Katherine, Nikki and Mac arrange for a memorial at the diner in honor of Marge. They have a large photo of Marge displayed inside the diner. Katherine has flowers from her own garden. Nikki says it is so nice that Marge is getting this service. Murphy says it is the least that they could do. Mac goes with Murphy yo change a light bulb so she can hold the ladder. Amber comes in but tells Katherine that Daniel couldn’t come saying the gallery manager called. When asked how Kevin was doing she tells them he is doing back and she is sure he will come back to all of them.

Michael is frustrated as Kevin is refusing to communicate with him until he starts hearing the chipmunk saying that Michael can’t keep him safe and saying no one can. Kevin screams that he is wrong and he covers his ears to try and muffle out the laughter from the chipmunk. Michael feels helpless listening to Kevin. Michael begs Kevin to let him help fight this with him. Michael asks to be let out when he just can’t watch Kevin anymore. Kevin asks Michael to wait and not go but it is too late, Michael left.

Sharon calls Noah and leaves a message telling him she knows he is mad at her but she wants to make this right. She thinks back to Nick insisting that she doesn’t belong in jail. At the same time Nick is at Newman warning Sharon’s lawyer that she is feeling so guilty that her feelings might sabotage her own case. Nick assumes no one will be pressing charges, the lawyer informs him that as least one person will be pressing charges. When Nick sees the name on the list he tells the lawyer he has got to be joking.

When Phyllis lets with Heather she says she is disappointed that Sharon won’t be prosecuted for stealing the monkey figurine. Phyllis is annoyed when she is told that no one will be prosecuting. She says she will see about that. She calls Victor and reports that his Koon’s egg has been found. She tells him that Sharon needs a wake up call in order to get well.  And then she goes on hinting that she won’t unless there are consequences. Then she says do what you have to do as she smiles and Victor thanks her for the information before hanging up.

When Victor hear glass breaking he turns around to see Adam on his knees picking up pieces of a vase that he knocked over. Adam assumes that Victor also thinks he broke his Koon’s egg too. Victor tells him not to hurt himself ad he leaves the room.

Gloria and Jeffery peek into the room where Kevin is while Michael tell them that according to the doctor Kevin has been opening up to Amber which is a good sign. He says finding out who or what this chipmunk represents could be the answer to Kevin’s problems.

Mac is impressed when she meets Amber. As the two of them get together to chat, Murphy comes back and Katherine it is too bad Marge didn’t get a happy ending too. She says she deserved one though.

As Sharon looks in her mirror to put lipstick on she flashes back to her mirror having “I hate you” written on it. She thinks that it must be someone who knows her well. Someone is knocking at the door and she looks scared to death when she opens the door and finds Victor standing there.

Katherine speaks to a small group of people that came for Marge’s memorial. Pearl speaks for her saying Marge wasn’t sweet and she wasn’t refined or always sober but at least she went down fighting. When Joe Jr. speaks they all have to laugh. Murphy talks about Marge dealing him a winning hand after she was gone. Katherine addresses the people again saying she admired Marge and the fighting spirit she had in her. She says it is too bad she was denied the chance to lick her drinking habit. She says out loud that one day they will be together again after she thanks Marge for saving her life and her friendship and courage and all those memories that she left her.

Gloria is depressed after seeing Kevin. She asks how the doctor can call this progress. She says they are losing him. She kisses Jeffery and asks him to stay with him, please. When Gloria runs off Jeffery asks the intern not to go anywhere after getting him to let him into Kevin’s cell. He looks at Kevin and asks him how it is going. Kevin just sits there and stares.

When the doorbell rings Adam tells Estella he will get it. When he opens the door he says Heather, what are you doing here? She is surprised when she asks how he knew it was here. She asks if he can see her.

Nick tells Michael that he has been looking for Lauren all day. He says there must be some sort of mistake because the DA is under the impression that Lauren is going to press charges against Sharon. Michael tells him she is away at a buyer’s conference but he lets Nick know he supports Lauren’s decision. He says Sharon has been hurting people. Nick says no one more than herself. Nick tells him Sharon’s in hell blaming herself for Noah and Cassie, and Brad. Michael says he wouldn’t wish that burden on anyone but it still doesn’t give her the right to upend lives. Nick asks who’s life and then suddenly he gets it, this is about Phyllis.

Sharon tells Victor she’s been meaning to call him as she seems to want to cry. She tells him it has been hard facing people. She says she has something to tell him. She talks about the egg and swears she doesn’t remember taking it. Victor hugs her and tells her to stop worrying about it.

While everyone is sitting around drinking tea Paul comes in to be with Nikki. Katherine and Murphy have set their wedding date for May 1st at the Chancellor Estate. Katherine tells Amber she can design her wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dress too. Which she wants Amber and Mac to both be a bridesmaid. Mac says a spring wedding in the garden. Amber wants butterflies. Mac calls out for wings. Amber says ok but not big wings. They suggest that they get matching butterfly tattoos. Gloria runs in saying Thank God she found her. She tells Katherine they are losing Kevin and begs her to help him.

Jeffery talks to Kevin who is still hearing the chipmunk taunting him. Kevin says No, he was good. He says he did everything it said. Jeffery tells Kevin he has to fight it, take him on or you’re never going to get out of there.

Adam tells Heather he could smell her perfume as they go inside the house. He asks her why she is there. She tells him she can’t stay away as much as she knows she should. She tells him she doesn’t want to but she can’t help herself, she is still in love with him.

Sharon tells Victor she is sorry and she knows she should have brought it back to him. Victor tells her to forget the damn egg, his only concern is her and then he tells her to sit down. She starts crying telling him that she let people down. She punishes those that care about her. Victor tells her that Noah adores her. She says she is out of control, she is lying and stealing things. She is getting a divorce and she has ruined Nick’s marriage. Victor is surprised when he asks her and Nick? Sharon says Phyllis knows and he says that explains some things then. Sharon says she guesses that Phyllis told him about the egg and she likely hoped he would show up there with the SWAT team to take her down or something. She says but she knows how Phyllis feels when Phyllis stole from her.

Michael denies that Phyllis needs him to fight her battles for her nor is Phyllis the reason he is so down on Sharon. He says if anyone’s letting their personal feelings interfere with judgment it is Nick. Michael asks him if he is helping Sharon. He says he wants to put on a red cape and tights and says others can use his help. Nick asks if he means like Phyllis. Michael says like his sister Eden. He says Sharon framed Eden and it’s for her sake that he is happy that Lauren is taking a stand.

Phyllis thinks back to Victor years ago when he learned about her affair with Nick and how he scolded her for tearing his family apart. He told her she would never hurt his daughter in law again. When she comes back to reality she asks who is she kidding. She realizes Victor is not going to press charges on Sharon and then she will look like the bad guy. She grabs her purse and runs out the door.

Heather tells Adam to say something please. He asks if she loves him. He said he thought she was smarter than that. She tells him he is not the only one with pride. She tells him that he humiliated her but this isn’t some rehabilitation project. Adam thinks she deserves better than him so he asks her to please go but she can’t leave him.

Nick thinks Michael has been mad at him for a long time. Michael says he has made some allowances for his friend. He and Sharon have suffered more than any couple should have to. Michael says he wants to believe Sharon wasn’t aware that she took those books but he can’t because then Eden will think it is ok for her to be treated this way and he will not abandon his sister like her father did. He says so for once Sharon is going to have to suffer the consequences of her actions. He is sorry but there is nothing he can do about it and then he walks out.

Victor and Sharon walk into the club together. Sharon continues to thank him. He assures her that he will take care of everything. Phyllis walks in just as Sharon hugs Victor. She smiles smugly at Phyllis and asks was she expecting to see her in handcuffs. Phyllis says of course not. She says she knew Victor would never put her in jail. Phyllis lies about why she called Victor in the beginning. He thanks her but he only hugs and kisses Sharon as he leaves. Phyllis is about to leave when Sharon grabs her arm and tells her they need to get a few things straight first.

Phyllis tells her she did her a favor by making that call. She said yes her reasons may have been selfish by giving Sharon someone else’s shoulder to cry on. She tells Sharon she was doing what she does best, which is crying, along with adultery and stealing. She says she doesn’t need Victor to cause problems for her, because she could just press charges herself. Sharon asks then why she doesn’t. Phyllis says she doesn’t feel like it. Sharon asks if she is sure because that little piece of art was something she bought for Nick when he was still HER husband. Phyllis tells her she doesn’t want to cause any problems for her just as Nick walks up to hear. Nick wishes Sharon had told him that Lauren planned to press charges. She is stunned to hear he talked to Michael. Phyllis says she could have talked to him. Sharon doesn’t want either of them to get involved. Phyllis leaves them alone to go back to work. Nick says he really thought he could get through to Michael but couldn’t. Sharon tells Nick he isn’t her husband anymore so he has to stop acting like it. She thanks him when he agrees with her. When he walks off Sharon’s mother Doris comes in the room in her wheel chair and Sharon goes over to her and hugs her.

Michael runs into the diner and is shocked to see Gloria there begging Katherine to help Kevin. He asks her what she is doing there. Paul tells Michael why he asked him to come over there. They finally released the autopsy reports from Clint’s body. He says he died from a heart attack. He says but Kevin still robber banks and shot at the police. Even though there isn’t a gun they still have a problem. They need to find Roger and Annie. Amber says Kevin said they were going to Canada. Paul says it could be a start.

Nick finds Phyllis holding the little monkey figurine. She tells him she isn’t going to press charges on Sharon and Nick thanks her. She says she knows Sharon is going through a lot. He takes the monkey and asks if Sharon broke it. Phyllis admits she did after the kiss she saw in Paris. He tells her she glued it back good. She says you need a strong bond. She isn’t talking about the monkey now, she says just because it’s broken it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

Doris is worried after Sharon called saying she was losing it. Sharon says she is so tired of always needing someone to lean on. She says she needs to learn to stand on her own.

Nick asks if Phyllis has lunch plans. She says she is doing set up for Earth Day at Summer’s pre-school. She tells him she will video tape it for him. She says he can watch it with Summer later and she will even make popcorn for them. He tells Phyllis he will be there. She halfway smiles and thanks him as she walks away.

Heather’s cleaned up all the glass and Estella is making Quesadilla’s for lunch. She asks what his plans are for his birthday tomorrow. She says she can speak to Victor but he says no, Ashley’s birthday is in a few days and she should be the main focus. Heather tells him she will see him tomorrow even though he is against it. As she goes out the door she runs into Victor. He asks what she is doing there. She tells him she was there visiting his son. She tells him she was trying to get him to tell her what he wants for his birthday. She asks him what his plans are for that big day. Victor tells her that is none of her business. He shuts the door on her and walks past Adam without saying a word.

Michael tells Kevin that it wasn’t his fault Clint died. He asks if Kevin understands what he is telling him. Kevin says he is a good boy. Michael is encouraged by Kevin’s response. He tells him he is a very good boy. Then Kevin asks if he can get out of there now.

Joe Jr. thanks Murphy for putting the service for Marge together and Pearl says she is looking forward to the wedding. They say they don’t expect the newlyweds to come around too often though. Katherine says they came for friendship not burgers and she won’t give up the friends she inherited from Marge. She will expect them for a game of Gin Rummy once a week. She tells them they were her lifeline when she had no one and nothing so they will always be her family and she loves them dearly as she kisses Pearl and Joe Jr.

Jan Barrett

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