Jana and Kevin are getting married and when the guru stands before them to perform the ceremony Gloria looks up and says “Lowell!” Michael is in shock thinking this is his father? Gloria asks if it is too late to say no. Lowell says Gloria! No way! Jana says how wonderful. Lowell says he thought to name Michael Kahlil but his mother thought
otherwise. Lowell tells his beautiful Glo but Jeffery interrupts saying she is not his Glo anymore. He shakes Jeffery’s hand and congratulates him for being married to Gloria now. Kevin reminds them all that this is his and Jana’s wedding. Lowell asks how they are all related. Jana explains they are all related. Lowell says so they are all family, and so the river flows.

Devon asks Neil and Tyra what it is they think he should know. Neil tells him that Anna is not his cousin, she is his sister. Tyra explains to Devon how when his mother pulled one of her disappearing acts she came home pregnant so she offered to raise Anna. She tells them Anna is her daughter now and she is meant to be with her. Devon is upset that no one ever bothered to tell him that he had a little sister.

Lily runs into Cane right after he gave Cloe a ring and told her they have to get married. Lily asks Cane what is wrong. Before he can answer Cloe comes in from the patio flashing her ring. She tells Lily this must be difficult for her but Lily insists she is fine. When Cloe doesn’t stop Cane tells her to back off. When she walks off to get the muffin he tells Lily all she has to do is say the word and he won’t do this but Lily insists that he does it to give his son or daughter the chance. She tells him to trust her, he is doing the right thing.

During the ceremony Michael whispers to Gloria talking about his father when Lauren shushes him. As Lowell is performing the ceremony Gloria says she would like to wrap that golden cord around Lowell’s house. Kevin and Jana say their vows to each other with Kevin telling her she is still his little Brit and he loves her so much. Jana tells Kevin she was fascinated with the darker side of life. She says who would have thought she would go from bad girl to good girl. She says the path she wants to take the most in life is the one she is about to take with him. She tells him she loves him. They ask for the rings and they place them on each of their fingers. Lowell now pronounces them husband and wife and says they may kiss each other if that’s the path they choose to take. When everyone applauds, they kiss.

Lily tells Cane she has to go to Indigo to be with her family. Cane asks her not to go. He tells her all he wants is to spend the rest of his life with her. He promises to find a way to be with her, and he kisses her and then leaves. He brushes past Jill as he runs out. She guesses right away that Cloe is to blame for his mood but Cloe tells her to guess again. Cloe tells her after showing her the ring that they need to talk. Jill says yes they definitely should.

Jeffery talks to Michael and Lauren about Lowell being Michael’s father. Meanwhile Daniel has to get in between Amber and Colleen bickering towards each other. Gloria goes to talk to Lowell. She tells him there is this invention called the telephone. He tells her he never wished her any pain. He says staying together was not their destiny. She says but poverty was. He tells her they didn’t need him but she disagrees. He tells her he had to go away. Michael is wondering what he should even say to Lowell. Lauren encourages him to try. Lowell walks over to them and asks Michael if he is well.

Devon tells Neil and Tyra that Roxanne is dropping Anna off. He tells them that he didn’t tell Roxanne because he is still trying to get answers to his own questions. Devon is upset asking if she thought he would shout it to the world that he has a sister. Tyra explains that Childs Services would put Anna in foster care if it got out.

Jill asks Cloe how much it would take to get rid of her. Cloe refuses to take her money. Jill tells her she supports her sons decision but she tells Cloe she is about to marry the new CEO of her company so that means she is going to help her clean up her act because she is not going to let her embarrass her company or her son.

Kevin and Jana are lying on mattresses as man and wife. They talk about fate. Lowell asks Michael how much has his mother told him about him. He tells Michael that the janitor was a mistake. He asks Michael if he has children. Michael tells him he has a son whom he can’t call and check on because he can’t get a signal in this God forsaken place. He asks Lowell is he ever even once thought about him at all. Lowell tells him he has to be who he is, not who Michael chooses him to be. He tells him they may be blood related but they are like strangers.

Jill sees Lily out on the patio and goes to talk to her. She tells her she knows about Cane giving Cloe the ring. She tells her that Cloe will never replace her in their hearts. Lily thanks her saying she appreciates that but she hopes they will welcome Cloe for the baby’s sake. Lily says she should go but she will see her at the office. Jill tells her she can count on it. On her way out Cloe stops Lily and tells her she is sorry for flashing the ring in her face, saying that isn’t how she wanted to tell her. Lily scolds her saying that is exactly how she wanted to do it. Lily tells her she would smack her across the room if she wasn’t pregnant.

Lowell tells Gloria he talked with Michael. He tells her it didn’t go too well. She tells him Michael is a good man, husband, father and son. Lowell tells Gloria none of them can run from karma as he walks away. Gloria looks towards Michael who is in Lauren’s arms.

Everyone in the wedding party is sitting on mattresses when Jana and Kevin thank everyone for coming. Jana thinks it is lovely that Michael has found his father and she tells everyone their wedding was perfect and they drink to thanking them all for making it happen. Jeffery asks shouldn’t someone be making a toast. They say since Daniel was the best man then he should. So Daniel offers a toast and he goes into this long speech as to how the two of them have such a special relationship. He raises his glass and says to Kevin and Jana, Cheers! Lowell walks up and introduces himself to Lauren. Michael sarcastically tells says all he got from Lowell was that they are strangers.

Lily notices something is going on with everyone when she gets to Indigo. She asks if they want to tell her what is going on. They explain about Anna being Devon’s sister and they are trying to decide whether to tell her or not. She tells them if she has been told about Neil not being her real father when they found out it would have freaked her out. Devon decides after hearing that not to tell Anna the truth. Tyra thanks Devon in tears.

Cloe knocks on Cane’s door. When he answers she flashes her ring on her finger telling him they are official now. He says so! She says well he told her she could move in so there she is.

Jana and Kevin are cuddling when he asks her, her place or his. She says “ours” so they get up and walk away. Michael decides to call it a night. He tells Lauren that Lowell isn’t his father saying he is just a sperm donor.

Lily talks to Neil at Indigo about Cane giving Cloe the same ring he gave to her. She says it was a Chancellor heirloom and one day they were going to give it to their son. She tells him it hurt because it should have been hers

While Cloe and Cane argue over her moving in so soon, Jill comes over. Cloe says hi future mom in law. Jill tells her if she ever calls her that again she will break her neck. She tells Cane that Jabot can’t take any more scandal. Cloe says what scandal, they are getting married. Jill tells them she is going to hold an engagement party for them at the Chancellor estate.

Kevin tells Jana it is finally over. She looks scared asking what does he mean, they just got married. He tells her not that, he says all the madness that they went through to be together is finally over. He looks at her and tells her who knows what they will find in life, as long as they find it together as they start kissing heavily.

Daniel and Colleen had gone for a walk and when they came back they find everyone has left. Colleen tells him she is happy that she decided to come. He tells her so is he. Colleen kisses Daniel and then tells him sorry, that was a mistake. He looks at her and tells her it wasn’t a mistake and they kiss again and they lay back on the mattresses just as Amber walks up and sees them. She runs off looking so unhappy and sick.

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