Sharon goes to see Nick at the tack house. Phyllis takes Summer from Nick and takes her upstairs so Nick and Sharon can talk. Sharon tells Nick that she may as well get to the point of why she is there. She tells him she is checking herself into a psychiatric facility today. The look on Nick’s face when she tells him shows he has some questions about that.

Adam tells Rafe he doesn’t need help coming out the closet because he is not in the closet. He reminds Rafe that he is not gay and he is not confused anymore. He is in love with Heather and now thanks to Nikki she knows about him being with Rafe. Adam says Nikki blew what she saw out of proportion, he was only experimenting. Rafe tells him that it didn’t feel like Adam was experimenting to him, he was more like Adam was playing games with him.

Tyra doesn’t really want to talk about what happened between her and Devon as she thinks back to the kiss. She would much rather that it had never happened and she isn’t even sure as to why it happened to begin with. She asks can’t they just act like it never happened. Roxanne comes in dropping a box down telling Devon that here is his stuff from her place and then she hands him her key. She explains how she let herself in last night and he was too busy to even notice she was there. Devon knows he is busted as he sits there.

When Neil gets home Lily is there going through a photo album from when she was a child. She says she knows what kept him and her Mom apart but she asks if he had known that she was going to die so young would he have blown it all off and treasured every second he had with her. He sits next to her and tells her he is sure she is not going to die.

Cane asks Mac why she hired him knowing it would be inviting trouble with Billy. She changes the subject warning Cane that there is a homeless woman staying in the storage room but even though she seems a bit off she is actually harmless. Mary Jane gets Mac’s purse and dumps it out and she takes some cash out of her wallet as she smiles.

JT tells Victor he is finished and admits it must be nerve wrecking to know that someone has been watching his every move. Victor thanks him for helping. JT says before he goes… he reaches into his pocket and gets the note he found and hands it to Victor saying he was hoping he can explain what it means.

Roxanne doesn’t want to hear any apologies from Tyra or Devon and she tells Devon “don’t baby me” He swears this is the only time this has happened. Tyra slips upstairs leaving Devon alone with Roxanne. He apologizes again and tells her it was just sex and it didn’t mean anything. Roxanne it is good to know that sex means nothing to him. He tells her he doesn’t want to lose her. She tells him he should have thought about that before he cheated on her with Tyra. She says she thought she knew but realizes now that she doesn’t nor does she want to now. When she leaves Tyra comes back in.

Mac brings Mary Jane a few bags of things she might need. Mary Jane is happy to see a blow dryer and some clothes and makeup. She says she will never forget her kindness towards her. Mac tells her about Cane and asks if she’d like to meet him. Mary Jane says sure she would but she would like to clean up first. When she is alone again she takes out the bag holding a pregnancy test saying it is time.

JT pushes Victor saying that someone thinks he knows more about Mary Jane Benson than he is willing to share. Victor claims he just wants her behind bars more than anyone. JT won’t drop it as he says the one thing missing in all this is motive. He reminds Victor that all the victims here are somehow connected to him. He asks could it be someone that Victor might have crossed in the past. JT says that person could have been the one that set her up with bank accounts. Victor snaps and says he just wants this woman to be found and then asks how come he isn’t out looking for her.

Tyra comes downstairs with her bags packed. She tells Devon she will come back for Anna’s things. He tells her that he doubts if Roxanne will ever forgive him. He asks her if she will tell Neil. She says she loves Neil, she really does and she can’t let one mistake ruin her chances with him. Devon says he has to tell Neil or else he will never be able to look him in the eye again. Tyra cries asking him not to say anything. She tells him not to do this and then she leaves.

Lily tells Neil that she can’t help it if she is scared and she can’t spend her time judging Cane. He reminds her that she is fighting for her life and she needs to be with people that she can trust. He asks if she can honestly look at him in the eyes and tell him that she trusts that man. She tells him that people can earn their trust back. He agrees but says that her energy should be spent fighting for her life. She tells Neil she may not have a later though.

Nick wonders if there is something else Sharon can do instead. She tells him she needs to do this. She says to look at the bright side here. This way she will have a month to really figure this out with no way for her to run away. Noah comes in and Sharon tells him her lawyer cut a deal with the DA’s office. Nick tells him Sharon’s plans. He complains that she is going to be going to klepto anonymous. She says yes it is a mental hospital. Noah says he is tired of being fed crap. He blames Nick that she is going to the freaking funny farm and asks what is next. Then he tells them not to even answer because he can’t believe anything they say to him anymore.

Victor tells Victor he wants him to report his every step so he can retrace them and find out who put that note in his pocket. JT reminds Victor he is an investigator so he can handle that for himself. Victor tells him again his orders and JT just shakes his head as he leaves. When he is gone Victor calls security and orders that they follow JT and find out who he talks to and where he is going.

Rafe wants answers from Adam but all Adam tells him is “it isn’t him, it’s me!” Rafe has to wonder what was in this for Adam if he wasn’t in it for the sex. He tells him if he keeps pushing him… But Rafe asks What? Victor comes in to talk to Rafe and interrupts. He tells him that he will drop all the charges on Estella if she will cooperate. Rafe tells him that there is no way his aunt will admit to something she didn’t do. Victor says he has proof another woman is involved. Adam mentions them finding cameras and mikes which were planted by someone inside. Rafe insists that his aunt never did any of this. Victor threatens that Estella will go to prison unless she tells them who her accomplice is. He asks Rafe if he got that. He says or else she will have him to deal with.  He says he shows no mercy when it comes to someone that goes after his family.

Nick calms Noah down telling him he knows he is scared for his Mom. He admits he isn’t scared saying this time she is on the right track. Noah again blames Nick but Nick admits how they hide things from him because they love him and they want to protect him. Noah says he just wants to help but how can he if they don’t tell him anything. He says he is beyond being a normal kid but he wants to be there for his Mom if she needs him.

Devon calls Neil to his place so he can apologize to him about judging him about Tyra. He tells Neil he has no right looking down on anyone. When Neil asks him if he cheated on Roxanne Devon admits that yes he did, he did so with Tyra.

Estella is shocked to hear about the cameras and that they are blaming her. Rafe thinks he knows who is doing this as he thinks back to when Adam kept trying to throw him off the track. Estella doesn’t think Victor’s own son would be responsible for this. She says besides he is nearly blind so how could he have done all these things. Rafe says he doesn’t know but he assures her that he will get to the bottom of this.

Adam tells Victor he doesn’t think Rafe will be back because he ended it with him as he ended it with Heather as well. He says he is better off alone. He asks how Ashley is doing and Victor says she went out. Adam tells him he is glad she got out for a bit saying she must feel violated. He asks if there have been leads on that Mary Jane Benson woman. She tells him that JT might have a lead on her that will lead Victor to her.

JT shakes Cane’s hands and then he tells Colleen he is looking for Mary Jane Benson before Victor finds her. He thinks Victor knows something more about her than he wants them to know. He tells her how he tried to get him and Paul to back off from her. Colleen thinks he is hiding something as well. JT walks off to show a photo of Mary Jane asking people if they have seen her. Meanwhile Mary Jane is in the storage room after getting a fresh shower and fresh clothes on. She feels like a different woman. She tells Mac she will be out there to meet Cane soon.

Nick and Sharon agree that they don’t give Noah enough credit. Nick asks if it is only going to be a month and then says if she needs anything … She tells him it is an all inclusive deal. He tells her just to say the word and he will be there. She turns down an offer for a ride to the hospital saying she has kept him away from Phyllis and Summer long enough, saying they need him. She says she will be fine as she leaves.

Devon tells Neil he is really sorry and he doesn’t know what else to say. Neil asks when did this happen. Devon says it was yesterday. Devon says yes and Roxanne walked in on them so they have broken up. He says there is nothing between him and Tyra. Neil tells him there has to be something there or else it wouldn’t have happened to begin with. He says he doesn’t care how it happened but she started to cry and the next thing he knew… Neil stops him saying that is enough. Devon asks if he hates him. Neil says he doesn’t hate Devon. Lily calls and tells Neil she wants to talk to him and Devon about something. Neil tells Devon not to say a word about this to Lily.

Lily calls Cane too and asks him to come over. Mac tells him to go on. When JT shows Mac the picture of Mary Jane she says “Oh My God! She is here. She is in the back room” When they all run to the back room Mary Jane is gone. Mac grabs her purse and finds that all her money is gone as well. Mac says she though she was sweet and shy and maybe a little delusional. This makes Mac feel sick but she is able to describe what she was wearing. Next we see Mary Jane drinking coffee while wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses.

Adam and Victor call Mary Jane a sick woman that hurts animals and children. Adam talks about people doing things that they never thought they would do like him forging that diary. He says it seems like that was so long ago. He claims he regrets hurting Victor like that. He says revenge just isn’t worth the price,

When Devon and Neil gets off the elevator they see Cane. Neil tells Cane this isn’t a good time for him to be there. Cane tells him that Lily called him to come over. Neil says they have to leave their issues out there in the hall. When the three of them go inside they find Lily standing there with Humphrey and all packed. She tells them she is moving back home with Cane as Cane stands there smiling.

Nick tells Phyllis about Sharon going away in a psychiatric facility for 30 days. She is surprised but he says it is the only way Heather would drop the charges. Phyllis says maybe this is what Sharon needs to be able to move on. She says they can take care of their daughter and Sharon can take care of hers. She kisses and hugs Nick who looks kind of lost.

When Sharon arrives at the hospital she has to remove all her jewelry and puts it inside baggie that Rafe holds up. The nurse brings her to her room and leaves her there without saying a single word. Sharon is alone now and she looks scared as she looks around.

Jan Barrett

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