Amber meets with Daniel after their first date. He tells her it is going to be tough getting away with stuff as in like when you first start dating someone. He says he likes his freedom and he thinks that is why they both click together. When they go back to work they notice a backdrop hanging on the wall behind Amber’s desk. Amber says maybe she should start wearing her designs to work so people can see them. Phyllis says absolutely and at the same time Sharon says no. Phyllis tells her that her designs grow on them.

Amber is trying to do her job by answering the phones but Daniel keeps making a play for her making it hard to talk. Finally she blows up and tells him “I’m not some kind of vending machine that you can come and snack on anytime you want.” She yells at him and says she has had it and she knew she should have never had sex with him. Phyllis and Sharon both are surprised at what they are hearing.

Phyllis and Sharon still don’t see eye to eye on decision making at Restless Style. Nick tells them Felicia Forrester called and they have mailed in their payment but some changes have to be made. Phyllis says she will have a lot of changes to make then. Nick says that they need Lily Winters for an emergency shoot ASAP. He tells them to find her please.

Nikki tells Victoria she was really proud of her over how she handled Sabrina being at the christening. Victoria says she wanted the day to be about Reed, not Sabrina living with her Father. Nikki says she handled the situation very well and it goes to prove what a good mother she is. Victoria says it shouldn’t surprise her because she taught her everything she knows about being a good mother. Victoria says she has a lot of anger towards Sabrina and her father. She says she wants to let go but she doesn’t know how. Nikki tells her there is a lot of wisdom in this book, showing her the Bible.

Nick comes over and goes over an ad campaign for Nikki. Victoria gives them some ideas on how to apply the makeup on the model. Nikki likes the suggestions even if she does work for the competition. They start talking about how Victor gave the Beauty of Nature account to Adam. She claims he bulldozed it away from her. Nikki tells her that may be so but she can tell them that no one can bull dozes Victor Newman, not even his long lost son Adam. While Nick and Nikki go over some business plans Nikki says she has noticed at how much he is enjoying this. He admits that it does feel good. They mention to Victoria about how she could go work either at Jabot or Restless Style. She admits that she has actually been thinking about that.

Victor tells Adam he has been thinking of the new position for him there at Newman. Adam admits he has been thinking about what they talked about too. Victor says there are going to be quite a bit of changes there at Newman. Adam tells Victor about some things he could do in the acquisitions department and he would be very good at it. Victor says he will give that some thought.

Lily and Neil try to help Lily cope with the loss of her baby. She says all she wants to do is sleep. Cane says he will be there when she wakes but she tells him not to wait around. When she is gone Neil tells him that he will have Lily call him when she wakes but Cane wants to stay. Neil tells him how proud of him he is that he has stood by Lily through this whole thing.

Katherine calls Cane and tells him she and Jill are anxious to hear the news about Lily’s ultrasound. He tells them he will be right there to talk to them so he has to leave. When Lily wakes up Neil’s phone rings and it is Victor asking him to come out to the ranch for a meeting. He tells Victor he has a crisis and can’t come in but Lily stops him telling him she will be fine so he goes off to see Victor.

At the Ranch Victor tells Neil that he is thinking about moving Adam up at Newman and would appreciate his help in guiding him along. Neil asks what Victoria has to say about it. Victor says she will get use to it. Victor calls Victoria and asks her to come to the main house to talk to him about something. When she starts to leave she finds a gift bag outside the door from Adam. The note was to Reed telling him he thought he would like this. He says he saw his Mom wear one. Then he has it signed saying `God Bless, Adam’.

When she gets to the main house Victor tells her that he wants Adam to take over the mergers and acquisitions departments. Victor says he is giving her The Beauty of Nature back. She asks if he is giving Adam her job. He tries to make her understand that Adam has more time for it. Meanwhile Adam is in his hotel room when a knock at the door finds Adam’s ex girlfriend Skye standing there.

Cane tells Katherine and Jill about Lily losing the baby. Jill confesses to Cane how she lost a baby once after falling off of a ladder. Cane tells her how sorry he is. She says she wasn’t even sure at the time if she even wanted the baby. She says she expected to find relief but instead she grieved for a long time over it. She says it is something that is very hard to accept and it takes a lot of time.

Karen comes in at Neil’s apartment and asks Lily about the baby. Lily opens up to her and tells her about her losing the baby. Karen stays and talks to her to try and help her feelings. When Neil goes home he finds Karen there. She tells him she talked to Lily and she just can’t even imagine what they are going through. He says Lily must have told her then. Later when Lily is sitting on the sofa Neil finds her crying. He says it is going to be ok as he tries to comfort her but she cries saying it is her fault.

Nikki has lunch with David and he asks how Victoria is. He says he hardly got to talk to her at the christening. Nikki tells him it is no wonder because he was on edge the whole time there. He lies to her saying it was for personal reasons. Since she has been putting off setting a wedding date he has been making plans for it himself.

Jan Barrett

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