Victor is having a meeting at his office and when it is over he asks that Victoria and Adam stay for a few minutes. Victoria tells Victor and Adam that she done her homework and she doesn’t think this new company will work. She gives her proposal to Victor and he says this is very impressive. Victor thinks it would be a good idea to go for it. She is against it. Victor asks Adam to excuse them for a few minutes. When he leaves Victor tells her that he didn’t want to embarrass her in front of Adam. He says he has made his decision. She says before her accident and before Adam came along he would have let her make this decision. He says he values her opinion. She asks him not to patronize her besides they both know he values Adam’s opinion more.

Later Victoria looks for Adam in the office. She asks him if he is feeling proud of himself. He says she tried to set him up and she failed. He asks her if she knows what her problem is. He says she can’t handle the competition. She says she has outlasted far better than him. He laughs and says with whom, her brother? He says she hasn’t even tried yet with him. She tells him she can’t wait to see him fall from grace and to trust her he will. Neil walks in and interrupts but Adam leaves anyway. Victoria wants to know what he thinks about Adam. She tells him how her Dad made the decision to bring in a cleaning company to match with Beauty of Nature. Neil tells her that her Dad will hold him to his policy like everyone else. Make money or else! Later Neil tells Victor if he isn’t careful he just might lose his daughter.

Jill goes in at Jabot and finds Cane at work. She tells him that he doesn’t have to be at work if he would rather be with Lily. He tells her that Lily spent the night by her Dad’s and he hasn’t heard from her yet this morning. Lily walks in just as Jill tells Cane they want Lily for an emergency shoot. She says Cloe called her and her doctor told her it was ok for her to go back to normal so that means she can go back to work.

Gloria asks at the hotel if they have seen her husband this morning. No one has seen him and finally someone tells her he didn’t stay there at the hotel last night. Little does Gloria know he spent the night at the Chancellor Estate.

Alistair shows up at Katherine’s house looking for Jill. Esther gets freaked out every time she sees him thinking of John Abbott. Katherine assures her that John has no come back from the dead. Alistair tells Katherine that he was ordered to stay away from The Club. Jeffery comes in and surprises everyone. He tells Katherine that Jill invited him to stay there last night. He wants breakfast but Katherine suggests that he gets his own breakfast and has Esther show him the kitchen. Alistair can’t wait to go find Gloria and give her his sympathies. Gloria doesn’t know what he is talking about. He tells her Jeffery is living with Jill now. She says he did not move in with Jill, she is sure he misunderstood. He says he clearly saw him with his own eyes and when he came downstairs he was dressed quite inappropriately. Gloria decides to pay a surprise visit at Katherine’s and she pretends not to know Jeffery was there. He pretends to be really close to Jill to try and make her jealous.

Amber goes to see Katherine and she tells her about Lily losing the baby. Amber was all set to accept Cane and Lily having a baby together and now this happens. She doesn’t know how to take it. They sit down and talk about the loves in Katherine’s life. Amber asks her if she thinks someone can stay together for a long time and still love each other. Katherine tells her yes she does. It might not be the same kind of love but it can be love. She asks Amber if she can stay committed to Daniel. She says yes but… Katherine says but she is afraid huh? Later when Amber goes back to work Daniel asks her how is Mrs. Chancellor doing. She tells him she wishes she was her grandmother. She says she did have some bad news though. She lets him know that Lily lost the baby. Daniel wants to know if he should call her. Amber thinks that maybe it would be best if they just let it go.

Lily goes to see Neil and she runs into Karen. She tells Karen she is sorry her getting pregnant messed up her relationship with her father. Karen tells her that had nothing to do with their problems. She goes in to see Neil and lets him know she is ok and she is flying out to Los Angeles for a photo shoot. She says she has a lot to do before her flight leaves so she can’t stay. Cane and Lily have dinner later and he tells her she doesn’t have to go on this trip so soon. She tells him she have never felt better. She orders a salad and then water. Cane asks the waiter to give them a few more minutes. She says she needs to lose the weight or she will have Cloe all on her case again.

Nick has Phyllis going on a treasure hunt to get her gifts for their anniversary with each one giving a hint to where the other one is. She finds one that is a teddy bear dressed in stripes to represent a prisoner. She asks if he wants to remind her that she went to jail the day they got married. He says well it is a memory and it is to remind them that it will never happen again.

Sharon can’t stand it anymore and she leaves the office. Jack finds her there and she confesses to him that it still bothers her about Nick and Phyllis being so happy together. She tells him it really bothers her that it bothers her this way. He says it bugs him too that to get their happiness it was at their expense. Jack tells her that they don’t have to go back to the office. He suggests that they have their own little celebration tonight together. She tells him she loves him, and he tells her he loves her too.

Katherine asks Jill about Jeffery being in their home this morning. She tells her how he came downstairs and she explains how he was dressed. Jill tells her he stayed in the guest room, not in hers. Katherine asks but why. She says because he needed a friend and besides this is a good way for them to find out just why he married Gloria to begin with. Katherine says she thought that was what they had Alistair doing. Jill says he isn’t working out but she thinks this is a way that they can certainly find out on their own.

Jan Barrett

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