Amber cries to Deacon that Daniel threw her out and she has no place to go so she needs him. She screams at him that he did this to her. Deacon tries calming her down and tells her he has a meeting with a client right now so he wants her to wait for him down at the bar. When she is gone Victoria comes out the bathroom and he tells her that was room service. She doesn’t buy that but he sticks to his story. Victoria is having second thoughts now about what they were doing and Deacon understands saying the mood is gone now anyway. Then we see JT and Colleen at her house as JT pulls away from one of their passionate kisses telling her he just can’t do this.

Daniel and Jana figure out hat the Terroni painting on Deacon’s computer is the original one but they wonder why he got a fake one. Did he do this just to get Daniel into trouble? They wonder what he wants with Kevin. Daniel says he didn’t let on who Ryder was so maybe they will slip up but they haven’t made any mistakes as of yet. They see that every path leads them to Deacon.

Kevin asks Ryder if he heard him right about him killing someone. He wants to know who he killed. Ryder says that doesn’t matter and then stands up to go saying maybe this was a bad idea to talk to him. Kevin gets him to sit back down and asks him why he came to him anyway.

Chloe and Chance go out on a date at the club and it starts out good. She says most of her dates end up them having chili at a diner. They say they want a fresh start. They are both used to being observed by Esther or Nina and by her soon to be ex and his lover. They say but none of them are around tonight thank God.

Victor tells Abby and Ashley that all the cameras have been located in the house and removed by JT himself. Ashley complains when Victor doesn’t want Abby going to see Colleen. Ashley tells her it is ok, for her to go and have fun because she isn’t going to be down for dinner anyway and then she goes upstairs to rest. Abby asks Victor if he and Ashley are ok. He tells her yeah they are and for her not to worry about it.

Ryder tells Kevin that he came to him because he has the stones to tell it like it is. Kevin asks Ryder what happened to him as a kid. Ryder says same as Kevin, he claims he had an abusive father too. Kevin tells him he has got to take him on. Kevin asks why he killed someone. Ryder says it was either the guy or him. Kevin asks if it was in self defense. Ryder says he doubts any judge would see it that way and then asks if Kevin is going to call the cops. Kevin tells him of course not, he is a man to be trusted. Ryder says he hopes so as he leaves the coffee shop.

Chloe sees Amber and she insists that she join her and Chance. She tells her that she and Billy are getting a divorce. She tells Amber she is sorry she and Daniel broke up and asks if it has anything to do with Daniel being arrested for murder. Amber hesitates to talk about it but then she says it is all her fault. She says she tried to help him but of course she just made things worse. She says she still loves Daniel.

Jana tells Daniel to go at Deacon from the side telling him to talk to people that know him like Victoria. Deacon admits if he had had the champagne already in his room they never would have been interrupted. He promises her that no one will ever hear about this. She is just grateful that she bought the painting and then she tells him good night. When she is out in the hall she covers her face with her hands as though she is so ashamed of what she almost just did. Her phone rings and it is Daniel telling her he needs to talk to her about Deacon Sharp.

Colleen encourages JT to stop feeling so guilty. She tells him she is the one that jumped him and she is kind of sorry she did. He tells her he will always care about her. When he asks if she understands she says not really. He explains that he doesn’t know who he would be if he wasn’t Reed’s Dad and Victoria’s husband. He tells her he loves his wife and never wants to be without her. Colleen agrees to try and be more respectful. When JT is leaving they find Abby standing at the door and when JT is gone she asks Colleen if she is going to tell her what JT was really doing there.

Victoria meets Daniel at Jimmy’s and shows her the photos next to each other. She asks if these are the forged painting. She explains to Daniel that someone tried to sell the forged copy to Deacon. She asks didn’t he tell him about that. Daniel tells her how Deacon is trying to frame him for murder and how he is up to his eyeballs in it. He says that every rock that turns over shows Deacon’s ugly face. He tells her about the video evidence that Deacon turned in. He says he is not trying to help him. Daniel says the point is Deacon knows the guy on the video but is claiming he found the DVD and mailed it in to be a good citizen. Victoria doesn’t believe it. She says the Koon she bought from Deacon is legit. Daniel is insisting that Deacon is behind the murder but he knew that Victoria wouldn’t believe him. Daniel worries about her endangering herself again so he warns her to stay away from Deacon.

Ryder is back with Deacon telling him mission accomplished. He says Kevin is now his new best friend. Deacon thinks it is time he gets involved. Ryder tells him he is going back tonight to lay more groundwork, but he knows how anxious Deacon is to ride off into the sunset with Amber. Deacon needs Kevin to be in the palm of Ryder’s hand. He says without Kevin that have got nothing.

Jana tells Kevin that his new friend Ryder was seen coming out of Deacon’s hotel suite by Daniel. Kevin tells her that Ryder reluctantly confessed to murder. They wonder if he could have been the third guy in the alley that killed Balfour. Kevin stops her from calling the police saying they can’t yet.

Victor knocks on the bedroom door asking Ashley if she can hear him. He tells her that he knows that she is angry with him but they have got to talk about this. When she doesn’t answer he kicks the door in and wakes her. She asks what he is doing. He says he thought she had collapsed. She says she was sleeping. She finally admits she did hear him but she didn’t want to talk to him. He tells her he was worried about her and then asks her what is the matter with her. He asks if she is that angry with him. She says she just needs some time. He asks hasn’t he given her plenty of time and space. He tells her he loves her and all he wants to do is hold her and make her feel safe. Ashley just looks away from Victor looking really depressed.

Amber gets a call from Deacon and she tells him she is coming right up. She tells Chloe to wish her luck and she rushes off. Chance asks Chloe what’s up with Daniel. Chloe tells Chance that Daniel is adorable and he is a soulful artist type, not a murderer. Chance sees Amber and Daniel as an odd couple. Chloe tells him he is going to make a great detective. She says she can’t disagree but they all make mistakes and then move on from them.

Amber goes up to Deacon’s suite where he welcomes her in. He admits to her that there wasn’t a meeting. He needs to hide the evidence that exonerates Daniel so she can’t find it. She asks him if he thinks he is pretending. She tells him to get the evidence. He tells her no. He thinks she is pretending that she didn’t enjoy their night together. He says he knows her really well. She wants to test his theory. She tells him to give her the evidence and then they will see. He tells her he can’t do that. She needs to think she is making this big noble sacrifice all in the name of love and have the best sex of her life. Amber says whatever and then she laughs. She says it may have been his best but she was holding back. She gets seductive and tells him she would be completely uninhibited with him if only Daniel was off the hook. She says she can’t just give him a taste of it because she would just be thinking of Daniel the whole time. Deacon pulls his jacket off telling her the hell she would. He grabs her and kisses her as they fall back on the bed. Both jump up when they hear Daniel banging on the door yelling “Open the door Sharp!”

Ashley tells Victor she knows she has been hard on him and that he thinks she is losing her mind. She says sometimes she thinks maybe she is. She has been so worried that he will take the baby from her. Victor tells her he would never do that but she can’t believe him. He tells her how their life with the baby will be. He says he will even build a tree house for the baby. She goes to Victor’s arms and tells him she just wants their baby girl to be loved.

Kevin says she can’t turn Ryder in. He says he would take off if he did. Right now Kevin is the only person Ryder trusts. Kevin says knows he’s been the victim of serious abuse and he is not playing him. He tells Jana you just can’t fake that. Jana doesn’t care, saying that the guy is a bloody murderer. Kevin feels the need to help the guy. He has a feeling about this guy and he just can’t turn his back on him.

Chance notices security seems to be all over there at the club for some reason. He excuses himself and introduces himself to the manager and guard as Detective Chancellor and asks if there is a problem there. He asks if someone is disturbing the peace. He says he will be more than happy to check it out.

Daniel yells out to open the door you son of a bitch. He threatens to knock the door down if he doesn’t. Deacon opens the door and tells him he wishes he had called first since he is kind of busy. Daniel ignores Amber sitting on the bed and he asks Deacon where the Terroni is. He enters the room and tells Deacon to tell him or he will knock his teeth in. Deacon pretends to be so scared as he teases Daniel.

Colleen hurries up and changes the subject with Abby by making over the photo’s in Restless Style to get her off the subject but it doesn’t work. Abby still wants to know why JT was there. Colleen tells her that nothing happened. She tells Colleen she saw the way they looked at each other and that she can trust her not to say anything. Colleen says she’d have to kill her if she did and then admits to her sister that she and JT kissed. She says he won’t cheat on his wife though no matter how difficult she is or how much trouble the marriage is in. She tells Abby that he thinks they will work it out. Abby says she didn’t know the marriage was in trouble, and Colleen just says well they’ll see.

JT finds Victoria at Jimmy’s telling her he is glad she called. Victor’s man is still following JT. Victoria tells him she hates it when they argue and asks him to come home with her. JT smiles at her and then he agrees to go home together. They both know they have been a little out of sync lately and they want to get their marriage back on the right track. She wants to work on it but she knows it won’t be so easy to do. She asks if that is normal.

Amber jumps in front of Daniel. She warns him that Deacon has a black belt. Daniel says he isn’t leaving until he finds out about the painting. He tells her that Deacon has the original one and his painting that he forged. Deacon says he doesn’t have it now but he is going to get it. He tells Daniel he couldn’t buy a clue if he gave him the money. Daniel swings at Deacon who blocks him and then throws him right into Chance and the guard who just so happened to walk up right then. Daniel tells Deacon he and Amber deserve each other while they haul him out. When they are gone Deacon apologizes to Amber.

Kevin and Jana disagree about Ryder. Kevin thinks he is just a kid who is in trouble but Jana plans to call the police. He tells her that would make a liar out of him. She tells Kevin she is going to a movie alone. She tells him she will see him at home later as she leaves. Kevin calls Ryder and tells him they need to talk and asks him to come back to Crimson Lights. He says he is going to help him.

Chloe stands to the side as Chance talks to the manager on Daniel’s behalf. HE says there was no damage done and he won’t come back to cause anymore trouble. Daniel assures Chance that he won’t. Daniel thanks Chance. Chloe warns Daniel not to make Chance look bad. When she asks where Amber is, he tells her that Amber is not his problem anymore.

Amber tells Deacon he can have whatever he wants but he has to get Daniel off the hook for good. Deacon agrees, saying he knows the third person from the alley that night and he needs a good reason to get the man to confess. He admits to Amber that he wants much more than just sex with her though. He wants her to marry him.

Victoria promises to keep a handle on her temper but she asks JT if he can just leave Victor out of this. He says he would love to and then tells her it is time they go home. Arm in Arm they walk out the door with Victor’s man calling Victor for an update telling him he isn’t going to like what he has to report. Victor tells him to come by tomorrow to talk to him. He hangs up the phone and goes back to stroking Ashley’s hair as she lays in his lap.

Jan Barrett

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