Paul goes to Jimmy’s and calls a friend to have a drink with. He says who wouldn’t want depressing company in a dive bar but the drinks are on him. He says seriously though he sure could use a friend right now. Close by dressed in a trench coat and hat, Mary Jane sneaks out the door.

Billy fills Jack in on the condition Ashley is in. He tells her how she is like wigging out, losing it and gone nuts. He says their sister is in trouble and this goes beyond an hourly session on a shrink’s sofa once a week. He tells Jack that he thinks she needs to be committed.

Ashley reminds Adam that Sabrina was already dead. He says maybe she wasn’t, after all the Chancellor guy had faked his death so why not Sabrina. He tells her that before going to Victor about this they need to check out the dent in the car to see if maybe it was there before last night. When she and Adam hug each other Victor walks in and they assure him that Ashley just had a bad dream and that is all it was.

Chance tells Nina all about his first day on the new job at GCPD. He asks her if Chloe is around and Nina takes note that he sure has been hanging around her a lot. She asks if he by some chance has a crush on the separated mother of a baby. He tells her to chill, because even if he did Chloe is in love with Billy. Nina doesn’t look so reassured.

Chloe is shocked when she asks Mac did she say she was back with Billy. She tells Mac that she swore she would never get back with Billy who is btw still Chloe’s husband. She asks if the halo fell off her head, Mac says she never pretended to be a Saint. When Chloe calls her a slut, Mac says she is sorry but Mrs. Billy Abbott needs to face the truth that it is over and she lost Billy. Chloe reminds her that Billy doesn’t do forever. Mac comes back at her saying not with Chloe at least. She says Billy was just waiting for the right time to tell her. Mac claims she had nothing to do with the crash and burn of Chloe and Billy’s marriage.

When Delia starts crying Chloe asks Mac if she is happy now as she goes to check on her. She pounds on the counter asking if anyone is even working here to take an order. Gloria comes out with a towel on her shoulder to take Chloe’s order and then fusses with Jeffery for drinking up the profits there. Gloria tells Jeffery that since Victor hasn’t returned their call maybe it is time they show Ashley the photo of Victor with that Benson broad. Jeffery says he thought she wanted to save that for when times are desperate. She tells Him there is a toilet overflowed in the ladies room for him to take care of. She asks if that is desperate enough for him.

Jack and Billy discuss whether or not they should have Ashley committed, Jack is a bit reluctant but Billy thinks she should be. He says Ashley is even dreaming about hitting a dead woman with her car.

Ashley refuses to let Victor comfort her. He wonders if she is still upset about the Colleen incident. He says it is a good thing Nikki called off her wedding. This has reminded Victor of how lucky they are. He tells Ashley to take a trip, and cheer up. Ashley wants to know why Victor wants her to be gone.

Adam finds a shirt he has that is the same color of Sabrina’s dress. He shreds the shirt to pieces as he thinks Ashley is making all this so easy for him.

Mac says she didn’t mean to be a bitch, it isn’t who she is. As Chloe is diving into her cake she bets Mac just doesn’t want other people to know who she really is. Chloe is surprised to see Chance walk in. She calls him over to where she and Mac are. She tells him he is just in time to hear Mac sugarcoating how she is sleeping with Billy.

Paul and Nina are at Jimmy’s having a drink together. She tells him she is there for him even if he needs her at 3am. He tells Nina that he tried to call Nikki just to be sure she is ok. He just assumed she would be going to her sister’s house. Nina can’t imagine why Nikki would walk away from the greatest man in the world. The she guesses it was because of Victor and tells Paul how sorry she is.

Victor tells Ashley he meant for them to take a trip together. Ashley doesn’t bother to give an excuse why she doesn’t want to go away, she just says no. Abby comes in and cries to them about Zapato and is even sadder when she finds the baseball he used to chew on. Eden hugs Noah and says how sorry she is for Victor’s loss. Noah says his grandma always said Zapato was like family to them so they decide to have a memorial service for Zapato where he is buried.

Mary Jane goes to the chapel and decides to go to confession. She says Bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been almost six months since her last confession and boy does she has so much to repent. Father Todd looks bored as he listens to her unforgettable list of things that she has done.

Gloria has another problem for Jeffery. She tells him the recycling guy is there but the bins are all empty. She finds out that Jeffery has been collecting the cans to sell for $25. She tells him he better damn well find a way to get Victor to pay up so she can go back to living in the Penthouse where she belongs.

Chloe calls Mac a hypocrite asking her how does she live with herself, forcing Billy to choose between his daughter and mistress. She says it will cost him his career which by the way is already shaky after the board meeting stunt so once this whole affair goes public it is going to cause problems. Jeffery notices as Mac looks as if she is starting to doubt herself.

Jack tells Billy to slow down and not to let them get carried away. He says they would need consent. Billy thinks they could pull some strings by calling Katherine or Olivia. Jack wants to know if Billy is just trying to stick it to Victor. Jack says they need to spring her from the haunted house and get her into someplace safe. He thinks that is the fist step to Ashley regaining her sanity.

As they all gather by candlelight to remember Zapato. Abby talks about Zapato being her first friend at the ranch and how he was her first dog. She says she loved him. She says she hated it when he’d paw on her white princess coat but she’d do anything for those paw prints now.

When Mary Jane says unforgettable things, this gets Father Todd’s attention. She goes on to say she hasn’t been very kind to animals.

Noah stoops at Zapato’s grave so he can rave about the superdog hero. He says he could always tell when Grandpa was going to have a seizure. He talks about how he would lick him in the face when he was down. He says just watching Zapato’s tail wagging always put a smile on his face. When all is said, Abby asks Ashley if she would like to say something. She says how great it was when Zapato poked his nose at her big belly as if making sure the baby was safe. She says if only she hadn’t have let him off his leash that day. She cries saying she would never ever hurt him. Victor holds her as she cries.

Mary Jane says ok, so she has done more than hurt animals. She says she has lied, she has stolen and she has committed adultery by sleeping with a married man. She says she has been less than kind but no she hasn’t hurt anyone on purpose. She says if only she had it to do all over again.

Ashley puts a flower on Zapato’s grave. Victor remembers Summer pulling on Zapato’s ears. He says Zapato loved this family, Nick, Victoria and Nikki all loved hi and he has saved his life more than once. If only Victor could have saved his life. They all give Victor some time to say good bye to Zapato. He tells him he loves him as he tells him good bye and that he was a good dog. The vet calls and tells Victor it was not the poison that the gardeners used to spray for ticks that killed Zapata. He says thank you as he hangs up.

Mary Jane says she has made a lot of mistakes but her mother always said that confession would give one a fresh start and her sins would be washed away.

Victor vows that the woman who did this will not go unpunished. He promises Zapato that he will find her. Victor notices Nikki’s ice cream cone necklace on the ground and now he is wondering where she is.

Jeffery listens while Mac admits that she is sleeping with a married man. She said she isn’t proud of it and she doesn’t want to ruin Billy’s career but neither he nor she will give up their relationship for it. She says she has encouraged Billy to spend time with Delia. She says she tried to stay away but says this is Chloe’s fault. She says they were both miserable and now Billy is happy. She says her guy was right. She and Billy belong with each other, they always have and always will. She accuses Chloe of trying to set her up with Chance. She says if Chloe would stop trying to be a control freak she might be the one chased instead of her being the one that is chasing. She says maybe there is some great guy out there for Chloe. Chloe starts going out the door with Delia and she says she just hopes Billy and the slut are miserable. When Chloe leaves Chance says she doesn’t look too good so he excuses himself as he goes after her.

Victor shows Ashley Nikki’s necklace saying she must have dropped it but he wonders where she can be. He decides it can wait til she returns. Victor appreciates Ashley apology but he still doesn’t understand what has her so upset. He tries to get rid of Jack and Billy who Ashley wanted to be there. When they all go inside Jack and Billy say they are there to take their sister and Victor better not get in their way.

Adam cuts his leg upstairs and is quite happy about it as he wipes the blood up with a piece of his purple shirt that he ripped up.

Jack and Billy try talking Ashley into packing her things but Victor says the security guards are on their way to escort them off the property. They refuse to leave without Ashley. Suddenly Ashley covers her ears and announces she doesn’t want to be kidnapped. Victor says Ashley will leave over his dead body. The security guards come in to get Jack and Billy out just as the three kids come in wondering what is going on. Victor tells Jack and Billy how dare they come there and upset his wife and child. Jack says to Billy it is time they go even though Billy doesn’t want to. He warns Victor this isn’t over yet as he points a finger at him. He says one way or another his sister will leave that house. Victor yells at him to get out NOW.

Mary Jane cries as she confesses that she cut herself off from her own family. She says she just saw her brother and he is hurting. She says she should have been there for him. She says a good sister would have been but she has her own drama. Father Todd tells her he thinks the regular priest can connect with her but she says she doesn’t need a shrink. She says she just needs to get these things off her chest. She says she isn’t a bad person. She repeats that Mom says confession washes away sins. She says her Mom is the best Catholic that she knows. She thanks him for hearing her, he has been great. She also says she has a brother that is a Priest in Detroit. Father Todd repeats, Detroit? He says, “Patty is that you?” He suddenly finds the other side of the confessional empty.

Chloe has the baby monitor in her hand when she goes home as she sits down. Chance comes in and asks if she is OK. She cries and admits she has hope. She says now all that is gone. He pulls her to him and holds her as she cries. Nina walks in without being seen and she is upset at what she sees.

Jack and Billy go to Crimson Lights and Billy tells Mac that he and Jack are only trying to help Ashley. He asks why she called him. She admits to him that she told Chloe about them. He smiles and says whatever living hell Chloe puts him through will be a piece of cake after what he has seen today. He says now they can even kiss in public. Jack gets off the phone and tells Billy that Victor has the one over them as being the only one that can sign to have Ashley committed. They say they can’t stop yet, not with a lunatic on the loose. They are sure that Mary Jane killed Zapato and that she is obsessed with Jack and Ashley is on the top of her list. Of course Jeffery is taking notes on everything being said.

Paul is paying his bill at Jimmy’s when Todd calls him telling him because of his vows he can’t go into great details but there is something he needs to know. He says their sister is back in Genoa City and from what he can gather she is in real trouble.

Mary Jane finds some leftovers off the plates on the patio at Crimson Lights. She takes a drink from the teapot left on the table. Gloria spots her and yells at her asking what does she think she is doing. She grabs Mary Jane as she turns her around. Suddenly Gloria sees she is hungry. She tells her to sit down and she will get her something to eat. Gloria says Mary Jane Benson, as she for her to stay right there.

Ashley sits in a fetal position on her bed when Adam knocks on her door. She tells him maybe she should go with Billy and Jack. Maybe she just needs to get out of that house. Adam tells her no, and then shows her what he found sticking out of the bumper, a piece of clothing. She asks if it was from Sabrina. She says she has to tell someone. He tells her no way, she is to tell no one unless she wants to have her baby in jail. He tells her he is the only one that can protect her now. She hugs him as she tells him thank you so much.

Jan Barrett

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