David comes into the board room and tells Nikki he is so lucky to have her. He asks her how come they can’t just do it right now. She says do what. He says set a wedding date right now. She tells him soon. He doesn’t want to hear that. She says not til he proves to her that his gambling days are over. She says she needs some more time.

The Korean woman is in Genoa City turns out to be Jeffery’s ex. She argues with Jeffery and Gloria and then Jeffery throws her out of the house. Jeffery put her in his car. Gloria and he argue about it. He says he will take her to a hotel and he has no idea why she is there. She tells Jeffery to get out her house and not come back. He takes her reaction to mean that she is jealous of the woman. She denies it and tells him to get out.

He takes her to the club and tries to make her understand that he is married to Gloria now and that means what they had together is over. She says she can’t understand why he would want Gloria and not her. He tells her he will pay for her drink and then get her back on the plane. She tells him she isn’t going anywhere.

Gloria goes to Crimson Lights and starts telling Jana and Kevin all about what is going on. She tells them how she and Jeffery were going at it on the sofa when the Korean woman came in. Kevin says that is enough, he doesn’t want to hear anymore and he walks away. Gloria begs him not to go but he does anyway. Jana wants to hear the rest of the story though. She thinks Gloria has developed some feelings for Jeffery now.

Gloria gets home and finds Jeffery there. He tells her Kyon will be on a plane back to Korea tomorrow morning. She asks him if he will be on it with her. He tells her he would like to start over and asks her to go out on a date with him. She gives him a hard time then says they can do this just to prove a point to him.

Cane wakes Lily up. She tells him she must have gone to sleep. She says she doesn’t know what is wrong with her lately. She says she keeps getting sick on her stomach when she tries to eat. Cane says something about maybe her seeing a doctor. He wants to know if maybe there is a chance that she can be pregnant. Lily is surprised he would even think that. She says they were careful and they were sure to use protection. She said this is crazy, she can’t be pregnant.

Victoria gets a call from Sabrina telling her that Victor might want to hire her to help him buy a few pieces of art. Victoria is excited for her thinking this could really help Sabrina get started. Adam walks in and tells Victoria that Victor’s plane has landed. Victoria is anxious about seeing him now. When Victor gets off the elevator Adam greets him and right away wants to discuss business. Victoria walks up and asks her Dad if he has a few minutes so they can talk. Adam interrupts saying actually something just came up that he needs to talk to Victor about first but Victor tells him that can wait. He would like to talk with his daughter first so they go into Victor’s office.

Victoria tells Victor it would make her really happy to see him working with her best friend. Victor asks her how is she and Adam getting along and he can sense not too good. He reminds her that Adam is still trying to adjust to everything and he asks her to please be patient. She tells Victor they found out that Adam had nothing to do with the hacking. He wants to know who was then. She asks him to trust her on this but he still wants to know who it was. Before she can say anything Nikki comes in and interrupts.

Victoria and Nikki go for coffee and they talk about Victor’s trip to Los Angeles. Nikki seems to think that it is impossible to get Victor’s interest in contemporary art but Victoria says Sabrina has a way with her father. Victoria asks Nikki if David makes her happy. Nikki says yes and mentions that David is after her to set a wedding date but she isn’t ready yet. She assures Victoria it isn’t that she doesn’t love David because she does. She says they are engaged but she just isn’t ready to set the date.

Lily goes to the store and buys a home pregnancy test. When she gets home Devon is there and they have small idle chats. Suddenly she gets sick on her stomach and has to run to the bathroom. When she runs off she drops the bag with the pregnancy test in it. It fell out the bag and Devon sees it. When she comes out he asks her if she is OK. She says she must be coming down with something. He tells her she dropped her bag when she ran out of the room. She thanks him and looks embarrassed.

Cane calls to see if she took the test yet but she says not yet but she will call him when she does. When she hangs up Devon asks her if everything is ok. She says yes. He tells her that she can tell him anything if she needs him and she says she knows. While in a meeting Cane can’t get his mind off of Lily. Meanwhile she is at home in shock. She sits there just staring in the air. She picks up her phone and dials Cane’s number.

Victor sits in his office thinking. His thoughts wander off to his kiss with Sabrina after she emailed him a picture. His thoughts are interrupted by Adam who wants to speak to him about business.

David thinks about his talk with Nikki about his gambling. He remembers how supportive she has been for him. His phone rings and it is his bookie. He talks David into placing a bet on the horses and tells him this is the last time. As soon as the guy hangs up he calls Brad and tells him that David Chow took the bait and is in on the bait.

Jan Barrett

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