Michael shows Kevin the picture he has of Lowell. Kevin says he looks just like him. Michael says it is as close as he will come to finding his father. Michael gets a call telling him that homeland security are investigating a possible link between Victor disappearing and the Newman Jet exploding last summer.

The gang is partying at Jana’s party and she opens a gift from Katherine. It is a scandalous negligee that makes Jana blush. Gloria tells her Kevin will love it. Gloria mentions to Katherine that she must be proud that Cane was named the new CEO at Jabot. Cloe hears this and says this is fabulous news. Amber notices Colleen and Daniel together and decides tonight is Jana’s night and says no moping so she orders tequila shots for everyone.

Cane is at home and he thinks back to the night they came home and found the DNA results were in. While thinking about it Lily comes in. He says hello to her. She tells him she only came to pack because she has decided to move out
Michael tells Kevin at least he knew his father. He tells Michael to mellow out and let sleeping criminals lie. Michael tells him at least he grew up with a father. He says sure Tom was a lousy father but Michael has nothing to help him understand himself. Kevin brings out all the bad things Michael has learned about his father and then he asks him why he even wants to find this guy.

Amber is getting drunk and she makes a toast to Jana saying she is the girl with the biggest heart. Daniel watches them while on his date with Colleen. Lauren makes a toast to Jana saying she loves all her quirks and officially welcomes her to the family.

An announcer gets on stage and says they are ready to start the karaoke beginning with Daniel and Colleen. She tells him she signed them up. They get on stage and sound horrible. Amber flashes back to when she and Daniel did karaoke together and had fun doing it.

Cane tells Lily this is all Cloe’s doings. He tells her he still loves her so much. Lily asks him if he knows where her red jacket is. Cane asks her to look him in the eye and tell him that it’s over. Before she can answer Neil and Devon walk in and tell him it is over.

With Colleen and Daniel still on stage Amber decides to move the party to her place. Jana says she is starting to get a headache when everyone complains about it not being in the plan. Amber promises her she has a big surprise for her. Amber makes a call and says to meet them at her place. As she goes out the door with everyone she takes one final look at Daniel on stage.

Michael says if the Feds couldn’t find his father after looking for him for decades what makes him think he could. Kevin says it took him a lot of time and therapy to get over what Tom did to him. He tells Michael that Lowell never locked him in a closet like Tom did him. He asks Michael to promise him to forget about Lowell tomorrow because he needs him to have a good time at his wedding. Michael says Lowell who?

Cane begs Lily to please change her mind but Neil and Devon step in and tell him that Lily doesn’t want to talk to him. Neil tells him to go take care of Cloe and his baby and leave his daughter alone.

Kevin gives Michael a better than best mug. He explains that it means the world to him and Jana that he is going to walk her down the aisle. He says even though Daniel will be his best man in the wedding, Michael will always be his best man in life. Michael says who would have known that a crappy gift would make him feel this way. Michael tells him he is proud of how he has grown up and he never thought Jana would fit into this family but if she makes him happy then he is happy and is honored to walk her down the aisle. When Kevin tells Michael he has to go do something Michael offers to help but he tells him he doesn’t want to help with this.

Lily asks Neil and Devon to leave her alone with Cane so she can talk to him. When they are gone she tells Cane she loves him and always will. He asks her to wait for him to marry Cloe and establish a life for the baby and then they can be together. She thinks things will change when the baby comes so it wouldn’t be fair to make promises.

Colleen and Daniel talk about classes and movies they like but both feel awkward talking idle chat. Daniel explains that considering their connection since his girlfriend did sleep with her ex boyfriend. They agree that neither one of them are really not ready for dating yet.

At Amber’s house they talk about what they each would do if they had a billion dollars. Katherine says she already does. Cloe says she would buy her baby clothes but right now she can’t afford it since she lives from paycheck to paycheck. Katherine tells her she is sure that Cane will do what he has to do concerning the baby and she is ok with that. Amber answers the doorbell and announces that she has a big surprise. She says no it isn’t a stripper. It is Kevin dressed like a fortune teller.

During the fun, Kevin predicts that Lauren will be going on a vacation, and that Gloria is a newlywed and her missing broach is in the coffee shop’s lost and found box. He says it is a shame that Jana is getting married tomorrow and that there is a 69 Challenger in her future. He tells her she is in for a big surprise and she is going to love this and he starts stripping. Lauren decides it is time she leaves and the others stay around laughing.

Colleen tells Daniel that she thinks Amber isn’t good enough for him but she can see he still has feelings for her. He tells her that she and her Mom would get along. Suddenly Devon and Anna get on stage and start singing Signed, Sealed and Delivery in Karaoke.

Lauren gets home and finds Michael there folding clothes. She says she left the party when the stripper arrived, then she says the stripper was Kevin. When they start talking about Michael’s father, he calls Lowell more like a ghost. She tells him but he is not a ghost. She tells Michael he is not his father’s son. She says his father can’t be half as brilliant and handsome as he is as she starts kissing him and seducing him on their bed.

When Colleen and Daniel’s date is officially over she says if they ever have a real date he needs to figure out his feelings for Amber. She says she is sure he is not over her yet. She advises him to go talk to Amber as she leaves him.

Kevin and Jana talk about how much fun they had at the party.  When they leave Amber looks at the mess and decides to lay down for a second before she gets busy. She lies there and falls asleep.

Cloe goes over to Cane’s and tells him they need to talk. She remarks that it looks like Lily has moved out. He asks her what she wants. She tells him he jumped her bones remember? Then she says she guesses he doesn’t remember that part. She asks Cane to go with her to the doctor and step up and show he is responsible. She explains that she doesn’t have any friends in town and she is scared after the incident with her bleeding. He tells her to get out because he can’t deal with this now. Just before shutting the door he tells her he will call her.

When Devon asks Lily if she is ok she says no so he hugs her. Anna asks what is wrong and Devon says she is just a little sad right now. Anna joins in with the hug. She tells Lily not to be sad. Neil watches and says that is so sweet. Tyra tells Neil that she needs to tell him something that she has wanted to tell him for a while now. She says she is not Anna’s mother. She says Yolanda is. Neil looks surprised saying then that means Anna is Devon’s sister. Tyra says that is right.

Gloria and Katherine are at Crimson Lights and they talk about young love. Gloria mentions that appointing Cane as CEO was a gutsy move on Jill’s part. Laughing Katherine tells her she has to go and reminds Gloria that she should go home too since her son is getting married tomorrow.

Kevin and Jana are at Crimson Lights too. They kiss each other and say they will miss being together tonight. They tell each other, I love you and sweet dreams. When Kevin starts to leave he can’t help but run back for one more kiss.

Daniel shows up at the penthouse to talk to Amber. She finds her sleeping on the sofa. He sits next to her and tells her he wanted to talk to her. He tells her that life without her isn’t as much fun. He grabs a blanket and covers her with it and then he leaves.

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