Jeffery brings Gloria a single rose and tells her this is for their fresh start. She smiles and asks him if they are really going to go through this charade. He tells her this is no charade. She tells him he isn’t getting to the first base on their first date buster. She kisses him and then he tells her he will be right back. She tells herself that she has to be really careful. Someone knocks at the door and it is Kyon. She comes in and Gloria asks her to get out of her house. Kyon tells her that, that man will hurt her just like he hurt her. Kyon cries about Jeffery and then accuses Gloria of seducing Jeffery away from her. Gloria says she did not.

She tells Kyon she has to get something out of the wine cellar and asks her to come with her. She says then when Jeffery comes back they can straighten things out. Down in the wine cellar they look for a bottle of wine. While looking Kyon runs out the room and locks the door behind her, locking Gloria in. Gloria yells for her to open the door but all Kyon does is laughs. Meanwhile Alistair sees Jeffery at the Club and thinks now is his chance because the lovely Gloria must be at home alone so he heads over there and rings the doorbell and waits for someone to answer. When no one answers he lets himself inside. Kyon walks in and sees him and he asks if Gloria is there. She tells him she is not there and she tells him to get out and then throws him out.

Jeffery comes home and yells out for Gloria. Kyon walks in and he asks her where Gloria is. She tells him she left him, she said she hates him and she said he can force her to marry him but he can’t force her to stay with him. He reminds her that he is a married man. She gets mad and says forget Gloria. She opens her dress and asks him why he would want her when he can have her instead. He gets himself a drink and he asks her to please put on her clothes. She tells him he never asked her to put her clothes on before and she starts kissing him. Alistair sneaks back inside unnoticed and just watches them.

Victor comes down and Sabrina is there drinking a cup of coffee. He walks up to her and she tells him she slept great last night. Before anything else can happen Victoria comes in and tells Sabrina she just got back from Chicago and she will tell her all about it over breakfast. She invites Victor to join them but he says he can’t. Sabrina thanks him for his hospitality and Victor thanks him for taking such good care of her best friend. Victor leaves and Victoria wants to hear all about what happened between her and her Dad. When they get coffee they sit down and Victoria asks her if her Dad offered her a job. Sabrina says no, he didn’t. They decide to forget the coffee and go for something to eat.

They go to the office first and Victoria sees Adam. She asks him if he got her messages. He tells her he was in meetings all morning so he asks if she wants to talk now. They argue over the changes he wants on the ad. She tells him she told Phyllis not to make the changes. He tells her Victor approved the changes. She says that is it, she can’t work like this anymore. He tells her that if someone else had his job that was less qualified she would accept it better. He tells her he doesn’t want Nick’s job, nor does he want hers. He says Victor wants them to work together and for them to try and get along. She gives in and says he is right. 

While waiting for Victoria Sabrina goes to Victor’s office. She tells him she just wanted to say good bye. She admits to him that she doesn’t want to keep what happened between them a secret from Victoria. He tells her she has done nothing to be ashamed of.. He tells her that he wants to hire her as his art consultant. He asks her to commute back and forth but he wants her to stay in Genoa City.

Victoria interrupts before Sabrina can give him an answer. Sabrina excuses herself to freshen up. Victoria tells Victor about her talk with Adam. She tells him what he told her. Victor says he told him the same thing. He tells her he has a suggestion for a solution, he thinks he will separate the two of them. She says that will be good if he moved him to something else. Victor says he isn’t going to move Adam. He is going to move her, which startles her.

Victoria is upset and walks out the office. Sabrina sees her and asks her if she is ok. She tells her about how her father took her off Beauty of Nature and gave it to Adam. Sabrina tells her that she has good news. She tells her about Victor’s offer for a job position. Victoria says this is wonderful news but Sabrina says she hasn’t accepted yet. Victoria says of course she will and then she tells her that she and JT talked about it and they would like to ask her to be Reed’s Godmother. Sabrina gladly accepts.

Cane and Lily slept over night on her sofa. When they wake up he asks her how she feels. She says pregnant. He says he knows one thing for sure and that is that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. He says he is going to take the day off so they can talk about this. She says she doesn’t want to sound selfish or anything but she just needs time to think to herself right now to sort things out. When Cane leaves Lily calls Colleen. She tells her she is pregnant. Colleen wants to know how Cane reacted and wonders why he isn’t there with her now. She says she asked him to go so she could think.

Colleen asks her if she wants this baby. She says she just isn’t ready to have a baby. Colleen wants to know if she has told her Dad yet and she says no and she just can’t tell him. She says he will be so disappointed and no one handles disappointment as bad as her Dad. Lily says she just can’t imagine her as a Mom. She wonders how her Mom felt. She thinks about what if her Mom had made different choices then she wouldn’t be there. Colleen asks her if she is considering that route. Cloe calls and tells Lily to get down there to Jabot. She says she just won the ticket. Colleen is whispering to her not to go but Lily gives in and tells Cloe she will be there as soon as she can.

When Lily gets to Jabot Cloe brings her into the board room where Cane, Nikki, Nick and Felicia are. They announce to her that Forrester wants to use her as their model for their ad in Restless Style. She says she thought she signed a contract with Jabot for exclusivity. Nikki says she did but they are going to loan her out. Lily doesn’t know what to say.

Karen is unpacking her things in Neil’s apartment. When Neil comes in she asks him if he is sure her moving in is ok with Lily and Devon. He tells her it is all fine and from now on he wants her to call this her apartment too. He finds a poetry book and starts reading from it but she says that isn’t what it says. He pulls the book away and when she reaches for it she falls on the bed with him. They start kissing and end up making love.

Later Karen is unpacking more when she finds a picture and she wants to hang it. She takes down another picture that is hanging and he looks sad suddenly. He tells her that of all the pictures to remove now, she picked that one. He explains that Dru hung that particular picture first in the apartment. He tells her that Dru’s memorial service was one year ago today and suggests that he goes to see the kids and drive up to where she died with them.

Lily and Devon talk about how much they miss Dru. She tells Devon that she has some news. She tells him she is going to Los Angeles because she was chosen to go for a photo shoot. Devon wonders if this is a good idea with her being so sick lately. He confesses to her that he saw the pregnancy test and asks if she is pregnant. She tells him yes and then he asks what is she going to do about it. She says she doesn’t know yet. She admits she just can’t tell her Dad though.

Jan Barrett

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