Jill is with Alistair at the Club. She tells him that John Abbot was the love of Gloria’s life so she thinks he can help her get away from this hold that Jeffery has on her. When Alistair leaves Jeffery goes over to talk to Jill. He says he is worried about Gloria. He says ever since that last stunt Jack pulled on her she hasn’t been the same.

Gloria tells John he did want her to have the house after all. She says this calls for a celebration and then she pops open a bottle of Champagne. Then she whispers or maybe not. She starts drinking out of the bottle by herself. She sits there as she gets drunk talking to John’s picture. Someone knocks on the door and when she answers it she sees Alistair there. She opens the door and she smiles as he bows to her. He introduces himself to her and she says he was brought there to scare her out of her home. He tells her he is not to blame for that. She invites him in for a drink and of course he is delighted to accept.

Victor is in Los Angeles looking at some art pieces with Sabrina. She shows him around the museum showing him her favorite pieces. While they are taking the tour Sabrina’s phone rings and it is Victoria. She tells Sabrina that she is looking for her father and wonders if she has seen him. Sabrina tells her that she meant to call her earlier but everything happened so fast that she hadn’t had a chance yet. She tells Victoria that Victor is there with her and she puts him on the phone. Victor tells her he will take care of the business when he gets back to Genoa City tomorrow morning. Later when Victor tells Sabrina his jet is waiting they have to say good bye. They both embrace in a kiss.

Nikki is showing Heather around at Jabot when Brad walks up. Nikki introduces him to her. He tries flattering her by telling her he followed her career as the DA and says she didn’t ever get the credit she deserved for the work she did. He says it takes a lot of spunk to go after men like Jack Abbot and Victor Newman. He tells her if she ever needs help to let him know. Later Heather joins Brad at the Club for a drink.

Lily is at Crimson Lights. She tells Cane she slept in this morning. He asks her doesn’t she have finals this week and shouldn’t she be studying for them. She says yes but she will fit that in later. Cloe comes in all excited about a photographer that wants to take Lily’s pictures. Lily tells her she is too tired. Cloe leaves but she comes back telling Lily this is too important to pass on. Lily tells her she is behind on her school work and she really doesn’t have time. Cloe remarks sarcastically that what is she suppose to do, tell the photographer that Lily is too tired for him and she just wants to take a nap. Cane steps in and tells her that Lily is not doing the shoot. He says they have been doing business with the photographer a lot longer than her. She says that he is the boss and walks away.

Michael talks with Kevin at Crimson Lights. Kevin says he is worried about Gloria. Michael assures him that she is fine, or else their phones would be ringing off the hook. Michael tells Kevin he never should have let Gloria pull him into all that he did for her. Kevin tells Michael he will meet him and Lauren with Jana for lunch later but he has an errand to do first. Michael stops him and gets him to admit that he is going to see Gloria. Michael tells him she is fine and he has to stay away from her.

At Jabot Heather and Nikki are in the board room discussing business when David walks in. He asks her how it is going for her there. She tells him so far there are no murder cases, or robberies or felonies so, so far so good there. She tells Nikki she is going to go over the files and get back with her later and she leaves the room. Nikki asks David how his meeting went. He tells her it was rough but he got through it. She tells him this is a beginning and she is proud of him. While they are talking Brad walks in but hurries up and goes back out but makes sure he can hear their discussion.

Cloe interrupts Nikki and Jack’s conversation and tells Nikki about a famous photographer that wants to shoot pictures of Lily. Nikki says well that’s great. Cloe says yes it is but Lily claims she is too tired to do the shoot. Nikki says she isn’t too happy about that but they have been working Lily kind of hard lately. Cloe tells Nikki that you just don’t ignore this photographer and that Lily needs to decide what she wants more and then she starts complaining about Cane. Nikki and David both stop her in her tracks telling her that Cane happens to be Katherine Chancellor’s grandson. Nikki tells Cloe she needs to start worrying more about herself than Lily now. She tells her if she doesn’t think she can fit into their organization then perhaps she could go elsewhere. Cloe just agrees to be quiet and she walks out.

Nikki finishes her meeting with Brad and David. She tells them she has another meeting to go to so she excuses herself. When she leaves David closes the door behind her. David tells Brad that he would like to join him in another card game with him if he would let him. Brad wonders if this would be a good idea. David thinks that maybe this would be good therapy for him and after all it would just be for fun.

Cane takes Lily to the Chancellor mansion and gets her to lay on the sofa as he covers her to get her to rest. He says he is going to get her a cup of tea. Amber comes in later looking for Katherine but Cane tells her she is sleeping. Amber expresses her concerns for Lily. She tells Cane she can’t help but wonder with all the symptoms, maybe Lily could be pregnant.

Jeffery goes home and tells Gloria he doesn’t want her in prison. He says the only place he wants her is with him. She walks towards him and they start to kiss. They fall to the sofa kissing when suddenly someone knocks on the door and a woman’s voice is yelling out for Jeffery in Korean. Gloria tells him to please tell her that is Chinese but he says Korean. He asks her if she locked the door. They both get up and suddenly a woman enters screaming something at Jeffery in Korean.

Jan Barrett

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