Jeffery is jealous when he goes into Gloria’s room and finds her with Alistair. Alistair tries defending Gloria but it does nothing but irritate Jeffery. He walks out after telling her to get it while she can. After Jeffery leaves Gloria throws Alistair out but outside the door Alistair kisses the room key that he has. Later he goes back to her room and lets himself holding a bouquet of flowers for Gloria. She is in the shower so he makes his plans. He gets undressed and gets into her bed.

Jeffery comes back and sees the flowers. He sees someone is in her bed and he assumes it is her so he sits down and pours his heart out to her telling her he is in love with her and he thinks she is in love with him. Suddenly Gloria comes out of the bathroom with a facial mask all over her face and her hair up in a towel. She screams when she sees Jeffery and that startles Alistair and he jumps up in the bed with only his shorts on. Gloria wants to know what the hell is going on. She tells Alistair to get out of here but Jeffery thinks she is talking to him so he leaves. She says not you Jeffery but he is gone. She looks at Alistair and tells him to get out. She throws him out the door without his clothes.

Nick is showing Nikki the new ad for Jabot on the computer. He tells her how he is renting the first floor of his building to Victor. She asks since when. He tells her since Sabrina. He explains that his father is renting the floor for his new art gallery. Nikki says she isn’t really surprised but she says he is the owner he doesn’t have to rent it to Victor. Nick says that he doesn’t have many options other than that. Then he drops the bigger bomb on her and says his father also owns the mortgage on his building and he explains how that came about but Nikki is once again not surprised.

Victoria and JT are at the coffee house and she says she is not so surprised and upset with her father as she is with Sabrina. JT asks her if Sabrina has tried to call her. She says yes she has a few times and she has even tried text messaging her a few times. JT asks her if she has tried calling her but Victoria says no. They decide to have a fun night together tonight since Reed is with his Nanny and then she can get her thoughts off Sabrina. When they start to leave JT gets a call and he apologizes saying he has to go take care of something at the office. She says she will go home and make some popcorn and wait up for him.

Victor and Sabrina are at the club and they decide to take a trip together this weekend to look at some art. When they are ready to leave Nikki, Nick and Felicia Forrester walk in. He says hello to Felicia and then Sabrina says she was just leaving. Nick and Felicia go to have lunch. Sabrina tells Victor she will see him at home and she leaves. Nikki hears her and asks Victor what does that mean ‘see him at home’ and he asks what is it to her. She says as his ex wife nothing but as the mother of his children it is a lot to her. He tells her she made her choice to move on without him so what he does is none of her business. He says by the way say hello to that man she is with , sarcastically of course and then he leaves.

Nikki goes to her room and tells David about her run in with Victor. He offers to call room service so they can eat in and she can relax. She thanks him and then she calls Victoria to check on her. While she is talking to her Victoria gets another call but tells Nikki after she sees that it is Sabrina that it is no one important. Later Nikki is lying in bed and the cell phone rings. She picks his up accidentally and it is a message for him from a poker dealer. David comes out the bathroom and she tells him she picked his up by mistake. He tells her it is from an old bookie of his and he doesn’t like taking no for an answer. He walks away and says he guesses he is going to have to change his number.

Victor has his work out at the club and is about to leave when Adam walks in. He talks about his plans on promoting Beauty of Nature. Victor is all for it. He is about to leave when Adam tells him that something came up at the office that needed attention right away and since it involved cash payments of something and Victoria wasn’t around and he couldn’t reach him he went on and took care of it for him. Victor asks if he left a memo on his desk for him about it. He says he left one in PDF form. Victor says that is fine and he leaves.

Nick and Felicia are having dinner when Adam walks up. Nick introduces him as his half brother to Felicia. He tells Nick he is about to leave for New York. Felicia asks if he is going there to meet with Phyllis. Adam says no it is for business that he is going but if he does happen to run into her while he is there he will be sure to tell her that he ran into the two of them together. After that he walks away. Nick tells her the story about how things are between him and his father. He tells her he has to get going because he told the sitter he wouldn’t be long.

He leaves and as soon as he walks away Adam comes back over to her table and asks if she minds if he joins her. They talk and come to a mutual agreement. He lets her know that he noticed her attraction to Nick and he admits his attraction to Phyllis. When she is about to go to her room she asks if he runs into Phyllis what is he going to tell her. He says New York is a big place but if by chance he does see her he will tell her that he saw the two of them enjoying each other’s company.

At the ranch Sabrina is there waiting for Victor. JT comes in and tries to talk to her. He tells her how much she hurt Victoria. He accuses her of getting what she came there for. Sabrina tells him how sorry she is, she says this wasn’t planned. He tells her to stop calling his wife and stop text messaging her. He wants her to just leave her alone. He tells her that she is exactly where she wanted to be so now just stay away from Victoria and then he leaves.

When Victor comes in he finds Sabrina upset. She tells him she doesn’t think she can stay there anymore. She tells him she is having a hard time knowing she has hurt Victoria. She tells him right now she doesn’t like herself. She says she just isn’t the person she wants to be. Victor tells her he understands her confusion and why she is so upset. He tells her he use to come home to an empty house and he was so sad. When she came into his life she made him happy again. He asks her to please stay, she smiles and then she kisses him.

JT goes home and he confesses to Victoria that he went and talked to Sabrina. She wants to know what he told her. He asks her if she is upset with him for talking to her. She says no but she is concerned that she will tell her father. JT says so what if she does, he will just get another job if Victor fires him over this.

Jan Barrett

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