Michael tells Victor that the decision stands and there is nothing that can be done about Jack’s court order to have a psychiatrist check Ashley out. Victor grumbles saying he can’t stand that son of a bitch. He says Jack couldn’t have found a better way to push her over the edge.

Ashley brings Adam to her bedroom and she is shaking. Adam asks her why she is so shaky. She says she can’t decide if she can confide in Victor or not. She asks though how can she possibly tell him that she might have hit Sabrina with her car. She tells him he is her husband she should tell him.

Lily talks to Neil on the phone telling him to go back to work and she will be home soon. Cane asks if she wants a nap, or some juice or maybe a magazine. She says how he surprise her. She tells him she’d like a surprise and then asks if he remembers the 22 gifts for her birthday. He says yeah if only he had given her one thing, the truth.

When Jack calls Sharon on the payphone outside her room she tells him she is just fine just like all the other times he has called her. He worries about her and tells her if he could only see that she is doing well it would make his crappy day better. She tells him she needs time for herself away from all the pressure. He finally agrees and hangs up.

Nick and Phyllis talk about what a great job they are doing raising Summer. A reporter notices them and marches over and asks Nick questions about how he feels about his former wife going to the loony bin. Nick sends the reporter on her way. Phyllis and Nick both are glad they have faith in each other as they kiss but when Nick gets on the elevator Phyllis clearly looks worried.

Noah goes to see Sharon and she welcomes his visit. She tells him to say hi to Eden for her. She rants on about what a great place she is at and how comfortable it is there and they even have a great library.

Victor is on a rampage he is so mad. He says to Michael that Ashley belongs there at the ranch. He asks if he got that. He says that son of a bitch did this to spite him. Michael says all he can do is request that the doctor sees Ashley there at the ranch. He thinks Victor should tell Ashley though. Victor says how he can tell her when she is in such a fragile state, that her own brother wants to have her committed. He says it will break her heart.

Ashley tells Adam she is only hanging on by a thread. She says if it breaks Victor will see what a mess she is in. Adam advises her to keep her distance with Victor but she says it is too late, she has already let Victor come back in the bedroom. Victor comes in and when Adam walks out to leave them alone he listens in. Victor explains to Ashley about how Jack has taken this vendetta against him to new heights. He tells her about the court order Jack got. She is shocked and asks Victor if Jack wants to have her committed.

Adam listens to Victor telling Ashley that the examination will only prove her not as unstable as they say she is and that Michael is working on it. She complains about him just now telling her about this. Victor tells her to tell shrink about what’s going on and she will understand. He says he doesn’t want her to worry about this. When Victor leaves the room Ashley calls Jack and tells him to get his butt over there and explain what the hell he thinks he is doing to her.

As Jack hangs up with Sharon, Nick walks up and warns him about the press. He tells Jack they will probably be all over him as well about Sharon’s situation. He asks Jack should he send them his way. Jack says sure, and then agrees to give Sharon his best when Nick asks him to. Meanwhile Sharon is still getting visitors even though she doesn’t want them. She sees Phyllis standing there so she asks if she is there to gloat or did she come thinking she would find Nick there visiting her.

Cane and Lily are holding hands act like a normal married couple. He gets up to close the curtains so he can tell her one of his stories. He tells her about a man in Australia calling him Lane. He says the man was living a mundane life. He explains about the life Lane had in Australia and how he got involved with men on a cattle ranch and how he decided to become a good guy. The only thing now is that the hero can’t go back to his own country because he turned in some cattle rustlers. He says not that he is complaining because he just loves where he is at right now. Lily figures out that he is talking about himself here.

Nick asks Noah how he is doing after he seen his Mom. He asks Nick if he wants to know if his Mom is alright.

Sharon and Phyllis talk with Phyllis telling her she has no reason to feel insecure over Nick but she doesn’t like seeing Sharon in a place like this. She says she is only there to warn her about the reporters after Nick talking about his crazy ex-wife. She wanted to warn her that they might try disguising themselves as an orderly to ambush her. Sharon tells her that the baby and she are just fine saying they will survive. Phyllis is really impressed and tells Sharon she thinks now that she may have misjudged her.

Michael has it out with Jack for doing this to Ashley. Jack says he has no choice. Adam comes in just as they agree Ashley can be examined there at the ranch. Jack thanks Michael for being so considerate of his sister. Adam calls Jack a hypocrite. Jack tells Adam this is about Ashley’s well being and nothing standing in the way of that. Victor comes in asking what the hell Jack is doing there. Ashley calls downstairs for Jack to come upstairs right away.

When he goes upstairs she just stands there and stares at him. She asks how could he do this to her. He tells her because she is just not herself. He says he loves her and won’t give up without a fight. He says she didn’t even remember the anniversary of their father’s death. She hasn’t slept or eaten and she lives on tea and nightmares. He tells her that pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time for a woman. He asks has she felt any joys in this house of horrors. He eyes tear up as he tells her his heart aches for her. When Ashley doesn’t say anything he tells her to say something. She looks at him and tells him to stop this court order or he will lose his sister, it’s his choice.

Jack explains he feels he will lose his sister if he doesn’t get her help. He says if she was OK she’d tell him to go to hell and she wouldn’t be scared to see a shrink. Jack blames Victor and all his band of sadists. He says he will be overjoyed if the psychiatrist declares she is fine. He says it isn’t as if he wants her in an institution. Ashley thinks just her being away from Victor would make Jack happy.

Michael is frustrated with the call with Dr. Jamison’s people calling them an idiot. Lauren takes his cell phone and asks how many of these are paying client anyways. Michael says well there is Victor Newman, does that count. He admits he has trouble with boundaries. He says he spent the day running around for Kevin’s new best friend and now he is trying to save Ashley. He hands his phone to Lauren telling her he is sorry, he knows he did promise to do better. She calls him a marshmallow.

Lily calls Cane a hero. She asks if he is in danger. She asks why he is telling her this now. He says he wants to restore her faith in him. Lily tells him about one of the patients and it was her fourth round of chemo and she looks like the picture of health. Cane offers to get Celia something when he hands Lily a drink. Celia tells Lily that her husband is awesome. Lily smiles and says no argument there.

Noah doesn’t believe how positive Sharon was of the facility that she is staying in. He tells him she has been reading a lot and relaxing. He says she makes it sound like a freaking vacation but you can tell she isn’t happy there. He asks how is that place different from jail. Nick asks if it is really that bad where she is. Noah can’t believe he hasn’t gone to see her yet.

Phyllis and Sharon sit as they talk together about Noah’s visit. Phyllis thanks Sharon for singing to Summer for her when she was in the hospital. When she starts to leave Sharon jokingly tells her to watch out she might rip that ring off her finger. Phyllis tells her, her and what army. As they both smile. She tells Sharon she really should get back with Jack saying he is really a great guy. Sharon thanks Phyllis for stopping by and when Phyllis is gone Sharon stops smiling.

Victor accuses Jack of using his sister to get revenge on him. He tells Jack Ashley was on her way to recovery before he pulled this crap. Jack tells Victor to wake up, he knows she is in pieces up there right now. Victor tells him the only reason he has his teeth right now is for Ashley’s consideration. He tells him for once be a man and drop this. Jack says Victor needs to be the man here and get her the help she needs. Victor tells him it ain’t going to happen that way.

Ashley is worried about failing this test. Adam doesn’t see what the subject of her running over Sabrina even has to come up. She thinks the shrink won’t stop until they get the answers they want to hear. She remembers her last commitment. She heard people crying, screaming and moaning all night long. Adam promises her he is not going to let her go to that little hellhole. He tells her she means too much to him as he hugs her.

Michael and Lauren are enjoying they dinner out tonight. Michael tells Lauren that Eden is babysitting until 9:30 and he points out that his phone hasn’t rung in 10 minutes. She asks how come they aren’t upstairs in a room. Michael says no more but asks for a room key.

Victor tells Jack to stop treating Ashley like a child. Jack gets a call telling him the shrink is on her way there. Victor is sure that Ashley will pass this teat and they will be sending the shrink home and then they can get rid of Jack too. Upstairs Adam keeps telling Ashley he won’t let them take her away. He tells her she can beat this if she does exactly what he says. He tells he is her only hope.

When they get home Lily tells Cane she wasn’t sick, she just had to run to the bathroom because she had to pee. Cane tells her he doesn’t want her cooking, he says he will take care of her. She tells him she feels fine, even great. She asks him to please let her do this for him. He finally agrees which makes her happy.

Noah thinks Nick is the whacked one. He says he is happy for him and Phyllis but doesn’t that mean he has to avoid his Mom. Nick assures him that his Mom has lots of support like Jack. He says that is the way things should be.

Phyllis goes back to Sharon’s room and tells her she noticed something funny when she was signing out. She tells her that Jack’s name wasn’t on the sheet as a visitor. She questions her about how come the father of Sharon’s baby hasn’t been there to visit since she has been there.

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