Sharon gets worried when she tries calling Noah and doesn’t get an answer so she calls Nick but gets Phyllis instead. Phyllis tells her she won’t put Nick on the phone and tells her to go find someone else. Then Phyllis hangs up on her. Phyllis didn’t tell Sharon Nick wasn’t there because they had a fight because of her. Then she thinks to herself that at least this time he didn’t go running to her but then again she wonders if the call was just to throw her off. Meanwhile we see Nick sitting at the bar at the club with Jack.

Murphy notices that Katherine can’t seem to sleep. He asks her if she wants to just talk about what’s on her mind. She tells him she is worried about Jill. She snuggles up to Murphy telling him he is her rock as he comforts her.

Chloe paces the floor with Delia in her arms wondering where Billy is. She tells herself that she is wearing the ring and they did consummate their marriage so surely there isn’t anything for her to worry about.

Billy tells Mac he realizes it is late but it is about the same time he would be leaving clubs or gazing up at the moon wondering if Mac was looking up at the same one as he was. Mac adds, it is the same moon his wife looks at too.

Murphy and Katherine decide to play some rummy. He tells her the fight with Jill wasn’t her fault. Katherine compares her relationship with Jill to the relationship she has with Nikki, but then she feels stops herself saying she doesn’t want to do that. She says she botched up her relationship with Jill. She is also worried about Amber and Kevin. Murphy says he just wants her to concentrate on the good things like Mac being home. He tells Katherine now that’s one chick she doesn’t have to worry about.

Chloe tries to convince the baby and herself that she and Billy are true lovers always. She thinks back saying there was never a chance that they wouldn’t get together. She thinks back to when she first met Billy at the coffee shop. She remembers stalking Billy at the coffee shop and then at Billy’s regular newsstand. She tells Delia that Mommy calls it fate.

Billy asks Mac if she wants a coat, or a blanket or a cup of tea maybe. All Mac says if she needs a coat or tea she can get it but she wants to know what he is doing there. He tells her he wants air, saying there is none at his place. He says it isn’t everyday that you lose a cousin. Mac adds, or gain a wife. Billy tells her to give him a break saying it’s been 6 years. He just wants to catch up on things. He tells her since she left he has been busy boy, surfing and gambling and working and playing. She says she doesn’t blame him for living his life. He tells her he knows he ran and perhaps that makes him an ass. Mac says she ran too so what does that make her.

Chloe talks to Delia telling her what she calls fate her Daddy would call stalking but smart girls that they can’t just wait for fate to happen, they have to read the signs and follow through. She says she was born a maid’s daughter and admits she was jealous of not being a Chancellor so she was determined to becoming a real Chancellor’s wife.  She tells Delia the funny thing now is that her daddy isn’t even a Chancellor after all but she doesn’t care, he is the only guy for her. She thinks back to when she was first with Billy. She remembers him telling her he was married to a superhero princess for a few hours. She remembers cutting his words off not caring about what he was saying. She didn’t think it was true anyway.

Mac tells Billy she is tired and jet lagged but Billy wants to talk. He says he is pissed off because they missed the past 6 years together. Mac tells him he stopped being responsible for his life that day. He says they were robbed of their lives that day. Mac figures they both came back to Genoa City because they have both moved on. He wants Mac to admit that they never came back before at the same time because they knew the pull between them would be too great and they couldn’t risk it. Mac apologizes saying she meant it when she says she has moved on and reminds him that so has he with his wife and daughter.

Sharon shows up at Phyllis’s house looking for Noah. Phyllis checks his room and finds he isn’t there which forces her to admit to Sharon that Nick is gone too. She says she is shocked Nick didn’t run to Sharon, saying he always goes to poor needy Sharon. She tells Sharon how she caught Nick leaving her hotel suite and they pretty much had it out. She asks Sharon why she is trying to hurt Nick and take him away from her and Summer. Sharon says she isn’t doing that. She tells Sharon that would destroy Nick.

Nick and Jack sit at the bar drinking together when Jack tells him about signing the divorce papers. He says that is why he is there so why is Nick there. Nick says he is just there to drink. He guesses that their favorite redhead is on a tear. Nick starts to leave until Jack apologizes for being a smart ass. He tells Nick that Phyllis loves him and so does Sharon. He says the two women he holds in pretty damn high in regards thinks Nick is a pretty good guy. Nick asks is he has hard feelings against him. Jack says no he doesn’t resent Nick because the two women he was married to are in love with him. He says he sees the kid her helped raise in a personal hell, with one of those women getting hurt badly and Jack says he knows Nick well enough to know it is tearing him up.

Noah pulls away from Eden when she is kissing him and tells her that they have to sneak around to see each other. She says when they go to college they can get an apartment together. He says yeah one bedroom for an office and the other… Eden finished his sentence by saying… for them. Noah’s phone is on vibrate at it goes off again he continues ignoring it. Eden says she is betting him that they will always be together.

Sharon takes off her coat saying she isn’t going anywhere until she knows that Noah is ok. She tells Phyllis of course she loves her son. Phyllis tells her she was talking about Nick not Noah asking her if she loves him. She says yet she hurt him anyway. Sharon denies being why Nick walked out on her. Phyllis tells her they all know she is losing it. She says Nick thinks he broke her so now he thinks he has to be the one to fix her but he can’t. Phyllis begs Sharon to get some professional help not help from her husband. She tells Sharon she is drowning and she is pulling Nick down with her. Sharon thinks Phyllis is talking about Brad’s death but Phyllis says that the word ‘drowning’ was a metaphor. She tells her to get a grip. Sharon tells her that Nick is not drowning because of her and she is completely fine.

Jack tells Nick that Phyllis needs him saying she can be so vulnerable because she fights dirty. He says poor Sharon, the more stoic she tries to be, the more she wears her heart on her sleeve. Nick thinks Jack is the only one fixated on them, let’s just keep it at that. Jack thinks that’s bull. He thinks Nick sat next to him because he knows he loved both these women too and he knows what he is going through. He says let’s be honest here tonight and not pretend he’s there trying to decide which one he loves. Nick says that is not what he is trying to do. Jack says well maybe he loves them both the same. He says Wow, you poor fool! Nick stands up and Jack asks where he is going. Nick tells him he has no idea as he walks off.

Chloe gets online to see if she can find out anything about Mac. She finds photos of the Jabot kids. She tells Delia to look at how adorable her daddy was. She finds Billy and Mac’s old wedding announcement. She pouts when she realizes he didn’t seem to need any nudging when he married Mac. She decides there is no way they are going to stay in Genoa City.

Mac says they can not make up for lost time because they didn’t lose time, time just kept on going. Billy wants to know what her thoughts were when she heard that Jill and Katherine were not related after all. Mac tells him no magical moment is going to happen between them. She tells him she only came back to see her grandma so she and Billy have only right now and then she is going to be gone.

Mary Jane walks into the bar and finds Jack drinking at the bar. She says she likes drinking in a bar alone late at night with no strangers to bother her. She tells him she plans on returning to New York soon but Jack asks her to stay. He says he will need her more than ever when he takes over again at Jabot. She says maybe he will take over Jabot and then she can use her talents to polish up him image.

Phyllis denies calling Sharon crazy, saying it’s not crazy to need help especially after all that Sharon has been through the last few months. Sharon thinks Phyllis just wants her out of the way. Noah walks in and Sharon says thank God. Phyllis leaves Sharon alone with Noah so she can scold him about his constant disobedience. He asks her he is like a dog to her. She says he isn’t a dog but he is a minor that has to follow rules. Noah says since the subject about Eden has come up he wants Sharon to know that Eden is a part of his life. He says just because Sharon is alone and miserable, she wants everyone else to be miserable too.

Billy asks Mac if she is going to run again. He tells her if she wants to save the world why not start with him. He says he could love his life with a wife and kids but just not with… and before he can finish what he was saying Chloe walks up with Delia telling the baby that she told her they would find her Daddy there.

Katherine tells Murphy how great Mac is which makes him think of Amber. Katherine says sure she is worried about Amber and Kevin. He says the four of them were kind of like a team. Murphy thinks the kids are good kids no matter what the cops think about them. He says he thinks that although Katherine is one scary tough broad  and Mac and Brock get that from him but he says he doubts she can fix it all.

Chloe says Delia was fussy so she took her for a drive, and they thought he just might be there. She tells Billy and Mac that it must be mind blowing whiplash for them to learn after all this time that they aren’t related after all. Chloe tells Billy she is exhausted so he can take Delia’s next feeding time which it is time for. She says they are done now right? Billy says no but Mac says yes. Mac leaves them after congratulating them both on their beautiful family.

Sharon lectures Noah saying just because he thinks he is in love that is no excuse to insult his mother. Noah says he doesn’t think he is in love, he knows he is just like she and his Dad were. He says it isn’t like they were sick of each other and they fell out of love either, and he knows if Cassie hadn’t have died they would still be together. Phyllis is listening when Noah tells Sharon that he assumes if she thought she could get that back with his Dad she would. Sharon stands there thinking about what he said when he goes upstairs to his room. Nick walks in and Sharon just looks at him.

Back at home, Chloe and Billy are back in bed. She tells him she’d be upset about their wedding if she was a Stepford wife. She says with the cake fight and the DNA tests and with the guests wearing combat boots and then the groom bolting on his wedding night. She says she won’t freak out as she tells Billy good night. She tells him the next feeding is his as she gives him a quick kiss and turns over to go to sleep.

When Katherine finds Mac downstairs, Mac asks her not to turn the lights on. Katherine hugs her as she tells her she hopes she isn’t planning on leaving home anytime soon.

Jack tells Mary Jane maybe she could go to work for Newman Enterprises. He says Victor manages to get arrested ever four months lately and he is overdue one now. Mary Jane ponders the thought and then says it  is tempting but for now she has to get back to her husband. She walks off to return a text message but tells Jack to give her a call next time he is in New York. He stares at her retreating back while Mary Jane seems to look very proud of herself.

Nick tells Sharon he is sorry Noah talked to her like that but promised to deal with him in the morning. Phyllis walks in saying oh look at this another eventful evening, sarcastically. Sharon ignores Phyllis as she talks to Nick about Noah and Eden. Phyllis suggests that they sleep on it, saying that things were said that shouldn’t have been said in the heat of the moment mistakes were made. Sharon tells Nick that she hopes he can get through to Noah. She still ignores Phyllis when she leaves to go home. Once outside she looks through the window and sees Phyllis as she tells Nick, “So you’re back!”

Jan Barrett

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