Victoria meets with JT at Jimmy’s. He tells her about Mary Jane being there all this time. She wants to call her Dad but JT stops her explaining to her that he thinks somehow her Dad is connected to Mary Jane being in town to begin with. Victoria accuses JT of being in cahoots with Colleen trying to get revenge after the thing with the Newman Board seat. She says who knows what he would do these days, because she certainly doesn’t.

Lauren lets Amber in when she comes to use the office for her designs. Michael being his grumpy self says great. Amber says if this isn’t a good time she can come back later. Lauren says it is fine and then Michael says it is fine. Amber picks for information about Daniel’s case. Lauren tells Michael he may as well tell her because she is going to find out anyway. Amber gets upset when he tells her that the charges hadn’t been dropped against Daniel after all.

Daniel goes to Crimson Lights with a box of stuff for Kevin. He tells Kevin he has no interest in getting back with Amber. He says right now all he is focusing on if beating the charges and to find out what kind of bomb has to drop on him next.

Neil tells Cane to put Lily’s bags down because she isn’t going anywhere. He says he won’t allow her to go. Lily tells him it is not up to him. Neil asks if she has forgotten all that Cane did to her. She says no she hasn’t but she needs to be there with him especially now. She says that house represents her future. Neil tells her he can’t give his blessing to a man that has broken her heart not once but twice and who will likely do it a third time.

Ryder leaves Deacon’s room and he says he is clear on what he is expected to do. He says that he will have that crazy chipmunk eating out of his hands before the night is over. Daniel walks around in the hallway wearing a baseball cap to disguise himself.

Jana walks in and finds the coffee shop closed. She calls out for Kevin in a dark room. Suddenly the lights go on and she sees where Kevin has recreated the ashram for their anniversary. She loves it all and she tells him she loves him. Kevin tells Jana he knows that nothing about this year has been easy but he promises it will be easy sailing from now on.

JT tries to start over with Victor but he wonders why he is being so defensive. Victoria says maybe it is because his own son in law suspects him. She tells him this isn’t even about Mary Jane is it. She thinks he is trying to turn her against her own father. She refuses to turn against him and to keep from fighting with JT she just leaves. The guard Victor has following JT sticks around and sees Colleen going back over to JT.

Neil argues with Lily as he tells her she wants to go with the man who will hurt he all over again even though Cane denies it. Devon doesn’t like it either but she is determined that she is going to do this, her mind is clearly set. When Neil won’t let her out the door she tells him she won’t die from this because she is going to beat it. She says she needs her father, she needs all of them. She asks that whey please be there for her no matter what. She hugs him saying she loves them. Neil, looking upset tells her he loves her too.

Amber is so upset that she slept with Deacon all for nothing and now she has lost everything. She knows that Deacon will keep making Daniel pay until he gets what he wants from her. She says she has a plan to get closer to Deacon. Michael and Lauren hate her idea saying what if Deacon figures out that she would be playing him. She says they are right it is too risky but she is still going to get a room at the club, just not on Deacon’s floor. Lauren thinks she should just crash there but Michael doesn’t look too happy about that.

As Kevin and Jana drink a glass of wine, he tells her he borrowed all this stuff from the new owners of the ashram. She asks how he made a donation. He asks does that really matter. He tells her that his Chipmunk enterprise is taking off and yes he is donating a portion of it to charity. Someone knocks on the door and it is Ryder. Kevin tells him they are closed because it is their anniversary. Ryder understands and is about to go when Kevin asks stops him saying he is there to help. Daniel looks inside from the window outside.

Lily asks Devon to please take care of their Dad. Neil’s tells Cane he better take care of his little girl. Cane tells him he will. They leave Neil and Devon alone. Devon thanks Neil for not telling Lily about what happened between him and Tyra. Neil says yeah well she has enough to deal with already. When someone knocks at the door Neil is hoping it is Lily but it is Tyra standing at the door. She can tell by the look on his face that Devon has already talked to him.

Neil asks Devon if he and Tyra can speak alone. When he leaves Tyra stumbles around with her words that she has no excuse for what happened. Neil tells her there is no excuse. He says he just watched his daughter walk out with a man that lied and broke Lily’s heart. He says he himself did that same thing to Karen to be with Tyra and now Tyra sleeps with his son. He says he blames himself for everything, losing his marriage and his family too. He says he could lose the most important part of his life again and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it.

Once home Cane fusses over Lily while all she wants to do is to hear all about what happened with Phillip. He wants to talk about it later though. He wants her to eat something first.

Michael tells Amber no offense but he thinks he and Lauren should talk before he drags out the inflatable mattress. While they talk Amber decides to leave but she tells them she isn’t going to see Deacon. Lauren tells her she will have her sheets and towels ready for when she gets back.

When Amber is gone Michael complains about having his star witness living with them. Lauren tells him that if he doesn’t want Amber to get involved with Deacon he better get that mattress out and start blowing it up.

Ryder tells Kevin he has done something bad. Daniel walks up and is introduced to Ryder. Daniel asks who the kid is and Kevin says he doesn’t know but he is in some trouble but doesn’t know what kind yet. Kevin asks what does it matter. He tells Kevin he should be spending the night with his wife but asks what does he know. When he goes inside he asks Jana to meet him at Jimmy but not to tell Kevin.

Cane brings Lily some tomato soup with some oyster crackers. She starts asking questions again about his childhood and how he and Phillip met. Cane sits down and starts explaining how he and Phillip became friends and then family.

Neil pouts about how everyone he loves leaves him. Tyra still hold hopes that he and she can still be together. He tells her he isn’t mad but he can’t forget about what she did with Devon. She tells him she is leaving town. She is going to stay with her aunt Virginia. Neil tells her he isn’t telling her to go. She says it is time she goes as her eyes tear up. She goes to pack up the rest of her things. While alone Neil picks up the family album and flips through it and hesitates when he comes to one of him and the kids together.

JT complains to Colleen that he can’t seem to do anything right and Victor can do no wrong with Victoria. Colleen says she only came back to call a cab. She says her car has a flat in the parking lot. He offers her a ride but she keeps saying no thanks until finally she accepts the ride and when they leave together the guard (Victor’s man) follows them.

At the club Victoria is complaining to Deacon. He tells her he has good news to help cheer her up. He says the Koon’s deal went though. He says the paperwork is in his room waiting for her to sign them. She tells him to lead the way. As they start to leave she orders a bottle of champagne to be sent up to his room so they can celebrate.

Kevin tells Ryder all about channeling the bad stuff into something else. Jana sees the laptop and with a magnifying glass she looks at a split screen and close up at the forged painting. She takes the laptop and tells Kevin she is off to run some errands.

Lauren tells Michael that Fen is excited about their new houseguest. Michael says he isn’t sure how Eden will like having to share her room with Amber. Eden walks in and says she would be happy to do so. Lauren agrees with Michael that Amber can only stay until Daniel’s trial starts, after that she has to be gone.

Deacon leans over as Victoria signs the papers. She talks about the haunted woman in the painting. She says maybe she can relate with the woman. Deacon says that is funny because he always thought of her as the free spirit. She says she used to be. He asks what happened then. She says life happened. Deacon moves a lot closer as he suggests to her that she does something she has never done before. She says maybe she should. She leans forward towards him and passionately kisses him. Standing outside Deacon’s door is Amber putting eye drops into her eyes.

Colleen asks JT to wait until she gets the lights on so he says sure. The man following him gets his camera ready as he hides in the bushes. When she gets the lights on JT remarks that she hasn’t changed anything in the house since her Dad died. They both remember back to the days when they used to date and how Brad hated it. JT apologizes for not being around much sine Brad died. She says good old Victor Newman, her Godfather, isn’t much help, instead he is setting her up to fail. She says she wanted that seat on the board in honor of her dad. She never dreamed it would become some sick game of revenge. She says if only they could go back to when things made sense like when they were dating.

Neil is holding the photo album close to him when Tyra comes out with the rest of her things and she says All Set! Neil tells her that Anna will always be a part of their family. Tyra says she is sure that once she is gone he and Devon will get past this and there will once again be laughter in his house. She tells him he is a good man as she walks out.

Cane amuses Lily with some of his funny stories. He tells her he missed her laughter. He tells her about when Phillip confided in him that he had a family. He says it started out as a joke when Phillip offered to lend his family to him. He says then his life changed forever. He says not only did he finally have a family he found her, the love of his life. Before he goes any father he sends her off to bed telling her he will be right there on the sofa if she needs him. She thanks him for finally introducing her to them man she married.

Jana and Daniel update what they know. He tells her he will never believe what she learned. He confides to her that he followed Ryder from Deacon’s room to the coffee shop. She is worried he could be dangerous so she wants to go back to Crimson Lights.
She opens her laptop and says as she looks closely that one uses a certain brush method and the other doesn’t. He says Hold crap! One of these photos is of the actual 15- million dollar Terroni!

Kevin is telling Ryder what a trustworthy guy he is as he tries to boost his confidence. He tells him about stuff the cops never caught him for. Ryder tells her yeah but he has done worse things. He admits that he killed a man but then he clams up.

Colleen confesses that she regrets taking advantage of JT. He says he will always be there for her as a friend. She asks if that is all. She says she always thought there was more beyond friendship, even now. He agrees that that spark never really goes away. She leans over and kisses him just in time for the guard to snap the camera from outside the window.

Deacon and Victoria are kissing passionately when someone is knocking on his door. He thinks it is the delivery of the champagne but when he opens the door he finds Amber standing there, crying. She tells him that she needs him and she practically falls into his arms. Now he doesn’t know what the hell to do next.

Jan Barrett

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