Cane is in the boardroom when he breaks the news to Jill about Cloe being pregnant and he is the father. Jill asks if there is a way that Cloe could have tampered with the results. Cane says they didn’t even know where the lab was. He starts telling her all the details that Cloe is claiming but he says he can’t remember any of it. He says he has got to go and talk to Lily. Jill tells him she is on his side and wishes him good luck.

Lily is at Crimson Lights and she confides in Colleen who is shocked to hear that Cane cheated on Lily. Lily says he did and now he has a baby to show for it. Lily tells Colleen that she believed Cane. She says she trusted him.

Nick goes at it again with Adam over holding the press conference even after they told him not to. Michael tells him he really blew the lid off this. Michael introduces Adam to the FBI agents as Victor’s other son. Adam claims he took control of the situation so now there won’t be widespread speculation and panic on where Victor is. Nick says well while Adam is taking care of Newman, he will be out there looking for his dad.

Lauren goes to Indigo to meet with Michael. She talks to Neil while she waits. They both think it was a good idea to call the FBI in to help find Victor. Neil goes to the bar and teases Tyra about being 3 minutes late for work. He gives her a gift which is a framed photo of Anna with Devon while they were singing the night of the gala. She tells Neil she feels guilty about Devon wanting to drop out of school but Neil assures her that Devon will find his own way. She thanks him for the picture. He tells her how much he thinks her and Anna being there for Devon has been wonderful for him and then he adds for him too.

Nick says the truth about his Dad will come out sooner or later so he thinks they should set up a $100,000 reward. Michael agrees but Adam doesn’t. Adam rubs it in that Victor wrote Nick and Victoria out of the Will. Michael tells Nick the FBI agent has some questions about phone calls in the tackhouse so they go off and leave Adam standing there.

Nikki walks in and sees Adam. She says there you are, Mr. Hot Shot, what the hell were you thinking? She tells him the press conference that he held was outrageous. He tells her to save it because he already got an earful from Nick. He starts to walk out but Nikki tells him not to dare leave this room. Adam tells her she has some nerve. He says David Chow was to blame for all of this and he asks her who is responsible for that. She says she does feel bad about that but that doesn’t litigate how things are being handled now.

He tells her about David killing Skye too. Nikki didn’t realize that and tells him she is so sorry. He tells her that Skye’s crime was only that she was a better poker player than David. He says she took his money and he killed her for it. He tells her that Skye called him that night from Brad Carlton’s to tell him that she cleaned Chow out. He tells her that Brad knew all about this. He says he is pretty sure that Jill was in on it too. He says if he is right about this he hopes they both burn in hell.

Brad goes to see Jill and acts all concerned about her meeting with Cane. She tells him she appreciates his concern but she suggests he goes home and gets a good night sleep and then she leaves the board room.

Michael meets Lauren at Indigo and she wants to know all about this man that was impersonating his Dad. He admits the man almost had him going until he mentioned Gloria and the guy didn’t have a clue as to who she was. He tells her what he did find out about his real father. He tells her how he was a math professor and he was fired from the college after he was caught sleeping with one of his students.

Cloe asks Devon to help her and he asks why he would want to help her. She tells him about her just getting out he hospital for spotting and she needs to prop her feet up. Then she makes an order of what she wants to eat. When Devon sees Neil at the bar he gives him the news that Cloe claims the DNA tests came back and they showed that Cane was the Daddy. Neil says what? Devon asks him if he thinks he would make that up. Neil glances over at Cloe and she waves with a smile on her face.

Neil calls Lily and she confirms that it is true but she doesn’t want to talk about it but promises to call him if she needs anything. Colleen tells Lily that her Dad is a good guy. Lily says yes he is but she thought Cane was too. Lily says it is not a matter of trust or love, its more important than their feelings.

Cane goes to Indigo and asks Cloe if she has seen Lily. All she doesn’t was talk about baby names from a book. Cane grabs the book and throws it and tells her he just wants to know if she has seen Lily. Neil walks up telling him that Lily isn’t there. He tells Cane it seems to him that the only responsibility he has now is sitting right here, and he looks down at Cloe. Cane storms out.

Heather and Adam talk about Victor disappearing while they drink a bottle of wine. He tells her all the other Newman’s thinks he is an ass. She tells him that Victor is the one that chased all the others out of this house and she says it started way before he came into the picture. She tells him she needs to get him to relax so they sit back on the sofa and they start kissing.

Nikki goes to Jabot and finds Brad in the board room. She scolds him about knowing that David had a gambling problem yet he encouraged him to play poker. She asks him was he hoping to force them both out of Jabot. Brad doesn’t see what the problem is. He denies knowing anything about David having a gambling problem saying he fooled him too but Nikki doesn’t believe him. She accuses him of having some hidden agenda.

Jill walks in and asks what is going on. She asks Nikki what she is doing here. Nikki tells her she is talking to this snake. Jill tells her to take it somewhere else. Jill reminds Nikki that she doesn’t work there anymore. Nikki accuses her of knowing about David’s gambling problem too. Jill ignores it and then tells Nikki to tell Victoria that her special treatment there is over. Nikki thanks her for reminding her. She hands her Victoria’s resignation. Jill says she will be happy to accept it. When she starts to leave she tells Jill to give that special treatment to Brad because he is the one that is going to need it. She tells Brad that when Jill doesn’t need him anymore she will dump him just like she did her.

Cane goes home with Devon and looks for Lily but he doesn’t find her there. He says he isn’t really surprised. Devon says if he were Lily he wouldn’t want to be there either. Cane tells Devon that his opinion of him can’t be any lower than what he thinks of himself now. Cane tells Devon he loves Lily, he even asked her to marry him. Lily walks in and thanks Devon for coming but asks him to give her some time alone with Cane. When Devon is gone Cane tells her he is glad she came home. She says she came in because they need to talk. Cane tells her that he would never consciously hurt her. She says she knows he wasn’t conscious but it still happened. She tells him that the only right thing for him to do now would be to marry Cloe.

Jill tells Brad after Nikki is gone that Nikki was wrong. She says she has total confidence in him and she has his best interest at heart. She tells him she will see him tomorrow. He tells her to drive carefully. When she is gone Brad opens up a folder that has confidential documents on David Chow.

Neil tells Tyra about Cloe carrying Cane’s baby. She is shocked and says that Lily and Cane looked so happy as a couple. Neil says well they may not be a couple for much longer. Neil tells her that he will support Lily in whatever she decides to do. Tyra suggests that maybe Cloe could give up the baby for adoption. Neil says he doubts that will happen since the baby will be a Chancellor. He says he doesn’t see her turning her back on that.

Michael gets a picture sent to him on his PDA from the California College where his father use to work. Lauren says so that is him and he says could be. As he is leaving he says this could just be another dead end.

Nikki is out at the ranch and she is looking at a framed picture of Victor in a tux. She finds the yellow envelope with the sketch of Sabrina that Daniel gave Victor. The FBI agent walks in showing Nikki his ID. She asks him to keep her informed about the investigation. He tells her he is sorry but he can only speak to family members about it. She quickly tells him she is family. She says she is Mrs. Victor Newman.

Cloe order some tea at Crimson Lights and says she didn’t know contempt was on the menu when Colleen gives her some attitude. She says she wishes everyone would just get over themselves, stuff happens. Colleen calls her a bitch, a loser, and now a mom. She says she really feels sorry about that baby for having a mom like her.

Cane swears to Lily that he will never drink again. Lily swears that she loves him saying that hasn’t changed. She says this is about the baby though. She says that little boy or girl will need him. She says he has told her how hard it was growing up without a father. She says she can not let him do that to this child.

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