Amber shows up for a date with Daniel in a knock out dress. Daniel is surprised and says that she looks great. She tells him that this dating your best friend just might work out after all. As they are talking Amber sees Cane and Lily walk in and she tells Daniel not to mention this as a date to them. When Lily sees them Cane tells her that they can go somewhere else if being around them makes her uncomfortable. She says no it is ok. She asks him if he thinks they can tell she is pregnant by just looking at her. He tells her no. She says then they should go over and say hello. After Lily and Cane leave Amber asks Daniel if he thinks that they can really be a couple. He says well they are best friends. They kiss and then he says WOW! They decide to leave and go home.

Karen is back in town. She and Neil meet for a drink. He tells her that she needs to come home. She tells him that is his home not hers. She wants to know what is happening. She says there is too much uncertainty concerning Lily and the baby. She says it may sound selfish of her but she just doesn’t want to be a surrogate grandmother.

Victoria and JT meet with Nick and Phyllis for dinner. They tell Phyllis that she probably know that Nick is going to be Reed’s Godfather tomorrow. Phyllis says yes and Sabrina is going to be Godmother. Victoria says not anymore, but they would like for her to be. Phyllis gladly accepts. While they talk Adam walks up and says hello to everyone. Victoria is getting agitated by him being there. He mentions just getting in from New York. Phyllis says she just got back from New York herself. She tells them all how productive her trip was. She tells Adam she was having lunch on Broadway and she was pretty sure she saw him walking with a beautiful brunette but Adam tells her no it wasn’t him.

When he leaves Nick asks what is with that guy. Victoria calls him names and then Phyllis says he is also a liar. She says she definitely saw him. She says he was even wearing the same jacket that he has on now. They try to figure out why he would lie to them. JT and Nick say they are going to shoot some pool leaving Phyllis and Victoria at the table to talk before they go home. Phyllis advises Victoria that the best cure for the feelings she has bottled up inside her would be to talk to Sabrina.

Victor and Sabrina come in from their horseback riding. He tells her she rode like a pro. She thanks him and then asks if that horse belongs to Nikki. He says yes it does. She feels funny riding it then. He tells her she is the lady of the house there now. Sabrina gives the staff the night off. She wants to cook for Victor. She tells him she won’t be coming for the Christening tomorrow.

Victor tells her he would like her to be there by his side. She says she doesn’t want to ruin the day for everyone. He tells her no, he wants her there. Sabrina thanks Victor for standing by her against his family. She says she loves Victoria and it hurts her that this has to be this way. He says Victoria will come around one day. She says well if she does she does, but if she doesn’t then so be it. He asks her if she can live with that. She smiles at him and says yes she can.

Gloria comes in and asks the chef at the Club if he knows how to make soup. She says she was helping down at the soup kitchen and the soup was horrible there. Jeffery walks up and teases her about how dirty she looks. He also tells her he over heard her conversation about her wanting to adopt a baby. She says yes she is and he laughs at her and asks her if she is losing her mind. She tells him she is trying to make some changes in her life. He asks if this will mean her raising an infant. She says she will be a great mother so what does he care. She says she doesn’t care what he thinks she is going to change her life.

Gloria and Jeffery are having a drink together when she tells him Jana is teaching her all about Karma. They talk more and Gloria slips and tells Jeffery that she hates having to share him with anyone. He looks at her and says she has finally told him the truth. She just stares at him and then she says she has to go but he asks her not to leave now. Later Gloria is relaxing in her hotel room when there is a knock at the door telling her there is a personal delivery for her. She says she didn’t order anything. They tell her this one is personally just for her. She opens the door and Jeffery is standing there. He comes in and picks her up and they kiss.

Lily sees her father sitting alone so she and Cane go talk to him. Lily feels like there may be a problem but he tells her everything is fine. They invite him to join them but he says he has to go home because he has an early meeting in the morning. Lily thanks him for the breakfast and she tells him she loves him. He says he loves her too and then he leaves. When they go back to their table Cane gives Lily a pendant of her and the baby. She has him put it on her neck for her. She tells him she was thinking if the baby is a girl she would like to name her Drucilla after her mom and if it is a boy she would like to name him Drew. She asks if that is selfish and he says no in fact he would like the name for a girl as Drucilla Jo or for a boy Drew Phillip

Adam goes to the ranch to see Victor but finds him busy with Sabrina so he slips out without them seeing him. As he is coming out the door Victoria walks up and asks him what is he doing there. He tells her he came to drop some papers off but then suggests that she not disturb them right now. She pays no attention and goes in anyway. She is startled to find Sabrina standing there half undressed. She says nothing but Sabrina says how sorry she is. Victoria just turns around and walks out. Adam goes back in and tells Sabrina he was just there to give Victor some papers for his signature and he apologizes and then he walks out. Sabrina tells Victor that she tried so hard not to care but the truth is she does care. He tells her not to worry about it. He tells her he has fallen in love with her and he says she has fallen in love with him too.

Adam goes to Victoria’s house and asks if he can come in when Victoria asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he was sorry she had to see Sabrina with her father like that. He says he knows it hurt. She accuses him of gloating but he reminds her that he tried to stop her. He tells her that Sabrina set this whole thing up. He says he saw her kissing victor weeks ago. Victoria says that’s not true. He says it is true. He tries to make amends with Victoria but she throws him out instead.

Jan Barrett

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