Sharon tells Jack that if he leaves and a major decision has to be made she will be outnumbered but Nick and Phyllis. He says not to worried. He thinks they are too preoccupied with other things.

Phyllis distracts Nick with an article for the magazine that will air some of Jack’s dirty laundry for their readers. Meanwhile Sharon brings up the fact that Gloria is still there in the pool house and she brings up the fact that Noah is home now. She wants to know what Jack is going to do about that. Jack tells her nothing.

Gloria thanks Katherine for going to the bachelorette party for Jana. She tells Katherine that she and Jeffery are planning on going to the Cayman Islands for their honeymoon while they are renovating the pool house. Gloria makes it clear that as a Jabot stockholder she wasn’t happy about Jill appointing her son as the CEO of Jabot. Katherine wonders why it would matter to Gloria. She asks her what she is up to.

Devon called Tyra and told her Anna is with him. He tells her he is going to try and talk to Anna. Tyra tells Neil that Anna knows the truth and she cries saying she knew she shouldn’t have said anything to anyone.

Anna tells Devon he has a terrible mother and she doesn’t want to be like her or him. She doesn’t know what to call Tyra now either. Devon tells her to call Tyra Mom just like she always has.

Katherine tries to get Gloria to tell her what she thinks. Gloria tells her she just can’t walk away from John’s legacy. She tells Katherine that Cane is not qualified to be CEO of Jabot. Katherine stands up and tells Gloria to take her measly shares and enjoy them, and she says it will be the closest she will come to the glory days.

Sharon argues about Gloria and Jeffery until Sharon finally announces that she has decided to let Gloria stay. She says besides Gloria and Fisher are really close now and she says they can’t break his little canine heart.

Amber talks to Cloe about her friend Liam from Hawaii. Cloe asks her what hotel did he stay in and when Amber can’t think of a name Daniel whispers that it is because she made this guy up.

Phyllis talks to Nick about the upcoming article that Jack commissioned saying it skewers Jill. She asks him what he thinks about the article about Jack that Clarissa wrote. . Phyllis tells Nick she doesn’t care if the readers know that they are feuding with their partners. She tells him payback is a bitch, isn’t it.

Noah has some friends over at the ranch out by the pool. He gets nervous at how his friends are acting. He tells them not to trash anything. One of the guys tells him he sounds like his mom and they start goofing off.
Devon gives Anna a pep talk. She tells him about how Yolanda took her with her and bought drugs. She said Yolanda told her if she told Tyra about it she would go to hell. Devon explains to her that you don’t have to give birth to be a mom. She tells her that if it wasn’t for Tyra she would have spent most of her life in an orphanage. He tells her that Tyra took good care of her and that everything she has is because of Tyra.

Tyra and Neil talk about Anna. She tells him that Anna means the world to her and that is her little girl no matter what anyone says. They talk about how ironic it is that Neil raised his brother’s daughter and she has raised her sister’s daughter. Neil tells her he understands how she feels and then he hugs her.

Karen walks in while Neil is hugging Tyra. She apologizes for interrupting. Tyra explains to Karen what is going on. Karen tells her that is such a sacrifice. Tyra asks why so they always call it a sacrifice when she says she is the lucky one to have that little girl in her life. Tyra starts crying more saying she just hopes that Anna can forgive her. Karen has sympathy and hugs Tyra.

Jack asks Nick if there is any word on his Dad. Nick tells Jack he is glad now that he did the article on David Chow like he did. When Jack leaves Phyllis wants to add more to the article but Nick says no personal slams. Phyllis walks over to Amber and demands the key to the penthouse. When she hands over the keys, Daniel comes over and tells Amber he is sorry. He asks her where she is going to stay. She says Kevin and Jana offered their place but she doesn’t think that is such a good idea. She tells him maybe Liam will set her up downtown somewhere and she walks off.

Jack goes out to the pool house a=to talk to Gloria,. She tells him he is going to help her take Jabot back.

After arguing with Sharon, Phyllis slams her laptop shut when Daniel walks up and starts reading her article out loud. She tells him she is working. He tells her he wants to talk to her about Amber.

Devon brings Anna home and Tyra runs over to her and hugs her. Neil and Karen decide to leave to give them some time to talk. Tyra asks Devon to stay with them. She tells Anna she is her little girl and she will never let anyone take her away from her. She tells Anna that she loves her.

Back at the ranch, Noah freaks out when his friends take beer from the cooler by the pool. They tell him it is stocked good so no one will miss it. Nick walks up and asks what the hell they are doing. He takes the beer and says they are lucky they didn’t drink any of this or he would have to call their parents. He sends them home. Noah defends himself and yells back at Nick saying he is getting pissed for nothing. Nick calls Sharon.

At Restless Style Sharon tells Phyllis that Nick found Noah at the pool drinking beer. Phyllis tells her to take it easy on Noah because he is a good kid. Sharon sarcastically says yeah like she is going to take advice from her as she walks off. Daniel tells Phyllis it is her fault that he and Amber broke up. She says that is crazy and walks off saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her she is not going to get away with this.

Jack and Gloria talk about his helping her. He says rues would be that she would have to keep her mouth shut about it. He says he hasn’t even told Sharon anything about this yet. He said also all decisions would have to run by him first. He warns her not to try and screw him even once. He says she will lose the pool house and be cut off from anything remotely connected to John. She agrees and says they are on the same page. Jack brings up that Katherine holds 51% of the shares. He said she needs to figure out how to wrestle a few of her shares to get controlling interest. He says cozy up to her to get her to relinquish a few shares.

Noah swears he wasn’t going to drink the beer. He says they threw it to him but he was going to put it back. When Sharon gets there Nick tells her their 15 year old son was about to drink beer. Noah says he wasn’t but Nick chews him out for it. Sharon tells Noah to go get in the car and then she asks Nick what the hell is going on with him.

Gloria goes to Katherine and tries to apologize. Katherine won’t accept. She tells her that she doesn’t want any explanations. She tells her to stay away from her ot she will do something to her that she will regret.

Sharon and Nick have a talk about his moods. She knows it is still fresh in his mind about Cassie dying. She says Noah is a good kid and she trusts him.

Daniel makes Phyllis let Amber move out of the penthouse. She tells Amber she has changed her mind and she doesn’t have to move but she is going to raise the rent.

Jan Barrett

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