Paul and Nikki are at the bar in Mexico. There is a bad storm. The bartender tells them that maybe Victor brought the boat back in somewhere else because of the storm. He tells them that the cell phone tower got hit by lightning. They must have gotten it fixed because Paul’s phone rings and it is Nick. He wants to tell Paul something but he doesn’t want Nikki to know. He says apparently there is some kind of a mob hit out on Walter so things there might be more dangerous than he thinks.

Cloe gets Amber out early to go to Restless Style. Amber is dragging her heels while Cloe is full of energy. Daniel walks out talking to Colleen on the phone and Amber listens. Nick asks Daniel for a favor telling him that he is having a little problem with Noah. He tells him he thinks he has been drinking. Daniel asks what he wants him to do. Nick tells him he’d like for him to scare the hell out of him.

Devon and Lily discuss Anna’s situation. Lily tells Anna about Neil not being her biological Dad. They sit down so they can talk about it together.

Jill and Cane are ready for the Restless Style shoot when suddenly Cloe walks in saying that she is back. Jill asks her what she is doing there. She tells her she is overseeing the shoot for Restless Style. Cane looks and tells Jill she just can’t escape her can she. Cloe says she is really glad to see them. She wants to talk about the engagement party Jill wanted to give and she knows Cane is against it and she says she is ok with that. Cane says wow they actually agree on something. Jill disagrees and when Cloe suggests it being held somewhere else Jill gets offended and calls her a little snit telling her the party will be held at the Chancellor Estate.

Jill tries explaining to Brad how come she didn’t make him CEO. He cuts her off and says she doesn’t have to explain. She tells him if he had other options she would understand but he says no thanks, he is going to stick around for a while. When Jill walks off Brad smiles and whispers he is sure it will all pay off one day.

Lily tells Anna how Neil and Tyra both made sacrifices for them. Anna says she isn’t sure she can forgive Tyra. Lily asks her why not. Anna said she doesn’t believe in forgiving. Lily tells her Devon didn’t find out himself until a few days ago. Lily begs her not to shut him out. Lily asks Anna to at least think about what she said as she leaves. Devon asks Lily if Anna is ok. Lily says she will be fine. She asks how he is. He says he always wanted a sister and now he has two of them. Anna asks if her mom is sending her to music school because she doesn’t want her anymore.

Heather and Adam are having breakfast at the club and they each are talking about totally different things. As she goes on about her case he is thinking about being kicked out of the Newman ranch. She says it would be nice for a little of his support and he tells her he has problems of his own now. He tells her his problems can’t be compared to her problems right now. Heather gets upset at his insensitivity. She tells him regardless to what he is going through it isn’t always just about him. He tells her he is not the type of person that will put someone else’s problems first.

Nick fills Daniel in about what he caught Noah doing at the ranch with his friends. Nick tells him that Noah looks up to him so he asks him to talk to him for him. Daniel says he will give it a shot.

Amber walks in pretending to be on the phone with her new guy Liam. While she goes on and on making sure Daniel can hear her phone rings busting her phony call. It is Cloe in a panic so she tells her to calm down, she is on her way. As she goes into the elevator Noah comes in and says hello but she doesn’t notice him. He asks Daniel what’s up with her and Daniel just laughs.

Nikki is getting worried about Victor and she asks the bartender if the boat Victor was on is a sturdy boat and he says yes. Paul tells her to see she is worried for nothing. When Nikki walks off Paul has that worried look on his face.

Devon is still trying to convince Anna that no one wants to send her away. He tells her that Tyra loves her. Anna tells Devon he is her brother. She says she heard big brothers looks after little sisters. Devon starts tickling her and she laughs.

Daniel and Noah are at Restless Style. Daniel gives him the talk about how he is still a kid that doesn’t need to rush into things. Noah figures it out that his Dad talked to him. Daniel admits it but says he is only looking out for him because they care about him. Noah tells Daniel about the incident with his friends and the beer. He says he never had any intention of drinking the beer.

Heather walks in and is feeling faint as she talks to Nick. He asks her if she is ok and she says she is fine, blaming it on her being overworked. As she says she is fine she starts to pass out and Nick catches her. He yells for Daniel to call 911.

Lily goes in at Jabot and runs into Cane and she sees Cloe there. When he says they are ready for her she wants to talk to Cane if he has a minute. He tells her he always has time for her. She starts to tell him about the situation with Anna and Devon when Cloe walks up claiming she isn’t feeling well so she asks Cane to take her home. He yells at her to go lie down on the couch or something. Lily says never mind it is ok and she walks away.

Paul gets a call telling him something is wrong with Heather. He says he is going to have to go home and he wants Nikki to go with him. She says no, she is not leaving from there until she finds Victor. She tells him she will be fine so he leaves.

Adam is on the phone making some business deals when Nick interrupts his call telling him his girlfriend just collapsed and he is with her at the hospital.

Lily is in front of the camera with Cloe giving directions to the cameraman. Lily tells her she thought she wasn’t feeling well. The photographer starts shooting as Cane opens the door and looks in. Lily notices him and Cloe notices him too.

Daniel and Colleen are having lunch at the club. When Colleen walks off Noah comes over and tells him he is better off with Amber. Speaking of Amber, she walks in and Daniel asks her what she is doing there. She says she is meeting Liam. He says he thought Liam lived in LA. She says he flew in just to meet her and she asks him how cool is that.

In Mexico Nikki worries more. She tells the bartender that not only is she worried about Victor but her friend Paul and her son are both flying in this weather. He asks her if she wants a drink but she bravely turns it down. A police officer walks in and introduces himself to Nikki. He says he was told to report to her if he heard anything. She asks him if he has heard something. He says he has but he is afraid it is not good news.

Devon and Anna are playing cards when Tyra walks in. She tells them hello and she warns Devon that Anna is a card shark. When Tyra asks Anna if she wants to play cards with her Mom, Anna tells her nope and she says she doesn’t want to live with her anymore either. Tyra asks what she means by that. She says she wants to live with Devon.

Adam gets to the hospital and Heather says she is fine, she is just exhausted. The doctor comes in and says she found some problems in her tests and they need to keep her over night to run more tests.

Amber is sitting alone at the table when Colleen says that is pitiful that Amber has to make up this guy. Daniel walks over to the table and tells Amber that she doesn’t have to do this. Amber is insulted that he doesn’t think another guy would want her. She grabs her purse and walks away. She leaves her phone sitting on the table. When it rings Daniel sees a message on it from Liam.

Nikki calls Nick telling him he has got to get there soon. She tells him that a piece of the boat that Victor was on was found washed ashore.

Jan Barrett

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