Jana and Lauren bring Kevin some bangers and mash. Jana tells him she made ir creamy and buttery just like he likes it but Kevin doesn’t respond to her. Lauren tells him that is ok they will just keep it in the refrigerator for when he wants it. Jana is so worried about Kevin but Lauren tells her they won’t ever give up on him.

Michael tells Heather that Clint died of a massive coronary so Kevin didn’t kill him saying he shouldn’t be locked up in a padded jail cell. Michael requests that he be sent to an open ward instead of a locked cell. Heather has no sympathy for Kevin and asks Michael what will he ask for next, a bed and breakfast?

Lily comes home and finds cane packing up the nursery. She sees that Humphrey has made a mess on the living room floor. Cane tells Lily he thought since the spare room wouldn’t become a nursery for them in quite a while then maybe they should make it a den or something.

Victoria joins JT and Colleen at the coffee shop. Victoria asks her if she got the information that’s on the table for the next board meeting. She also asks if she needs any help understanding it. Colleen assures Victoria she is fine with it even though it is the size of a phone book. She says who needs college when you have business in your blood like they do, right? JT tells Colleen that Victor is having a birthday party for Adam tonight at the ranch.

Ashley finds Victor standing over a photo of Hope. She tells him that he hasn’t let hope down as she kisses him. Adam comes in saying the cook is making all his favorites and he is happy that he is celebrating his birthday there and not in jail. Estella wishes Adam a Happy Birthday, then he thanks Victor again and goes up to get ready for the party. Ashley tells Victor tonight will be good for all of them. Victor says he will make sure it is.

Cane has all the things from the nursery packed so he calls Chloe to tell her he will drop it all off to her today. He glances over at all the stuffed animals and things and looks so sad.

Lily tells Colleen that she is an Aunt now and then shows her the puppy she got for Cane, Humphrey. Colleen asks her what about a real baby though. Lily says she wants to hold off on that for a while but she isn’t sure of what Cane is thinking. Colleen suggests that she talk to cane saying maybe he doesn’t want to wait. Lily asks Colleen to be her Maid of Honor for her wedding. She tells her there won’t be a long engagement though. Colleen notices Victoria and JT as they are leaving and she says they seem to be really happy. She says she remembers when at one time she thought she would be married to JT. Lily tells her she needs to get back out there and start dating again. She suggests Rafe as he just walked in and Lily calls him over asking him if he remembers Colleen. He says he was just going to a birthday party. Lily asks if he has a date and he tells her no. Lily announces that Cane decided to buy Jimmy’s bar so they should go check it out. When Lily leaves Colleen and Rafe both say it was obvious what Lily was trying to do. Rafe jokes around saying obviously Lily doesn’t know that he is gay.

Lauren gets closer to Kevin and tells him he will make it through this. Jana tries again but doesn’t get any response but yet she feels that she can see in his eyes that he knows she is here. She tells Kevin he was there during her struggles for her and he helped her out of it so now she is there for him and she won’t give up. Lauren tells him that Michael is working hard to get him out of there so he can’t give up.

Heather tells Michael that Kevin is a threat to society. He tells her he is not asking her to set Kevin out on the streets, he just wants him to be placed somewhere else rather than in a padded cell. He says they have no proof that it was Kevin that shot at anyone and besides he was under duress and his mind snapped. He asks her to change his order to all due precaution as opposed to strict confinement. Heather refuses because she thinks Kevin is where he should be. She tells him if he is considering going over her head to her boss, to be her guest because he won’t budge either.

Lily goes to Jimmy’s carrying Humphrey in her shoulder bag. She tells Cane he looks hot behind that bar. As they joke around with each other Lily tells Cane she has been thinking about that nursery and she thinks maybe they shouldn’t convert it to a den after all. Cane looks at her and smiles and asks her if she is saying what he thinks she is saying.

JT and Victoria wish Adam Happy Birthday when they get to the ranch. Adam asks where Nick and Phyllis are. They tell him Nick sends their apologies saying he couldn’t make it. Adam starts to say what Nick really meant to say, and then changes his mind.  Victor is not happy when Heather shows up at the door. He asks why she is there and she tells him she was invited. Victor asks by whom. Adam says by him. Victor tells Adam he is not particularly fond of this woman. Adam says since it was his party he thought it would be ok and then he asks did he overstep. Ashley comes up and says she is sure they can all manage to get along for this one night. Rafe arrives and brings Adam a gift and a guest. He has Colleen with him. Victor asks if there are going to be any more surprise guests as Ashley places her hand on his shoulder.

Jana and Lauren tell Michael there has been no change in Kevin. Lauren thinks he is worse. Michael tells her that Heather won’t budge. Then he tells Kevin he is doing everything he can to convince the court that he is the victim here and none of this is his fault. He tells him that Paul says they are tracking down Roger and Annie but this freaks Kevin out. Michael explains when they find them and they tell them what happened to Clint then the courts will let him go. The intern tells them all times up they all have to go. Kevin is pacing the floors back and forth when he looks through the window and he can hear the chipmunk which makes Kevin start screaming out why won’t you leave me alone. The intern yells to get him a straight jacket because he is becoming agitated.

Jana says it isn’t fair, she just wants her husband back. Lauren tells her she knows she loves Kevin and he loves her too. Jana wonders then why did he ask for Amber and not her. Right away she feels guilty for saying that. She just wants to get through to Kevin.
Back at the hospital Kevin is wearing a straightjacket as he paces the floors. He starts banging his head on the door until he falls to the floor.

Victor got Adam a Braille laptop with a printer and Ashley has hired someone to teach him Braille. Adam says it is the perfect gift and thanks them for it. He says he plans to write a book about his life story. Victoria asks him if that’s supposed to be funny. She makes it clear that she doesn’t think it is. Heather says she thinks it is a great idea. Victor states that no one can make money from a felony. Adam says he isn’t going to write about that. He says it will be a personal memoir about how he grew up on a farm in Kansas and how he found out as an adult who is father was and now dealing with his blindness. Victor tells him he has a lot of nerve.

Cane asks Lily if she wants to have a baby now. She says she didn’t want to pressure him thinking maybe he needed some time. He asks what about her modeling. She says it can be done before and after the baby. Cane asks her then what the heck are they doing there as he takes her hand leading her out of Jimmy’s.

Colleen tells Adam she would buy his book. Ashley thinks it would be good for Adam to have a project to work on. Victor is sure that no publisher would touch Adam’s book. Estella comes in announcing it is time to cut the cake. As they all head into the dining room, JT asks Colleen why she is there. Victor says he’d like to know that too. She tells them about running into Rafe and since Victor is her Godfather that wants to get to know her, she thought this would be a good time to start. Victor tells her he is glad she came but as soon as he walks away he tells JT to find something to get Colleen off the board of directors and put an end to this farce.

Michael tells Lauren and Jana that Paul has alerted the media and he is offering a reward for information about Roger and Annie. Jana says Mrs. C is an angel for offering the reward money. Michael says he knows it is a long shot but he thinks finding those two may be the only chance Kevin has. He says they can’t help him fight his demons until they know who the demons are.

Kevin is inside an ambulance when the intern reports possible head trauma and catatonic state. Kevin can hear the chipmunk still taunting him asking him if he is nuts or something.

When Lily and Cane get home she lets the puppy out of her bag. They start talking about the wedding and the baby. She asks Cane if he is as happy as she is, he says happier. Lily worries that this is all a dream. Cane asks how he can prove to her that it’s real. He starts kissing her on the neck asking how about this, or this. She starts giggling saying yes this is real. He lays her back on the sofa and she giggles as she says not in front of the doggie, just as Humphrey jumps up between them.

Rafe joins Colleen just as Adam tells her to tell her uncle that it’s not over. She asks what’s not over. Adam tells her he will know what he means. Ashley tells Victor she is going to take a walk in the woods and asks if he’d like to join her. He says he needs to speak to someone first. Rafe and Colleen decide to go out for a beer after they leave the ranch. Victoria tells JT to go ahead of her and she will join them later if Reed is sleeping. Heather is there left alone with Adam They both agree they are glad she came. She offers to help Adam up to his room but he declines the offer to help. He tells her he will call her. Victor confronts Heather when she is about to go and he asks was she planning to go without saying good bye.

The medic riding with Kevin has the chipmunk head on in Kevin’s eye. It keeps telling Kevin to wait until he is in a real hospital. They will stick him with needles saying that straight jacket is nothing compared to an iron lung. It tells Kevin he needs to find a way out of there. It says if he gets to where he is headed he will never come back.

JT thinks Rafe is a pretty cool dude. Colleen says they are just friends and then hints that JT is more Rafe’s type. When JT gets what she means he laughs. Rafe comes back to the table and tells them he has to go because he has court tomorrow. When he is gone Colleen thanks JT for coming, she says it is nice to feel normal for a change. JT says he is glad he could help and they hug. Victoria comes in just as they are hugging and when Colleen leaves she wants to know what the hug was about. JT explains that things have been really hard for Colleen and he thinks people should give her a break.

Victor ends his call and then he tells Heather to listen to him carefully. He says he knows Adam invited her there but she is not welcome there and he hopes this is the last time they have this conversation. He says he doesn’t give a damn that she and Adam are friends just like she didn’t give a damn about him when she was trying to prosecute him. She tells him it wasn’t personal, she was just doing her job. He asks then how come she isn’t pursuing Jack Abbott. Then he says that is because she is utterly incompetent. He tells her he is through with her period. She says she means no disrespect but she won’t abandon Adam. He warns her not to come back there again.

The chipmunk’s voice asks Kevin what he is waiting for. It asks why they don’t just run away together. It tells Kevin to hop out the back but Kevin says it is moving. When it opens the door the chipmunk calls him chicken if he didn’t run. Kevin then jumps up and runs out.

Michael helps Jana close up at the coffee shop. Jana thanks him but says she isn’t only thanking him for helping there but for everything he has done for her and Kevin. Michael hugs Jana and tells her it will be ok and for her to have faith. Then he gets a call and he is heard saying oh my God, when?

As Ashley is walking on the grounds at the ranch and it is dark. She thinks she hears someone out there so she yells out “Hello! Who’s there?”

Jan Barrett

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