Ashley is out walking in the woods when she thinks she hears something so she yells out “Hello is anyone there?” She hears a baby crying and wants to find where it is coming from. Victor is inside telling Heather she is not welcome there and she is never to come back. She tells him this is Adam’s home and if he invites her there she will be there. Victor hears Ashley outside so he slams the door on Heather to go check on her.

Jack is suspicious when Mary Jane wants to take a picture of him in front of John’s portrait that is in the study at the Abbott’s mansion. He wants to know how she even knew the portrait was there since she has never been there before.

Daniel and Amber are shocked to hear about Kevin. Michael and Jana tell Amber about them putting that straight jacket on Kevin. Amber says that’s the worst thing they could have done. Jana worries now that he might never come back to them now. Michael calls Gloria and tells her he needs to talk to her about Kevin. He says something has happened.

Kevin manages to get himself out of the straight jacket. He says he can’t stand that thing on him. He tells the chipmunk that he can’t run anymore. He says he is in the woods in the middle of nowhere. The chipmunk tells him he better be nice, because he is all he has.

Mary Jane tells Jack she can’t give away all her secrets and then decides ok she will explain. She says she read a magazine on the web while doing some research and saw a photo of Ashley in the den and she saw the portrait in it. So she asks Jack now can they do the photo shoot there. He tells her no they can’t because he is having the floor sanded and everything in the room has been removed including the art. He asks so what else does she have in store for him. She suggests they get to work now.

Heather goes back inside when Victor runs off to check on Ashley and she heads up to Adam’s room. She tells him she thought he would be concerned so she came to him. He feels helpless but he tells Heather everything is ok.

Victor finds Ashley and when she asks if he heard a baby crying he said no but asks was it Reed. She tells him no, it was the cries from a newborn baby. She says the poor thing was wailing then it stopped. She says they have to find it. She begs Victor to help her. He tells her again that he didn’t hear a baby. He gets her to go inside with him when he tells her they will have the guards look.

The chipmunk tells Kevin it likes the idea of being on the run with him. He tells Kevin to put it there partner. Kevin hits it in the head with a piece of wood instead of shaking its hand. He yells at the chipmunk that he has lost everything and now he has nothing. He says he should have killed himself when he had the chance. He says he is cold and he is tired and now he wonders how he can survive out there. The chipmunk shuts Kevin up when he hits him knocking him off the log he is sitting on.

Amber tells Michael that Mrs. C is on her way. Gloria arrives with Jeffery and she is devastated when Michael gives her the news about Kevin. Jeffery comforts her and says Kevin won’t go down without a fight. Gloria wonders what if there is no more fight left in him though. Katherine and Murphy come in and they thank Amber for calling them. Michael tells Katherine this whole thing was handled horribly. His brother’s futire is at stake here but some way he will get Kevin back.

The chipmunk tells Kevin he is lucky because that was only a love tap. He could have cracked his skull like a walnut if he had wanted to. He says, “hear me boy?”

Ashley tells Adam that she isn’t ok. Estella comes in saying she heard screaming but no it wasn’t a baby’s cry it was Ashley. She asks if everything is OK. Ashley asks her is she heard her and not a baby. When Estella says yes, Ashley finds that weird. Estella says she was out walking the dog when she heard Ashley yelling for help but she never heard a baby. A guard comes in and reports they checked everywhere and didn’t find anything. He says perhaps it was the wind. Ashley insists that it wasn’t the wind and it wasn’t an animal either. Adam says he is just glad she is ok. When they are alone Ashley tells Victor she knows what he is thinking and she swears she isn’t crazy.

Ashley pours Mary Jane some wine and they talk about Sharon. Mary Jane says she can see how he wants things to be more than amicable with her. He asks if she is saying she thinks he should steer clear from her and she tells him frankly yes.

When Adam goes back to his room he tells her that Ashley is ok. She notices he has his old laptop out. He says and soon he will have a Braille laptop, thanks to Victor. When Heather starts to go Adam stops her by grabbing her and kissing her.

Olivia comes out to the ranch and thanks Victor for sending his car for her to the airport. Ashley is surprised to see her saying she thought she was in Atlanta. She asks did Victor call her. Ashley tells them both that everything is ok now but she heard a baby crying in the woods. She says it lasted a few minutes and then it was over. She tells them she wasn’t hallucinating so she doesn’t want them to jump to conclusions. Olivia tells her she isn’t but she just cares that she is calm and taking good care of herself. When Ashley goes to make tea Victor tells Olivia that he hopes she understands why he called her. He says his security found nothing out there. They both remember what happened to Ashley when she lost Brad’s baby. Victor says he will do everything in his power to reassure Ashley.

Michael tells Gloria about his dream on Christmas Eve. He tells her that he was searching and searching for Kevin and when he finally found him he was in a locked padded cell and he was alone and suicidal. Gloria blames herself and says it is time she owns up to it.

Amber says she hopes whoever is responsible for this gets theirs! Gloria tells them all that would be her. She goes over to Katherine and admits that she is the one who set the chain of events into motion. She admits she tried to manipulate Katherine into giving her the 5% stock. She regrets most that she manipulated Kevin into helping her. She says she got Kevin to hotwire Katherine’s car and she had him do make them documents that she was about to sign when Jill walked in and she stopped her. She tells everyone she knows they are looking at her like she is scum and she deserves it but Kevin doesn’t. She says if it weren’t for her Kevin might not have went after Katherine’s kidnappers and he wouldn’t be in the position he is in now. She says as long as she lives she will never be able to express how sorry she is. She claims to be deeply, deeply ashamed. Katherine says what Kevin did no longer matters. He has proven he is her friend again and again. She turns to Gloria and tells her what she did is deplorable and she washes her hands of her. Murphy stands and asks what kind of two faced liar would do such a thing. Katherine says that’s what greed will do to people. Jeffery stood to defend Gloria when Jana stops them all. She says what Gloria did is despicable but their energy right now has to go to getting Kevin back, if that’s even possible now.

The chipmunk tells Kevin he is a loser. He says he is in charge and Kevin is to do what he says calling Kevin a snot nosed kid and he will never amount to anything. He says Kevin is a puissant and a failure and his Daddy should have left him in the closet and thrown away the key. Kevin starts yelling for the chipmunk to shut the hell up.

Adam and Heather are naked under the sheets cuddling. He admits to her that he missed her. He says he may just never let her leave him. She says she doesn’t want him to. She says she just couldn’t get over him saying it wasn’t possible. Adam thinks she deserves better. She wants to get to know him, a good person all over again as they kiss.

Mary Jane tells Jack the women in his life that got to share this house with him were so lucky. He admits there has been a few. He asks how many times had she been married and she tells him only once. He remarks that she is the lucky one to have gotten it right he first time. He says he is on a slower learning curve but he is what he is. She tells Jack she doesn’t think he is all that bad. Olivia comes in and interrupts their conversation telling Jack she needs to talk to him about Ashley. When Mary Jane leaves Olivia tells Jack that Ashley is fine physically. Jack says oh no, when he understands what Olivia is saying.

Victor tells Ashley it makes him happy to wait on her. She says she if what she said earlier sounded defensive but she doesn’t want him to worry because history is not repeating itself. He begs her to come to him if she ever feels stressed and she promises him she will.

Kevin screams, “Where the hell to you get off?” to the chipmunk. He tells it he is vermin. Kevin says he has people that care about him. The chipmunk says no he doesn’t. He asks Kevin how anyone can love him. Kevin says he is sick of this and he is nobody’s punching bag. He says for Kevin to look at himself, he is foaming at the mouth he is so crazy. Before you know it the chipmunk and Kevin are fighting each other physically.

Daniel comes in while Michael is on the phone with Lauren. And Gloria and Jeffery are quietly talking to each other, Katherine is consoling Amber. Michael comforts Jana when he gets off the phone. Daniel goes over to Amber and says he can’t just sit around there doing nothing. He said Kevin is one of his best friends and he can’t sit around while everyone else has been helping so he guesses it is his turn now. Amber hugs him with tears in her eyes.

When they get to the front door, Adam tells Heather good bye. She has a big case in court tomorrow but she will be back. He tells her she better be as he kisses her good bye. When he closes the door and is back inide he smiles until he hears Victor saying that he is not to let that woman back in his house. Adam tells him that Heather is important to him and since he can’t see her elsewhere she has to come there. He says it is just the way it is. Victor tells him he will tell him how it is and he warns him to listen carefully. Ashley comes down asking if there is a problem. Victor tells her he will be right there as he sends her back upstairs. He looks at Adam and tells him he will say this only once… DO NOT under any circumstances create any tension around Ashley. He says if he does he will have to deal with him. Adam claims he would never do that.

Jack and Olivia are worried about Ashley. They say she seemed strong and so clear headed but she was emphatic that she heard a baby crying. Jack blames Victor and talks about how Victor caused the accident that Ashley was in when she was 9 months pregnant. She survived but the baby didn’t. He says they all know what happened after that. Olivia says that Victor loves Ashley in fact he is the one that called her. Jack asks if she honestly thinks that Victor’s actions have no consequences.

Mary Jane calls Victor to report to him. He tells her to leave Jack wanting more from her. She is a fast learner with an excellent coach. He tells her to keep him posted just as he hangs up.

Kevin and the chipmunk continue fighting but he hears Daniel’s voice encouraging him to win the fight. Kevin punches the chipmunk saying this one is for Terrible Tom and then he says this one’s for anybody that’s ever abused him. The chipmunks head falls off and it’s Kevin saying from the ground that it’s time to go back.  Now back in the padded cell, Kevin hears Daniel’s voice asking him if he is with him. He asks Kevin if he knows who he is and then asking him to say it out loud. Kevin asks him why, did he forget it? Then he asks why they are all there. They tell him he was pretty out of it for a while.

Kevin says he has the weirdest dream. Michael tells him they thought they had lost him because he went catatonic. Daniel goes to tell everyone that Kevin is back. Gloria tells Kevin it’s like a light that went out inside him. Amber thanks Daniel for raising hell with the manager until he was able to see Kevin. Daniel says that he doesn’t think any of them may ever know what’s been going on in Kevin’s head. Kevin apologizes to Jana who says she is just so happy to have him back. Gloria says they all are glad to have him back. Kevin asks Michael if he can help him. Michael says yes, they are all going to help and then laughs as he hugs his brother saying he is glad to have him back.

Jan Barrett

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