Cane calls Michael and leaves a message telling him that just because Billy and Chloe got married it doesn’t mean they are fit parents so he would like to move forward and push this custody issue. Cane looks up and sees Lily standing there with her arms folded telling him he just can’t let it go can he.

Ms Harris is still outside their door when Neil tells Karen he doesn’t like the idea of pretending everything is fine. He tells her that would be lying. She doesn’t seem to understand why it would be wrong to lie to Ms Harris but he can lie to his wife.

At the Chancellor home, everyone is together having dinner. They rave about how Esther has outdone herself this time. Mac notices a framed photo of Billy that she picked up from a side table. She thinks back to last night when Chloe interrupted them when Esther walks up and says that is Chloe’s favorite picture of Billy. When Brock explains why he has to go Katherine asks Mac if she has given any thought about staying. The phone rings before she can give an answer.

When Esther answers the phone Billy hangs up just as Chloe comes in telling him that she is cooking a celebration dinner. He tells her he is going to take a ride over to the club to check on his mother saying she really took the news hard and she isn’t answering his calls. Chloe says she is sure Jill is just fine but she wonders if Billy is going to see Mac.

Anna walks in asking Neil and Karen if they are deaf as she opens the door letting Ms Harris in. She brags to her about getting an A on a test. Karen and Neil send Anna off to finish her homework. When she is gone Ms Harris tells them she has good news saying that the hearing will be next week and she says from what she has seen there is no reason they can’t adopt Anna. Sensing there is something wrong she asks them if there is a problem. She asks if they do still want to adopt Ann. Neil says of course they do and then he looks over at Karen.

Tyra wonders if Devon is avoiding her like Neil and Karen are. Devon asks her if she talks to Neil every day. She says not really. He blurts out that she saw what she did and asks how she could do this. Tyra tells him she is so sorry. He asks how two people could be so selfish telling her she sure wasn’t thinking about Anna, him or Karen. She says it was a one time thing. He says one time is one time too many, he is a married man. She apologizes again swearing that it is over and that she and Neil are just sick about it. He tells her he can never count on Neil again and he blames them both. She tells him this has nothing to do with Neil’s love for his family. Devon tells her he asked Neil if he loved her and he couldn’t even look at him so it sure didn’t sound to him like it was over.

Lily tells Cane she had hoped that he would have dropped this custody suit once Billy and Chloe got married. She asks that since they got married doesn’t that show that they aren’t as irresponsible as he thinks they are. She says she doesn’t believe that Billy is just competing with him this time. Cane tells her how he offered his job as CEO to Billy if he would stop fighting this. This makes Lily even more upset when she asks if he actually tried to buy Billy’s baby from him. Cane says well Billy considered it. Cane accuses Chloe of really doing a number on Lily. He says Chloe is using this baby as a meal ticket. Lily says Chloe loves this baby. Cane thinks Chloe will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and she is using that sweet innocent baby.

Chloe tells Billy he doesn’t spend much time with Delia. He tells her she has been sleeping and besides Chloe knows their deal. He says their saying the “I do’s” doesn’t make them the Huxtable’s. She says she was thinking more like maybe the Osbourne’s and he says yeah and he is going on tour for a few days. When Chloe brings up Mac she tells him Mac is not his type. He tells her to drop it and then says he probably won’t ever see her again anyway.

Katherine goes off with Brock to get him to sign some papers that Mitchell left for him. Mac tells Murphy he probably thinks she should return to Dufar. He tells her that she is not a good mind reader because he is thinking that it is not the best thing she should do.

Lily tells Cane she should go. Cane stands as he lets her know how frustrated he is that she won’t agree with him about Billy and Chloe being unfit parents. He says while she might be with him, she won’t stand with him in court or wear his ring. He tells her they are further apart now than they were when this whole thing started.

When Anna is done with her homework she shows it to Ms Harris and then is given permission to go watch TV. Ms Harris says Anna is lucky to have the Winter’s in her life. She tells them she will see them at the hearing. When she is gone Karen thanks Neil for not ruining this. She doesn’t want to carry on with their previous conversation though. He doesn’t understand why it was ok for her to lie to the social worker when she won’t even stay in the same room as he is in. She tells him to give her a break. She tells him to look at what he has done. She says he was willing to put his family on the line. He made her believe it was possible to have a child. She tells him to just go. He leaves her standing there as she breaks down in tears. Outside the door Neil looks miserable but he calls Tyra and she asks him what he is doing. She tells him she thought they said no contact. He tells her it is about Anna and he will be right there. Tyra doesn’t think it’s a good idea though but he pays no attention to her. When she hangs up Devon comes up saying sarcastically “A one time thing huh?” and then he says yeah sure!

Chloe tells Billy she is sorry she mentioned Mac but she is just so used to him being a playboy. She said she noticed last night that he was different. She tells him she can tell her still has a thing for Zena the warrior princess. Billy is saved by the knock on the door. It’s Lily standing there when he opens the door. She asks how married life is. Chloe says it is great, it’s perfect. Billy puts his arm around Chloe as he absolutely agrees. Lily watches Billy when he picks the baby up. She mentions Mac being back and how one minute they were cousins and now they aren’t and how ironic that is. Chloe asks her if she is done now. Billy says he will be right back. He has to go get some baby formula since they are out. When he is gone Chloe tells Lily she can drop the act now and assumes she is there to spy for her boyfriend. Lily says yes she is.

Murphy tells Mac he knows the importance of saving the world but he thinks she could do a lot of good right there at home. He tells her that her grandmother needs her family right now. Mac tells Murphy that her grandma is lucky because he obviously loves her very much. When Brock comes in asking her if she is ready she thinks a minute then asks to give her 5. He complains that they will miss their flight. He opens the door and finds Billy standing there asking if he is too late.

Devon goes to see Anna and he tells Karen that he has been busy with schoolwork, that’s how come he hasn’t been around. He only came there to give Anna a CD. Karen tells him she will be happy to see him. He tells her Anna would be happier if they would let Tyra come around every now and then. Karen explains that it’s complicated and suddenly she realizes that Devon knows. She says in that case he should understand why Tyra would never be welcome there again. Devon says he hates that this has happened and he can’t imagine how much this has hurt her but none of it has anything to so with Anna. Karen says Tyra should have thought about that before she slept with her husband. Devon still believes in the bond between Anna and Tyra.

Cane sees Neil at the bar drinking and joins him. He says he needs to talk to him but promises not to take too long. He tells him he is going after custody of Delia but Lily is against it. He tells Neil she has even broken off their engagement. Neil is surprised to even hear that they were engaged. Cane hoped he could get Neil to help get through to Lily.

Lily tells Chloe she wanted to see if Cane was right about what he thinks about her and Billy. Chloe tells her that Billy is devoted to Delia and then says they both are. Lily tells Chloe that she told Cane he was wrong but she is seeing for herself. She is more convinced now than ever that Delia is where she belongs. Chloe vows that nothing will stop them from being a family.

Billy tells Brock he can’t let Mac leave without telling her good bye. Brock thinks that Mac doesn’t need to hear that so Billy jots down his number and asks Brock to give it to her for him and let her decide what she wants to do. Brock wishes Billy good luck with his family and then closes the door in Billy’s face.

Karen asks Devon why he is siding with Tyra saying she is trying to ruin her marriage. Devon says he isn’t, he is taking Anna’s side because she misses Tyra. Karen says Anna is young and she will get over it and then she blurts out for him not to dare judge her. She says that woman slept with her husband. Devon is sorry that happened but he insists that Anna shouldn’t have to suffer over it. Karen is sure that she and Neil will work this out and be the best parents to Anna. She tells him about the hearing coming up so Anna can continue being what she always has been, Aunt Tyra, nothing more, nothing less.

Cane tells Neil he just wants what’s best for Delia. He claims he isn’t acting out of spite. He begs Neil to please talk to Lily for him. Neil tells him he can’t help him. Cane says since Neil adopted Devon he thought he would understand but Neil tells him the difference in that. Neil wishes he could help him but says he can’t and then he leaves.

Chloe calls to talk to Esther but Mac answers. She is surprised to hear that Mac is still there. When Esther comes to the phone Chloe asks her if Billy is there, saying he claims he went out to get formula. Mac hangs around to eavesdrop when she hears Esther telling Chloe to calm down saying she is leaving tonight. Chloe says she will feel a lot better once Mac is on that plane and then she hushes because Billy walks in.

Karen tells Devon that Anna will soon be her daughter and Tyra will have to take the backseat. She says they haven’t told Anna about the hearing yet but she does plan to. Devon gets a call from Tyra asking him not to hang up when he answers. She asks if he is at Neil’s and then if she can talk to Anna. When he calls out to Anna, Karen asks him what he is doing. When Anna gets on the phone and tells Tyra she wants to see her. Tyra tells unfortunately not tonight because she has to work. Anna tells her to make it soon because she really misses her.

Chloe asks Billy where the formula is that he went to buy. He lies and tells her they were out and then he goes to the bedroom muttering to her that he isn’t hungry.

Mac takes Billy’s number from Brock and they all tell him good bye. Mac tells everyone she has decided to stay but it isn’t because of Billy. She says that Murphy made her see how much Katherine needs her right now. She promises to protect herself when she give Brock a hug good bye.

Lily goes to see Cane at the bar. She tells him she took his suggestion and went to see for herself but she hasn’t changed her mind. She says if he could see the smile on Billy’s face when he holds the baby and the smile on her face. He tells him that Delia is where she belongs. She isn’t in danger. She asks him what makes him think he could get custody of her anyway. He says she needs to know that someone cares enough to try and give her a better life and he has to try.

Tyra tells Anna she loves her too and then tells her good night. Neil walks in just as she hangs up. She tells him how he missed the fireworks when Devon just chewed her out like she was a slut. She admits he didn’t use those exact words but may as well have. Neil tells her that Karen knows what happened and Ms Harris was there today telling them the hearing is scheduled for next week. She tells him she doesn’t understand why he is trying to take Anna away from her. Neil tells her they can’t let them know his marriage is having trouble because they could place Anna back in foster care then. Tyra asks then what is she supposed to do, just disappear or act like Anna never existed. He says he wants to get Rafe to put Anna back into her care and then Karen will have to give up on the idea of adopting her. He says Karen might go along with it if she sees how happy she is with Tyra. She tells Neil he would be putting his marriage on the line by doing this. He tells her it doesn’t really matter what the cost is, it is the right thing to do for Anna.

Karen yells at Devon for putting Tyra on the phone with Anna after everything she has done. Devon tells her he really likes her but she isn’t thinking straight. He says Anna shouldn’t be caught in the crossfire of what happens between her and Neil. Karen tells him she can’t have children of her own and she almost didn’t marry Neil because she couldn’t give him a family. She tells him he has no idea what that little girl means to her. He tells her this is not about her though. Anna belongs to Tyra. Karen starts crying when she says she has so much love to give that little girl. Devon says she is not that little girl’s mother. Karen says she will be. He says no matter what happens he will make sure that Tyra will always be in Anna’s life.

Billy comes to the dinner table with Chloe saying it smells good as he starts to dig in. Back as Katherine’s place, Mac is sitting out on the porch looking at Billy’s number as she thinks back to Chloe coming over last night. She starts ripping the number up. Katherine and Murphy come outside to ask if she wants to play some gin rummy with them. She tells them she can’t think of anything else that she would rather do than to play rummy with them. Esther is listening when Katherine tells Mac that they will help one another find their way.

Jan Barrett

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