Victoria wakes up on the sofa holding Reed. She calls out for JT and then notices a note along with a rose on the coffee table. She tells Reed she is a bad mommy for falling asleep there with him. The note is from JT telling her good morning and letting her know he is bringing in breakfast for their big day.

JT is at the Club picking up his breakfast order when Adam walks in. JT is going over the food list for the Christening. Adam says he hopes that isn’t all for him. JT tells him they are having Reed Christened today. He says it is for family and friends and then he invites him to come along. Adam turns down the invite saying he has people coming in from Chicago for a meeting.

Sharon and Phyllis seem to be having trouble agreeing on what goes on with Restless Style’s photo shoot and they are bringing Nick in on it to settle their argument. Nick approves for Sharon to arrange a re-shoot. Phyllis doesn’t understand why Nick would give his approval if he liked her layout already. He says because Jack is a partner here too and it was for courtesy to him. He would hope Jack would do the same for her if it ever came up. With that he kisses her and walks away.

Later Adam comes in and Phyllis shows him the layout she has and he likes it. He says he wouldn’t change a thing. She tells him someone else wants to take another shoot and change this one. He says if he was in her shoes he would fire that person. She asks him if she can quote him on that. Sabrina walks in with mail that was delivered downstairs for Restless Style. Phyllis thanks her and then leaves. Sabrina remarks that she has to go to get things ready out at the ranch for tonight. Adam is surprised that she intends to be there for Reed’s christening.

Cane goes to Neil’s apartment to pick up Lily for the doctor’s appointment. Neil tells him that Lily told him about him proposing to her. Cane says yes but she turned him down flat. Neil says he is a firm believer that a child should have both a mother and a father in its life. He says he loves his daughter very much but he can’t make her decisions for her. Cane says he understands that. When Lily comes out she shows Neil the pendant that Cane got her. He says how nice it is and then asks her to call him and let him know how the ultrasound went. When she and Cane leave Neil calls Karen and tells her he really wants to work things out with her on her voice message. Devon comes in and finds Neil sitting there looking at a photo album of Lily when she was a baby. Devon says Lily has not changed. Neil tells him the years go by so fast.

Nikki goes to see Victoria a little early. She says she brought her grandson a Christening gift. Victoria tells her to save it for the other gifts at the party. Nikki says she has another one for then but this one is private. When she opens it she finds Nikki’s Bible. Nikki tells her she wants Reed to have it. She says this Bible has gotten her through a lot of heartaches. When JT comes home Nikki leaves. Victoria asks JT if he thinks her father will bring Sabrina to the Christening. He says Victor does what Victor wants to do. She wants to call Victor but JT stops her. He tells her he also saw Adam and invited him. She starts to get upset but he tells her not to worry, he won’t be coming.

Nikki goes in at the ranch house and she sees Sabrina telling the maid where to put things for the party. Nikki advises her where they keep something and Sabrina thanks her for her help. She tells Sabrina she won’t keep her because she is sure she has plenty to do. Victor walks up and tells her that Sabrina will be attending the Christening with him. Nikki asks did they inform Victoria of this decision and before they can answer Victoria and JT walk in and Victoria says they didn’t.  Nikki says they should have discussed it with them first. Victor says this is his house and he says she stays. Just as they are about to start arguing David and Sharon walk in with Noah. He asks who Sabrina is and JT says she is Victoria’s friend. Victoria says and now she is your grandpa’s friend too. Noah says cool.

Sabrina walks up to Victoria and tells her she is really sorry and that she didn’t ever want this to happen. Victoria tells her that is that is an apology then she accepts and then starts to walk off but Sabrina hands her a gift she bought for Reed. Victoria opens it and then thanks her and says she has to check on her son.

JT welcomes Paul when he comes in. He says he is so glad to see a friend since this place is crawling with Newman’s. Paul tells him he is there for him now. David tells Nikki that Victor is being his usual self. She says she thinks she liked him better when he was cutting out paper puppets. David gets a phone call. Nikki tells him he keeps disappearing but David tells her he didn’t want her to be disturbed so he had the people at Jabot to call him if a problem comes up but he promises that his phone is turned off now. Paul walks up and notices David a little nervous. Nikki blames it on him being surrounded by Newman’s.

Lily and Cane are at the doctor ready for her ultrasound. The doctor looks at the pictures and looks upset. Lily asks her if there is something wrong. The doctor tells her she isn’t pregnant. She says she had what they call an embryonic pregnancy. She explains to Lily how that happens. Lily and Cane don’t know how to take this news. She says but she felt pregnant. The doctor tells her that were her hormones working on her.

At the Christening Phyllis and Nick say they vows as godparents to Reed. Nick gives his little speech. The minister baptizes Reed. Victoria walks around with the baby. Everyone shares their joy with Victoria and JT. Meanwhile Cane and Lily grieve over finding out she isn’t pregnant.

Jan Barrett

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