Victor is at the Mexican bar and he pays the bartender a handful of cash and thanks him for arranging the boat for him. The bartender warns him to watch out for the storm. Victor mumbles, so there it is just as Walter walks past him not noticing him.

Nikki and Paul are on the jet. She tells Paul that she is worried about what will happen if Victor meets up with Walter. Paul confesses that he left message for JT that they were flying to Mexico. He thought it was best that they knew. The pilot alerts them to buckle up because of bad weather. Nikki tells him that turbulence scares the life out of her.

Gloria says it is good to be home. She suggests that they stay in the hotel until they have the renovations done at the Abbott mansion. Jeffrey suggests that they take their overdue honeymoon instead.

Tyra and Neil notice Devon and Anna together. Neil tells her Devon makes a great big brother. Telling her he was always like that with Lily too. Katherine walks in and Neil notices her and invites her over to them. Katherine lets them know she has something she’d like to talk to them about.

Heather and Adam are at the ranch discussing the breakfast he promised her with a kiss when Victoria and Michael along with two security guards walk in. Victoria informs him that Victor transferred ownership of the ranch over to Newman Enterprises and she is evicting him. He tells her she is not Newman Enterprises and she isn’t even in Victor’s will. Michael says as CEO it is her right to demand that he moves. Adam tells her when Victor comes back all this will blow up in her face. She tells him she will take her chances.

JT informs Nick about the news they have on Victor. He tells him about Paul and Nikki on their way to Mexico. JT says he didn’t know anything about Nikki going until Paul left him a message which was too late to stop her from going. Nick worries that the two of them in a small Mexican town with a killer can’t be good.

Katherine offers Anna a full scholarship at an arts school in New Hampshire. Tyra hesitates saying that is so far away. Neil and Devon think it would be a great opportunity for Anna. Tyra agrees to think about it but Katherine tells her not to wait too long. She says the director of the school will be waiting for her call. Neil tells Katherine he will make sure she calls.

Gloria wants to hold back on the honeymoon. She says she wants to take over Jabot first. Jeffery tells her they can do that on their honeymoon in the Cayman Islands. She thinks that is a brilliant idea. She tells him she loves the way he thinks.

At Newman Enterprises, JT and Nick tell Victoria that they have tracked Victor to a small fishing village in Mexico. They tell her that Paul and Nikki are there now. She wants to know why Paul didn’t stop Nikki but then she realizes he wouldn’t have been able to. After they leave Victoria’s office Nick tells JT that air traffic control says that bad weather maybe preventing him from being able to get hold of Nikki on the plane.

Paul tells Nikki that he needs her to be strong so she can take care of him because he is the scared one. She remembers how he saved her life when he refused to give up his investigation of David and thanks him again. She tells Paul once they get Victor home he won’t ever have to worry about her in that way again.

Victor stands behind Walter telling him he is the captain of his fishing charter. He asks Victor if he speaks English, without looking at Victor. Victor tells him no. Walter walks off saying all he wants is a good day of fishing before the weather gets too bad.

Heather and Adam are at the club and he apologizes that she had to witness that with Victoria. He accuses Victoria of being jealous. Heather tells him he is welcome to stay with her for now. He says only until he can prove Victoria can’t do this to him, and then he wants them both to move back to the ranch together. She offers to look into it for him. He tells her he is on his way back to the office saying they can’t keep a good man down.

Michael walks up to Gloria and Jeffery at the club asking to talk to Gloria alone. She says Jeffery stays but Jeffery leaves to go make a call anyway. Michael sits down and accuses her of knowing where Lowell was but she denies it. She says she knew what he was before he was born though.

When they all get home, Neil talks to Tyra about making that call, but she worries since Yolanda’s name is on the birth certificate as Anna’s mother. She is worried that Anna will find out and she says it isn’t worth it to risk it. Neil tells her that Anna’s talent deserves to be nurtured. Neil thinks this is too good an offer to pass up and talks her into at least trying this.

Adam finds Victoria and Nick with JT in the office and tells them he figured they were too busy worrying about Victor to care about his living arrangements. Adam tells them Victor will be found when he is ready to be found. He smirks at Victoria to enjoy her little power trip, it won’t last long. He says he is looking into the legality of her evicting him. She says well give Heather her best. She tells Adam she has a company to run and she wants Adam to meet her and JT in the conference room because they have a problem with in Dubai to fix.

Tyra calls the school but is really worried that one day the lies will catch up to her. Neil still thinks she needs to tell Anna the truth saying she has a great support team there and Lily would be able to help her accept it all. Tyra is still against it. Devon talks to Anna about the school. Anna says she would like to go but she would miss writing songs with him. Devon has to leave to go pick up his song book at Indigo.

Michael continues talking about Lowell with Gloria. While they talk Jeffery is on the phone telling someone that she wants to talk to someone about his personal account when he gets down there about transferring a large amount of cash.

When JT leaves the meeting Victoria and Adam have decisions to make. She tells him she is going to Dubai herself. She says they want to see the boss. Adam laughs saying she is loving this. She informs him that there will also be a meeting in 10 minutes for Beauty of Nature. He asks doesn’t she mean Newman Infinity, and she says no, she changed the name back. She says if he would spend less time trying to be the boss and more time doing his job he would know that. He tells her to enjoy it while it lasts and he walks out. JT walks in and says he told Dubai that she is on her way. As she leaves the room she runs into Nick. She has to go pack. JT tells him she has to go on business. Nick asks if they should wait to tell her the news. JT asks what news. Nick says there is news about their Dad, and it isn’t good.

Nikki and Paul find the bar where Victor had been all week. Nikki notices the little girl with Sabrina’s earring. They show the bartender Victor’s picture who claims he doesn’t know him. They ask the little girl and she says he is her friend and he gave her the earring. They ask the bartender again, who talks only after Paul offers him money. He tells them he is on a chartered boat and he is out fishing right now. Nikki asks in this weather as she gets worried.

Jeffery goes back to the table with Gloria only to find them there with Fen. He tells Gloria that it is all setup for them to go to the Cayman Islands. Michael objects to Fen calling Jeffery grandpa.. He says he is not hi grandpa. He wants no more lies between all of them. He kisses Fen then looks at Gloria and says nothing but the truth.

Anna takes a call from a woman from the school asking for Yolanda. Anna tells her that Yolanda doesn’t live there. The woman says she is trying to reach Anna’s mother Yolanda. Anna gets so upset, she puts the phone down and rums out as Katherine is about to knock. She yells after her but she runs off.

Jeffery goes to get the car. Gloria makes a call saying she is going out of town for a few days so she needs to close this deal before she leaves and agrees to meet in a little while. Meanwhile Michael tells Fen a little story about Lowell and admitting that is who his grandfather is. Gloria tells him that it isn’t easy telling the truth is it?

Katherine talks to Tyra and Neil and they confide in her about the secret. Katherine tells her that their secret is safe with her. Neil talks Tyra into telling Anna the truth so Tyra calls out for her. Katherine tells her that Anna ran out earlier. They worry that Anna may have heard them talking. Meanwhile Anna finds Devon and asks him if he knew the truth that Yolanda is really her mother. Devon just hugs her.

In the middle of the storm Nikki calls Nick and she tells him they are in Mexico and she thinks they have found Victor. He tells her that she and Paul could be in danger where they are and then the phone goes dead.

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