When Jack reads the Restless Style article about Katherine, Ashley is complaining about having morning sickness. He likes the bit on Jill where she had her mother arrested in an attempt to keep her inheritance and then he gloats about her having neither it ir her mother now. Jill walks in and joins Cane at the bar. She tells him she didn’t get the job she was hoping for. She tells Cane she has a new name added to her list though of people who will be sorry they crossed her. Cane tells her he wasn’t fired but he did turn down a top level job at Chancellor Industries and he feels it was the best decision he has ever made.

Billy apologizes to Mac for his wife’s behavior seriously. He tells Chloe she should be spending what could be their last day with their daughter instead of ripping into his ex. Mac says Chloe must be on edge when she hears about the hearing. She tells Chloe she is no threat to their marriage but she has no intentions of going anywhere so she better get used to it.

Anna is worried wondering what is taking so long. Devon assures her that it should be over soon. Karen and Tyra are surprised at Neil asking to talk to the judge. He tells her how it was when he adopted Devon saying now he is his son. He never expected to feel this way twice in his lifetime. He says no piece of paper can explain how he feels about Anna. He says her innocence and laughter and her music gave him excitement for the future. He had purpose and wants to be the father she deserves which is why he is asking the judge to reconsider her decision. He asks her to place Anna with the woman that has made Anna what she is today, and that woman is Tyra Hamilton. Tyra and Karen are both in shock.

Karen stands and tells the judge he didn’t mean that. Then she turns to Rafe and tells him to do something. The judge asks Neil why he has changed his mind. Neil says they hid things from his attorney, saying he has been having problems in his marriage. Karen denies it. Neil says he is sorry for his mistakes but Tyra is Anna’s mother and they belong together. The judge says 26 years on the bench and this is a first, then she leaves the room to make her decision. Tyra’s lawyer tells her things look good for her. Karen looks at Neil and asks him what has he done.

Billy tells Chloe that Lily is going to talk to Cane again for them. She realizes that Billy is as scared as she is. Mac watches them relate to each other from out on the patio. Billy tells Chloe that nothing is going to happen to their girl.

Jill is upset when Cane tells her he plans to tell the judge that he quit his job. She wonders how that will look for him. He thinks it will make him look like a man of principal. He says he isn’t into the backstabbing of the business world. He doesn’t want to bring all that stress home to his family. Jill tells him good luck, but she isn’t going to go with him to avoid the press. She looks over at Ashley and after she thinks of her conversation with Victor she walks over to her telling her she has some news that both Ashley and Jack would find very interesting. Ashley asks what the catch is. She tells Jill that she knows she went to Victor begging for a job. She says they won’t hire her either. Jill says she didn’t beg him for anything but she would be happy to fill Ashley in on part of the conversation with Victor that he did leave out.

Billy and Chloe play with Delia. They both love the picture that Chloe took of the baby with her phone. Billy is sure they will be there when Delia says her first words or has to make a trip to the principal’s office. He looks up and happens to see Mac watching. He takes Chloe’s hand and kisses it telling her that they should just enjoy the moment with their daughter.

Jill insists on telling Ashley what she wants to say as Ashley looks uncomfortable. Jack tells Jill that she should be in court to support Billy. She says she won’t be there to support Cane either. She defends her son though saying he is doing what he thinks is right. Ashley notes that Jill said she supports her son, not sons. Jill and Jack neither approve of how Jill treated Billy. Jill asks Ashley what is wrong. She asks if Satan’s spawn giving her indigestion. Jack says that is it, he is taking her home but Jill says not until she tells them what she came to say. Jack tells Jill to have some light reading as he goes out the door handing her the magazine with Katherine’s article in it.

Cane talks to Devon and Anna and they tell him how Tyra decided to petition for adoption at the last minute. Anna is worried she upset Karen and Neil for hugging Tyra on her way out the courtroom. She says she thinks Neil and Karen are great but she misses her Mom. Lily comes out and tells Anna it won’t be much longer and then she asks Cane if they can talk a minute.

Karen tells Neil she knows he didn’t plan on saying anything because he thought Tyra was going to win the rights to adopt Anna so he wouldn’t have to. She tells him she can’t stand the sight of him. The judge comes out and grants sole custody of Anna to Tyra. Karen is devastated and then she runs out into the hallway to give Anna the news. She tells Anna that no one will ever take her away from her again. Neil comes out and walks past them hugging when Devon tells him he is sorry. He didn’t think Tyra stood a chance.
Neil says he told the judge that Anna belonged with Tyra. He goes back to get Karen only to find her gone already but she also left her wedding ring behind.

Lily tells Cane about what her Dad did. He asks why he did it. She says because he realized that Anna belonged with Tyra. She says Anna was being ripped in half. Cane says it won’t be Delia taking the stand one day, it will be over today. Lily tells him no, she will be caught in the middle. She tells him he has a chance to make this right before Delia has to go through what Anna just went through.

Lily takes Anna to the ladies room and Cane hangs around as he hears Tyra telling Devon that Neil put his marriage on the line for her and her little girl. She says Karen isn’t her favorite person but she wouldn’t wish this one on anyone. When Neil gets home he finds Karen packing. She tells him she plans to get as far away from there as she can get.

Jack is having the car brought around to the front door to take Ashley home when he tells her she needs to avoid people like Jill and Gloria and the civil suit against Gloria. He tells her all the stress is not good for the baby. Ashley holds her stomach and tells him she needs to see her doctor, she says something is wrong.

Lily tells Cane that Michael is on his way. Cane says he feels so lucky to have her. He says she always knows what he needs as he kisses her. Billy and Chloe come in with Delia to meet with Rafe. Cane gets Chloe inside so he can talk to her and he tells her to listen to him one last time. She asks one last time? What does that mean?

As Karen packs she accuses Neil of ambushing her in court. She thinks surely he expected it to end this way. She says maybe he just wanted to be everybody’s hero, especially his mistress’s. Neil denies Tyra being his mistress. Karen tells him she hopes his one night stands then with Tyra was a really good one. He tells her she doesn’t want to leave. She says she sure as hell doesn’t want to stay. She says all along he has been pretending and he was using her to get over his dead wife. He yells at her not to say that but she yells back that he humiliated her by sleeping with that woman. She tells Neil is definitely not the good guy.

Jack brings Ashley home and he tells Estella that the doctor has ordered lots of rest for Ashley. Estella offers some ginger tea saying Sabrina always said it helped her. Ashley snaps that she wants water instead. When she goes to lay down Jack makes him self at home rumbling through a folder from Newman when Adam walks in. He calls out Dad, is that you? Jack says it is him and he explains that he brought Ashley home. Adam tells Jack he can leave now, he will see to it that Ashley is taken care of. As they bicker back and forth Ashley comes back down and tells Jack she can see it is time for him to go.

Mac thinks back to when Billy kissed her and then clears her head to get him out of it. Meanwhile back at the courthouse Billy tells Lily he is sure all is going to be ok thanks to her. Inside with Cane Chloe talks about how Delia needs her mother. He tells her he knows that and he can’t even begin to think about putting Delia through what Anna just had to go through. He tells her he is dropping the law suit. Chloe is so excited. She thanks him over and over as she hugs him.

Karen says she isn’t rushing into anything. She says her decision to leave is long overdue. She says she doesn’t understand why Neil gave her the hope if he knew he was going to do what he did. Neil tells Karen he has not been using her, he claims he loves her. She slaps him in the face and he still insists that he loves her and that he is sorry. She starts pounding him on the chest screaming that she hates him. Tyra walks in with Devon and Anna as Karen cries even more.

Ashley tells Jack she means it, she wants him to go. She says Adam has been through enough, he doesn’t need Jack rubbing his nose in it. She says this is Adam’s home now. Jack asks if she is really buying into this. He tells her that Adam looks at this as his prison and he resents her and Victor and he calls Adam a snake. Ashley tells Jack to go check on Billy and then she apologizes to Adam. He tells her he knows she isn’t responsible for Jack no more than Victor is responsible for him. He tells her he doesn’t resent his father but Jack was right about him not being worth much these days.

A reporter goes after Jill for a comment on the Restless style article. They want to know if it is true that Mrs. Chancellor is going to be pressing charges on her for fraud since has she been lying all these years. Jill says she will give them a quote, in fact it will be an exclusive. Katherine Chancellor is the real fraud. Mac walks in just as Jill starts talking.

Billy asks how Aunt Lily sounds to her. She says she could get use to it. Billy tells her he would like her being in Delia’s life. He says he respects the perfect role model. Lily says she knows he cared and she thanks him for helping her get through a hard time in her life.

Cane says he will drop the petition and Chloe can have his name removed from Delia’s birth certificate. He warns her that he will still be keeping his eye on her though. Chloe wants him to be there, he is still family after all. She tells him she has changed. She admits that she tricked him but he made her a Chancellor, then Billy made her an Abbott and now Delia has made her a Mom. She says that’s the only name that matters to her now. Cane tells her he believes her as he smiles at her. She thanks him with tears in her eyes.

Tyra thinks it is a bad idea that they came there. Anna feels responsible that everyone is so upset. She apologizes. Karen tells her it isn’t her fault but yes she has to leave. She tells Anna she will miss her too as she kisses her and then she walks out. Neil calls her name out, Karen, as she walks out. She hesitates for a minute and them walks out without looking back leaving Neil looking devastated. Anna asks where we go from here while Tyra’s arms are around her. Back at the courthouse, Lily hugs Cane while Billy and Chloe hug. Everyone seems happy except for Neil.

Jan Barrett

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