When Billy goes to see Chloe he admits to her that he is with Mac. She says as usual she is the last to know. He tells her he’d still like to see Delia as much as possible. . She asks if he means after the divorce. Then she says there, she has said it, and she asks isn’t he proud.

Nina takes Chance out to dinner to celebrate his new job. She says she is going to give him his first case which is that of a young man that won’t admit he has a crush on a particular married woman. He tells her there is nothing going on between him and Chloe but he does admit that he wishes there was. Nina doesn’t like what she is hearing.

Gloria gets Jeffery away from the ham and cheese sandwich that she made for Mary Jane. Gloria says she is on the patio and she looks terrible. Jeffery doesn’t agree with Gloria. He says he hasn’t even seen her but he can say she looks like a million bucks of Victor’s reward money.

Mac gives Cane and Phillip a free soda on the house. She says if it weren’t for them coming to Genoa City she wouldn’t be the proud owner of this fine drinking establishment. Phillip advises her not to give away all of her profits though. Phillip tells her he would be happy to have his brain picked but his decision to stay in town depends on his son but Cane can never go back. A customer comes in taking Mac away from the conversation leaving Cane and Phillip to discuss the slip up, saying oops, sorry. Cane says he can’t abandon Lily at a time like this unless it is the best thing for her which Neil would like to happen. He tells Phillip he would do anything to be with Lily again. Mac comes back and of course she didn’t forget where they left off. She asks ok now why can’t Cane go back to Australia.

Neil isn’t happy when Lily tells him she is hoping to see Cane tonight. He tells her not to make contact with him. She tells him she wants to spend some time with Cane. He says he can see her getting close to Cane again and he is sure it feels good to her. He tells her he knows she is still in love with Cane but did she forget it is game night at Devon’s. She says she would rather stay home in case Cane comes by. Neil is worried she will get reattached to Cane and when she needs her strength the most he could break her heart again making her recovery even harder for her. He says this is the biggest challenge of her life so he is sorry but he just can’t allow it.

Roxanne tells Devon she will be back in plenty of time for the game tonight and she will bring the Scrabble with her. She tells him she loves him as she says good bye. Tyra isn’t so happy to hear that Neil and Lily are coming over. She says she had a hard night and Devon should have asked her first saying after all she does live there too. He said he thought she would have been happy that her boyfriend was coming over. He asks what’s wrong, has the great romance hit a snag?

Nina says sure Chloe is cute, hip and funny and she can understand why Chance might be attracted but he doesn’t know the full story. She tells him how Chloe tricked Cane to marrying her and how Billy was the father of Delia, not Cane. She says Chloe knew it all along but Billy wanted nothing to do with Chloe. Chance says but that is what he likes about Chloe, what you see is what you get. He tells Nina if he is to be honest he thinks Chloe is a lot like his her.

Billy tells Chloe they are not exactly Romeo and Juliet but they did have one beautiful thing come out of their relationship which is Delia. He says they can handle this like civil adults and he swears that Delia is his top priority. Chloe says sure but wait til he and Mac have their own kids, then Delia will grow up to be an orphan like she did and alone.

Gloria brings Mary Jane the sandwich and tells her no charge. Jeffery comes with her a nice cup of hot coffee and they ask if they can join her. Mary Jane says Jeffery looks familiar. He laughs and says he just has one of those faces, people tell him that all the time. They want to know more about her. She says she ran away from an abusive husband and escaped with her sweet darling kitty. She says a horrible dog got hold of her kitty though as she starts to cry. When she packs up to leave Jeffery offers their guest room for her to stay but she wants to know why they would offer a stranger into their home. They tell her they know what it is like being down and out so they swore to help others in need. They tell her they will go pack up some more food and they will be right back. When Jeffery goes back he can’t find her. He tells Gloria she is gone. Gloria tells him not to just stand there, go get her.

Tyra refuses to talk about Neil with Devon. She wants to know why he is being so nasty with her. He says he hasn’t forgotten his problem with her. He tells her she chased Neil when he was married and now she is complaining about him not being into her 100%. She says she is no villain and relationships take a lot of work. He points out to her that she isn’t into a relationship. He accuses her of wanting to be but Neil has too much on his plate to think about a relationship. Tyra says maybe she should just leave and then she wouldn’t have to put up with this garbage. He tells her to stop talking them and just go already.

Gloria says great a million bucks just went out the window. He takes the closed sign and tells everyone it is time for them all to leave because the coffee shop is closing. He tells them all thanks and he will see them all soon.

Mac hangs the phone and tells Jerry to drink up because she just lied to his wife telling her he wasn’t here. Phillip is impressed with Mac saying it looks like she doesn’t need any pointers. She can handle it all just fine. She asks again how come Cane can’t go back to Australia. Cane says he just would rather leave it at too many bad memories back there. Mac is happy when she sees Mary Jane come back. She tells Mac someone is following her so Mac offers her old room back. Phillip pays the tab and then he tells Cane that he is sure he will do the right thing.

Neil tells Lily Cane lied to her for two years so they can’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. Lily tells him that 3 months ago she was on her honeymoon and he bought a beautiful home. Cane bought Jimmy’s and she was going to model until they started a family. She says now her wonderful future is gone and she lost everything just like that. She says as she faces chemo having Cane with her will make her feel less vulnerable and alone. She tells Neil she loves him for looking out for her but if she wants to see Cane she will.

Chloe comes back after checking on Delia assuring Billy she is fine for now but soon he and Mac will start having their own kids and then Delia will be second best. Billy tells her he doubts that. He says he loves Delia. Chloe looks at Billy and tells him she wants him to have full custody of Delia. She tells him he can give her the things that she never will be able to. Billy is left speechless.

Nina accuses Chloe of lining Chance up for when Billy finally dumps her. Chance tells her to lighten up, they are just friends. He tells her that she has made some mistakes in her life, and then he adds that they all have. Nina thinks Chloe will make another attempt to yet try and trap yet another Chancellor. Phillip comes in asking, laying a trap for Chancellor men? He laughs saying that is a blast from the past.

Neil lets Cane in but makes it clear to him that this is just a visit. He says this is not his first step getting back in their good graces. Neil says he will never drop his guard with him. Cane says he is not there to take advantage of his daughter while she is sick. Lily listens as Cane tells Neil that he’d rather return to Australia than to stress her out because they can’t get along. Neil says Australia might not be far enough.

Tyra says she isn’t going anywhere until Anna gets back from music camp. Devon asks her how many times she is going to uproot that girl. Devon says he is starting to think Karen would have made a better mother. He asks Tyra if she remembers Karen, Neil’s ex-wife. He says she always put Anna first. He tells her she is complaining about Neil not being 1000% into her while his damn daughter has cancer. He asks what man would want to be with someone so selfish and insecure. When Tyra starts crying Devon eases up and tells her he is sorry. Tyra respond to him by giving him and kiss which Devon returns.

Neil sticks around a few minutes and then leaves Cane with Lily. Cane thanks him and tells him to have a good night. When alone, Lily apologizes for her Dad being so hard on him. Cane says he doesn’t blame Neil for being so protective of her. Lily tells him she heard him mention Australia and asks if he is thinking of going back there.

Chance asks Phillip if his mother trapped him into marrying her. He grins saying he is curious. Phillip says he finds it amusing that Nina is warning Chance about someone like Chloe. Nina pretends to be upset and then tells Chance his father is cleverly hinting that she has insight as to what Chloe is up to. Phillip tells Chance that a lot of people thought Nina only loved him for his money and the Chancellor name but he says she loved him for who he really was. He says he is just sorry that he didn’t realize it until just now. Nina is impressed at Phillip saying that. Nina says she is an excellent judge of character. Nina admits she could be wrong here but agrees to give him his blessing if it lasts 20 years. Phillip says his too. Chance says he will hold her to that.

Chloe tells Billy him having Delia full time isn’t what she wants but she thinks it would be best for her. He tells her that she is a good mother and she needs her mother. He asks her not to be so pessimistic. He says they can share custody. Finally she agrees and says this way he will get his bright shiny tomorrow with Mac. When he mentions a settlement she tells him she doesn’t want his money. He says he knows that. She admits that she should have given up on them once she realized his feelings for Mac but she asks if he knows why she didn’t. He says yes he knows and without saying anything more he leaves.

Jeffery is at Jimmy’s drinking a beer instead of out looking for Mary Jane. He says it is hot out there. He thought maybe Mary Jane would go there. Gloria tells him Mary Jane is not in his beer glass and with a million dollars on the loose she sure as hell isn’t going to spend the rest of her life pilfering donuts for her son. She tells him to come on so they can start looking. When they go out the door Mary Jane peeks out.

Cane tells Lily he isn’t going back to Australia, not now, not ever. Lily says thank God. He says he doesn’t want to cause friction between her and her Dad though. She tells him she needs him though. She says she doesn’t want to go through this without him. She asks him to please tell her he will stay. He promises he will be there for her always.

Devon and Tyra are making out on the sofa just as Neil and Roxanne meet at the front door. Neil gets a business call that he has to take care of so he hands Anna the box of goodies as he leaves. He asks her to tell Devon he is sorry but they will do the game time next weekend. With her hands full of treats and games Roxanne lets herself inside with her key and stands there looking devastated when she sees Devon and Tyra. She eases back out the door before they see her.

Gloria and Jeffery blame each other for Mary Jane taking off earlier. They say she is still out there and at least they are the only ones who know she isn’t looking so sharp anymore. They feel confident that soon they will be back to where they belong in that magical place where there aren’t any toilets that need plunging. Gloria says it can’t happen soon enough for her. She looks around the coffee house and says this is really getting old.

Now alone Nina thanks Phillip for the sweet things he told Chance about their relationship. She tells him yes she did love him, and not his money. She asks what he meant when he said if he realizes that then… He says he was in such pain and nothing could have kept him there and he isn’t sure anything can keep him there now. He tells her to look at the turmoil he has caused just by coming home. She encourages him to stay saying he is making some progress with his son. She gets him to say he will stay.

Chance finds Chloe just loafing around on the sofa. When she apologizes he tells her no need and he fixes her hair. He asks her why she has been crying. She tells him well first there was an annulment and then the big D. He asks if she and Billy are getting a divorce. She comes up with a lame joke and he says he might have a better one. So he tells her a joke to try to cheer her up. He says “Knock, Knock.”  She asks “who’s there?” He says “a guy.” She says “a guy who”. He says “A guy who’d really like to take you out sometimes.” She asks if he means on a date. He says yes on a date. She smiles and tells him his timing is perfect. She says she would love to go out on a date with him.

When Mac is too busy to hear the good news from Billy he suggests she hires some help. She says his wish is granted as Cane comes in ready for his shift. Billy is not happy that she has hired that son of a …  Billy asks her what did he tell her about picking up strays but before she can answer he tells her that she and Oz can have a pleasant evening as he storms out the bar.

Jan Barrett

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