Sharon tries getting out of showing up for the dinner rehearsal saying it is a family event. He tells her that she is family, divorce or not. And he simply won’t take no for an answer. Sharon thinks back to having sex with Billy but finally agrees to go anyway.

All of Cloe’s friends are unavailable to attend the wedding so she has no matron of honor. She says that is ok, she is still going to go through with the wedding. She tells Billy it is important that they get married, and then she says she means it’s important for Delia.

When Ashley tells Victor goodbye, Abby says she is going to be spending the evening with Victor. They both agree that going out to eat sounds good. Rafe and Adam walk in and Rafe tell him that there was no problems with the house arrest officer. Adam tells Abby hello just as she and Victor are about to go out. He tells her he would love to join them but he is on a short leash. Victor reminds him that it is preferable to be caged up though.

Jill finds Esther at the Chancellor Estate and is appalled when she hears that Esther has invited the ‘con artist’ to the wedding. Jill complains saying she is going to bed so wake her when it is all over. She tells Esther she isn’t planning on attending the rehearsal dinner since Billy is barely speaking to her. Esther tells her that she will always be Billy’s mother though.

Katherine serves Murphy Chicken a La Duchess which she says is Brock’s name for her. She asks him what he thinks about moving in with her in Genoa City. He tells her it is a big house and he might get lost. She tells him she will come and find him. Murphy tells her he will take it as it comes and he is happy living anywhere as long as she is there with him.

Noah is on the phone with Eden telling her he is meeting with his Mom there. He tells her his Mom has been acting weird lately but he doesn’t know why she wanted to meet with him. He hangs up when he sees her walk in. Sharon explains that she has decided not to lean on Jack anymore. He tells her that is a good thing and he compliments how she looks telling her she looks great. Since she says she feels awkward about going to Jacks for the dinner he offers to go with her. Sharon thanks him as she hugs him.

When Ashley arrives Jack is happy she came alone without Victor. He tells her maybe he can actually enjoy this evening but changes his mind quickly when Jill arrives. She informs Jack that Brock is in town and that woman will soon be proven once and for all to be a fraud. Jack and Ashley both say either that or Jill’s world will evaporate before her own eyes. Billy sees Jill and says hello. He tells her he wasn’t sure she would come. Chloe thanks her for the interesting wedding gift, adding sarcastically that is was a pink slip for Billy. Esther cheerfully adds that they will all be one big happy family. Jill mutters to just kill her now.

Abby and Victor are at Crimson Lights hanging out when they start talking about Adam. She tells Victor she feels bad for Adam even though she barely knows him. She admits she tried walking around with her eyes closed to see what it was like being blind and admits it was pretty freaky. Victor tells her it’s a terrible thing that he has but she has other things to concern herself with assuring her that Adam is his problem.

Rafe hands Adam his things left in his cell room. Adam tells him to throw them all out. Rafe asks if he ever read the letter from his father. Rafe tells him he needs to hear this. He starts reading the letter of support and encouragement from Victor. Adam is surprised, saying maybe there is hope.

Murphy tells Katherine dinner was delicious. She says it tasted better the last time she ate it though. They talk about how none of the doctors there discovered anything about the Lyme disease until now. She tells Murphy when she gets back home she might write another book because the first one certainly doesn’t end her story.

Jill pauses to take a moment to think about John. Jack gets his dig in by saying he wonders what his Dad would think of Jill now. Esther and Chloe say the baby is sleeping now, but Jill wants to take a quick look. Chloe jumps in saying she doesn’t think so. She says Esther is a better fit for the job but she will allow Jill to stay on in a lesser position. Jack smiles and Ashley whispers that she likes this girl a lot.

Billy welcomes Colleen who comments that he is marrying someone he doesn’t even like. Billy reminds her that at least this time he won’t get his heart broken. She tells Colleen he knows what he is doing. When she walks away, Billy is wondering what Sharon is doing there and then he sees Noah whom he says hello to. Sharon tells Billy she is only making an appearance and then she is leaving and she assures him that she won’t be at the wedding tomorrow.

Jill says she is glad Esther talked her into coming, otherwise she would have missed all this lovely hostility. Jack says kudos for Chloe for standing up to Jill saying the Abbott’s stick together. Chloe asks Sharon to be her maid of honor. After trying to get out of it with lame excuses Sharon finally has no choice but to accept. Chloe thanks her by hugging her telling her she has saved the day for her. While hugging her back Sharon looks over at Billy as if to ask what does she do now.

Jack stands to congratulate Billy on his great taste and great judgment. He says Chloe and Delia are a wonderful addition to the Abbott family. He tells Chloe thanks to her future mother in law to be they will all have a lot of free time on their hands so if they ever need anything they would be happy to pitch in. Jill makes a toast saying she loves Billy and whether he believes it or not she is here for him. Billy asks if that means he can have his job back, Jill just sits down without answering him. Jack stands and makes a toast to Billy and Chloe saying cheers as they all clink glasses.

Billy announces to Jack about an interview for a job in New York. Esther panics as she tells Jill that she can’t let them leave. Jill thinks it’s an empty threat. She doesn’t think he is going anywhere. She says it is the kind of immature, petulant behavior that proved to her that he couldn’t run Jabot. Soon they are all talking at once when Ashley tells them all to be quiet. She says like it or not they will all be family and for the sake of her niece they all have to suck it up and deal with is.

Noah goes to the pool house proud that he got invited to the party since it means he gets to see her. Right on cue just as they start kissing Delia starts crying so Eden has to tend to her.

Sharon looks around for Noah. Jill comes into the living room announcing that she is leaving. She says it’s not like anyone would mind. She tells Billy when this all goes to hell (and she adds that it will) she will be there for him. She says she loves him and nothing can ever change that. She sarcastically thanks Jack for a lovely evening as she leaves. Without anyone saying anything Jack asks if anyone wants dessert.

When Victor and Abby get home, Adam greets them asking how dinner was. Victor says it was wonderful. Victor has to take a call leaving Abby alone with Adam who tries to bond with her by talking about things she likes and things they may have in common. He tells her if she ever wants to talk to him about anything he is there. He tells her he would like to be friends, not just brother and sister. When Victor finishes his call, Abby goes upstairs to study.

Sharon barges in and catches Noah with Eden. She says so this is why he wanted to come with her tonight. She reminds Noah he isn’t even supposed to be seeing Eden anymore. Noah defends Eden saying it isn’t her fault someone slipped books into their bag. He says it wasn’t even Eden’s bag it was for them. Sharon says they will talk about it when they get home. Noah asks where that might be asking her if she even knows where she will be sleeping tonight. He tells her just because her life is a mess right it doesn’t mean she can take over his.

Billy tells Colleen if she is too uncomfortable to attend the wedding he will understand. She tells him she will be there with a get away car. Ashley walks over with dessert and invites Billy for breakfast tomorrow morning. Jack tells Sharon she needs to get a good nights rest adding that tomorrow will be fun. Esther tells Billy that Chloe is staying with her mother tonight. Billy says he will miss her, talking to Delia of course. Chloe tells him she will miss him too but she will see him at the altar.

Jill goes to the trailer to see Katherine. She tells them that Brock asked her to come see her. She says she wants to believe she is Katherine. She reminds her of Christmas Day when she surprised her at the house but Katherine doesn’t remember it. Jill still isn’t convinced. Katherine tells her she has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Murphy shows Jill the list of symptoms on the papers. Jill lashes out to him telling him he seems to have an answer for everything accusing him of being behind this. Katherine stands up to defend Murphy telling her don’t you dare

Jill makes Katherine mad after making the accusations against Murphy. Murphy understands her skepticism but still tries to reason with her. Finally Katherine tells Jill she is warning her. Jill says no, SHE is warning her. When Katherine tells Jill she heard that Billy was forced out of his own father’s company, Jill warns her to stay away from her family and the wedding. Katherine tells her she is going back to her family, her company, her home and there’s not one damn thing Jill can do about it.

Sharon is at Jimmy’s drinking again drowning her sorrows in Vodka and tonic. Billy walks in and sits at the bar. He starts drinking shots and soon he notices Sharon sitting there as he smiles at her.

Eden and Noah are at Crimson Lights together. They kiss each other saying no more crying babies and no more annoying mothers. A waitress walks up asking what will they have. Noah complains that they just can’t get any time alone together. He says they need to take a vacation.

Victor notices that Adam’s mood has changed for the better. Adam tells him he appreciates what he has done for him and he promises to use this opportunity to bounce back. He tells Victor good night when he is about to turn in but hesitates by the stairs before going up.

Jill is sure that Brock’s test will prove ‘Marge’ is a fraud. Katherine asks her what will she do it if doesn’t. She will have no more money and no more power so she should be worried. She tells Jill to go home and get her room ready. Jill says it will be over her dead body before she will allow the two of them in her mother’s room. Katherine threatens to have her arrested for trespassing if she doesn’t leave. When she leaves, Murphy tells Katherine to remind him to stay on her good side and then suggests that they rethink this about going to Billy’s wedding. Katherine won’t hear of it. She says Kate is Esther’s daughter and her namesake. She says she is going. The wedding is in her home and by tomorrow Jill and everyone else will know it.

Ashley tells Jack she had to feel a little sorry for Jill. She says she knows that this marriage is not the right thing for Billy, saying he is not ready for it. Jack thinks it is a good thing. He says it is time Billy leaves the playboy lifestyle behind him. She reminds him of him saying the same thing about his first marriage too and how did that work out for him again?

Cloe talks to Esther about how she always feels like an outsider in this house. She says tomorrow Billy is going to take her as his wife. Esther tells her it is everything she deserves. She tells Chloe she is going to bed and suggests that Chloe get some rest too. Chloe walks around whispering silently to Billy as though he were standing there that she is going to make him so happy, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Sharon and Billy are together in her suite at the hotel. Billy has shed his shirt already. He flops down on the bed with his tie tied around his head. Sharon is only wearing her bra and panties as she tosses her clothes around. She is obviously drunk as she goes over to Billy and gives him a really passionate kiss.

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