Billy and Chloe take Delia for her first check up at the doctor and after they go to the coffee shop before work. Chloe wants to take Delia to Restless Style to show her off even though Billy says Cane would think families should be at home. Chloe disagrees with him saying Nick and Phyllis both work and they have a perfect marriage, just like they do.

Coming up with ideas for the next issue of Restless Style isn’t so easy for everyone. Nick thinks about the Earth Day event they just went to at Summer’s school and suggests that maybe they go with the whole environmental thing. Phyllis likes craving something good like fairy tales, happily ever after. Nick says people may go for the fairy tale line but doesn’t that only gives out false hopes that makes the let down harder to take.

Lily talks on the phone about some huge surprise that Cane will be so excited about, then she says they both are. Then at the club Katherine offers to pretend Cane hadn’t quit his job but he tells her it was a brilliant offer but he hasn’t changed his mind, in fact he is happy about making a fresh start. Katherine says she wishes Jill would find as much joy in her decisions saying they seem to share the same weaknesses. Cane says they also share the same strengths too. He says he thinks that one day they will work things out. As if on cue, Jill walks in and goes to cane telling him she will get them a table. She tells him not to be too long because she hates to be kept waiting as she ignores Katherine completely.

Jack is in Sharon’s suite as he fusses over her. She tells him she isn’t really hungry because she had brunch with her mother earlier. Sharon tells him she feels fine and ready to take on the world but she just doesn’t feel like seeing people. He tells her to do this for herself and he will be waiting for her down in the bar, telling her to meet him there. Finally she agrees so he tells her good girl, he knows she can do this as he leaves.

Phyllis says ok maybe fantasy theme isn’t the way to go, how about things that make people happy, like country music and video games. She says those kind of things makes him happy. He remarks that she is still on the happy theme huh. She suggests babies, puppies, clichés saying but they still work. Nick argues saying no, everything has a shelf life. She starts listing off things that don’t like blue jeans, and ice cream. She names several others and ends it with God Bless America. She says this is kind of difficult isn’t it and it never used to be this difficult as Nick wonders off saying they need to get back to work.

Joe Jr. thanks Katherine for giving the service in honor of Marge telling her it was a good thing that she did. He says ok enough of the sap as he sends Pearl back to work saying order up! Katherine sits with Nikki and Mac and starts making wedding plans. Nikki tells her she would love to stand up for her but wonders wouldn’t she rather Jill do it. Katherine didn’t expect Jill ever would.

Cane explains to Jill why he has decided to drop the custody case. He tells her it feels good to be free of all his anger and that she should give it a try. Jill says to make peace with the Queen of Genoa City, she doesn’t think so, it would be impossible but she is happy to hear of his engagement to Lily and congratulates him for it. Cane tells her that with all that’s happened recently he thinks that the impossible is possible now.

Mary Jane joins Jack at the bar. He asks her what has she doen for his image today. She tells him she is off the clock now and asks what about him. Jack jumps when he sees Sharon coming downstairs and is full of encouragement saying he is very proud to be seen with her tonight. He says no one is looking as they walk past Cane and Jill.

Sharon complains saying they completely snubbed her when they passed them. She says it was Jill and Cane and it was deliberate. Jack says it was he that they snubbed. He says that those who love you know who you are and the others are meaningless As Jack gets her to laugh Mary Jane watches them from the bar. Sharon takes his hand and tells him he is the best friend she has in the world.

Katherine tells Pearl that she would look like a mutton dressed up as a lamb when she says she likes a dress that Nikki shows them a picture of on her phone. Katherine says amber is designing her dress and the catering is already taken care of. When Joe Jr. jokes about them taking up a table, Katherine says he is the caterer. Mac says weddings and babies! There’s nothing better to remind you that life goes on. Nikki thinks out loud, hmmm weddings and babies. Then she says she has to go to work but tells Katherine not to be surprised if the magazine calls her again.

Jimmy pours Billy another drink and asks if he is setting a record tonight. He says he is a business man and this is the only place he can come to and kick back and no one will bother him. Cane walks in smiling as Billy turns around. He turns back around and motions for Jimmy to give him a refill as he drinks his shot.

Phyllis is distracted when Chloe shows her the ideas for a summer spread. Phyllis is thinking of the new issue. Nikki comes in with Lily and asks if she has no theme for the next issue. She tells them she was just discussing things that make us happy. Phyllis brightens up saying that’s just what they were thinking. Nick says they just couldn’t find one thing that they agree on. Nikki suggests a wedding issue. Chloe thinks her cake fight photos will sell a lot.

Cane tells Billy he thought he’d be home with his wife and his baby tonight. Billy tells him to call child services. When Cane tells him not to worry, he won’t change his mind. Billy slaps him on the back and then tells Jimmy to pour the man a shot. Cane says he used to work at a place just like this saying he likes it here, right Jimmy? Billy says no, this is his world, right Jimmy? He says everyone else there is just visiting.

Nikki talks more about her plans saying it will be about wedding basics, like the planning, coming together of family. She says they will cover all different types of weddings, big or small. She says she knows an 80 year old who is about to walk down the aisle. Lily says she and Cane have set a date so Nikki thinks her wedding would be a great opportunity for the photos if she decides to return to modeling. Chloe says she will be Lily’s stylist again. Nick and Phyllis both pretend they like the idea.

Jack tells Sharon to stop worrying about what others are thinking. He says his image was so bad that he had to hire a professional and then they both look over at Mary Jane. He assures her it is strictly professional. Sharon says it seems like it’s more or that he wants it to be, why not have some fun. He says he is having all the fun he needs. He tells Sharon besides Mary Jane is married even though he isn’t interested in her that way. When he gets the check he notices the date on it, and he realizes that today made two years ago that they married. They both are happy they are part of each other’s lives. Mary Jane sits at the bar watching Jack and Sharon.

When Billy goes to the jukebox Cane starts joking and laughing with Jimmy. When Billy returns Cane thanks Jimmy who happens to think he is crazy. He tells Billy he is going and tells him to have a good night. Billy tells Jimmy jokingly that if she hires Crocodile Dundee then they are done. Jimmy tells him she didn’t hire him. When Cane leaves he calls Chloe telling her that Billy might need a ride home. She looks at Delia and asks what are they going to do with her Daddy. Lily finishes her business with Nikki then says she has to go pick up a surprise for Cane. Nick tells Phyllis he wants to talk to her about scheduling a visit with Summer. She shushes him telling him they don’t want this published at work. She asks why schedule it, she wonders if this is an official separation. She says she didn’t think they were there and she asks if they are. She thought since they had such a good time at the Earth Day event things were good, she asks what changed. Nick says nothing changed that they are still exactly where they have been all along.

Katherine wants Mac and Amber to become friends. When she says she is going to get some applications Katherine asks what about Chancellor Industries. Mac says the jobs there should go to people that are more needy. When Mac leaves, Katherine talks to Joe Jr. about Milkshakes for the wedding. Jill walks in Pearl hollers out to her “Hi hon, just take a seat, I’ll be right with ya!”

Katherine invites Jill to sit with her and Jill does. She says her new assistant told her that Katherine would be there. She tells Katherine that she had a long talk with Cane and it is important to him that they move on now as a family. She says that is why he gave up custody so Billy could raise Delia. Katherine tells her she wants everyone she knows and loves to get along. She asks Jill if she has spent anytime with Mac. She tells Jill that she is thrilled Mac will be part of her wedding. Jill is shocked to hear that Katherine is making wedding plans with Murphy. Katherine asks if that is a problem. She says her life is in shreds and she is going down the aisle. Jill tells her thanks for the love and concern MOM.

Billy stands at the bar saying he knows that voice. When he turns around he sees Chloe standing there and asks her what she is doing there. He asks who let her in. Chloe doesn’t see the problem with bringing Delia there. He says Cane would rat on them. He says she has to go. He tells Jimmy to tell Chloe so Jimmy turns around and says its Billy’s world there. He says he is celebrating their victory. Chloe asks, by himself? Billy raises his glass as in making a toast and drinks his shot.

When Cane comes in Lily holds up a box of Chinese take out and says, look honey I cooked! He laughs and says he has some news. She says she gets to go first. She says she got a new job starting tomorrow morning at Restless Style and they are going to shoot their wedding for the next issue. He tells her whatever makes her happy as he smiles at her. Lily tells him she got him an engagement gift. She shows him a puppy she got for him. He laughs again saying she is cute and then he thanks her. Lily tells him it’s a ‘he’ from an animal rescue place. She says he is a perfect addition to the family.

Nick asks someone at work to drop some work off for him tonight at his sister’s place which gets both Nikki and Phyllis’s attention. Phyllis goes to check a fax and Nikki walks to Nick and tells him that Victoria didn’t say anything to her about that. She says she doesn’t mean to pry. Nick offers that there is problems but they are working on the. Nikki isn’t surprised to hear that it is all about Sharon.

Sharon thanks Jack for taking her out and wishes him a Happy Anniversary. Mary Jane watches as Sharon and Jack hug. Sharon tells Jack she will see him soon as she heads upstairs. Jack joins Mary Jane at the bar and finds her angry asking him if he is out of his mind hugging that woman that way.

When Chloe gets Billy to leave he yells out that he is the King saying this is his home. Jimmy says nightie night lovebirds and Billy asks her if she is going to miss him. Jimmy says of course she will miss him when he blows her a kiss on his way out the door.

Cane and Lily decide to name the puppy Humphrey. She says ok now what Cane’s news was. He says he has bought Jimmy’s bar. He said he had so much fun that day teaching her to make drinks and now he thinks it is time he enjoys a simple life. Lily tells him as long as it makes him smile that way she approves. Then she isn’t so happy when Humphrey pees on the floor.

Mac comes in and asks Jimmy for an application for a job. Jimmy tells her she should come back tomorrow and ask the new owner, Cane Ashby. Jimmy says he is a great guy and he should give her a shot.

Jill continues complaining about Katherine’s wedding plans and she guesses that she has asked Nikki to be her matron of honor. Katherine says yes she has but she would like for her to come. Jill asks to watch her marry that bumpkin? She thinks Murphy is a loser and he can’t wait to trade of his trailer for the mansion. Katherine gets angry and tells Jill not to ever speak about Murphy like that again. She tells Jill she sees her as someone that is miserable and vicious. Jill gets up to leave and as she is going out the door she tells Katherine congratulations.

Jack assures Mary Jane that Sharon’s scandal will blow over. He says their relationship is more important that any public relations campaign anyway. Mary Jane backs off apologizing to Jack. She says she is passionate about her work. She wonders if she is wasting her time when she could be with her husband right now. Jack tells her that he appreciates that she is passionate about her work and he says to double bill him if there is any fall out from tonight. She says she is glad they understand each other as she smiles.

Detective Wallace shows up and apologizes to Sharon saying some of the things that was bagged and taken from her room were things that clearly belonged to Sharon. He tells her the rest of the things are at the station as he leaves. She sits and goes through the box and finds the letter she wrote to Nick telling him she is still love with him asking if there’s any chance they can ever be together again. She crumbles it up and starts to throw the letter away instead she sits and reads it.

Nick asks Phyllis how about him coming by tonight to read to Summer and tuck her in for the night. Phyllis tells him he doesn’t have to whisper since Nikki knows everything now. She assures him everything is going to be fine. Nikki asks if she can tag along saying she would love to say hello to the baby. Phyllis says she has some work to do and maybe she will see her there later. After Nikki and Nick leave Phyllis covers her face, then we see Sharon sitting and reading her letter, then we see Jack and Mary Jane clinging their glasses together and then we see Nick and Nikki in the elevator together in total silence.

Jan Barrett

Note from Jan: Sorry this was late but my cable went out halfway through the show and I had to wait and watch the show online this morning to finish it.

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