Jill tells Jeffery that he has a nice smile and he should wear it more often. She confesses that she figures he only invited her to join him for dinner to make Gloria jealous. He says he didn’t but then asks the waiter to send an extra bottle up to Gloria’s room with her room service order. The man tells him that Gloria cancelled room service and left the hotel.

Gloria is sitting at Crimson Lights but Kevin doesn’t want to go see what is going on. Jana can’t stand it any more so she goes over to Gloria and offers her a refill. Gloria tells her that the two men she loved in the world are gone forever and her only sons won’t even talk to her anymore. Jana tells her there is one thing that is left that should put a smile on her face as it always has before. She says at least she is rich.

Gloria says she use to think money was the answer to it all but she found out that it isn’t. She wants to know how it was in for her in prison because she thinks Jeffery is going to have her put in prison. Jana tells Gloria she needs a new project to focus on. She suggests that she helps plan her and Kevin’s wedding but Kevin doesn’t like that idea. Gloria says he is right, she doesn’t think she should even be going but Jana won’t hear of it so for her sake Kevin agrees she should be there. Jana tells her she needs to keep her chin up and she knows she can conquer it all. They talk about how Jana volunteers at the Women’s Shelter and Gloria says she could do that.

Michael is on the phone when Lauren walks in. When he hangs up she asks him if that was Jack’s law firm. He tells her no and he isn’t talking to them anymore. She says Oh great, and then she asks if things got that bad that he has to let the attorney’s handle it. He tells her no, he has decided to drop the case against Jack. He explains to her why he decided to drop the case. He says he was suing Jack for all the wrong reasons and he realizes he can’t do that. He wants her and Fenmore to be proud of him. He says he knows he doesn’t want to be just like Gloria.

Lauren goes to Crimson Lights and tells Kevin and Jana about Michael dropping the lawsuit on Jack. Kevin is shocked. He says Michael was head strong about this and he wants to know what changed his mind. Lauren tells him he needs to talk to Michael to find that out. Later Jeffery comes in looking for Gloria. Jana tells him she left and he says he needs to talk to her. She says well Gloria needs him. Then Kevin walks up and says no she doesn’t and asks him if he is calling the cops on his mother. Jeffery says calm down no one is calling the police. He says the marriage is over so he is going to file for the divorce. He tells them, he gets a small reasonable settlement from Gloria and she gets the contaminated face cream. Kevin asks if she gets it all and he says she gets it all.

Kevin walks away and Jana tells Jeffery she doesn’t want to see Gloria hurt anymore. He says well he is about to give her what she wants and besides she can’t be hurting too much since she is already seeing someone else. Jana asks if he means Alistair. She says Gloria dumped him. She tells Jeffery that Gloria is really in love with him.

Jack is at home alone feeling lonely. He calls out to his father asking him if it is because of Gloria that he has deserted him. He accidentally knocks over the frame of his father’s picture. When he is picking up the mess Sharon walks in and asks him what’s going on. He tells her something is missing. He tells her he is having trouble letting go of the past. She says maybe they should make some changes in the house and make it look like theirs. He tells her that is fine is she wants to. He tells her he is going to go to the gym and take out his frustrations on the treadmill. When he leaves Sharon notices his cell phone and then sees he has a lot of unanswered messages too.

Jack runs into Gloria at the Club. He asks her how her accommodations there are. She says well it isn’t the Abbott Mansion but she is coping. He tells her he would like to call a truce between them even though he still has Michael’s lawsuit hanging over his head. She tells him no evil deed goes unnoticed. She says she won’t hold anything against him anymore and she will hope he won’t against her now that her days at the Abbott Mansion are over. She walks away leaving him surprised.

Later Jack sees Michael and they talk about the lawsuit. Michael tells him he dropped the suit. Jack asks why. He tells him that he believes a good father makes a good roll model for his children. He says he thinks it would be a fair statement to say that John was a good roll model for him. Jack agrees. Michael says he never had that when he was growing up.

Lily goes to see Cane at the Chancellor Estate. She tells him she loves him but she has to turn his marriage proposal down. She says when Daniel asked her to marry him she didn’t take time to think. She doesn’t want to make that mistake again. He says but he isn’t Daniel. She said she knows that but she wants to do this right. He tells her that no matter what, he wants her to know she isn’t in this alone. He says when this baby comes into the world it will have a daddy nearby.

She doesn’t know yet what her plans are but she finally makes an appointment to visit a OB-GYN. Lily goes to talk to Cloe and finds out that Cloe isn’t a heartless woman after all. She tells Cane she has decided she likes Cloe now. He tells her he was told about an ultrasound and how it can take a picture of their baby. He is all excited over it now.

Michael and Lauren celebrate with Jana and Kevin. Michael is worried and he says the selfish Gloria never changes. Meanwhile at the Club Jeffery over hears Gloria on the phone. He hears her telling someone she really wants to help a disadvantaged person. She says she really would like to adopt a child.

Jan Barrett

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