Esther is at the Chancellor Estate making final arrangements for the wedding while Jill is still complaining about that woman masquerading as Katherine and her dim witted boyfriend. She says Chloe will be lucky if this marriage to Billy lasts a month. Chloe comes into the room saying she can’t reach Billy. She wants to know where Billy is.

Ashley sits at the club waiting for Billy to meet with her for breakfast. When he doesn’t show up she calls Jack who tells her it doesn’t look like he slept in his bed last night so he too wonders where the hell he is.

Sharon wakes up in her hotel suite and finds Billy next to her. She is surprised he stayed with her all night. He tells her they must have passed out as he gathers his clothes to get dressed. He says he has to run, because he can’t be late for the worst day of his life.

Meanwhile Nick and Phyllis are downstairs and she happens to notice Billy slide into the restaurant with no one noticing where he was coming from. Phyllis tells Nick she will meet him at the office later, she has something she has to take care of right now.

Murphy tells Nikki about Jill showing up there at the trailer last night. Katherine is insisting to Murphy and Nikki that she is going to attend this wedding. She feels she needs to prove to Jill that she still loves her as a daughter. She says once the tests prove she is Brock’s mother the poor girl’s world will be crumbling down on her. Her whole identity as a Chancellor will be ripped away.

Jill goes to Chloe’s room asking to see Delia. Chloe is so worried about Billy that she doesn’t fight with her about it. Jill says she knows her son and she wouldn’t be surprised at all if Billy ended up being a no show for this wedding.

Ashley is surprised to see Billy asking him if he slept with someone else the night before his wedding. He tells her he crashed with a friend of his that’s in town from New York. She asks if this friend of his wears Beauty of Nature perfume and he apparently has long blonde hair as she removes a strand of the hair from his jacket. She asks why is he even marrying Chloe is he doesn’t want to. He tells her that this is the only way he can be assured of getting custody of Delia. She says he knows it sucks and he hates it but since there is nothing he can do about it he asks her to please drop it.

A garment bag with her matron of honor dress is delivered to Sharon with a note from Chloe telling her she has been dreaming of this day for forever and she hopes she likes the dress. When Sharon answers the knock at her door she finds Phyllis there telling her she just saw Billy sneaking down the back stairs. She says she guesses Sharon is back to her same trashy self.

Ashley can’t wait to fill Jack in on what Billy was doing last night. Jack thinks nothing of it saying it is his last hoorah, so what. Ashley doesn’t fall for that as she predicts lots of blondes in a lot more motel rooms. She says Billy simply shouldn’t be getting married. Jack tells her if Billy backs out he will lose his daughter but Ashley figures once Chloe finds out Billy is cheating she will take off with Delia anyway. Billy comes out the shower and tells Ashley that Chloe is going into this with her eyes wide open.

Phyllis is looking in Sharon’s things as she talks to Sharon about Billy. When she picks up Sharon’s purse Sharon yells at her to get out of her purse. Phyllis explains she is looking for her ceramic monkeys, because on top of her being a promiscuous liar she is a thief also. Sharon threatens to call security. Phyllis threatens to tell everyone she is sleeping with Billy. Sharon yells Damn You! Phyllis says she won’t leave without she gives her back her property and she wants Sharon’s promise that she won’t accidentally on purpose ever to call her husband again. Sharon picks up the phone and calls security. Phyllis tells her she made her decision and now she has just sealed her fate.

Jill tells Ashley and Jack that Chloe hasn’t been able to reach Billy. Just then Billy arrives telling Jill to tell Chloe to relax, he is there. She suggests that he can tell her himself. Brock comes in and hugs Jill asking if she is ok. When she goes to talk to the caterer, Brock talks to Jack and Ashley. The Katherine and Murphy come in. Katherine introduces Murphy as her fiancé. Ashley is surprised and says she is alive, thank God as she hugs Katherine. Jack is shocked that Jill isn’t making a scene but Brock says it’s taking her a lot of effort, they have to give her credit for that much.

Esther is happy to see Billy but warns him not to go in the room to see Chloe because it’s bad luck. Talking to Chloe through the door he tells her he turned his cell phone off and asks if his little girl missed her Daddy. She says like crazy. He asks Chloe does she still want to do this, but she answers with a question asking him does he. He says he asked her first. When they both agree that they do he tells her he will see her later.

Katherine and Brock talk and the subject about Billy and Mac’s wedding comes up. They talk about how much in love they were only to find out later that they were cousins. Now though it seems they just might not be related after all. They wonder if they would still be together if they hadn’t been told they were cousins.

Esther spots Katherine and runs over to her welcoming her. Colleen can’t believe her eyes when she sees it is really Katherine. Esther can’t wait for Katherine to see Delia saying Kate is truly blessed.

Sharon tells the guard that Phyllis burst into her room and started going through her things. Phyllis denies barging in like that but she accuses Sharon of being a thief. Sharon yells for her to get out and then thanks the guard for escorting Phyllis out.

Nick is on his way of when he happens to see Phyllis being escorted down the stairs. He wants to know what the hell is going on here.

Chloe finishes the touchup on her makeup when she asks Delia what she thinks of her vows to her daddy. She says pretty cute huh? She says in a few minutes they both will be real life Chancellor Princesses and she tells Delia it is all thanks to her. She tells the baby she loves her and her Daddy like crazy.

Sharon comes in and tells Jack she doesn’t feel too good but says she will get through this for Chloe’s sake. Ashley admires Sharon’s dress and says well at least Chloe has good taste. Esther thanks Sharon for doing this for Chloe.

Colleen comments on Billy in his tux. Jill walks up to him telling him he doesn’t have to do this. She asks Colleen for a moment with her son alone. He wonders how much the cake cost her. She says he will have to ask Esther. She tells him she knows their relationship has been strained but she just wants him to be happy. She tells him she loves him. He tells her it is all going to work out as he hugs her.

Nick tells Phyllis she is lucky she isn’t banned now from the club. She can’t believe she was harassing Sharon. Phyllis tells him Sharon’s a thief and she saw it twice. She says she knows his having sex with Sharon didn’t mean anything to him but Sharon has been whoring all over town. Nick snaps at her telling her that’s enough. Frustrated where she can’t hold it inside her anymore, Phyllis blurts out that Sharon has been sleeping with Billy Abbott.

With the wedding started Sharon manages to go down the aisle with Esther following her as she holds the baby. She puts the baby in the bassinet at the front. Chloe starts down the aisle as she pauses to push Delia. Nikki is at the front door trying to get Katherine’s attention by waving an envelope in her hand. Katherine gives her a nod as Jill turns around in her seat. The minister asks if they are all set. Chloe nudges Billy to get his attention. He doesn’t look like he is feeling so good. Chloe tells him not to do this. He fools with his bowtie and then says he is ready. Sharon whispers to Chloe that she hates to do this to her but she has to go. Chloe asks if she was kidding but before she can say anymore Sharon is running up the aisle with Jack running after her asking is she is OK. She tells him she is fine and for him to stay there with Billy.

Jack returns to the wedding apologizing saying Sharon isn’t feeling well but wants them to continue the ceremony. Katherine tells Esther she will be right back. She and Murphy go talk to Nikki with Jill following her. Chloe calls this a nightmare. Cloe doesn’t have anyone to stand up for her so Colleen volunteers to take Sharon’s place.

Nikki, Katherine, Murphy and Brock are in the back when Jill walks up asking can’t this wait. Katherine says no, it can’t as she opens the report and starts reading it.  The DNA test proves conclusively that Katherine is Brock’s mother. They all start hugging each other except for Jill who says this must be a mistake. They say it’s no mistake because they ran two tests from two different facilities just to be sure. Jill wonders about the test that they took six years ago, asking if she is saying that was a mistake. Katherine tells her that had to be. She says so that’s it, they are not related. Katherine has tears in her eyes as she tells Jill there has always been love there and asks isn’t that what matters. She asks her to put this behind her and let her still be her mother. Jill has tears coming down her face.

Nick refuses to believe that Sharon would sleep with Jack’s brother. Phyllis tells him Sharon admitted it. Nick says well then if she did this it’s because she is in so much pain, it isn’t because she is a bad person. Phyllis screams that Sharon is a tramp and asks how come he can’t see it. They argue over this obsession with Sharon is destroying their marriage. She tells Nick he is the one that did this to their marriage by sleeping with Sharon behind her back. She says she is an idiot for fighting for this marriage.

Billy has a hard time trying to stay awake during the rest of the ceremony. Chloe says her vows out loud and then she goes to get Delia. The minister asks Billy is he has anything to say. Billy thought the minister was supposed to just feed him the words. Delia starts crying as the minister starts reading the vows for Billy to repeat. Billy asks for him to hold on for a second asking to speak. He says this is the last place he expected to be. It’s crazy how he got here but he’d do it all again for Delia.

Jill comes inside and tells everyone not to look at her because she doesn’t want their pity. Nikki tells her it isn’t pity, it’s compassion. Jill tells Katherine she never did approve of her. Murphy offers to give Jill and Katherine time alone but Jill refuses it. She tells them if they all worship Katherine so much they can stay, she is done with her. Esther walks in wanting to know what’s going on. Jill tells her to get out that tacky blue maid’s uniform, because she is back to being a peon again. Esther hugs Katherine saying how wonderful this is. Jill thinks they were both better off thinking Katherine was dead which shocks everyone. After they bicker back and forth Katherine says she has had enough. She has done her best to be nice to Jill but as usual she makes that damn near impossible. Jill brings up the past saying that Katherine hated her all these years because her husband Phillip preferred her and he loved her. She says Katherine called her trailer trash a million times and now look, Katherine is marrying it. Katherine yells Enough! Jill asks what she is going to do about it.

Phyllis goes to Jimmy’s since she found the shot glass at Sharon’s from there. She walks past Mary Jane to ask the bartender about Sharon Abbott. After paying him off he describes Sharon saying she was just there last night with someone. He asks if she wants a drink, but she tells him no thanks, she got what she came there for. Mary Jane overhears the conversation and she tells her that it sounds really rough for her friend. Phyllis tells her this woman that she was asking about gives new meaning to the word ‘needy’.

Sharon lies on her bed crying. Someone knocks on her door. She finds Nick standing there and without saying anything he grabs her and hugs her.

Katherine tells Jill she tried to reach out to her and comfort her and all she did was spit in her face. She says there is no turning back now. She asks Jill if she wants a war lady then by God she has one. Jill tells her to bring it on old woman. Nikki tells Katherine she doesn’t need this. Jill tells Nikki what a lucky break this is for her. She calls Nikki the daughter Katherine has always wanted and then says they are a couple of dried up old lushes. Murphy tells Jill to watch her mouth. Katherine tells Chloe to forgive her as she grabs a handful of the wedding cake and smashes it into Jill’s face. Jill starts throwing cake right back at Katherine as Brock holds her back and Murphy holds onto Katherine.

Billy and Chloe are pronounced husband and wife and Billy is told he may kiss his bride. He gives Chloe a quick kiss and then kisses Delia and then gives Chloe a better kiss. He looks around and is shocked to see Mackenzie standing there with her suitcase in her hand. Billy’s face brightens up as Chloe, Jack and Ashley all look at each other with worried looks.

Jan Barrett

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