Gloria tells Jeffery that Kevin lost his cell phone so she bought him a new one and she went shopping for Kevin. She says she bought him clothes, books, and 5 lbs of salt water taffy. She says she isn’t worried about spending money because she has an ace up her sleeve thinking she is sure the civil case will be dropped against her now.

Jill  thanks Billy for letting her see Delia again. Billy tells her he wants Delia’s grandmother to be in her life which makes Jill happy but when she asks about Cane, Billy tells her not to push it. When her cell phone rings she ignores it saying it is probably a reporter. Billy tells Jill not to worry, he is sure that some young celebrity will knock her and Katherine off the front page. Jill says now that she is unemployed she is free to accept any interesting offers. As she leaves she taunts Gloria by asking her, “Oh I would have thought you two were off visiting the nut house?” Gloria goes back at her asking how it is being on welfare.

Phyllis complains about Heather claiming her monkey figurines aren’t worth pressing charges against Sharon. Lauren tells her if it makes her feel better she is pressing charges for Eden’s sake. Phyllis says it would give her some peace of mind as long as Sharon has to pay for her actions. She says although, even if Sharon goes to jail for this, she thinks she will still have a lot of influence over Nick and Noah. She says it won’t be out of sight, out of mind like Phyllis is hoping for.

Sharon is writing a letter confessing to what she has done saying she is ready to face the consequences to what she has done. Nick comes in to see how she is doing. She tells him she is fine. He asks if Lauren is still planning to prosecute and she says yes. He tells her she is not in this alone and offers to try talking to the Baldwin’s for her about the charges. She tells him no, she has decided to confess and he can’t stop her.

Mary Jane brings the interview crew into Jack’s home. Jack hands Colleen a folder with all the ammunition on it that she needs. He tells her he has the figures of the last two projects that Newman launched and the original estimates, projected sales, total expenses and copies for everyone. Mary Jane walks in just as Jack tells her to knock them dead and he has every faith in her.

Victor tells Victoria he has faith in her, she will do just fine. He says he approves her written agenda and sees no flaws in her plan. He then tells her about Ashley’s night. Victoria asks  if she can do anything to help. He tells her she already has by assuming his responsibilities at work so he can be there for Ashley and he thanks her.

Ashley goes back out in the woods telling herself she knows she heard a baby crying and she comes across a statue of a mother and child which sort of looks like Sabrina.

Victor is planning a party for Ashley with music and food and then he wishes her a Happy Birthday. She tells him about running across the statue when she went for her walk. He forgot to tell her that he had it commissioned there when they were in Paris. He asked the groundskeepers to place it near the barn. He tells her she needs to rest now for the party tonight. He tells her if she needs anything to call Estella. When she is alone, Ashley looks at Sabrina’s portrait and frowns.

Abby tells Noah he should talk to Lauren about dropping the charges against his Mom. He doubts it would even help. She accuses him of picking the Goth girl over his own mother. He reminds her that Eden is his girlfriend so lay off. About then Eden walks in and kisses Noah. Kids walk over to tease Noah about his mother being a thief. Abby snaps at them and tells them to leave him alone. Eden jumps up to defend him too. Nick tells Abby and Eden that he will handle this.

Sharon refuses to show Nick her confession. She says she may not get the help she needs if she is in jail, she certainly won’t get it in his arms either now will she. She tells him he needs to be with his family. Nick says he won’t abandon her. She says he isn’t and she is doing the right thing. He asks what about Noah. She thinks he needs to see that she is willing to take responsibility for her actions. He says she needs to speak to her attorney first. She tells Nick to leave and when he does she rereads her letter and underlines, I am guilty!

Jeffery tells Jill he was just heart broken when he heard she wasn’t Katherine’s daughter. She accuses him of looking for a back up meal ticket. He says he would never abandon his wife but who knows what the future might bring. He tells her that they always did have a special connection. Jill barks that it is too late now. She says she deleted his phone number. He makes a phone call and Jill’s phone rings. He tells her you never know when it might come in handy. She smiles and says yeah.

One of the snobby tough guys teasing Noah tells him “You Newman’s think you can get away with anything.” Noah grabs hold of the guy, then changes his mind as he shoves the guy to the side saying he isn’t worth it.

When JT sneaks up behind Victoria and kisses her on the neck she teases by saying not now Karl. Neil comes in and JT reports that the room has been swept for bugs. Neil thanks him and then JT leaves. Neil tells Victoria he is so glad to see her and JT so happy. She tells him she is so sorry about him and Karen. She says she is chairing the meeting for her Dad since he has so much on his mind. Nick comes in just as Victoria mentions that she is chairing the meeting. Colleen bumps into JT as she gets off the elevator. She lies and tells him she isn’t nervous about this meeting. He tells her that Victoria is chairing the meeting.

Nick tells Victoria that Sharon’s determined to self destruct. He says he wants to help his son’s mother even if it does hurt Phyllis. He says this has to stop even though he knows that one day he is going to have to choose. Victoria tells him he doesn’t have to decide today and he can stay with them as long as he needs to. He says he knows he is hurting the ones he loves and that he needs to decide on what it is that he wants and stick to it.

Mary Jane says she wants to make Jack look like a family man. She walks him over to the mirror and tells him to picture himself running a billion dollar empire but on the weekends wearing jeans, plays with his dog and he is making models with his stepson. Jack sits on the sofa and he is interviewed about his returning to Jabot, running his father’s legacy. Mary Jane stops to fix Jack’s tie and hair. Billy comes home with Delia and hears that Mary Jane is convinced she can sell Jack actually as a decent guy. He says good luck on that one and then says he is only kidding. Jack introduces Billy to everyone. Billy came to look for a file so Mary Jane offers to watch the baby while he looks which surprises Jack. Jack takes the baby and holds her on his shoulder instead.

Gloria goes out to the ranch and demands to see Victor. Estella tells Ashley that she is sorry but Ashley tells her she has this covered and then she asks Gloria why she wants to see Victor.

At the board meeting, Victor announces that Ashley is pregnant to one of the board members as the day to day operations of Newman will go to Victoria. Victoria starts with the fragrance line expansion. She tells them what information they will find in their package. Colleen isn’t sure the numbers are accurate saying her father’s old files say the last acquisition cost nearly twice the projected cost. She says she isn’t convinced it is a good idea in this shaky market and then offers a copy for everyone.

Mary Jane tells Billy that women love a strong man with a baby as they photograph Jack holding Delia. Billy tells Jack he needs to go and he is taking Delia with him to a meeting. Jack asks if he can just leave her with Uncle Jack.

Ashley asks again what she wants with Victor. Gloria thinks back to Victor telling her she has to keep her mouth shut for 6 months. She tells Ashley she wants to talk about the civil suit. She says she is not responsible for Emma Gibson’s death. She asks to let bygones be bygones but Ashley says no, she blames Gloria for the Abbott’s losing Jabot and her father spending the last year of his life in jail. She tells Gloria she will pay for what she put her family through.

Lauren asks Eden where Noah is. Eden tells her some kids were giving him a hard time at the coffee shop teasing him. Lauren says kids can be so mean and hurtful. Eden asks if she would consider dropping the charges on Sharon. Lauren snaps at her reminding her that Sharon sat back and let Eden take the rap. She says Noah will be fine with his dad and Phyllis. Eden doesn’t care that Sharon let her take the blame. She says she loves Noah and she begs her to please drop the charges.

Just as Sharon signs her confession someone knocks on her door with a CD saying that security brought this to his attention. He tells Sharon she will want to see this.

Victor asks JT to speed this project up. He wants Colleen gone. JT says he will do his best. Neil asks to speak with Victor. Phyllis walks in to see Nick. Victoria says she could have sworn that Colleen was channeling Brad. Nick says he didn’t expect that and then Victoria leaves so Nick and Phyllis can be alone. Phyllis says hello and asks how his meeting went and then she invites him to go out for coffee. He tells her he was just going to call her because he has made a decision.

Neil tells Victor his life has been undergoing some changes since Karen left him. He appreciates the opportunities that Victor has given him. He reminds Victor that he acted as CEO when Victor was in jail and again when he was in Mexico saying he is capable of the position. Victor tells him he relies on him but the Newman family will always be in control. Neil says he understands that and this is not about Victoria chairing this meeting. It is about him devoting his life to a job with a glass ceiling. He is settling if he stays. Victor asks if he is resigning and Neil says he hasn’t had a better offer and it has nothing to do with money. He has his life back and he needs to go find what he is passionate about. He says having Indigo isn’t enough. Victor tells him he and the kids have comes to rely on Neil. Neil asks that he doesn’t take this personally. Victor refuses to accept his resignation.

Colleen and Victoria talk while drinking juice. Victoria tells her she knows better than anyone why Colleen wanted to take Brad’s seat on the board. She tells Colleen that they need to discuss the objections before meetings. Victoria says it isn’t so she will have time to shoot her down. It would be to do research. She tells her that he father would be proud of her but she doesn’t have to prove anything to him. She says she makes a terrific art curator and she could call some contacts. Colleen asks why she is offering this today. Victoria tells her because she cares about her. Colleen doesn’t bite, she tells Victoria she and her dad are not going to take this seat away from her. She says she is here to stay and then leaves just as JT walks in.

Nick and Phyllis finds a place to talk privately. He knows the past few weeks has been rough on her and he is sorry about that. He thanks her for not pressing charges against Sharon. She says Noah needs his mother. He tells her that he remembers why he fell in love with her. She says Sharon will always be a part of their lives but he knows he can’t allow her to play such a big part in it if he wants to work things out with her and he does. He tells Phyllis she has never quit on him and he won’t quit on her. He says she and Summer are his life and they are his family and he wants to come home. Phyllis kisses him.

The man tells Sharon that the tape was recorded the night she was arrested. Sharon sits at her laptop as she watches and she sees Phyllis going into the suite dressed in a maid’s uniform. He tells her that housekeeping found the uniform and scissors in a supply closet. He says it is up to her if she wants the police to see this. She thanks him saying she knows just what to do with it.

Jack and Mary Jane enjoy playing with Delia as she tells him the interview went great. She says once it hits the internet the whole world will know the kind of man he is. She says if only the public could see him now. When Mary Jane leaves Jack holds Delia up and whispers to her that they like her don’t they, talking about Mary Jane. He silently hopes Billy comes home soon.

Billy ends his meeting and then bumps into his mother again. He tells Jill he has had a few job offers. Jill warns him to be careful. She says people love to exploit an ex CEO of Jabot.

Neil goes to Victor’s office and hands in his letter of resignation saying he can have his replacement call him if they have any questions. He says he guesses this is it and thanks Victor for all the years of … well… thank you. Victor tells him all good things must come to an end he guesses. Victor thanks him and wishes him luck and then Neil leaves.

Ashley looks at the statue and then is startles when Abby comes up to her and wishes her happy Birthday. She asks Ashley if that is a statue of Sabrina. As she looks more she says it is kind of creepy.

Sharon is happy when Noah visits her but he starts whining about how everyone is teasing and harassing him where ever he goes. He tells her is she was sorry, she wouldn’t have done it to begin with. He asks why she even did it. He asks if that is why her and his dad is fighting. He wants her to swear she won’t ever do it again because he is so sick of it.

Detective Wallace and another officer go to Newman Enterprises and arrest Phyllis Newman. They tell her she is under arrest for breaking and entering, vandalism and destruction of private property. Nick asks what the hell is going on. They tell Nick that they have proof that Mrs. Newman broke into Sharon Abbott’s room at the Athletic Club and slashed her clothes and destroyed her private property. The detective reads Phyllis her rights as they cuff her and take her into the elevator. She calls out for Nick as the doors on the elevator closes.

Jan Barrett

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