Mac says she has done her term of service in Dufar so she decided to catch the first plane out and come home to see if it is true about her grandma being alive. Billy introduces Chloe to Mac explaining that she is actually Kate Valentine. Mac remembers her as Esther’s daughter. Chloe makes sure she knows now that she is officially Mrs. Billy Abbott. When they hear a noise coming from the back room, they all run in to see what’s going on and Chloe screams out “My Wedding Cake!” Katherine and Nikki both apologize but Katherine announces that she finally has the proof that she is really Katherine Chancellor. Then she looks over at Jill and tells everyone “This thing is NOT my daughter!” Billy is shocked who looks immediately towards Mac.

Sharon tells Nick her whole day turned out to be a disaster. She explains how she was Chloe’s matron of honor and then how she got sick and had to leave during the middle of the ceremony. He says yeah and starting with Phyllis he explains that he has told her to stay away from Sharon. She tells him says she appreciates his support but she needs to go. He says Phyllis has got to stop pulling this crap. Sharon opens the door trying to get Nick to leave but he isn’t going anywhere while she is like this.

Sharon closes the door and Nick tells her he is sorry when he lashed out to her using the excuse that he was just worried about Noah and her. Sharon says she forgives him and she understands but she claims she was just being melodramatic. Nick tells her he is not judging her but she has had a bit f erratic behavior lately like leaving Jack one minute and then going back. He says he just wants to understand her. He says he can’t leave her right now when she obviously needs a friend now more than ever.

Brock walks with Katherine over to Mac who hugs her even though Katherine is coated with cake all over her. Jack tells her no crying because the grand dame of Genoa City is back. Billy quietly asks Katherine if it is true that she and his Mom aren’t really related. Katherine apologizes and then applauds Billy and Chloe on their wedding. She says after she cleans up she’d love to hold her… (apparently she was going to say great-granddaughter) err… that precious baby of theirs. Jack assures Murphy that Katherine can handle all this and Murphy tells him that she is tough. Nikki offers to give Murphy a tour of his new home. He looks around and says he could fit his whole trailer inside there. Ashley thinks Murphy is so cute saying she loves him. She and Jack talk about how Billy reacted when Mac arrived and how he just stood there like all the blood drained from his face when he heard them say Jill wasn’t Katherine’s daughter. Ashley wonders if Billy and Chloe would be married right now if Mac had arrived before the ceremony started.

Colleen asks Billy if he is ok. He says yeah but just a little thirsty so he excuses himself to get something to drink. Colleen tells Chloe she would have ran through the streets naked to stop their wedding and that the one and only reason she stood up for her was out a moment of weakness. She says Chloe should get to know Mac better telling her that Mac has a lot of interesting stories she could tell her.

Mac tells Brock she is sorry she missed the funeral. He tells her it doesn’t matter now and he asks if she is ok. When she says yeah Brock walks away so Mac can talk with Billy. She tells him her timing sucks and then congratulates him on his wedding. Chloe bring Delia in and she talks about Jill not being Katherine’s daughter. Suddenly Mac decides she needs to freshen up and walks out. Chloe feels for Billy as she tells him she knows his world must be totally rocked. As Billy takes a drink he tells her yeah he just can’t believe it.

Nick talks to Sharon about what’s going on in her life. She tells him she doesn’t have a job, a home and she is butting heads with Noah and she doesn’t know what’s going on with Jack so she says it is all just overwhelming for her. She says he is the last person that should be helping her. She tells him he has Phyllis and if he really wants to help her he can keep Phyllis away from her and help take care of their son. Nick tells her he can do that with the Noah part at least. She smiles at him as she tells him now get out of there.

When the door closes behind him Nick faces Phyllis standing there. She says hear he is again. She says she didn’t want to believe it but here he is once again outside Sharon’s room. She tries to get into Sharon’s room but he holds her back telling her she is not going in there. She pulls herself away from him telling him not to touch her and then she stomps away from him as they both leave.

Katherine holds Delia calling her by her full name, Cordelia Katherine. She says that’s such a big name for a tiny girl. She tells Chloe that she does need her diaper changed though. Chloe asks if she minds if she used her old room and Katherine says of course she doesn’t mind. She turns to Billy and says so, he is the father huh, as she smiles at him. He says yes he is and this family is just full of shockeroos’. Cane walks in and hugs Katherine. He says his Mom didn’t want to tell her over the phone but he insisted then he tells her he is sorry for not believing her. He admits how horrible he was to her. Katherine understands that he was only trying to protect his mother. She introduces Murphy to Cane as her fiancé. Cane says it is a pleasure to meet him. Katherine tells Billy and cane both that even though they now know they are not related by blood they are still her grandsons where it counts and nothing has changed between them.

Jill goes in the other room and finds Mac. She tells Mac that she knows they have never been close but she starts talking about how she wonders if Mac ever wonders what would have been. Mac tells her she lost Billy, but she accepted it and moved on. She walks out the room leaving Jill standing there.

Chloe asks Esther what all the fuss is about Mac. She learns that Billy and Mac were high school sweethearts. Esther explains that they found out they were cousins on the night of their honeymoon which devastated them both. Chloe looks upset to learn that Billy really loved Mac and she suddenly realizes what this could mean with them finding out now that they aren’t cousins after all. Esther tells her she is worrying over nothing because she is sure that Billy wouldn’t have married her if he didn’t want to be with her, baby or not.

Jack goes outside to check on Billy and tells him this is a lot to absorb. He tells Jack that he thinks about Mac a lot and about how different his life would have been. Jack says it has been 6 years and he and Mac don’t even know each other anymore. He reminds Billy that he is in the middle of a custody battle right now so before he thinks about dumping Chloe and think there is an odd chance that Mac might still be interested he needs to ask himself if it would be worth losing his daughter over.

Cane tells Chloe that Katherine being alive is amazing. Cane talks to Chloe tells her it is kind of ironic how she went through all this trouble to hook a Chancellor and now her new hubby isn’t even one of them. Chloe tells him who cares. She tells him that she and Billy are deliriously happy and he actually cares about her. Cane says he wouldn’t bet on that. He tells her it isn’t the same as love though is it. Billy comes in to get Chloe saying they are going to split. Chloe hands Katherine her bouquet since she is the next to get married. Katherine jokingly tells Chloe can do what she wants with her wedding cake at her wedding. Chloe smiles at her and tells her she is glad she is her as Katherine kisses her. Katherine tells Billy to continue calling her grandma because nothing has changed. When they are about to leave Jill wants some time alone with Billy but he puts her off til tomorrow saying it has been a long day. Jill tells them to take care of her granddaughter. As they are going out the door Cane yells out with his mouth full of cake, Happy Honeymoon!

Katherine thanks all the Abbott’s and the friends that believed in her. She says she can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Jack looks over at Jill and says neither can he.

Jack and Ashley go to the club for dinner. He admits he wishes he could run into Sharon there. He says she just hasn’t been herself lately. Ashley tells him she is more worried about him right now. She says his marriage hasn’t been good but Jack says that is his fault not Sharon’s. She wonders if maybe he should make a clean break from Sharon but Jack says he just isn’t ready to let her go.

Nick and Phyllis fight about her taking so long getting groceries and not answering her phone when he called. She asks what is going on, was he worried she’d go back to see Sharon. She asks him what did Sharon need that he thought he needed to give her. She asks him if he thinks she likes walking around in a hat and sunglasses. Or does she like this pain in her stomach? Or being paranoid that something is going to happen? She tells him he did this to her. She admits she is embarrassed that he did this to her. She says she is jealous for good reason. She says oh and let me tell you something about your sweet Sharon, she is a slut.

When they get back to the pool house Chloe says it wasn’t exactly the wedding she had dreamed of but she is sure it will be the talk of the town with lots of surprised and with Mackenzie coming home too. He says he didn’t see that one coming. Billy asks Chloe if she really wants to talk about Mac on her wedding night. She smiles and asks if he has any suggestions as he starts kissing his new bride.

Cane walks over to Esther and Mac when they were talking about Jill. He tells her it is nice to put a face to the name as they are introduced. He says they have something in common. They both grew up not knowing they were part of this family. Cane says they are blessed to have Katherine back. Mac thinks it would be nice if he could convince his mother of that.

Jill goes over to Katherine to say something but she lets Katherine talk first. Jill finally gives in saying fine, age before beauty. Katherine said she noticed that her bedroom had been kept clean and Nikki had told her that it made Jill feel closer to her. She says well Nikki should mind her own business, and Nikki says she was just trying to help. She asks Jill if that was true. Jill tells her she would have given anything to get her mother back. Katherine and Brock can’t understand why Jill doesn’t want to continue their relationship as mother and daughter. Jill says because she didn’t get her mother back. She feels the last 6 years have been for nothing now. Katherine asks if this is what she has to look forward to day in and out. She says no but she knows she owns half of the mansion but she is moving out. Katherine reminds her that she swore she’d never move out and that she loves this old house. Jill says not if she has to live in it with Katherine. When Katherine starts to argue Jill cuts her off saying good bye and leaves.

Cane stays with Jill while they wait for her suite at the club to get ready. She tells him it never felt right saying all those years she and Katherine despised each other then they tried to force the mother/daughter thing but it never felt natural. Cane tells her they don’t have to be enemies. Jill just says they were born to be enemies.

Katherine feels sorry For Jill and all that she has lost tonight. Murphy tells her that she has lost something tonight as well. Katherine says she can’t think of that right now. Murphy goes to unpack some things. Katherine is looking forward to sleeping in her own bed tonight. Nikki reminds her that she needs to call Mitchell Sherman to have her death certificate rescinded which will make her will null and void. She says if people care more about what they inherited than what she means to them then they don’t deserve anything. Katherine hugs Nikki telling her that she can’t thank her enough and that she just loves her so much.

Brock tells Mac he thinks she is thinking about Billy and what might have been. She admits she can’t help but wonder what if, but it doesn’t change anything. She says that Billy and her was a lifetime ago.

Jack goes to tells Sharon that Colleen stood in for her at the wedding and that the wedding ended early but with a bang. He tells her about Katherine getting proof that she really is Katherine and she isn’t Jill’s mother. Jack says watching Katherine walking back into her own life again made him think of how few people get to start over again. He asks her can’t they have just one more chance together.

Phyllis tells Nick she has a witness that Sharon has been sleeping around. Nick asks her why she cares how many men Sharon is sleeping with as long as he isn’t one of them. Phyllis says but he was one of them and she point out that if Sharon has her way he will be one of them again. He says she is unbelievable but she tells him it is him that is unbelievable. Phyllis says she isn’t surprised that he didn’t ask Sharon about Billy. She tells him it just kills him to think that Sharon would sleep with anyone else besides him. When he wants her to let it all go, she tells him she will let it go when he lets Sharon go.

Sharon tells Jack starting over should like a nice idea. He says all she has to do is say the word. She tells him she would only end up hurting Jack. When he starts to object she tells him to stop and then she hands him divorce papers saying she has already signed them and it is time for him to sign them as well. She says she is so sorry but she thinks it is the best thing to do.

Nick tells Phyllis he has loyalties to Sharon. Phyllis reminds him that he told her that he loved Sharon. Nick says but he loves her too. Phyllis tells him he has to see this woman for who she is now, he just has to. She is a thief, a manipulator, a tramp and a liar. Nick says he knows exactly who she is but it is Phyllis who he is finally seeing for the first time. He tells her she is acting crazy and obsessive and he is not sleeping there tonight as he walks out the door.

Jack isn’t happy about doing it but he signs the divorce papers. He sees Jill and can’t help but taunt her when he sees she is staying at the club too. He says wow out of the house already huh? She asks him what it is to him. He says he guesses that Chancellor and Jabot will be next. Jill tells him she is not in the mood for this and she leaves him sitting there all alone.

Katherine and Murphy are in her room as she says home at last and she gives him a hug. Katherine is so happy. Meanwhile back at the pool house Chloe wakes up to find Billy gone from the bed. She calls out for him but gets no answer. Billy is across town outside the door at the Chancellor Estate when he finds Mac. She sees him and asks him what is he doing there?

Jan Barrett

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