Ashley wakes up and sees Adam passing by her room. She pulls him inside the room and asks him if she got up from her bed last night and did he and she talk. She says the sedative she took caused her to have some bizarre dreams. He tells her it was no dream. All she was talking about was Victor going back to Sabrina. Victor is downstairs and he called Victoria and Nick over to tell them about the wedding being called off and Nikki leaving town.

Paul informs a florist that the wedding has been canceled and he apologizes for wasting their time. Todd comes over and sits by the depressed Paul trying to be supportive of his brother.

Billy comes to see Delia but she is sleeping but he tells Chloe he will wait around. Mack comes in and Billy can see she appears to be tired. Mac tells them that she didn’t get much sleep last night and of course Billy has a big grin on his face. Chance comes in with Katherine and Chloe guesses that he got his new job. Katherine tells them all he is the newest member of the GCPD as a detective. He tells Billy no offense but he could never be happy sitting at a desk pushing papers at Chancellor. Chloe says that is what Mac said too. She says they are like two peas in a pod.

Sharon sits at the station talking to Rafe. She says she doesn’t want to use her own attorney because this was just a simple mistake. She says it wasn’t intentional. She says she is a pregnant lady, imagine her trying to outrun a security guard. She says she means, come on! She says called Jack but she doesn’t even know if he is going to show up.

Adam offers to help Ashley sort all this stuff out. He tells her to tell him what she remembers. She turns and just looks at Adam.

Victor tells the kids that Nikki came by last night and that no one knows where she is going. Victoria asks out loud why her mother would come to her father about this and not one of them.

Katherine watches Chloe when straightens Chance’s tie and then tells them to go knock them dead tiger. Chance leaves to go to work. Chloe goes back in with Billy and Mac and says Chance has it bad for Mac. Mac says it is funny because she didn’t pick anything up like that. Billy disagrees and when someone says they heard Delia Chloe says she didn’t hear her. Billy and Katherine say they did so Chloe and Katherine go off to check on her. Mac pressures Billy to tell Chloe about them. When they are gone Mac mentions it but Billy says he still needs more time. He says he is going to see Ashley and Victor will have no choice but to let him see her this time.

Jack goes to the police station and asks Rafe for a minute alone with Sharon. When Sharon starts with the excuses Jack tells her she can skip her “this was a mistake’ line. He says he will do what he can to help but he no longer has it in him to take her in his arms to try to make the world go away. She tells Jack she didn’t want to call Michael for obvious reasons and she continues calling this a fluke. She says she went to therapy. Jack tells her he knows it wasn’t even for a whole session though. Sharon is in shock that the doctor revealed her personal information to Jack about her visit. Jack tells her that unless she wants to have this baby inside the jail she needs to get some help.

Paul tells Todd he didn’t even see this coming even though he probably should have. He says Victor has this hold on Nikki and it is sad. He admits this won’t be easy to get over but he will. He says but Nikki is trapped. He says he tried to make her happy by not judging her and letting her be herself. Todd tells him that is why Nikki loved him so and too much to let him commit to a life less than he deserved. He tells Paul Nikki did the kindest and bravest thing she could ever have done.

Victoria presumes she knows why her Mom went to Victor. He tells her not to jump to conclusions but he will not divulge what he and Nikki talked about. He says when and if he talks to her he will tell her the kids love her very much. Victoria thinks Nikki told Victor she still loves him and he shut her down. Nick says well their Dad does have a wife and baby on the way. He says someone can be the love of your life but it doesn’t mean you will spend your life with them. When Victor says he has to go because Katherine is waiting they thank him for telling them about their Mom. Then they decide to leave before Ashley comes down and hears them.

Ashley tells Adam about her dream. She says Sabrina told her that her baby was gone. She says she was driving in the rain and she could barely see and she lost control of the car. She says she saw Sabrina on the road and she thinks she hit her with her car. She says it sure felt real. Adam tells her he will go check out her car and he promises not to tell anyone. When Billy comes in Ashley runs to his arms crying which takes Billy by surprise.

Jack calls Michael and leaves a message for him. When Detective Wallace walks in with Phillip Chancellor Jack recognizes Phillip. Rafe tells Sharon he hasn’t had any luck scheduling her arraignment yet but she is warned that she might have to spend the night in jail. Jack calls Nick and tells him Sharon has been arrested and he tells him frankly he is running out of ways to get her through to her.

Katherine and Mac talk about the details about Nikki’s wedding being canceled. Chloe turns her attention to Mac telling her she is going to love her. She tells her she just made her a star. She explains that she has arranged a layout in Restless Style featuring those from Genoa City that volunteer in Darfur or fight in the war in Iraq. When Katherine is skeptical over all of it Mac goes for a walk. Chloe tells Katherine that Mac will eventually come around. Victor walks in to give Katherine the news from Nikki about her leaving Genoa City.

Ashley jumps on Billy blaming him on her emotional state on many things starting with the death of Zapato, to her not being there for Abby and her letting Billy and Jack down at Jabot and then the worst one ever was her husband setting Colleen up to get her off the board and she didn’t know anything about it. She says she can’t sleep now because of the nightmares and she can’t even confide in Victor. Billy tells her she can’t keep staying up there in her room hiding from people. He says she needs to go home with him.

Todd helps Paul see that Nikki didn’t do this lightly. He says it is a lonely road for her. He says he doesn’t get it, they were great together. He says Victor treated her like dirt so why would she want to put up with that. Paul asks if this is an addiction. Todd calls it a calling. Paul asks if this is God’s plan for Nikki. Victoria walks in to tell Paul how sorry she is.

Nick thanks Jack for calling and Jack says he hopes her won’t regret it saying Sharon is very fragile right now. He tells Nick this is a reaction to him and Phyllis renewing their vows but she would never admit it. Jack says she needs professional help. He asks Nick to get Sharon to understand that. When Nick goes in to see her she isn’t too happy about Jack calling him.

Ashley doesn’t want to go with Billy asking if she did what about Abby and Victor. Billy is packing her things and ordering her around. She tells him to stop it please. She explains this reaction from her is from the sedative and her hormones. He wonders what she is so afraid of. She says it’s nothing, all this is in her head. Billy says he only wants to help so he begs her to tell him what is going on. She finally admits that she has been seeing Sabrina.

Adam checks out Ashley’s car as he feels his way around the inside. He sits in the driver’s seat. He asks where she went last night crazy girl. He wonders is she was nuts enough to drive this car.

Katherine tells Victor that Nikki said she was in love with Paul but he feels that the fact that they even had that conversation shows that Katherine even doubted Nikki. Victor feels bad for Paul because he is a nice guy. Katherine feels Victor knows more saying they both know why Nikki bailed out. She tells Victor Nikki is still in love with him and she tells him not to dare say it didn’t mean anything to him.

Sharon tells Nick to go home to live his own life. She says she is not self destructing or falling to pieces without him. She says it was just a mistake. She says it wasn’t about him or Jack, it was just a mistake. Nick says he was wrong about her stealing his father’s wallet and he is wrong about this. He says OK he believes her.

Ashley tells Billy the nightmares have gone on for months now. She says Sabrina said some horrible things to her last night. She says she dreamt that she hit Sabrina with a car. Billy jokes saying well that will teach her. He tells her it was just a bad dream and she didn’t hurt anymore. He says besides she is already dead. He tells her she can do whatever she wants to do in her dreams. She tells him he is weird but gives him a big hug. He assures her everything will be OK.

Adam decides to check the car outside to see if there are any signs that Ashley drove it. He finds a dent in the front fender. He says I’ll be damned.

Detective Wallace takes the ring from Rafe and explains how they put it in the evidence room to Chance. Nick asks if he can see it a minute and hands it back. Then he asks if he can have a minute with Sharon. When alone Nick tells her that the ring is the same one he gave Phyllis when they renewed their vows.

Victoria tells Paul that it would have been an honor to have him join their family. He thanks her and then he sends Todd back to his duties. When left alone Paul cries a little more as he takes a white rose from one of the flower arrangements and places it on the altar’s bible. He whispers good bye to Nikki and then he walks out.

Victor reminds Katherine that he has a pregnant wife now. He says Nikki didn’t ask him to leave his family. Katherine says of course she didn’t but she bets she told him she loved him. When Victor won’t talk about his conversation with Nikki Katherine guesses that he denied his feelings for her and he probably regrets it already. He says he regrets her leaving so fast without giving him a chance to tell her everything he wanted to tell her. He says now he doesn’t have a chance.

Chloe comes in and sees Mac reading a Restless Style magazine. She asks if she is imagining her picture on the cover. Mac says no but Chloe can’t let it go. She tells her come on now, it would be fun. Mac tells her to say the name Chance one more time and she won’t be responsible for what she does. Chloe says Chance on purpose as in a dare when Mac has had enough so she blurts out that she and Billy are together and they have been together for a while now. Chloe stands there looking totally stunned.

Billy meets with Jack at the club. He tells him that Ashley is losing it big time. Back at the ranch Adam tells Ashley that he doesn’t exactly know how to tell her this but there is a dent in the car’s fender. He tells her not to worry though he won’t tell anyone she left the house. She says she didn’t leave the house but Adam disagrees saying he says he heard her leave. He says he knows he is blind but he knows her shape and perfume. He knows he heard her leave the house. Ashley starts to panic now when he tells her this nightmare was real and he thinks she killed Sabrina.

Jan Barrett

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