab to drive them to the airport. Nikki walks in and says she is ready. Just as they are about to go out the door the phone rings. The bartender stops them and tells them that the officials found a body that washed up with the tides. Nikki asks him if it was Victor. He says they don’t know yet, they need them to identify him.

Jan Barrett

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