Victoria tells Sabrina that she has changed her mind about having her stand up as Reed’s Godmother. She gets upset hearing this and goes back to the main house only to find Victor there with the Reverend and JT and Nikki. She tells Victor that this thing with Victoria is getting harder to deal with and then she excuses herself and goes upstairs.

Victoria meets with Nick and asks him if he is still in as Godfather for Reed. He tells her of course he is. She is relieved and explains that she changed her mind about Sabrina being his Godmother. She wants to ask Phyllis but she wanted to see what he thought about it first. He thinks it is a fine idea. JT joins them and Victoria says she would like to ask Phyllis in person. JT asks if they are free for dinner tonight and Nick says as far as he knows they are. Victoria says she does want to make the statement though that no matter who shows up at the Christening that the day will be for Reed and it will be all for him. The attention won’t go to anyone else.

Victor talks Sabrina into going horse back riding. She tells him it has been a very long time since she has rode on a horse. He assures her that it is just what she needs. He tells her they have all the riding equipment that they will need. He mentions a horse that would be perfect for her to ride. She thanks him and kisses him and then leaves to get ready. When she is gone Nikki walks in and tells Victor that horse is hers. He asks her doesn’t she knock anymore. She says she forgot her folder there unless he wants to take custody of it too. He tells her that horse was not a part of their divorce settlement. She says no it wasn’t because it was a gift from him to her personally and it belongs to her. She walks out after that.

Jill approaches Nikki with switching essential oil suppliers at Jabot. Nikki tells her that she approved it but Jill says that is not going to happen. Later David tells her to look at the contract and then decide on it. Jill says she doesn’t have to it is a no go situation and it isn’t going to happen. When David walks out Brad walks in. Jill asks him if David talked to him about it. Brad says he mentioned it and he cautioned him that he didn’t think it was a good idea. Jill says well he went to Nikki about it anyway. Brad asks her if she wants him to look into it. She says maybe another time but this time she has it under control. Later she sees David and tells him to get rid of the idea about the switch. He asks her again if she looked at the contract but she says she doesn’t have to. She wants him to make it go away, simple as that. David walks away apparently mad and Brad asks Jill what is up with him. She says he is mad at her she guesses.

Neil cooks breakfast for Lily this morning and they have a nice talk. She tells him about Cane proposing to her. He tells her he will stand behind whatever decision she makes in this. She goes later to see Cane. She sees Katherine and apologizes for not accepting her ring. Katherine says she still hopes to see it on her finger one day. Lily tells Cane about her morning with her father. Cane tells her he plans on spending as much time with her as possible, especially now. He tells her that just because she is pregnant and they are not getting married it doesn’t mean they can’t still date. Cane asks Lily to move into the Chancellor Estate with him and his mom and Grandmother. She says that is so sweet that they would want her there. He says it would be either that or her Dad will have to get use to him being there with his sleeping bag.

Jana goes to Amber and tells her that she heard that Lily is pregnant with Cane’s baby. The news throws Amber into shock. She has a hard time accepting the news. She goes to work at Restless Style and Daniel comments on her being to work on time for a change. She tells Daniel she has something to tell him and she isn’t going to beat around the bush in telling him. She says Lily is pregnant and Cane is the father but she doesn’t think it was planned. She asks him does he think it was. He says well when he was married to Lily they talked about having kids but never planned one. She tells him if this had been a few weeks ago she would have been hysterical but now that she has him things are different. She asks him exactly what are they, girlfriend/boyfriend or friends with benefits or what? They decide they are dating each other.

Kevin has a surprise for Jana. She is all excited and begs him to show her. He shows her his hand and she says she doesn’t get it, why is he wearing the ring. He removes the ring and she gets more excited when she sees a tattoo. He says this one is only temporary but he thought it would be cool if they both got ring tattoo’s to match. She loves that idea.

Phyllis is walking around with an attitude. She tells Daniel that from now on when Sharon tells him a decision for a photo shoot is made to check with her about it first. Sharon tells Phyllis she has a few ideas for the magazine she would like for her to look at and Phyllis cuts her off saying to email her about them. Sharon comes back and says she already did. Later Phyllis whispers to Daniel that she noticed him and Amber together and asks him to do those kind of things on their own time and in the meantime she asks him to please get her to do some work. Daniel tells her that Amber was telling him about Lily being pregnant.

Jan Barrett

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