Neither Amber nor Daniel seem to be able to get any work done. Amber doesn’t even want to bother ordering takeout for dinner. She says if only Jeffery hadn’t have shown up and messed things up with Kevin. She says perhaps she could talk to the judge. Daniel can’t hold it in any longer as he snaps at her telling her that instead of her obsessing over Kevin she should be worrying about herself. He reminds her that she could be sent to jail for many years.

Jana’s eyes are all read when she talks to Kevin as she tells him how much she misses him. She tells him that her Ouija board told her he is coming home soon and she wants to take a vacation maybe back to the ashram where they got married. She tells Kevin that Michael is doing everything he can to get him out. She begs him to look at her. She tells him she is his wife as she cries telling him she believes in him. All Kevin hears is the chipmunk’s voice which he screams at to stop talking and to shut up and leave him alone.

Neil answers his door and finds Devon there who is there to pick up some of Anna’s things. Devon tells him he will never forget what Neil and Tyra did. Neil says he doesn’t expect him too. Then Devon tells him that he also won’t ever forget what Neil did in court today.

Cane and Lily sit back on the sofa and snuggle when he tells her that he resigned from Chancellor. He says he wants his life to be simple again. She tells him that sounds like heaven to her.

Sharon is about to leave when Nick shows up at her hotel suite. As they go back inside to talk Sharon complains to Nick about Noah hating her now. She says she has betrayed so many people. She names off Eden, Lauren and Noah. Nick is sure they will all understand once they know the circumstances but he tells her he doesn’t think she should confess to the DA.

Michael tells Phyllis and Lauren that the detective wants to talk to them about the stolen items. Phyllis tells the detective that they aren’t the only people Sharon has ripped off. He hands her the envelope with the list of things with photos that was taken and asks her to let him know if she recognizes any of it.

With some of Anna’s clothes in bags, Neil says how much he will miss her. Devon asks him what will happen between him and Tyra now. Neil says he hasn’t thought about it which surprises Devon. He tells Neil he isn’t surprised that Karen left because the two of them were still newlyweds when he cheated on her. Devon invites Neil to join them to celebrate with chocolate cream pie but Neil declines the invite and stays home to mope alone. Devon says they will save a piece of pie for him then as he leaves.

Cane doesn’t want a job that he has to bring home with him at night to Lily. She admits to Cane that she has been thinking a lot too and she realizes that she misses modeling. She says that Nikki wants to use her at Restless Style. Cane smiles at her  saying that is wonderful and all that matter is that they both will be starting over then.

Amber doesn’t like it that Daniel would suggest she abandon Kevin now. He tells her that Kevin is his best friend but but she is never there for him. He says first it was Mrs. C and then she was off with Kevin. He asks what if he lost her. She tells him she is fine, she is here as she hugs him. He asks yeah but he just has to worry about her going to jail over this. He asks about her dreams of becoming famous with her designs and art. He thinks it is all falling apart. She kisses him as she tells him nothing is more important that he is. She says those dreams that they have will come true.

Once Kevin calms down, Jana says she is sorry if she pushed him too hard before. She says she just wanted him to know she is there. She reaches out to touch his face to force him to look at her. She tells him she loves him so much. Kevin’s mind takes him to the coffee shop with her telling him she loves him as she sits at a table. He sees the chipmunk sitting over on the counter telling him he is crazier than a loon. It tells Kevin it knows nuts and that’s what he is. He hears Amber banging on the window telling him not to listen to the chipmunk because he is wrong. Back to reality Jana asks if Kevin if he has heard anything she said. Kevin looks at Janna into her eyes and smiles as he says Amber.

Michael sits with Lauren and Phyllis as they look at the photos. Phyllis thinks back to tearing Sharon’s room up when she says oh my gosh this is Victor’s and it is extraordinarily expensive. He shows them the picture of the egg and then the one of her monkey figurine. Phyllis wants to press charges. Michael says he hardly thinks that the monkey figurine would be enough for grand larceny. Lauren asks what happens if she presses charges. He tells her then it would be a felony. Lauren says well it is her store’s policy to prosecute shoplifters. Phyllis would love to see Sharon behind bars but Michael notes that her reasons are personal though. It would only be to keep Sharon away from Nick.

Nick won’t leave Sharon. She says she thinks she has to take responsibility saying she doesn’t deserve special treatment. He tells her that she wants to be punished because she feels guilty about the accident with Noah and with Brad dying. He tells her sometimes when bad things happen it isn’t anyone’s fault.

When someone is knocking on the door just as Daniel and Amber start on the couch, he yells out to go away. He and Amber get up and straighten their clothes out as Jana comes in. She has another one of her headaches. She tells them that Kevin was non communicative until he told her to shut up and then he asked for Amber. Jana tells Amber she just might be the only person that can get through to Kevin.

When Cane walks past the room that was supposed to be Delia’s nursery he says he bought this house hoping that he and Lily would have a family one day. He says a year ago today they thought Lily was pregnant. Lily remembers how they were so excited.  Lily says she still wants to have his baby. He smiles and asks does this mean getting married is back on the table. She tells him to ask her and find out. Cane grabs the ring, he gets on his knees and says alright, wedding proposal #4. Then he asks her to marry him again. She laughs and tells him yes she will marry him. He asks her if he can get that in writing. She tells him now to shut up and kiss her. She gets Cane to put the ring on her finger where it belongs. Lily can’t believe it’s finally going to happen. Cane says they need to celebrate perhaps at the Colonnade Room. Lily is happier just cuddle together there and watching Casablanca on TV. She says for now though she needs to go give her Dad the good news. Cane says ok and he will get them something special for dinner.

Nick tells Sharon she shouldn’t talk to anyone about this. Then he says he doesn’t think Sharon is a hardened criminal that deserves to be in jail. He tells her not to ask the DA to lock her up. Sharon thinks she deserves to be in jail. He tells her to think of Noah, yes he is upset with her right now but he needs her.

Phyllis tells Michael and Lauren that Nick left her. She admits they always fight about his ex-wife. Michael tells her she is a bit obsessed with Sharon. Phyllis complains that every time she tries to show Nick what a mess Sharon is in, he gets mad at her and sticks up for her. Lauren says she knew Phyllis was jealous of Sharon sometimes with no reason. Phyllis is shocked and spits out that Nick slept with Sharon. When Lauren tells Michael that he doesn’t seem surprised Michael admits to Lauren that Phyllis confided in him about that but then Phyllis announces that he done it again which Michael didn’t know about. Phyllis says but she and Nick still love each other. Phyllis asks them what she is supposed to do. Lauren tells her she needs to get Sharon out of the equation because if she keeps making this about Sharon, Phyllis will lose Nick.

Cane runs into Devon at Crimson Lights. Devon tells him that Anna is a bit emotional but she will be just fine. Devon tells Cane he is happy he decided to drop the custody case but he understands that it has got to be rough on him.

Lily goes to see Neil. He tells her that he knows he and Karen rushed into their marriage but it was for Anna. He says he felt so empty when Dru died and Karen put a smile on his face again. He is so sorry for all the pain he has caused Karen. Now Neil wants to hear about the good news she came over to tell him. She shows him her ring and says she and Cane are engaged. When he asks about the custody case she tells him that Cane decided to drop the custody suit. Neil is surprised and he asks her if she is sure this is what she wants. She tells him she has never been sure of anything more. He hugs her and says if she is happy then so is he.

Jana gets Amber’s name added to the visitor’s list at the hospital for Kevin. Daniel asks Amber to please be careful. First she peeks in the window and then they open the door letting her in. When she approaches him she tells him hello and that she heard he was asking for her she doesn’t get any reaction. Kevin just sits there staring into space.

Lauren gives Michael credit for being able to hold it together with all the pressures on him with Kevin and now Eden having sex. He says it is because of her that he managed to keep it together as he kisses her. Sharon walks up telling them that she owes them both an explanation. She says she can’t go into it with them and Michael interrupts saying let him take a guess, she has been advised to keep quiet for now. She promises that once she is able she will explain everything to them. Lauren asks why she let Eden take the blame for the books she stole. Sharon tells her she had no idea what had happened. Lauren asks what about that later. She reminds Sharon that she let her son’s girlfriend get arrested and she asks if that didn’t give her a clue to what she had done.

Phyllis forces herself to smile when she sees Nick at the office at Newman. He asks what she is doing there. She said she thought she would drop by. She tells him he should come home because super girl misses him. He tells her he is staying at the ranch so he can stay close to her. Phyllis says well it’s still not really the same thing. He says he will come by every night to see her. Phyllis says that is cool but she wants to know how they can talk if he isn’t there. Nick says that’s just it, they can’t seem to talk without yelling at each other. She thinks it will be different now. He tells her he doesn’t know which end is up anymore. He asks her not to do this. He thinks they need some space right now. She tells him she needs him to come home, she wants him to come home as she begs.

Outside of Kevin’s cell, Jana tells Daniel about how worried she is about Kevin being locked up. He doesn’t seem as concerned as she talks. When she notices she asks him if he is cross with her or something. He starts complaining about Kevin taking over Amber’s life. Jana tells him she didn’t like the idea of having to ask for Amber’s help, saying she would have given anything if he had asked for her and not Amber. He apologizes to her saying this has got to be rough on her. She thinks it is worth it if Amber is able to help pull Kevin out as she looks through the window.

Amber tries to get Kevin to talk as she sits next to him. She tells him not to be afraid and nothing he can say will scare her off. She tells him he has got to fight his way back saying he did it before. He thinks of being at Crimson Lights watching the chipmunk dancing with Amber. It is telling her that her guy is gone and he isn’t coming back. It tells Amber he is in La la land. Amber runs over to Kevin telling him to ignore the chipmunk. Then Kevin flashes back to sleeping in Amber’s lap and her telling him she is going to take care of him. He looks in her eye and says, “Amber you’re here!”

Neil looks at Karen’s wedding ring and remembers putting it on her finger when they got married. He takes his wedding ring off and sets it on top of Karen’s ring.

Cane gives Lily a day planner as a gift. He tells her to look at the book mark. He asks does May 15th sound like a good day for a wedding. She jumps into his arms and says yes it does.

Kevin tells Amber he sees the chipmunk and he can’t get away from it. She tells him he can’t run from him. She tells him he needs to see who is behind the mask. Kevin is scared saying he doesn’t want to. She tells him that is the only way he will leave him alone. She asks him to do it for her so he finally agrees to try.

Lauren stands and tells Sharon that young people that get arrested must include it on a job application and on college applications also. She says Eden’s life could have been ruined because of this. Sharon tries to apologize and Lauren tells her yes she will be sorry because she intends to press charges on her now.

Phyllis and Nick are in the office when she tells him she isn’t pressuring him. If he doesn’t come home tonight it could mean the beginning of the end for them. He feels she is indeed pressuring him and he wonders if she is giving him an ultimatum. She says no but she is scared. He admits he is scared to. She feels like everything is slipping away and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She says she feels that any minute or hour from now it will all be gone. He says it isn’t that simple for him, it won’t come down to one hour or one night. He says if she tells him he has to come home right this minute to fight for their marriage then the answer has to be no!

Jan Barrett

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