Ashley assures the concerned Olivia that she’ll be having a romantic, stress free birthday dinner with Victor. She says nothing is more important than this pregnancy.

Lauren hugs Katherine and they’re both happy that Kevin’s back. Mike’s working on proving that Kevin’s post traumatic stress disorder and Stockholm syndrome caused him to commit the crimes. Katherine offers her help but as for his mother she says to keep her out of her face. She says she has no scruples. Lauren agrees everyone’s responsible for their own actions in fact she’s off to the station to press charges against Sharon.

Sharon tells Heather how humiliated she’s been and while everyone thinks she deserves a slap on the wrist, Sharon wants to confess to what she’s done. When Heather approves, Nick interrupts and pulls Sharon off to talk her out of confessing.

Jack goes to the police station and asks Phyllis where Nick is. She says he is coming. She tells Jack she called him to see a friendly face. Jack asks her why she is there. While still in handcuffs, Phyllis admits she has really made a mess of things. She and Nick were working things out and now Sharon had her arrested. Jack already suspected she was behind the ‘ruckus’ in Sharon’s room saying it had her name all over it. She says she just lost my mind, Phyllis explains she was so desperate to hold onto her marriage. She says she didn’t frame Sharon, she just brought it out in the open.

Neil tells Olivia that he has gone as far as he could at Newman. It’s time for a fresh start. Olivia goes inside and hears that Neil’s having second thoughts and hopes he doesn’t regret the decision.

At Newman, Victoria and her father talk about Neil leaving. Speaking of family problems, she updates that Phyllis was arrested saying apparently she’s the one who broke into Sharon’s suite and cut up her clothes. Victor shakes his head and says if it’s not one thing, it’s another. He asks her to go check on Noah saying he is staying with him and Ashley but he slept at a friend’s house last night. Victoria tells him to go enjoy his dinner with Ashley.

Nikki goes out to the ranch and asks Estella if things are better between her and Ashley. Estella tells her no it’s worse. Nikki tells her not to let it get her down. As Nikki’s about to leave, Adam comes in and says hello. She applauds the way he’s handling a difficult situation. Sarcastically Adam says he has heard it all. He says he’ll be able to lead a fulfilling life, blah blah blah and then he trips over the table and falls. Nikki and Estella run to his help him up.

Nick talks to Sharon and he tells her it’s bad enough she wants to confess but why do it without her attorney. He tells her it’s like she’s on self destruct. She tells him what she does is none of his concern. He says it is now since Phyllis was arrested and Sharon is behind it. He asks her to drop the charges. Sharon tosses asks shouldn’t they both pay for their crimes. Nick says he is sick and tired of them going at each other. Sharon wants to regain Noah’s respect by confessing. Nick asks her if she wants to take his mother and stepmother away from him on the same day. Nick says all this on the anniversary of Cassie’s accident too. He tells her to drop the charges and tear up the confession and it all will go away. Sharon says she can’t. He says fine then at least give him some time. He asks that she doesn’t speak to Heather until he gets back. He asks her please do it for him. Sharon agrees to wait

Phyllis whines to Jack about Sharon getting her arrested. Jack points out she did the same to her. He tells Phyllis she is a loyal, loving woman. A wonderful mother and a real babe and Nick loves her but she will lose him if she keep harassing Sharon. Phyllis says so she ruined a couple of her things. She’s manipulating my husband. Jack sees this as a wake up call. He tells her to keep it up and she’ll lose her marriage. Some understanding towards Sharon’s situation would make her look good right about now.

Olivia tells Neil saying his instincts are pretty good. She tells him Karen is a wonderful person who helped him through Dru’s death. Neil admits he didn’t love Karen like he did Dru. He says it’ll take an amazing woman to fill her shoes. He thinks maybe Tyra can help mend his heart or maybe she can’t. Olivier says whoever he ends up with is one lucky lady. As for his professional life she is sure he’ll figure it out.

Estella apologizes for moving the table. Adam thanks Nikki for helping him but he says he is sure she has better things to do. Nikki takes the hint and leaves. Estella continues to apologize but Adam says it was his fault. He tells her every day just gets darker making him so empty and it’s only going to get worse. He says it terrifies him. 

Jack has to leave Phyllis but he tells her to hang in there and that Nick should be arriving soon. Phyllis thanks him telling him he is a good friend. As he leaves through one door, Lauren walks in another and when she sees Phyllis she is surprised as she asks her if she is in custody. The officer tells Lauren she has 5 minutes to speak to Phyllis. She asks Phyllis what she did. Phyllis tells her she’s been arrested for vandalism and breaking and entering as she admits she was the one who trashed Sharon’s suite. She says she found the goods and called security. Phyllis tells her she should have seen Nick’s face when they arrested her and who knows if he’ll even show up there to get her.

Lauren relays Eden begged her not to charge Sharon because the kids are giving Noah a hard time. She says Eden cares more about Noah than what his mother did to her. Phyllis would love to see Sharon rot in jail but she too doesn’t want to see the kids suffer anymore either. She tells Lauren if Eden was the reason she is pressing charges then she asks her to drop them, telling her she has to do this. She tells Lauren they need to do this for the kids. Nick comes in as Lauren is about to go. She tells Nick it looks like he’ll get what he wants. Lauren tells him she is dropping the charges but she makes it clear she didn’t do it for him. She says she did it because his wife asked her to. Phyllis just smiles.

Katherine talks about how incredible it is that Kevin recognizes his friends and family. Victoria tells them about Phyllis being arrested and Neil quitting. Nikki then mentions
Adam’s fall, saying that his pride was hurt more than anything. She wouldn’t wish blindness on her worst enemy but just can’t feel sorry for him. Victoria agrees saying he can’t be trusted. She thinks he’s looking for a way to take advantage.

Victor sends Ashley upstairs to get ready for their dinner. When Estella relays to Victor about Adam’s fall, Victor asks him if he is alright. Adam is says he was clumsy long before he started going blind. He thanks Victor for the Braille computer, Victor has been in touch with doctors and he is hoping that they may find something promising. He says they can beat this thing.

When she gets out of the shower, Ashley sees an outfit laid out on the bed for her. It is a familiar maroon dress, shoes and a pair of drop earrings. Ashley sees the rose on her pillow. She says softly “Victor, you are so sweet.”

Nick apologizes for taking so long. He tells her he was trying to get Sharon to drop the charges. Phyllis guesses that she refused but she can’t blame her. Nick’s surprised she asked Lauren to keep Sharon out of jail. Phyllis told him she did it for Noah. She’s ashamed of what she did and though she can’t absolve him of sleeping with his ex, she realizes her scheming made things worse. Nick’s says he has heard this before. Phyllis understands his skepticism but just wants to be happy and doesn’t want to go behind his back or lie to him. She says she didn’t want any of this. She doesn’t want them lying to each other anymore. She asks him if he can do that. He tells her yes he can.

Neil tells Tyra she looks pretty. She’s says she is glad Neil called. She tells him that Anna’s doing well. Neil guesses she’s wondering where things go from here. Tyra appreciates the sacrifice that ruined his marriage. Neil will never forgive himself for hurting Karen. He has strong feelings for Tyra too but he needs to take things slow. Tyra can be patient but says she has to go. She thanks for him letting her know where they stand. See you later, she says with a kiss

Jack’s admiring his magazine layout of the pictures with him and Delia saying they are amazing. Mary Jane claims it’s just the beginning saying he’s on his way to sainthood. Jack thinks they should celebrate, and then hands over her purse before she changes her mind.

Victor is horrified when he turns with a couple of champagne flutes in his hands, which he drops. He sees Ashley standing there in the red dress clutching the rose to her chest. He asks her what she is you doing in that dress. Ashley doesn’t understand what is wrong. He tells her to please take that off. Ashley tells him she doesn’t understand since he left this out as a gift for her. He asks if this is some sick joke. Victor notices the earrings. He asks her what she is talking about. He tells her again to do as he asks. Estella comes down and denies laying out that dress and realizes that it’s the one Sabrina wore to the gala. She tells Victor she had those things put in storage months ago. Victor asks what about the earrings. He remembers giving one away to the girl in Mexico so how could Ashley have two. He wants to know who else was at the ranch. Estella tells him that the former Mrs. Newman came by. Victor thanks her as he marches out.

Mary Jane promises the name Jack Abbott will be on everyone’s lips tomorrow. She thinks they should celebrate properly. She tells Jack she has good champagne in her room. This is good, Jack says. She tells him it will taste better upstairs and then walks away. Jack grins as he follows her.

Neil bumps into Katherine at the club’s front door. He tells her that her office told him he might find her there. He waves to Nikki and Victoria and leads Katherine to the bar where he asks Katherine about the large leadership gap in Chancellor. He says he has the experience and credentials and he could step in and fill that gap. He says he ran Newman many times. He works on Katherine to sell himself and then asks her to hire him as her new CEO.

Nick’s glad to see Sharon still has her confession letter. Sharon says but not for long. She is waiting for Heather to come down from her room. Nick tells her that Lauren’s going to drop the charges because Phyllis persuaded her to with no strings attached. He tells her that the most she’ll get is a misdemeanor and no jail time. Noah will stop getting hassled and she can get help. She says it is too late. He tells her it’s not too late as long as you don’t give that … then suddenly Heather races over asking Sharon if that for me. Nick tells Sharon not to give it to her. Nick then snatches it out of Sharon’s hand and says she changed her mind as he tosses it into the fireplace. Heather accuses him of obstruction of justice, and then asks Sharon if this is what she wants. Sharon tells her yes. Heather tells them that they are going to get what’s coming to them someday. Nick thinks it a good thing, this family’s been through enough. Sharon asks Nick what now. He tells her to show Phyllis the same mercy she showed her. Sharon says sure but she wants one favor in return. She wants Nick to leave her alone!

Now in her robe, Ashley asks Estella and Adam where Victor went. She doesn’t understand what she did to offend him. Adam explains she was wearing the dress Sabrina wore the night of the gala. Even the earrings were the same but Estella adds that that’s impossible since Victor gave one away in Mexico. That’s bizarre, Adam says. Ashley asks to see the photo. Estella says the picture is gone.  Adam wonders who would take it.  Estella and Ashley argue when Estella tells her she was wrong about the Koon’s egg too! Ashley yells that they will see about that, won’t they!

Jack and Mary Jane are in her suite and Jack thinks she is bright and passionate. She asks him if anyone ever told him that he talks too much as she leans over him on the bed and starts kissing him. The next thing we see them snuggling, naked in bed. Jack promises he will be discreet. She asks why should she have any regrets and then laughs out loud. She admits to Jack that she really isn’t married. She only says that so guys like him won’t hit on her. She says they haven’t done anything wrong and they won’t be doing anything wrong a few more times. She kisses him on the neck but Jack doesn’t look too happy.

Nick updates Phyllis that Sharon’s going to return the favor in dropping the charges. Phyllis admits Eden also swayed Lauren to drop the charges. Nick hopes that they can all lead a normal life now.

I hope you know how lucky you are, Lauren scolds Sharon when she sees her alone in the club’s dining room and then lectures her for framing Eden who begged her to let it all go just so her son wouldn’t get teased. If it weren’t for Eden, she’d be in prison right now. Lauren tells her if she ever hurts Eden again she will re-file those charges so fast her head will spin!

When Katherine asks why Neil’s left Newman, Neil claims there’s only so far you can go unless your name’s Newman. He hopes he can spread his wings at Chancellor. All right, Katherine would be honored to have him work for her.

Victor walks in at the club just as Nikki and Victoria are leaving. He asks Nikki how she could do something so despicable. Victor glares. Huh? Both ladies are stunned. He tells her how dare her go to his house and maliciously arrange for Ashley to wear the damn dress Sabrina wore to the gala. Sharon, Neil and Katherine all turn to watch.  Nikki has no idea what he’s talking about saying she was at the ranch out of concern for Nick. She can think of one other person with motive and opportunity which is Ashley herself.  She tells Victor that Sabrina’s spirit still lives in that house and his heart. She’s had mental problems before, maybe she’s digressed. Nikki says maybe she wants to be Sabrina.

In her walk in closet, Ashley yanks the missing photo of Victor and Sabrina at the gala off a Fenmore’s garment bag. That’s my credit card! She looks at the receipt and tells herself she didn’t buy that dress. Then she questions herself asking or did she.

Jan Barrett

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