When Amber unveils Katherine’s wedding dress all the ladies love it. They say this is something new. Nikki hands her a handkerchief given to her by Cassie saying this is something blue. She tells Katherine Cassie would have wanted her to carry it. Esther gives her something borrowed which appears to be a pearl bracelet. Nikki tells Katherine that Paul’s getting closer to locating Roger and Annie. When Amber suddenly remembers Katherine needs something old, Katherine tells her she is looking at her. Nikki has a necklace that would be perfect with Katherine’s dress. Mac tells everyone that the Reverend’s sick and can’t make it. Amber suggests a Vegas Elvis impersonator she knows but Mac knows someone who might be available. Jill and the Ashby’s haven’t responded to their invitations yet but Amber’s sure they’ll be coming. Amber says Billy is crazy about his grandmother so she is sure he is coming. Mac says if she is that sure she will put them down as coming. Billy stands outside the front door as he has a flash back to kissing Mac. Chloe calls and tells him she needs super absorbent diapers and cold medication. She asks him if he sent a RSVP to Katherine’s wedding. He tells her not yet but he will take care of it.

Lily and Cane are so happy to be back together and owning a bar and ready to start a family. Lily tells Cane he will be such an amazing Dad. He tells her she will be such an amazing Mom and wife. Lily plans to get ideas from Katherine’s wedding. Jill comes in and says she is glad to hear they were invited. Cane reminds her that Katherine sent her an invitation too. Jill says she is sure it’s only because Katherine knew damn well she wouldn’t show up.

Nikki shows Katherine the necklace. Katherine frowns saying it’s the necklace Jill gave her for their first Christmas as mother and daughter. Nikki says she invited Jill to the wedding but she never responded. Katherine pouts and asks Nikki to find something else, as she hands the box back. Nikki offers her the emerald ring and after hesitating Katherine agrees but only until after the service. Nikki says ok we’ll see. As Katherine runs inside to settle an argument between Joe and the cook, Nikki makes a call asking someone if they can talk. She says it is about Katherine.

At the police station, Heather talks to Paul after having heard Roger and Annie have been brought in. Paul admits he did it for her but also for Michael too. It could shed some light on what caused Kevin’s breakdown. Heather says this doesn’t mean he’ll walk and then reads off a long list of charges to the Wilkes’s face and she tells Roger not to expect Esther to be as forgiving as his other wives. Annie asks Roger if he hears that Romeo. Michael comes in and since the pair hasn’t talked to anyone about Kevin, Michael offers to be their defense attorney. Heather asks wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest. Michael tells her not at all. When Annie starts talking about the kid they were told to lock up in the trunk of the car. She asks Roger if he is still trying to protect that SOB, and Roger says it’s because he will kill them, so he tells her to shut her up. Michael tells them there’s no need to be afraid of Clint because he died of a massive coronary. Then Michael tells them that Kevin’s locked in a padded cell. Michael offers his deal. He tells them to tell him everything they know and he’ll make sure they get the lightest sentence possible. If not, he says they are on their own.

When the doorbell rings, Amber hides the wedding dress in case Murphy forgot his key. Mac opens the door to Billy. He asks if it is a bad time and she smiles and says its perfect. She says they were just talking about him not responding to the wedding invitation. Mac asks if she should put him down for 2 or 3. Billy tells her one, he will be coming alone.

Paul comes in and gives Nikki a kiss. He gives her the news that the Wilkes’s are being fingerprinted as they speak. He asks her if the wedding is still on. Nikki reports Katherine’s happier than she’s ever been – but Jill is the concern since she hasn’t responded to the wedding invitation. Nikki knows Katherine cares so she is going to go try to change Jill’s mind. When Paul doubts she can, she tells him they have had moments of civility. She says there was one moment after the funeral when Jill was human. Paul warns her against it saying Jill has too much pride. For Katherine’s sake, Nikki feels she has to at least give it a shot.

Still at the bar, Cane assures Jill that the DNA test will not erase the way Katherine feels about her. He says no more than it changed the way he felt about Delia. She tells him he wanted Delia. Katherine never wanted her and she even had a stroke when she was told she was her daughter. Jill asks him doesn’t he think she would love to go and open her arms to her. She says she would like to but she just can’t open her heart to Katherine. She says it’d kill her if Katherine slammed the door in her face.

Roger now tells Michael about how Clint locked Kevin in the closet. He said they tried to stop it but they knew if they did, they would be Clint’s next victims. They said the poor kid cried to be let out though so it’s no wonder Kevin reacted the way he did. Mike asks if Clint saw Gloria’s broadcast. Anie says they weren’t in the room with him all the time so she doesn’t know. Clint says more than likely since he had the news on constantly. Mike asks Heather for a bit more time and then wants the Wilkes’s to give him permission to tell the ADA what they just told him. He says they might go easier on them if they talk. When they say fine he then tells Heather it’s just how he thought, Clint used Kevin’s childhood abuse to brainwash him. Heather thinks the Wilkes’s would say anything. Michael plans to go to the Judge and have Kevin transferred to a mental health facility. Heather thinks he’s wasting his time saying basically what those cons say is irrelevant in court.

Mac is surprised that Chloe’s not coming. She asks does that mean…. She’s sick, Billy explains. Mac hopes she feels better saying the Reverend has the same thing. Mac tells Billy that Cane didn’t accept Katherine’s job offer and she doesn’t hold it against him. She says he bought a dive bar. Mac says she admires him for not taking the easy way out. Billy asks if she means like he did. She says he is an Abbott so it makes sense for him to be there, but she’s not into the corporate world either. Esther comes in and Amber tells her that Chloe’s sick according to Billy, so Esther says she better call and see if she needs anything. When Esther calls, Chloe’s not happy to hear Billy was there. Esther tells her to call if she needs anything. Chloe says what she needs is for her husband to stop stalking his ex. Esther grins at Mac and Amber saying Katie will be able to make it to the wedding after all. Amber needles Mac about her ex coming over to RSVP to a wedding that’s being held in the exact same spot they married. She says she’d be flipping out. Mac suddenly has things to do and she asks Amber to tell her Grandma she’ll be back later.

Billy hands over the diapers and some antibiotics when he gets home. He asks her how she knows he was just at Katherine’s. No big deal, Chloe assumes he was there to RSVP for two of them. As a stylist for Restless Style’s wedding issue, she has to be there. When Billy tries to talk her out of it, Chloe lists off other reasons why she has to go and then tells him she can tell this has nothing to do with her being sick he just doesn’t want her to go.

At the club, Nikki hands Jill an invitation saying in case her other one got lost in the mail. She tells Jill that Katherine doesn’t know she is there. Jill says she should have come herself. Nikki asks why, so she could spit in her face. Nikki says she can only hope Jill will soon wake up and realize what she’s doing to Katherine and herself.

Michael continues to plead Heather who still isn’t convinced Kevin didn’t know what he was doing. Michael tells her he was on auto pilot. Heather wants solid evidence that Kevin’s not a danger to himself or anyone else before she’ll approve him being moved.

As Cane talks to Lily about Jill not attending the wedding, Mac arrives. She says so its official she’s not coming, talking about Jill? Lily’s pleased to see Mac’s back and is surprised that Mac and Cane know each other? Cane explains they share a common bond of not knowing their true identities half their lives. When Cane wonders why Katherine Chancellor’s granddaughter would want to work in a dive bar, Mac wonders why Philip Chancellor’s son would want to own one. Lily hands over the application and asks if she needs a pen and then she tells Cane she likes her as Mac goes off to fill it out even if she was married to Billy. Lucky for her, Billy’s now committed elsewhere and let’s hope he stays that way.

Billy asks Chloe who said he didn’t want her to come. He reminds her that she said she didn’t want anyone to catch her cold. She tells him to admit it, he just want to hit on your ex. Billy says he wasn’t thinking of himself and yet she’s dogging him. She says then tell her you RSVP’d for the both of us. When Billy admits he RSVP’d for himself, Chloe doesn’t look surprised.

Katherine goes over the guest list and asks if Billy’s coming alone. Esther says no Chloe just has a sinus infection. Esther then goes off to make sure Chloe’s card is next to Billy’s for the reception. Amber comes over to join Katherine and asks if there is still no word from Jill. No and Katherine says she has done everything she can. She can’t force her to be part of the family. Katherine finally says its Jill’s loss not hers.

That woman has been through hell, Nikki goes on and on. Jill claims the moment Katherine found out she wasn’t her daughter it set her free. Nikki says that’s ridiculous. Jill’s never seen Katherine so happy. Nikki says of course she is and it’s because she’s about to get married. Nikki tells Jill that Katherine loved her and still does. She reminds Jill that they sat in this very room and talked about how they’d do anything to get her back and they got her back. Jill says she never got her back. She lost her mother all over again and she will never get her back!

Paul offers to talk to Heather to see if he can get her to ease up. Michael says thanks, but he needs to prove Kevin’s not the dangerous criminal Heather thinks he is. As they come out the room, Annie and Roger apologize for not helping Kevin but they were so afraid of Clint, that they swapped bullets in his gun for blanks.  He says lucky for them Clint never found out. When asked about the gun Roger says that’s right the gun Kevin was committing robberies with was as safe as a toy. Mike perks up and claps Paul on the back asking how’s that for proof!

Nikki reaches a hand out for Jill telling her that she knows she is hurting. Jill notices she’s not wearing the ring and then mentions her being Katherine’s Matron of Honor. Nikki tells her she has to stop this. Jill asks Nikki why Katherine wants her there. Jill says she thinks is it so, once and for all, she can show her that she means nothing to her. Nikki asks her can’t she see that she is the one pushing her away and it’s breaking her heart.

Chloe continues to scold Billy for pretending he’s still single. He says that is not what he is doing. She says if he needs to go off and be a bachelor for a few hours, that’s OK but if he decides to go down memory lane with his ex, can he not humiliate her in front of everyone?

Paul isn’t so sure that the gun having blanks will prove anything. Michael says he knows that but he thinks it might convince the Judge to grant bail for Kevin. Michael flips through paperwork and finds that the Minnesota cops are still searching for the gun. Michael thinks he might have an idea on where Kevin ditched it.

Katherine refuses to give up on Kevin saying that he never gave up on her. Hearing the front door, Amber shoves Murphy back out the front door saying its bad luck. She yells out for Esther to get Mrs. C out of there! When the coast’s clear, Amber opens the door to say he can’t spend the night before the wedding there. Murphy tells her it’s a good thing he still has his trailer. Amber then takes a call from Michael and he thanks to her for the tip on Canada. He tells her that the Wilke’s were brought in an hour ago. He tells her that they spilled the dirt on what Clint did to Kevin. She tells him she is on her way. She hangs up and then hurries out. Esther looks depressed. She tells Katherine she was so lonely when Roger came along. He played her just like Jill said he would. Katherine says she knows but its all over now. Esther says no, but h e’s going to pay for what he did. On her way out she says she is going to make sure justice is done!

Paul and Mike hope Amber can remember where Kevin hid the gun. Amber tells them Kevin didn’t hide it, she did.

Cane says doesn’t need someone with experience serving alcohol, he needs a straight shooter so he says Mac’s hired. Lily offers to catch Mac up to speed on what’s changed in Genoa City while she was gone, and Mac would love to. She tells them she will see them tomorrow.  Before she goes she says oh and if Jill changes her mind on coming to the wedding, to let me know so she can ensure she has a seat at the reception. Unless his mother has a life changing moment between now and tomorrow, the wedding’s the last place she’ll be.

Nikki says she doesn’t know why she thought she could convince Jill of anything! Nikki gives up on hoping Jill would put aside those damn DNA results and be there for Katherine the way she’s tried to be there for her. Obviously she was wrong. Looking torn, Jill clutches the invitation addressed to her.

When Mac answers his call, Billy tells her that Chloe’s feeling better and will be attending the wedding after all. Good to hear, Mac responds and tells him she will see them both tomorrow. Watching from the doorway, Chloe looks just as unhappy as Billy. Meanwhile, Mac adds X2 beside Billy’s name on the guest list. Then Mac opens the front door and with a smile on her face she says she knew they wouldn’t let her down.

Esther arrives at the station to confront Roger. She asks him if he is happy to see her. He tells her of course he’s happy to see her. Esther asks even after lying to her and kidnapping her and then only to run off with that fuschia haired, nut job, ex wife of his. She tells him she loved him and trusted him with her heart and her future. She says she hopes he and his evil cleaver-happy wife rot in hell!

Kay wanders around the garden and holds her arms out and says it’s going to be perfect. “It certainly will be” and as she turns around it is Brock talking to her. She says she thought he couldn’t get away! Katherine is so excited. She looks at Mac and says it was her! Mac admits she made a few phone calls. Murphy arrives comes in there to see his beautiful bride to be. Katherine feels so lucky to be marrying such a decent, loving man and with her beloved family by her side. She says tomorrow is going to be special. She says the best day for as long as she lives.

Jan Barrett

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