The new issue of the magazine has hit the streets. Sharon hands Jack a copy straight off the press.. He likes the cover and then notices the featured article, Restless Style Exposes itself- Meet the Real Jack Abbott. Sharon asks him if he is joking, Jack says it better be a joke. Jack says this looks like Nick’s handiwork.

Phyllis goes to Newman Enterprises and tells Neil and Karen about Nick being in Mexico and she fills them in on the latest about Victor. She tells them she gets more and more nervous about what Nick is going to find down there.

Nick argues with the pilot of the plane when he is told that they can’t get there in this weather. Nick explains that he has to get there to find his father. The pilot apologizes and tells him he won’t get there by plane, at least not tonight.

Back in Mexico in the bar the bartender tells Nikki he is sorry for her loss and sets a shot glass of vodka in front of her. Without saying a word, Nikki picks up the shot and drinks it.

Heather is in the hospital still trying to work when Adam walks in and takes her phone away telling her to take the night off. Paul walks in and shows his concern over his daughter’s health. Heather says she is fine, the doctor says it is just stress. Adam asks if he was in Mexico looking for Victor and wants to know if he should go down there but Paul says no and then he goes back to worrying about Heather.

When Phyllis gets back to Restless Style Jack and Sharon confront her about the article in the new issue. Jack holds the magazine up and asks her if she would like to tell them about it. Phyllis just smiles. After listening to Jack and Sharon threaten to stop this run, Phyllis points out that it will cost him plenty to stop production and besides it is already online. She says people just love it. She says gossip, intrigue, lies, all of it sells and she says no one knows that better than him, right?

Nick looks for another way but no bus is going out but a guy who happens to be there claims he has a truck and he will give him a ride.

Nikki calls Katherine from the bar and tells her that she has been drinking vodka and that Victor is dead. She tells Katherine about the storm and how the boat came back in pieces and there were no people from the boat found. She tells her how Paul went with her there but he had to leave. Nikki starts talking about before she met Victor and how she did meet him and their past. Nikki tells Katherine she is in the bar. Then after Katherine nags her about the drinking she threatens to just hang up. Katherine tells her not to hang up saying she wants to hear all about Nikki’s past. Nikki says they just made so many mistakes. She says then why she wasn’t with him when he died. She says she just doesn’t understand that.

Katherine calls Paul and tells him about Nikki drinking, saying she has her on another line right now. She scolds Paul for leaving Nikki in Mexico all alone. She tells Nikki she is talking to Paul and to wait for her a second. Paul tells her that Nick is flying to Mexico now. Katherine tells him that Nikki is drinking and that they think that Victor might be dead. Katherine goes back talking to Nikki. Nikki walks over to the bar and orders another drink and when a song starts playing Nikki starts crying saying that was her and Victor’s song.

Nick is in the truck with the guy and he starts choking from the guys cigarettes. He rolls down the window and then he calls Phyllis and when she starts to tell him about Jack he tells her to hold on a second. He tells her that his Dad might have drowned. She tells him not to give up, that Victor might still be alive. He says he refuses to think the worse until he gets there. She calls Neil and tells him she has news but it isn’t great. He is in Victor’s office and when Phyllis tells him he hangs the phone up and turns around and looks at Victor’s picture and then he tells Karen what is going on. He says Victor might, he might…but they don’t have any details. He says all they can do is wait and pray. Karen realizes how close he was to Victor. Neil tells her how Victor took him in.

Nikki is still talking to Katherine, ranting about her and Victor’s past. While Nikki goes on and on, Katherine calls Nick on the boardroom phone and he tells her he is on his way to his Mom. Nick says that this is probably his Dad’s way of showing him up. Nick can hear Nikki on the other phone. Katherine tells him that his mother has been drinking. She encourages Nikki to go on trying to keep her on the phone. Katherine tells Nick that Nikki is liable to do anything right now. Nick begs the driver to please drive faster.

Heather tells Adam what she found out about Victor. He wants to know how Paul knows this. She explains about the call Paul got and they said the boat Victor was on was found in pieces. Adam cries saying he just met the man 6 months ago. He says he can’t be gone, this just isn’t right.

Jack realizes he can’t afford to cancel the article. Sharon wants him to cancel it anyway. Jack says next issue they can do an article about Phyllis. Sharon says she doesn’t want to do an article about Phyllis but she didn’t get into this business to have her name smeared all over the internet.

Phyllis goes back to Newman Enterprises and sees Neil. She hugs him. She says Nick is having a hard time getting to Nikki. Neil says Michael is out of town and he should be back by noon he thinks. Karen says the news will be out by tomorrow. They say Victoria is in Dubai and isn’t answering her phone. Phyllis says she hasn’t contacted Adam yet. She thought they should figure out what to do first and then she will deal with him.

Paul can’t answer Adam’s questions. Adam kisses Heather and leaves after Paul offers to take Heather home. Paul notices how calm Adam is with this news. Heather says Adam keeps his feelings to himself.

Nikki is still on the phone with Katherine. She tells Katherine her name is Nikki and she is an alcoholic but please, please love her anyway. Katherine begs her to stop. Nikki tells Katherine she is the sponsor and she is the drunk. Nikki says no wonder Victor fell in love with another woman. Nikki says she killed Sabrina. Katherine tells her no she didn’t. Nikki says she is responsible for Sabrina dying, Sabrina’s baby dying and for Victor dying. She says it is all her fault. Katherine begs her to go back to her hotel room. She says there is still a chance that Victor is still out there alive and she asks her to cling to that thought. Nikki tells her that she is sure that he is gone forever this time and her life isn’t worth living without Victor. She sets the phone down and walks away with Katherine yelling into the phone calling for her.

Phyllis works on a press release from the Newman kids. She tells Karen yeah she will include Adam. Karen says it should have he is missing and presumed dead. Adam storms in asking was anyone going to tell him that his father was dead. He looks at Phyllis and tells her what happens next isn’t up to her. He says he inherits the bulk of the estate so now he is the owner of Newman Enterprises. He says the board of directors can go screw themselves, he is running things now.

Nick in on the phone telling Sharon about him being on his way to his mother and he is worried about Noah getting the news about Victor so Sharon says she will handle it. Jack asks her if this is fact or rumor. He says they are talking about Victor here, until he sees a corpse he won’t believe he is dead. Meanwhile the driver tells Nick the road is no good, so they will have to go around.

Katherine tries calling Nikki back but she gets her voice mail so she leaves a message for her to call her back. Next Nikki is seen standing out in the rain screaming what is she supposed to do now. She screams out what is she going to do now. She screams out Victors name with the rain hitting her in the face.

Jan Barrett

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