Gloria is in her room thinking about Alistair and then she thinks of Jeffery as she lies down. When she goes downstairs to the restaurant she runs into Jeffery and Alistair. They both approach her. She tells them she wants time alone to think. Alistair says he understands and she thanks him. Jeffery says that is fine but he has had enough. She asks him what does that mean. He says this farce of a marriage is over, he will file for a divorce and she will be rid of him. He tells her that the only problem there is that they both know what that means will happen. She looks at him and then says to do what he has to do and then she walks away.

Jack finds a note from Sharon telling him she had to go out early. He says it sure is quiet in the house and he calls out for his Dad. He tells him not to take it out on him after all Gloria did want to give him the house back. He can’t stand the quiet so he calls Ashley and gets his voice mail and says he was only calling to talk about the good old times.

Sabrina and Victor are talking about the art pieces for the new gallery. She tells him that the other day Adam insinuated that she seduced him to further her career. Victor tells her she needs to get use to that. He says people will talk but he advises to think nothing of it. He says once the art gallery is open they will see that she is there as his art consultant. Victor leaves and Sabrina is at the new location for the gallery when Adam walks in. Sabrina is uneasy around Adam. He tells her that she is really doing well for herself now. She tells him he really underestimates his father’s abilities. Being around Adam makes Sabrina very uncomfortable. He tells her he has this magazine he wanted to leave with Nick. She tells him that Restless Style is upstairs and he is on the wrong floor. Finally she wants him out so she asks him to just leave the magazine there with her and she will give it to Nick but she has to get back to work so Adam leaves.

Victor goes to see Victoria at home. She asks him what he wants. He tells her he hoped they could have a heart to heart talk. She says that would require him to have a heart. He tells her that was pretty cold especially coming from his daughter. He asks can they talk. She says ok but if he is looking for forgiveness he will be disappointed because it isn’t going to happen. He tells her that she has stood by her mother when she started with David so how come she can’t give him the same courtesy. She says she trusted him to look after her best friend but she didn’t expect him to seduce her. He says that is not how it happened. She tells him to just do what he wants to do because he is going to do that anyway. He tells her he loves her. The baby started crying so she leaves the room to go check on him so

Victor decides to leave but when he opens the door Nick is standing there. Victor asks him how Phyllis and the baby are. Nick says they are good. Nick says he doesn’t mean to be rude but he is there to check on his sister because she has been under a lot of stress lately. Nick blames him. Victor says he doesn’t see how it is of their concern as to who he sees. Victor tells him all he has done was be concerned of the well-beings of his children and then he walks out.

Lauren is giving Michael the cold shoulder. He knows she wants him to drop the law suite against Jack on her behalf. He calls his office and orders them to get some more information for the case. He tells them he knows that they have other cases too but this one is top priority. He leaves the apartment. He is on the phone at the bar at the Club when Jeffery asks him if he has seen his mother today. He says she wasn’t herself today. He asks Michael for the name of another attorney that maybe he could use to file for a divorce.

Gloria goes to see Kevin and she tells him that Jeffery is going to file for a divorce. He tells her if he does this then does she know what that means. She says she knows. He tells her to call Michael, but she says no, she has plenty of time for that. Kevin says well he will call him then. Gloria says maybe she should be in prison. She says it is about time she pays for all she has done.

Michael comes to Crimson Lights. He already knows about Jeffery wanting to file for a divorce. He tells Gloria that Jeffery seemed to be seriously concerned about her. Michael gets a call and makes him happy. Kevin asks if it was about his case against Jack. Michael says yes and it is what he wants. Gloria tries again to get him to drop this. She tells him to think about this. He sounds like he is thinking just like her. She tells him this isn’t for Lauren or for Fenmore. It is for revenge on Jack. That is all.

He goes home and thinks about what Gloria told him. He tells Lauren all about it. She just listens to him talk without saying anything. He tells her she is doing it again, not talking to him. She says that is because he listens to her more when she doesn’t. When Lauren leaves to check on the baby Michael calls for Jack leaving a message saying he has come to a decision about the lawsuit.

Nick takes Victoria and Reed to Crimson Lights so they can just sit down and talk. They see Felicia Forrester and Nick says hi to her. Victoria says she saw her at his party. He tells her how Jabot loaned the Forrester’s Lily Winters out and how things are going well for the magazine. They talk about all the things that are going wrong.

Jeffery goes to Jack to ask him a strange favor. He asks Jack to ask Gloria to move back in with him. Jack thinks he is crazy. He tells Jack how he came there to get some of his brother’s money. Jack says they are both drifter’s and they found each other. Jeffery says Gloria loves that house as much as he does. Jack says he has lived most of his life in that house so there is no comparison. Jeffery tells him that this is what his father would have wanted. Jack says ok let him think about it, then immediately says no way.

Gloria asks Jeffery if they can talk. He tells her that it is best if they handle things this way. Alistair and Jill walk up and Alistair asks Gloria is Jeffery is giving her a hard time.
She says always but then says she is fine. Jeffery tells them that he and Gloria have decided to go their own way and get a divorce. He asks Jill if she would have dinner with him. She looks at Gloria and Gloria says don’t look at her, she doesn’t care. She says she and Alistair will probably just settle for room service. Jeffery and Jill walk away and Gloria tells Alistair to go on upstairs and she will be right up. She starts to go upstairs to her room but changes her mind and leaves the hotel.

Jan Barrett

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