Sitting in a diner Michael is thinking of looking around in the area if he has to go from door to door. Jana and Daniel seem to have different opinions about Amber’s involvement here. Jana thinks that if only Amber had turned herself in (if she could have at least) then Jana would know where her husband is. No one there knows what Jeffery is up to. Michael says he has his own agenda and he is one that they can’t count on.

Amos shows Jeffery the box car that he is sure Kevin and Amber are hiding in. Jeffery tells Amos he can take it from here saying he and the kid go way back. He says he can handle it from here. Once Amos is gone, Jeffery calls Gloria and tells her he found them and he is risking his life to prove to her that he loves her.

Kevin screams out when Amber pours some more alcohol on his leg and then she wraps it back up. He thanks her and says he wasn’t sure she would even come back. He wonders what if his Dad comes back and finds her there. Amber tells him he will never ever find him. She tells him it is safe to go home now. She asks doesn’t he want to go see Jana and he nods his head in agreement.

Anna is playing her game but hands it over to Neil when he reminds her that she has homework to do. Karen asks Anna if she can make her bed too and she added that Ms Harris is coming over. Neil asks again? Anna asks if she can call her mom. Neil tells her that her Mom is at work. Anna complains that she hasn’t seen her in so long. Then he tells Anna he will set up a meeting with her mother soon. When Anna leaves the room Neil and Karen argue more. She wants to make sure the apartment looks clean and he is more concerned about their marriage. He tells her that they can’t keep playing this game.

Katherine asks Mitchell Sherman what he thinks now that he is seeing her with his own eyes. He is very happy to see Katherine’s alive and thinks that voiding the death certificate and reversing the will should be a simple matter. He tells her that he knows she isn’t concerned that some of the money handed out in her will was spent but she is more interested in getting back Chancellor Industries and the 5% stock of Jabot back. Mitchell thinks they will happily return what belongs to her. Katherine says some will be less happy than others.

Jack sees Gloria and asks her shouldn’t she be saving her pennies. He tells her that Katherine will want her 5% shares of Jabot back. Gloria tells him that her deal was made in good faith so it will still stand. Jack says it will be a breech of contract though because she knew Katherine was alive when she made the deal. He asks who she made the deal with anyway. She just walks off from him without telling him anything. Once away from Jack she calls Victor and leaves him a message asking him to call her right away.

Victor asks Mary Jane for a progress report on Jack. She tells him that Jack practically begged her to stay on. She says Jack is intrigued by her air of mystery. She says she left him disappointed though, just as Victor thought. She wonders what’s next. Victor says he is sure that he will want to use her to promote himself to Katherine saying he is desperate for his old job back. Victor gives her some documentation that he wants her to familiarize herself with. He says he is a firm believer in knowing the weakness of one’s enemy. Mary Jane adds to learn how to use it to set the perfect trap too.

Later at the club bar Jack sees Mary Jane and offers her job back. He says he will be in the position to give it back to her after he talks to Katherine which he is about to do in a few minutes. He assures her it will go his way, after all he has a secret weapon. He tells her his secret weapon is her.

Neil wants to talk to Karen about what happened with him and Tyra saying avoiding it is putting her in the middle of them. Karen tells him no, it was him that put her in the middle when he kissed her. She asks can he really blame her for not wanting Tyra to visit with Anna there. He says Anna needs her mother. He takes the blame for the tension and he is sorry. She tells him she wants to know why though. Karen reminds him that she did give him the chance for an out before their wedding. She says she begged him to tell her if he wasn’t ready. He tells her he was ready or at least he thought he was.

Gloria calls Michael to ask him about the will now that Katherine is alive. He is irritated that she is thinking about that now when she has a son out there fighting for his life. She tells him that Jeffery found Kevin and Amber. He tells her to call Jeffery and tell him not to do anything. She tells him she will try but it might be too late.

Michael tells Jana and Daniel that Jeffery found Kevin. He agrees it is a good thing as long as they can get there before he screws this all up. When they all run out the door an officer there is ordered to follow them saying they will lead him right to Fisher.

Kevin sees Jeffery and yells at him to leave him alone and to go away. Amber tells Jeffery to go away calling him an idiot. Jeffery tells them to relax because he came there to get them. Kevin tells Amber to see, he told her he’d come back. Amber tells Kevin he is not going to hurt him. Jeffery grabs Amber and pulls her up off the ground asking her if she wants to be left there alone. Kevin tells him to let go of her. Jeffery insists he gets his ass in the car and Kevin says OK he is going.

Michael, Jana and Daniel are hiding behind some cardboard trash outside the box car. While still inside Kevin hops over to Jeffery and bangs him on the head with the gun. He asks Amber if he is dead. She tells him she doesn’t think so and then tells him to put that gun away. Kevin says he is waking up. Kevin is freaking out as he points the gun at Jeffery. Amber shouts at him telling him not to shoot.

Gloria sees Victor at the club and tells him that once it is declared that Katherine is not dead her it will void her will and everything of her will go back to her. She tells him but she sold that stock to him in good faith and she has kept her word about keeping quiet about it. Victor is annoyed that she is talking to him about this right there in the club openly for anyone to hear. She says Jack has been asking her about whom she sold the shares to and she hasn’t told him anything. Victor tells her she tells him this and now she wants to talk to him about it there. He asks what the hell she was thinking. He sits back and folds his arms and tells her she just gave him a good reason to void their agreement.

Katherine guesses that Jack’s visit now is because he wants control again at Jabot. She tells him that Nikki told her about Gibson’s lawsuit being a scam but she says still Jack is a PR nightmare with a chronic case of foot in the mouth disease. Jack tells her he has found a cure for that and he can’t wait until she meets her.

Karen continues cleaning and admits maybe she is overreacting to the kiss. She says it was such a shock to her and she blew it up in her head it became bigger than it was. She says Neil just got cold feet after the wedding instead of before. She says Tyra took advantage of it the minute she saw it. When Neil asks her why is she letting him off the hook. She tells him she isn’t letting him off the hook though. She says she is very hurt but they can work through this maybe with counseling. She begs him not to let it mean that they can’t adopt Anna. She says that Anna deserves a family with two parents that both love her and are committed to each other. She says they can work this out. She tells him it was a kiss, just a kiss. Neil tells her whether she wants to believe it or not they have some big problems in their marriage.

Jack brings in Mary Jane and introduces her to Katherine. He says Mary Jane is a  public relations guru and she is terrific. Katherine wonders why rehabilitate Jack instead of just hiring someone new and baggage free. Mary Jane says it’s very simple, because Jack Abbott is Jabot and she hands Katherine a file telling her to look at this.

Gloria tells Victor she will do anything to keep their deal including never calling him again about this. Victor says since he has nothing to show that he is the one that gave Gloria the money then she is in his debt and owes him a favor. She asks if that is all. She says she does have a favor to ask of him though. She tells him that her son is in terrible trouble.

Amber tells Kevin she san tie Jeffery up when Jeffery tells them to leave him alone as Kevin holds the gun on him. She looks for a rope when Michael walks in offering something that might work. Michael asks little brother what’s he got there and Kevin says the scum of the earth. Michael chuckles saying he’ll say. He stands there watching as Kevin and Amber tie up Jeffery. Amber tells Michael that Kevin thinks Jeffery is Terrible Tom and he thought the same thing about Clint. Michael asks what Tom did to him. Kevin tells him that he put him in the closet and he hated it in there. Michael looks at the gun Kevin has and asks if Tom gave him that too. When Kevin asks Michael if he is mad, Michael says of course he isn’t. Kevin says Tom is a bad father and Michael agrees that they should punish him. Michael says there aren’t any closets and besides that isn’t a good enough punishment for what he did to him. Michael punches Jeffery and then laughs saying that felt good and for Kevin to go for it. Jeffery yells asking what the hell are they doing and threatens to file charges on them. When Kevin gets ready to take a swing at Jeffery he hands Michael the gun. Michael tells Amber to go for the hot sauce so they can put this guy in a coma. Jeffery tells them their mother is going to be furious. As they edge towards the door Amber hurries out. Michael tells Kevin to go get Terrible Tom and teach him a lesson.

Katherine looks through the folder that Mary Jane put together which is really Victor’s folder and says clearly she can see that Mary Jane has done her homework. Mary Jane sums it up for her saying in the mind of the customer Jack Abbott and Jabot are inextricably linked. Katherine laughs as she says unfortunately. Mary Jane says no, it is a gift. She says that Jack’s image can be changed by telling this story. Katherine asks if Jack could tell that story, he says he could tell it 1000 times. Mary Jane tells Katherine she isn’t done yet but by the time she is Katherine’s customers will be writing letters of apologies to Jack. Katherine says alright, she is convinced, as soon as she regains control of the shares she will make Jack CEO again but on one condition, he has to hire Mary Jane. Jack says done as he and Mary Jane smile.

Amber runs out of the box car right into Daniel’s arms. She tells Jana that Michael is in there trying to get through to Kevin right now. She tells them how Clint treated Kevin like Terrible Tom did and now he is dead. She tells them Clint was dead when she found Kevin. She asks Jana to stay out of there right now because Kevin is really unpredictable right now. The cops arrive and surround the box car. They cuff Amber who warns them not to go in there because he is with his brother.

Michael tells Kevin to think about what Terrible Tom did to him with the closet and all the beatings. He tells him he doesn’t need him, saying Kevin is in control here. Michael tells Kevin that he’ll never touch him again. He says he has got to punish him. He yells at Kevin to do it. Jeffery weakly yells no. Michael cheers Kevin on as he starts punching Jeffery in the face saying this one is for the closet and then next one for calling him names. Michael continues to cheer him on telling him to get him. When Jeffery falls to the ground Michael pulls Kevin off and asks if he feels better now. Kevin says yeah but what do they do now. Michael says well they could kill him.

Neither Karen or Neil wants to end their marriage. Karen tells Neil she will get past it and she will even try to get along with Tyra. She says after all it was just a stupid kiss right? Neil just stands there with his eyes closed and the guilt is written all over his face as he covers it with his hands. Karen is horrified and starts to cry. He tells her how sorry he is. She says OMG! Then she hears a knock on the door she presumes it is Ms Harris.

Michael tells Kevin if he kills him then he will go to jail. Kevin says he has been in jail before but Michael says that he would end up like being in a closet forever but he says it is Kevin’s choice leaving it up to him. Kevin thinks about it and then says he doesn’t want to kill him. Michael sits next to him and says ok, they will figure a way out of this. Suddenly there is a voice coming from a bullhorn outside demanding that Kevin comes out with his arms up. Kevin calls out for Michael in a panic. Michael tells him it is time to go home.

Jana wants the bullhorn saying she is Kevin’s wife. The detective says they have hostages but Amber says there are no hostages. Suddenly the wind blows and they see the Newman helicopter with Gloria inside it. She runs over there to hear that Michael and Jeffery are inside with Kevin.

Michael tries to calm Kevin down. Kevin tells him no because he will leave him again. Michael tells him he was only a kid himself and he didn’t know how to help him back then but he does now. He says he is taking him with him now and he will never give up on him. He says again he is taking him with him this time. Kevin tells him he waited for him. Michael says he knows and he promises he won’t let him down again.

Karen refuses to let Neil tell Ms Harris that there is a family emergency. She tells him to open the door and step up for the next 10 minutes. She tells him to be the man she married or thought she married.

When they get back to the club Jack tells Mary Jane he was impressed with the job she did with Katherine. He asks where she got all that data. She says she can’t give away her secret. He remarks that she hasn’t given up one secret yet. When she asks if he is complaining he says no but he is happy things are going as they planned. She says so is she.

Victor goes to see Katherine and tells her he is happy to see her back where she belongs and would help her anytime. He asks if that was Jack Abbott he saw leaving. He asks if Jack wants his old job back and she has agreed to give it to him. She says despite his flaws he is one hell of a business man. She tells him he has a PR consultant with tremendous ideas so it all should be fine. When Victor leaves he says to himself, well done Mary Jane, very well done indeed!

Michael calls out that he is coming out unarmed and asks Kevin if he is ready. Kevin asks him if he isn’t going to leave him. Michael tells him he is right there by his side. Michael helps him hobble out. The cops yell hands up. As they come out Michael tells them to relax, they aren’t armed. He tells Kevin to look there’s Jana. Kevin asks where. Suddenly the cops tackle Kevin leaving him to call out for Michael while the cops handcuff him. Gloria runs past the cops that are holding Michael back to get to Jeffery. She asks him if Kevin did this. He says yes but the maniac had to get it off his chest.

Amber is handcuffed to a chain linked fence next to Kevin when she assures him that they are safe and no one got hurt.. She says that’s all that matters. She asks Kevin if he is mad at her when he seems to be ignoring her. She tells Michael when he comes over to them that something is wrong. When Michael tries to talk to Kevin telling him he is there and he didn’t leave him he gets no response either. Kevin just sits there staring like he doesn’t hear them.

Jan Barrett

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