Jack and Phyllis are discussing business at Restless Style when a man walks in looking for Jack Abbott. Jack says he is Jack Abbott. The man tells Jack he has been served and he hands him some papers. Then man then walks away. Phyllis wants to know what is going on. Jack smells the papers and says he can smell the works of Michael Baldwin. Phyllis asks what does that mean. Jack opens the envelope and says Michael Baldwin is suing him for $2million. Jack and Phyllis sit down and he tells her the whole story about how they hired an actor to play John Abbott’s ghost and how Lauren got hurt. When Sharon comes in they give her the news of the lawsuit.

Michael gets notice that Jack has been served. He tells Kevin and Jana about his lawsuit against Jack on behalf of Lauren. Kevin tells Michael he can’t blame Gloria for Lauren’s fall. Kevin still thinks they need to help her out but Michael sticks to his decision to start letting her get herself out of her own problems for now on.

Nick goes to see Adam. He tells him he thinks it is time they have a brother to brother talk. Adam says that is a first. Nick shuts the door and sits down. He tells him this is about his flirting with his wife. Adam asks if that is the way Phyllis sees it. Nick says everyone has noticed it. He says he doesn’t have a chance with Phyllis so he tells him to stay away from his wife. Adam tells him he is making a huge deal out of nothing. Nick says huge or not it is going to stop. Adam says he went to their house looking for him and since he wasn’t there he decided to discuss it with Phyllis instead. Nick tells him the bottom line is that he doesn’t want his wife uncomfortable around him so from now on anything to do with Restless Style will be discussed with him only. Later Adam calls Phyllis and tells her that from now on he won’t go to her about the ad they are taking out in Restless Style since his talking to her makes her so uncomfortable. When Nick gets back Phyllis asks him if he talked to Adam about her.

At the Abbott Mansion Gloria is locked up in the cellar. Kyon has Jeffery pinned down on the sofa kissing him telling him she is better than Gloria. Neither of them notices Alistair there watching them. Alistair notices Gloria’s jacket with her keys in the pocket and realizes Gloria is there somewhere and wanders off to look for it without being seen.

Alistair hears Gloria banging on the door down in the wine cellar. She asks him if he sees a key somewhere and he says no. She asks if he knows how to pick a lock and he says of course. He gets the door open and all he sees is the wine bottles. She is all excited but when he walks in he lets the door shut behind him locking him and Gloria in there again. She is all upset but he doesn’t seem to care. All he is thinking of is the wine. She tells him that Jeffery’s ex girlfriend locked her in there and he tells her about them upstairs. She calls Jeffery a two timing bastard. She gets flustered and says they have got to get out of there. They finally figure a way out and when they get upstairs she finds Jeffery and Kyon on the sofa together. She slaps him and calls him a filthy pig. They jump up and they are startled to see Gloria standing there.

She throws Kyon and her clothes out and then tells Jeffery to get out too. He tells her nothing happened but she still wants him out. He tells her not to do this because she knows what will happen. She says she doesn’t care and he can call the cops if he wants to. She says she would rather spend the rest of her life in prison than to spend one more night in this house with him and she slams the door. She walks into the living room. Alistair asks her why on earth she would go to prison. She looks at him and just says it is just an expression.

Jeffery goes to the Club and tells Kyon that he is going to check in but he wants her to find a discrete place to stay for the night and he wants her on the first flight out in the morning. She says she is better for him but if she has to leave she deserves a gift with many zeros on it. He tells her not to threaten him like that.

Nick goes to see Victoria while he is at Newman. She tells him how her Dad took her off of Beauty of Nature and put Adam in charge of it. Nick tells her that Adam wants what he and she have. She agrees that he is up to something. Later Victoria goes to see Victor and she tells him that Sabrina told her about his job offer. Then she brings up the part about him taking her off of Beauty of Nature and she doesn’t want to give it up but Victor says he has made his decision about it. She tells him she can make Beauty of Nature successful. Victor tells her no one makes his decisions but him so no one has influenced him in this one.

Victor is in his office after Victoria leaves working and a knock at the door brings Sabrina in. He is happy to see her. She tells him she got to the airport and couldn’t leave. They hug and she tells him she accepts his job offer.

Jana and Kevin talk about setting a wedding date. Michael asks how they would react if Gloria wasn’t at the wedding. Jana is totally against leaving Gloria out of the wedding. She says she is the reason she is alive since she paid for her surgery. Jana tells Kevin if they don’t let Gloria come to their wedding she will be devastated.

Jan Barrett

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