Jack and Sharon discuss the new cover model for the newer issue of the magazine. Jack says he thinks Phyllis is a good business woman, saying she has a good head on her shoulder. He says he is determined to use this new story about Jill at Jabot in this issue. Nick and Phyllis walk in and they ask how the search for his Dad is going.

Amber and Jana are discussing the wedding. Amber wants to give Jana a bachelorette party tonight. Daniel walks in and talks to Kevin. They tell Colleen about the guy wanting to see some of Daniel’s sketches. Kevin advises Daniel to tell Amber about his sketches.

Gloria is upset about not being at the shareholder’s meeting at Jabot. Jeffery tells her how she will be able to attend. She tells him she is so glad she married him and they laugh.

Katherine scolds Jill about leaving the house without her. Jill tells her she will be as surprised as the next one will be when she hears about what she has planned for this meeting. Katherine has already figured that Jill plans to appoint Cane as the CEO. Jill tells her that it is in her contract that she has to right to do this if she wants to.

Cane tells Jill he thinks the timing is all wrong for this. He is afraid that the news about Cloe being pregnant with his kid will only cause more scandal for Jabot. Jill insists that this is a good move for him. She tells him it will help him provide better for his baby. She begs him to do this for her since he is the only one she can truly trust.

Jack told Phyllis she did a good job on finding the new cover model. Phyllis tells Nick she thinks Jack is up to something. Nick says he has to go so he takes off. Jack tells Sharon he wants to get a move on the new story. Sharon and Phyllis disagree again on business and Sharon reminds her that she is a partner there too. Phyllis says only because she whined until Jack made her one.

Amber is on the phone when Cloe walks in. Amber remarks that she looks like she is in a good mood. Cloe says she should be since the DNA tests came back today and proved that Cane is the Daddy.

Brad is pacing outside the boardroom at Jabot when he sees Traci walk in. He tells her it is great to see her. She says Ashley is in Europe on business so Traci got her proxy to come today. When she asks what’s up with this meeting, he tells her he assumes it has something to do with David Chow. Traci is surprised that he doesn’t know for sure saying she thought he was Jill’s right hand man. 

Jana talks Kevin into using the Quija Board again. She asks it will she and Kevin live happily ever after. It answers a negative answer which upsets Jana. Meanwhile Amber tells Cloe she reserved a table and left messages for Lauren, Gloria and Mrs. Chancellor. She is on the phone to order a stripper but Cloe stops her. Jana walks up and asks Amber to invite Colleen to the party. Amber doesn’t want to but she does agree. Cloe leaves just as Daniel walks in. Cloe tells him he should get back with Amber saying it sure would make her life a lot easier. Daniel asks Amber if he could get those sketches back he made for her. She tells him that they were a gift. He explains that she can have them back but he needs them for a showing. She agrees to get them for him telling him she is so excited for him. When he leaves she goes to Colleen and invites her to the party. Colleen tells her she would love to go but she has a date tonight.

Gloria asks Jill who the new receptionist is. Jill informs Gloria that she has officially been fired. Gloria tells Jill she and Jeffery are there for the stockholder’s meeting. Jill says like hell they are. Jeffery reminds her that you only need one stock in order to be at the meeting.

Everyone gathers into the board room where Jill thanks them all for coming. She announces that Nikki Newman has resigned as CEO at Jabot. She tells them it is her pleasure to appoint the new CEO, her son, Cane Ashby. When Cane stands to accept his new position he says he is honored and humbled to be standing in this position as CEO. He says this is a family business. He says working with Jill and Chancellor Industries he’ll use power to move Jabot forward. Brad leaves and makes a call. He says to meet him at Crimson Lights.

Cloe is upset that the new model doesn’t recognize her. Sharon and Phyllis are still going at it with each other. Sharon tells Phyllis she’d tell her what she thinks of her if everyone wasn’t there. Phyllis laughs at her saying since when did she have the guts to speak her mind. She tells Sharon all she is, is Jack’s puppet. Sharon looks at Phyllis and calls her an egotistical bitch. Cloe breaks it up to introduce them to the new model.

Nick goes out to the ranch yelling out asking if anyone is there. He calls for Adam and is shocked when his son Noah walks in. Nick hugs him and remarks how he has grown. Noah asks him how did he gets there. Noah tells him he took a bus and hitch hiked part of the way. Meanwhile Victor is seen at the bar with the Mexican bartender ordering more tequila.

At the photo shoot the ladies disagree again. Sharon tells them to shoot with and without the dark and edgy look and they will decide which way to go. Cloe tells Amber she has been puking all day. She shows Amber some pictures of what her baby will be wearing one day. She says so what if it is expensive, Cane will be paying the bill. Jessica, the model asks them if the skull stays or goes in the pictures. And of course the ladies still disagree. Sharon offers to walk Jessica out. Amber and Phyllis talk. Phyllis tells Amber her lease is up tomorrow. Phyllis offers to let her and Daniel stay and says she will adjust the rent. Amber admits that she and Daniel broke up though. Phyllis tells her she is so sorry but in that case she is giving her 72 hours to get out.

Brad meets with Jack. He hands him a folder with names, dates and phone records to prove that Jill’s talk of protecting Jabot was all talk. He says she knew that David Chow had a gambling problem before it was made public. He says she got rid of Nikki and made her son CEO. Jack is in shock. He says if he prints this it will blow Jabot’s power structure sky high.

Kevin catches Daniel looking Colleen. Daniel tells him he has a date tonight with Colleen. Daniel asks him not to tell Jana. He says she is hell bent on getting him back with Amber. Daniel walks over to Colleen and tells her he will pick her up at Jacks and he leaves. Traci walks up and surprises Colleen. Traci urges Colleen not to rush into another relationship. She says she has a date but she let’s Traci know that Jack and Brad are out on the patio. She goes outside and is surprised to see the two men together. They talk about Jill appointing Cane as CEO.

Gloria and Jeffery walk in at Crimson Lights. They discuss the possibility of getting the Abbott’s to combine their shares to over throw Jill. Gloria thinks it would be impossible but she gets an idea when she sees Jack and Traci on the patio. Gloria talks to Jack about combining stocks and how they could throw the Chancellor’s out of Jabot. Jack tells her he can’t work at Jabot. Jeffery says well he just can’t become CEO. Gloria tells him to think about this, they are giving him a chance again to get his foot back in the door. She says it is too good a chance to pass up. Sharon comes in and says she heard about what happened at Jabot. She tells him no matter what she will always be by his side. Sharon hugs Jack just as she spots Nick walking in with Noah.

Katherine and Cane talk. He tells her that Lily gave him the ring back and how Lily wants him to marry Cloe so the baby will have a father. Katherine says you don’t need to be married to be a father. She tells him he doesn’t have to give up his own happiness in order to take care of his child. Cane tells her that he is really his father’s son. He says he has to do the right thing. He says no child of his will grow up without a father.

Phyllis sees Daniel and tells him she was happy to hear he and Amber broke up. He says he isn’t in the celebrating mood, and she says neither is she. She realizes that he did have genuine feelings for her. She tells him that Amber has three days to move out of the penthouse but he is welcome to stay there is he wants to. He tells her that was a sweet thing for her to do. Phyllis says Amber can’t afford it anymore. She says Amber sleeping with Adrian was sweet.

Amber is having the party held at Indigo. She says Colleen won’t be coming because she had a date tonight. As they all make toasts and clinging glasses together laughing together they all see Daniel and Colleen walk in.

Back at the Mexican Bar, the bartender tells Victor that the man he was looking for is at the hotel. Victor says hmm and then pays the bill and walks out.

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