Jack comes in and before he can even sit down Sharon is already complaining about Phyllis at work. Later Sharon finds Jack in a better mood and asks him if he is over his feeling guilty about Gloria. He tells her yes he is ok now.

Gloria asks the waiter at the club if he has seen her husband tonight and he says no. She requests a table for two and as he shows her to a table she thinks back of the night when she told Jeffery that she hates having to share him with someone. Jeffery joins her later and she is upset because he was gone when she woke up this morning. She wants to know where he has been all day. He tells her little things but she doesn’t believe him.

She says she had to have her breakfast alone without even as much as a rose on her tray. He laughs and asks if that is what she is upset about. She tells him he left without even as much as I Love You. He says well she didn’t tell him she loved him. She says she was too wrapped up with everything going on. He gets upset and stands, then he tells her if she must know where he was all day, he was out looking for them a new house and now he is glad he didn’t find one. He walked away all huffy. He makes a call and tells someone to cancel the sky writing he had ordered earlier.

Gloria meets with Michael and Lauren against their wishes. She tells them she has some news she needs to tell them. She says she has decided to adopt a baby. Michael is totally against it. She tells him she wasn’t asking for his permission. He says good because she wasn’t getting it. She tells him when he and Kevin were babies she didn’t have anything. Now she has everything so she has a lot to offer a baby. Her attorney walks in so she leaves them sitting there in shock.

Gloria’s attorney tells her it could take 2 or 3 years to adopt a baby. She tells him that is not good enough and she will no longer need his services. She goes back to the Club and runs into Jeffery coming downstairs. She asks him where he is going. He tells her she made herself perfectly clear as to what she wants so he is leaving. She tells him she was mad and didn’t mean all that she said,. She asks him how she will be able to get in touch with him. He looks at her and says, “Frankly my dear” and then walks away.

Adam welcomes his ex girlfriend, Skye to Genoa City. She jokes with him and tells him they had a good time in New York and she came there for a meeting with Victor Newman and Adam’s expression on his face falls. She laughs and says she is joking with him. She says she is not going to rain on his parade. Later when he is ready to go to work she asks him where are they off to. He tells her that he is going to the office. She says well maybe she will just hit the bar and find out where there is some action. He tells her he isn’t going to release a big city girl like her on a small town like Genoa City.

Victoria tells Victor that he is punishing her for being a mother now. He tells her how qualified Adam is for the job. She says she was handling things just fine and now he is giving her job to Adam which is just what he wanted to happen. She accuses him of brushing her off so he can spend more time with his new young girlfriend. He tells her that topic is not going to be discussed. Sabrina walks in and Victoria tells Victor well some of them have work to do and she leaves without saying a word to Sabrina.

Nikki is sorry she upset David. He asks her what he wants him to say. He knows she doesn’t trust him. She says trust takes time. He tells her he loves her and he is not Victor. He admires her for her work and he is the one that wants to marry her. David’s phone keeps ringing but he ignores it as they talk. Finally Nikki tells him if he needs to take the call to go ahead.

He excuses himself to take the call and it was the bank telling him he was over drawn in his account. He tells them his fiancé has a huge account with their bank so can’t they at least waive his fee because of that. They apparently won’t so he tells them to do what they have to just quit calling him and wasting his time. When he hangs up he calls to see about a cash advance on his credit card but has to hang up before he completes it because Brad walks up. They talk about the poker game Brad is having at his house. Brad tells him he is welcome to come if he wants to.

Nikki walks up and interrupts saying she is ready to order dinner now. When they sit down Nikki asks David who was on the phone. David tells her someone from work. She asks who from work. He gets mad and says what does she want him to do have all his calls forwarded to her so she can screen them all. She says she knows how addiction is and all the temptations. He gets mad and walks out.

Adam goes to see Victoria and he tells her he feels bad about what their father has done. He wanted her to know he was looking at a company that he thinks would be great to combine with Beauty of Nature. She turns him down flat saying it wouldn’t work with Beauty of Nature. He asks her to at least look at the specs. She says she isn’t interested because she doesn’t trust him. She tells him to go over them with her Dad. He says he is on his way over there now. She says good and shows him to the door. Later when JT comes home he finds Victoria sitting on the sofa all upset. She tells him about Adam’s visit and how she is bothered about how he told her about some company he wants to tie in with Beauty of Nature. She says it bothers her more because her Dad is actually listening to Adam.

Nikki can’t find her cell phone so she calls it to see where it is. Victor answers it and she tells him she must have left her phone there at the christening. She goes out to the ranch and she and Victor start to have a heart to heart talk when Sabrina walks in and breaks the ice. Nikki excuses herself and leaves. Sabrina asks him if he would like Tequila and he says yes.

Adam goes to talk to Victor and he shows him the paper work for the new company he would like to tie in with Beauty of Nature. Victor asks if he has showed this to Victoria. He says this might be a good tie in with Beauty of Nature. Adam says Victoria wasn’t too much on the idea but she hasn’t looked at his files yet. Victor tells him to run it by her and get her to look at the papers. He tells Victor there isn’t much time on it if they don’t move fast. Victor says he is willing to take the risk. He wants him to get Victoria to look at it and then get back to him on it.

Jan Barrett

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