When Nick comes in Phyllis is flipping through the magazine admiring Summer’s shots. He tells Phyllis that he is sure that Sharon is out on bail but he assures her that Sharon is not his problem anymore. He says let Jack handle her. He says Phyllis and Summer are his number one priority. He says Sharon always lands on her feet so someone else can look after her now.

Sharon orders a big breakfast while Jack only wants coffee. He says he is surprised at how well she is taking this about her being arrested like she was and for being charged with grand larceny. She says she has to be strong for the baby and it people want to stare at her, then let them. She asks wasn’t he the one that told her to hold her head up high. She tells Jack she is sorry she wasn’t a good wife to him but she is very grateful that he is standing by her. Jack admits he wasn’t such a great husband. He says maybe he is making up for that by standing by her in all this. Sharon tells him she is sure that all the charges on her will be dropped.

Heather isn’t happy that she has to meet with Rafe at the coffee shop instead of at her office. He tells her he wanted to get out anyway and offers her a cup of coffee. Heather was really rude to Rafe as she tells him to save it. She says Sharon is guilty as sin and she is not going to get away with it this time.

Paul hands JT the latest picture of Patty that he has saying she might not look the same anymore. JT looks at the picture and tells him she is pretty. Paul tells him that his brother thinks that Patty is in town and he thinks she is in trouble. Neither Mary nor Steve have heard from him in ages. Paul says Patty is a sensitive soul and she can be easily taken advantage of. He says the bad guys chew her up and then sit her out.

Abby thinks the Restless Style cover with her photo on is the best one yet and she is proud of it. While Victor thinks it is a bit short, Ashley doesn’t appear to even hear them talking. Abby wishes even Adam could see how cute she looks on the cover. Victor gets a phone call and when he answers, the voice on the other end asks if he doesn’t recognize her voice. She says it is his partner in crime. He asks where she is. She tells him someplace safe. Victor tells her what is going on and then admits she is his responsibility. He wants to know how he can make this up to her. She says she is in a financial bind right now. When he asks what about the money he gave her, she says it is gone. He wants to meet with her so he can help. She says she needs a million and he asks if she is blackmailing him. She says no but it is the reward money for her capture. She tells him she was told that he put a bounty on her head like a criminal and it wasn’t how one treats a friend. Victor is tired of her games thinking he wants to make her pay for every mistake she has made in Genoa City

When Heather makes an offer to Rafe he tells her that is insulting to even consider. Heather tells Rafe she isn’t in the mood to make any bargains so since Sharon is a repeat offender he can take it or leave it she doesn’t really care what he does. She says never mind that the previous charges against Sharon had been dropped. Rafe accuses her of taking this personally. She blurts out to him that he was the one who slept with a client and then says this is not about Adam. Rafe tells him he doesn’t want to be enemies with her and adds that he didn’t go after her boyfriend. He says he doesn’t want to make things worse but he will go to the DA if she can’t handle it in a responsibly and in a professional manner. She expresses that he is the one that’s engaged in a sexual relation with a client. Paul walks up and asks what is going on. Rafe leaves and Heather cries in Paul’s arms saying she really loved Adam.

Adam can barely see the screen on his laptop while he is complaining about Abby being annoying. He can’t hear Victor on the phone so he has to settle with hearing Abby talking to Ashley. She is telling her mom that she was thinking about throwing a pool party to celebrate her first magazine cover. When she asks Ashley if she is ok, Ashley tells her she is fine, but she asks if Abby will straighten the wall hanging. When she attempts to she notices something asking what that is. Ashley asks what’s what. Abby says it looks like a spy cam. Adam has one of those “busted” looks on his face.

Mary Jane isn’t worried about Victor’s threats now that she has Jack back. Victor laughs and says he isn’t worried about her telling everything she knows. He tells her she better run like hell and never look back. She tells him it looks like she isn’t the only one that doesn’t like him as she brags to him about having a contact in his house so that is how close she got. She laughs back at him about having a background check on the staff. She has to hurry and hide when JT comes in to install the new security system. She remembers him as the one that caught her out on the grounds at the Newman ranch.

Victor comes back in the room and Abby tells him about the spy cam. As he checks the wall hanging, Abby says someone has been watching their every move but who would want to do that. Victor figures it is business related and promises to get to the bottom of it. Adam comes downstairs and asks what’s going on and if everyone is OK?

Nick and Phyllis are talking about Noah when Summer comes downstairs wanting pancakes. They are happy when she recognizes Abby on the magazine. But when they asks who this is (pointing to her) she answers a baby. They tell her it isn’t a baby it is her. They both look a little worried about how she is acting. Phyllis says she will always be thankful for her pretty girl Summer as she hugs her. Phyllis tells her she will always be grateful for her magical girl. She has to wonder why Sharon would even risk having her baby taken away from her.

Sharon is sure the jeweler will drop the charges on her once he hears the whole story. Jack says he isn’t so sure about that reminding her that Victor only dropped those charges on her because she was still family. She tells him Lauren dropped them too, but Jack says that was only because Eden pressured her to. She says before when she was stealing things it was because she was having blackouts and she was in a mess. She says this is nothing like that. She says maybe he can go talk to the jeweler for her. Jack says he only wishes he could be as sure of this as she is. Rafe comes in and says the DA’s office made them an offer. No jail time, no prison and no trial under the condition that Sharon voluntarily commits herself to a psychiatric facility. They both look at Rafe like he is the crazy one.

Rafe explains to them that the commitment would be for 30 days. They both thinks this is not necessary. Rafe reminds her that she has already admitted to having blackouts and there are eye witnesses and they do have her on the surveillance camera tapes. He says as Newman’s former spokesperson and being married into two prominent families she is easily recognizable. He says the public has no sympathy for rich people that steal things. He tells her he needs an answer by 2 pm. He says her baby has to be in its father’s care or the state will intervene. He adds that there would be a chance that they could hold her for longer than the 30 days but he doubts that would happen. He says this is a class G felony charge and if found guilty the fine would be $25,000 and 10 years in prison. He hands them a photo of the ring and tells them no jury would believe she didn’t realize she had a ring this size on her finger when she ran out. Jack asks to see the ring and while looking at it Sharon looks uncomfortable because she knows he will remember it being the same ring that Nick got for Phyllis which he thinks back to Phyllis showing it to him.

While the doctor is with Summer upstairs Phyllis brings Sharon’s name up again. Nick tells her that Jack is helping Sharon. She says who knows, maybe they will get back together once the baby is born, He says Jack might have to raise the baby alone if she goes to jail though, Nick says yes he can, and she says of course he does since that was what he had to do when Summer was born when she went to prison. Nick doubts that Sharon will go to jail though. Phyllis says she is just glad that he isn’t getting sucked in this time. He tells her there is something she should know though. He tells her about the ring Sharon stole saying it was identical to the one he bought for her. She tells him she remembers even telling her what jeweler he bought it from too. She says Oh my God, this is not happening again. She asks why it doesn’t ever stop. She tells him Sharon’s feeling for him hasn’t diminished and she has to wonder if they ever will.

Heather goes up to Paul and tells him she is sorry for breaking down earlier. He tells her he understands and asks if she wants to talk about it. She says she feels like curling up in her bed and hiding for two months, because it makes her feel like an idiot. She asks how can she be so smart in her career and be so stupid in her love life. She has to wonder how come she didn’t see the real side of Adam like everyone else did. He tells her it is because she loved him and he wished to hell he was wrong about him. He knows what it is feels like losing someone you love. He says it hurts like hell.

Adam pretends to be shocked when he is told about the spy cam. Ashley thinks it was Estella that did it saying she has got to stop torturing this family. Victor suggests they move to the club until they can get the ranch checked for bugs. Ashley doesn’t want to leave Adam there by himself but she doesn’t want to call the police either. She says Estella has Rafe in the public defender’s office so what if she has connections with the police department too. Victor says he will have security seep the house but she says to call the one person she trusts which is JT. Ashley calls JT and tells him about the spy cam and that the search must stay within the family, so JT agrees to be right there. While JT puts up a ladder, Mary Jane writes a note and slips it in his jacket before he leaves. Back at the ranch Adam is worried when he hears Victor telling Ashley that if there are more bugs JT will find them.

JT checks out the master bedroom and Abby’s room. He says he didn’t find anything in those rooms. Victor wonders how long the cameras have been there. JT says the signals can’t be traced saying anyone can pick it up on the internet. Then JT spots a camera pointing straight at his bed. Victor says “I’ll be damned”. Ashley asks if he still thinks it is corporate espionage as she runs off sick. Abby thinks it is repulsive to have a camera pointing at her parent’s bed. She says that is just nasty. JT tells Victor this isn’t corporate and asks if he knows who is doing this.

When they go to Adam’s room they say they have found cameras and mike’s all over the house so now they want to check his room. Adam complains telling JT he should have swept his room the last time him and Victoria were snooping in it. He says he doesn’t leave the room and he doesn’t know any corporate secrets so why would they want to bug him. Then he asks if they are suggesting he has anything to do with this. JT says bingo, he found a camera that Adam had planted in his book case. Adam acts shocked that his room has been bugged too. He says maybe Estella has a friend on the staff there.

Heather tells Paul she made such a fool out of herself making plans for a future with Adam. He understands that all her dreams have been crushed. He promises her though that she will get over it. She says she knows she will survive but how can she ever trusts her own instincts again. She says Adam used her as a cover for his sexual orientation or at the worst he was using her for her position in the DA’s office. He asks if Adam ever asked her to look the other way. She says yeah when he got arrested at the airport and for medical dispensation. She says God she feels like an idiot. And now to make matters worse she has to meet with Rafe, the man that slept with her boyfriend.

As Rafe is about to leave he tells Sharon she’s have her life back in a month since they won’t have any reason to hold her any longer. He tells her to call him when she makes his decision but they don’t have much time. Jack thinks Sharon should take the deal saying it would be better than to risk going to jail for 10 years, He tells her he recognized the ring is the same one as Phyllis’s and he knows that that was what set her off. He doesn’t think she is crazy but he does think this secret she is keeping from Nick is getting to her. She says she has no choice. He says the 30 days could be the break she really needs. He says it could be a blessing in disguise.

Phyllis can’t get Sharon’s interference in their lives out of her head even though Nick has recommitted himself to her and Summer. She says it just won’t end. She says she won’t become that same jealous or anxious woman and she is not gonna do that again. He tells her there is no need for her to be. He shows her the ring saying that is a symbol of their love and not a symbol of Sharon’s obsession. He says they are solid. He assures her that Jack will be there for Sharon, after all he is the father of her baby.

Jack encourages Sharon to make her decision before they make it for her. She cries saying she can’t think straight. She doesn’t know what to do. He advises her to think of her family. He says to think about how Noah will feel to read in the newspaper about her having to go to jail. He says if it goes to trial and she is found guilty he will take care of the baby for her. He says Nick’s baby in his home without her mother. He says he can live with that but can she. He leaves her alone to think about it. When he is gone she picks up the phone.

Phyllis is feeling sorry for Sharon’s baby when Nick gets a call from Sharon. She tells him she needs to see him. There is something that she needs to tell him that he needs to know about.

Adam is proud of himself for how cleverly he got out of that one when a knock at his door brings Rafe in. He tells Adam that Victor called him there to talk about Estella. Rafe says Ashley is freaked. Adam says maybe he should go and he will call him later when things settle down there. Rafe tells Adam he guesses he told Heather about them so he says that his admitting it to Heather was a big step. He says he wants to help him.

Heather stops and tells Paul she wants to talk about something else. She asks if he has heard anything from Nikki since she left. She apologizes saying she should be the one consoling him instead. He says he has been busy chasing after Mary Jane plus he tells her that Patty is back in town. Heather tells him she would love to meet Patty. Mary Jane just so happens to be around and listening to them talk. She hears Heather telling Paul she would like to get to know his sister. Paul tells her he will do what he can to make that happen.

JT comes downstairs with a box of things he has found so far but tells Victor he would like to make a more expansive sweep. Ashley is really sure that Estella is behind all this. When Victor walks JT out, he wonders if there is a connection between Mary Jane and Estella although he doesn’t know why she would target him and his family. He tells JT that Ashley doesn’t want strangers in the house. He tells him that is why he called him. He tells him to find Mary Jane Benson. When JT walks off he finds the note in his pocket. He reads, “You want to know about Mary Jane? Ask Victor Newman, he knows everything.” JT turns around and looks at Victor while Victor is assuring Ashley that he will make the house secure.

Jan Barrett

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