Jack and Sharon are excited over the sales figures. Sharon says the sales have exceeded their expectations. Jack says this is what you get for publishing 4 runs. He wonders if maybe they should run a 5th one. Sharon wonders what is really inside him. He asks if she is wondering if he even has a heart. He tells her he wouldn’t wish what Victor is going through on his worst enemy.

Victoria thinks her father is being so incredibly cold and distant with all of them through this whole thing. She wonders what is it about her father that pushes them away when he is hurting. She says she just wants to help him. Nick says he doesn’t think anyone can help him right now. They both agree that the last person their father will want to see is Nikki.

Nikki is at the hospital and she goes in the room to talk to Victor. She tells him she wants to be his friend again and to be there if he needs someone to lean on. She says she knows he feels cheated and that he holds her partly responsible. She says she understands and accepts… Victor interrupts and says understand and accept? He grabs her arm and pulls her closer telling her she can’t even look at Sabrina. Nikki tells him he is hurting her. He tells her she thinks this is a loss like he’s misplaced something. He says how dare her to come in there. He yells at her that he can’t stand her.

At Crimson Lights Devon gets Ana a coco loco with extra whipped cream. Karen comes in and Anna goes off for munchies. Karen asks why he called her over. He tells her he wants to try something out on her. She says he means before he runs it by his dad. He tells her that he really could use her support on something.

Neil is at home when he gets the call that Sabrina died. He is sad and Tyra notices. He tells her about it. He tells her how Victor was a real rock for him when Dru died. He says his wife died so suddenly just like it did with Sabrina. He says like the snap of a finger, one minute he’s married planning his future and in a flash she was gone.

Nikki tells Victor that she will deal with him blaming her but not now. Not while he is in so much pain. She says believe it or not her heart goes out to him. The man comes in saying they have orders to pick up the deceased. Victor stands up and leans over and kisses Sabrina on the forehead and then covers the sheet over her face. He holds his hands over his face. He walks away from the bed away from her.

Jack tells Sharon he sent flowers to the ranch but not to be too impressed because the delivery was refused. Sharon says it is too bad that Victor hates him so much. Jack says he knows Victor won’t let it drop now and they both know what that means.

Devon tells Karen that when he couldn’t get into music school he chose to go to business school instead but music was always his first choice. He says after he worked with Ana he realizes her wants to become a composer. Anna tells Devon that maybe he can write songs for her then. He says he would like to drop out of business school and focus 100% on music. Karen tells him he should follow his dreams. Devon thinks Neil won’t be too happy when they tell him what he wants to do. We, Karen asks.

Tyra gets Neil to talk to her about Dru. He starts then stops saying this is way too complicated but Tyra thinks he should tell her about it so he continues to give her the details about how Dru died. Neil tells Tyra that Karen is a wonderful woman but they don’t always connect in a personal way. He thanks her for listening to him. Tyra says she would give anything for a love like that. She says the situation with Anna’s father was over before it began. Neil hugs her just as Karen walks in with Ana and Devon.

Sharon asks if Jack isn’t worried about Victor coming after him. Jack thinks Victor has too many other things on his mind. Sharon says she knows there is a heart inside Victor. Jack doesn’t think there is a need to apologize to Victor. He says if Victor expects an apology he’d be disappointed.

They ask Victor if he would like a few more minutes with Sabrina before they take her., Victor leans over and kisses her through the sheets and walks away. Nikki approaches him telling him they need to talk because there is so much that needs to be said. Victor lashes out at her and tells her this wasn’t an accident. He says he tried to warn her about David Chow. He was a member of the mob and he blames her for brining that son of a bitch into their lives.

Jack says he isn’t worried about Victor bringing a lawsuit. He says if he comes after him what’s the worst that could happen, a broken jaw maybe or maybe Victor would get a broken jaw. Jack tells Sharon that Victor is a very powerful man and he has always respected power. Sharon says apparently Jack will not change either. She says she has been by his side through this whole thing. She tells him she likes it when he takes risks. She says it is exciting and sexy. Jack kisses her. She tells him to just look over his shoulder.

Nikki tells Victor that David is dead and she didn’t create the monster. Victor says she set him loose though. Victor tells her he won’t forgive this. They come out with Sabrina’s body and they all watch as she is rolled out. Victor asks if she knows where they are taking her. He says they are taking her to the morgue where they’ll tag her toe and stick her in a drawer. He tells Nikki he only wishes they’d stick her in that drawer and he walks away leaving Nikki gasping in shock.

Tyra and Ana head for bed. Neil says it was really nice for them all to be together. Karen tells him that they need to talk to him. They sit down and Devon explains to Neil that he doesn’t want to go to college anymore because he wants to go 100% with his music now. Devon tries to explain to Neil how much he enjoyed singing at the gala. Neil asks him how he is planning on supporting himself if he does this. Neil argues about his dropping out of college saying he and Dru spent a lot of time and energy not to mention money into him. Karen asks Neil to hear what his son is telling him. Neil agrees to hear Devon out. He says he will at least think about it. When Devon goes to tell Anna good night Karen explains to Neil how Devon came to her to ask her to help him out.

Nikki goes home with Victoria and Nick. Nick says she never should have gone to the hospital. He says his father has no right to blame her for Sabrina’s death. Nikki says she doesn’t think Victor will come around this time. She says he felt protective of Sabrina, like he was her guardian angel and now she is gone. She says he will lash out at them and when he is done hurting then he will hurt himself.

Victor goes to the gallery and starts playing opera music. Jack is upstairs and hears the music and wonders where it is coming from and he realizes who would be down there. Jack goes down to the gallery and sees Victor. Victor’s back is to him so he doesn’t see Jack. Jack walks away before Victor sees him. Victor turns and looks towards the door and then sits in the chair and closes his eyes as he listens to the music with tears rolling down his face.

Nikki wants to go back to her hotel room but Nick and Victoria thinks she should stay there. Victoria tells her she wants her mom to be with her right now. Nikki apologizes to Victoria for forgetting that she is mourning Sabrina’s death too. She tells Victoria she must be going through so much. Nikki says she is fine but she needs some air. She says not to worry she is just going to be outside on the porch. When she goes out there, Nick tells Victoria that at least they got her to stay.

Neil tells Karen he isn’t angry, he is glad Devon went to her. She says the silence is worst than if he were. He just wishes she had come to him and made it a private matter. Karen says she is sorry to hear that Sabrina died and she understands this must have brought back memories of his losing Dru.

Anna comes out to say good night and Tyra follows her. Karen asks her to help her with some bags. When they get out in the hall Karen tells Tyra now that she is working she will probably be looking for her own place. Tyra says yes. Karen tells her to let her know if she needs any help finding an apartment. She turns and goes back inside.

Victoria and Nick talk about how harsh Victor talked to Nikki. Nick thinks the worst hasn’t happened yet though and they agree that they need to keep an eye on her. They worry about her falling off the wagon. Outside Nikki grabs her cross around her neck and says a prayer.

Jan Barrett

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