Adam tells Victoria the color is off on the ad she came up with and it offends her. He asks her if she can just try it his way for a change. She refuses to give in and walks out. An assistant tells her that she is ready for the changes of the ad and Victoria says there will be no changes. Sabrina walks in behind her and surprises her. She tells her she got a flight so she would have a layover there. They go for coffee and Victoria tells Sabrina that Adam gets to her.

Phyllis gets frustrated with her computer but assures everyone she can fix it. Felicia Forrester walks in and says hello beautiful people. Jack asks her if she came there to see him. She says him and Nick. They get some coffee and then sit down to talk. Felicia wants to know if they can use Lily to model in their ad in the magazine. Nick says Lily is under an exclusive contract with Jabot. She asks him doesn’t his mother run Jabot now. He says yeah but maybe she can persuade his mom to let her out of the contract. She says not her but maybe he can.

Cane goes to see Lily. He asks her if she took the test. She remarks how he calls it a test like some test she took in school. He looks at her and asks if she is pregnant. She tells him yes. He pulls her to him and holds her close. Cane brings her some water. She tells him this can’t be happening. She says it seems like yesterday when he told her he couldn’t date her because she was too young and now she is pregnant. She tells him her father will kill her so she can’t tell him.

Daniel asks Amber how his pictures look. She says he made her look hot. He takes the pictures back and says he meant how her designs in the pictures were. Jack and Sharon are about to leave for a meeting with Nick and Felicia when Amber gets a call from the printer for Jack. He has to go take care of it so he sends Sharon to the meeting without him. After everyone leaves the office Amber and Daniel stay to work late. Amber tells Daniel to quit trying to change her. She wants him to accept her for who she is. Daniel grabs her and kisses her and they end up in a heated situation there at the office. Later Daniel tells Amber she was right about one thing. He has never met another woman like her. He is holding her in his arms and he asks her if she wants to do this again, and she says yes so they start to make love again.

Nick is at the restaurant waiting for everyone for their meeting when Phyllis calls and says the sitter is sick so she can’t make it at the meeting. When Felicia gets there he tells her his wife won’t be able to make it. Adam was at the restaurant and he hears Nick tell Felicia about Phyllis so he leaves the restaurant. Sharon joins them for dinner at the meeting and she tells them Jack had to go to the printer but he said for them to go on without them. Felicia hands them pictures wanting their opinion but takes the one Sharon has saying she would prefer the man’s opinion.

Adam goes to Restless Style and asks Amber if the designs in the pictures are hers. He tells her he is looking for Phyllis. Daniel says she couldn’t find a babysitter so she is at home. Adam goes to Phyllis’s and pretends he is there to see Nick. He says he needs Nick to look at this before it goes to the press so Phyllis says ok, to come in and she will look at it. Once in there Adam makes himself at home making Phyllis very uncomfortable.

She says there is no problem with his request for the color changes in the ad and then she asks him to leave. She tells him she thinks he just used this as an excuse to come over there. She tells him she is very tired and wants him to go. He says ok but only one more question. He wants to know how she and Nick ever got together, It is clear she doesn’t want to talk about it so he says he will go. When she opens the door Nick was just about to come in. She says she and Adam just had a business disagreement and he was just leaving.

Later Victoria calls to find out a name of a restaurant that Phyllis recommended. While on the phone Phyllis tells her not to worry about the ad, that they will take care of the color changes. Victoria asks what changes. Phyllis explains what she meant and Victoria says that ad has been approved as it is and she tells Phyllis not to change it. When she hangs up she calls Adam a weazel and then dials his number. When he sees who the caller is he doesn’t answer.

Victor finds Sabrina at the office and invites her to the ranch tonight for dinner. She heads over there and while waiting on Victor to get there she is admiring the pictures of his family. He walks in and startles her. They share a glass of wine together. Victor tells Sabrina he has a gift for her. It is something she has wanted all her life, then he hands her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and then they kiss after he tells her she is beautiful.

Victor asks Sabrina what is the real reason that she came back to Genoa City. She asks him if he wants the truth and he says always. She confesses that she just wanted to see him again. She thought a lot about Los Angeles and their time there. She asks unless she was just dreaming. He tells her it was real and they start kissing. He starts removing her blouse as they kiss and then he picks her up and carries her upstairs to the bedroom.

Jan Barrett

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